What should be The Best Gift?

The first thing that comes to our mind regarding birthdays is gift. We search the best possible gift for our beloveds to make them feel special and we do this because they mean to us. From this we can imagine what a devotee must be feeling for his True Master on their Incarnation Day approaching near. His heart would be full of the thoughts, what can we gift to the Creator of creation, the Supreme, who has bestowed us immense love and the real treasure of life. True Masters are the form of Lord himself who come to this world to uplift the souls by guiding them towards their ultimate abode, Hare Madhav Dham by meditating the True Word and liberating them from the trap of Kaal (the evil source which brings negativity, sadness, restlessness, worries and traps the being in vicious circle of births and deaths)
Now when it comes to gifting something to our Beloved Satguru on their gracious Incarnation Day, it becomes really a big challenge if thought in a materialistic way, because Our Master doesn’t want anything materialistic from us, for he is the Creator and whatever he asks us to do, is for our benefit only, and that is also like a drop in the ocean. Even if entire universe comes together and offers anything in the pious feet of True Master, that would not suffice because nothing can match their mercy and grace upon the souls.
But obviously there are always few ways which can please the Master. By building the four strong pillars of Sewa, Satsang , Simran and Dhyan within us, we can definitely gain Thy happiness. The gift of accepting the will of Hare Madhav Lord, practicing Meditation with true love and devotion, with punctuality is by far the best gift we can offer. The gift of being thankful to the Master, sweetness in our speech, humbleness in our nature, selflessness while performing Sewa , remembering our True Master in each and every moment, never forgetting the endless blessings that the Master have showered upon us, deep gratitude, abiding the divine teachings of the True Master that give us the true meaning of life are few more offerings to earn the blessings of the Master.
The gift, Meditation of True Word on daily basis and having firm faith in the True Master is essential for any true devotee.
So let’s celebrate this Incarnation Day of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji by presenting these true gifts in the lotus feet and dwell in happiness by dancing and singing on the eternal tunes of Sewa, Satsang, Simran and Dhyan.

Incarnation Day
18 Nov
At Hare Madhav Darbar Sahib, Madhav Nagar Katni (M.P.)

All are welcome.
+91 8237131313



  1. Reply
    Bhoomika mihani says:

    Satguru ka pyar aur satguru ki charno me jagah mil jaye bas

  2. Reply
    Bunty wadhwani says:

    Hum sab bade hi bhagyashali hai jo hame aise puran satguru ji oot sharan panah mili .
    Satguru ji ne hame naam ki bakshish dekar hamare sarre kasht kalesh aapne uper liye hai
    Hum sadev satguru babaji ke reeni karjdar rahenge
    Aise satguru babal ji par balihari balihari jaye
    Shree charno me vinti hai
    Babaji apna pyar aise hi banye rakhe
    Hum bhulnhar hai babaji
    Aap to bakshanhar hai daya kare hum baccho par
    Hume apni charno ki seva bakshe aur bal bakshe
    Hare madhav ji
    Hare madhav

  3. Reply
    Deepak Mihani Libas Fashion Katni says:

    Mere Satguran Hum Sharan Teri Aaye Kripa Karo Rehmat Karo !! Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya !!

  4. Reply
    Suresh Kumar kukreja says:

    Mai satguru ki Shatra chhaya me rahu ye meri satguru se ardas hai.

  5. Reply
    Shweta Hirani says:

    The best gift would be to do Simran…

  6. Reply
    VIJAY Panjwani says:

    Hare Madhav ji

  7. Reply
    VIJAY Panjwani says:

    Hare Madhav ji.

  8. Reply
    Rahul jagrani says:

    Sai Ji Sai ji Ko Hee mango vo apko Mil gye to jeevan safal hai sbse best gift 😊🙏

  9. Reply
    Ritika basantani says:

    Satguru rehmat hai teri mujhpe BHi taras hai aya.. Hai koinsa gud mera datar Jo tujhko bhaya…👏👏shukar hai mere mallika

  10. Reply
    Sanjay kakwani says:

    Sewak apne ko satguru k pawan shri charno m samarpit kar sadh sangat ki SEWA ,
    SHABAD NAAM ki kamai se judkar ;
    Gurmukh banke
    Nek raah pr chalkar apne satguru sahiban ji ko ye gift de sakte h
    AMRIT NAAM dekar BABA JI n ham sabki jholi khushiyon se bhar di h

  11. Reply
    Simran kukreja says:

    Hamesha naam( meditation) japte rahein….*Hare Madhav*🙏😊

  12. Reply
    Shankar poptani says:

    Hare madhav ji

  13. Reply
    Ravi Jeswani says:

    Hare Madhav Ji
    Satguru daya karo bhav bhakti hum ne Jane hum hai satguru tere havel
    Hare Madhav Ji

  14. Reply
    Bhumika shugani says:

    Oo true master please keep us under your shelter….🙏we are nothing without you …hume jeevan jeene ki sahi raah bakshi h apne babaji 😊….. whenever we lose hope you are always here to remember us that your love is greater than our disappointments🤗 you have given so much to urr children …your blessings have no limit nd in return you want nothing but only the meditation of true word with devotion nd love🙏….mere dukh sukh ki rakhte ho khabar mere sarr pr saaya tmhara h ….hum bhule bhatko pr daayaa kare maalikaa dayaa kare😊

  15. Reply
    Renuka khanchandani says:

    Thank you Sai ji….nd. also…thankful to our Hare Madhav pariwar …😊😊

  16. Reply
    Vaishali wadhwani says:

    Hare madhav jiii🙏
    Satguru ji aap ji ki rehmat humesha sb par bani rhe , kabhi galat marg par na jaae aisa ashirwaad dijiye or sbki glti ko maaf kijiiye hare madhav sai ji🙏

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