Hare Madhav Prabhat Pheri

॥ हरे माधव दयाल की दया॥ प्रभात फेरीप्रभात फेरी, सतगुरु साहिबान जी द्वारा बक्शी गयी वह सेवा है जिसमें सतगुरु सेवक एकत्रित हो अपने प्यारे सतगुरू की शान में रूहानी कारवां लेकर अपने नगर-थांव में फेरी लगाते हैं व समस्त जीवात्माओं को पूरण सतगुरू साधसंगत, नाम-बंदगी, सेवा चाकरी से जुड़ने…

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What should be The Best Gift?

The first thing that comes to our mind regarding birthdays is gift. We search the best possible gift for our beloveds to make them feel special and we do this because they mean to us. From this we can imagine what a devotee must be feeling for his True Master…

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Celebrate Eternal Diwali

Hare Madhav | Satguru Baba | Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji

Diwali is festival of lights, happiness and prosperity. It is an auspicious day. Diwali has its own sacred importance, According to the mythology Lord Ram returned after completing the vanvas of 14 long years and was welcomed with lighting dias and crackers all over. Similarly a soul seperated from its…

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Hare Madhav Blog

True Masters are free from all kind of bondages; they preach us to render selfless service and guide them on the path of spirituality to unite with Supreme One Hare Madhav Lord. Pooran Satguru bestows upon His disciples with the treasure of Sewa (Service), Satsang(Holy discourses), Simran(Remembrance) and Dhyaan(Meditation). Attaining…

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