The Mystery Of Karma

How can the being escape the web of Karma? How can he get free from the debts of Karma? Howsoever the being tries to cut through the trap using his intelligence, he will never succeed. From this earth to the heaven and hell, from human beings to gods and goddesses, all beings bound by their karmas are stuck in the vicious cycle of rebirths to reap the fruits of their karmas. Fruits reaped in hell are the result of sins and in heaven are the results of virtuous deeds.

A being has to endure the consequences of his deeds, be it good or bad. This is the inevitable law made by the Supreme Almighty. If a being commits hundred good deeds and fifty bad deeds, he gets to live hundred days in prosperity and suffer for the fifty. In the Almighty designed accounting system of karmas, one cannot simply nullify the fifty days of suffering with the fifty days of prosperity, all must confront the days they’re accounted for.

It is virtuous to deliver peace to others through good speech & actions and a sin to cause distress to the people. The virtuousness can never kill a sin. Virtues are deposited in the accounts of good deeds and sins in the accounts of bad deeds. A being gets trapped in the eighty-four vicious cycles of births and re-births (chaurasi) as the consequences of his deeds.

All beings are graced only by the True Master of the contemporary times. To liberate the sleeping and lost souls from the captivity of time, True Master incarnates in the human form and also makes them realize the worth of priceless human form in every possible way and makes them fearless to take them to Nij Dhaam (their true spiritual abode) – Hare Madhav Sachkhanda.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahiji edifies that the beings who perform good deeds experience the heaven for some time, which is like wearing golden handcuffs; and those who perform bad deeds experience hell, which is like wearing iron handcuffs. In both the cases, the being remains a captive. The True Master also states that if we want to achieve the ultimate serene state (parampada) then we will have to liberate ourselves from the state of imprisonment. Those who engage themselves in selfless services and meditation unshackle themselves from their karmas and realize freedom.

Once, at a divine congregation in the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra (India), the auditorium was embellished with divineness and grace of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji and devotees were receiving the fortune of holy glimpse (Darshana) of True Master. Just then, His Holiness sent for one of the devotees and told him “My son! During the spiritual discourses, you seemed aloof and you also went outside constantly”. The devotee, joining his hands, said “Yes, Babaji (True Master), the spiritual discourses stated that we’ll have to suffer the consequences of our karmas. But Babaji, I had heard that a mere glimpse of Complete Saints relegate the corollaries of our karmas. But now that it has been preached in the discourses that the consequences will have to be endured. Does that mean we will never earn the gain of a holy glimpse?”

The holy words of Gurbani also state that:


If the consequences of our previous Karmas have to be suffered, then why should we surrender ourselves at the pious feet of the True Master and take interest in Satsanga? His Holiness directed the devotee to go and have sacrament (Langar Prasad) and come back. All disciples, bowing at His Holiness’s divine feet, were receiving divine blessings.

Post feasting, the inquisitive devotee again joined the queue for His Holiness’s blessings. When he reached near, His Holiness told the devotee to pick up a steel container which was kept next to him and asked “You see that person sitting there. Go there and hit him on his head with this container”. He went ahead but soon came back and said “Master! How can I hit that person with this steel container? He will be hurt and bleed, he will suffer a lot of pain and possibly may even die.” His Holiness smiled serenely and replied “Alright my son! Put it down.” Just then, another devotee approached there with a large basket full of papayas. His Holiness took a papaya from that basket and told the inquisitive devotee “Now go and hit on that person’s head with this papaya”. Following the holy order, the devotee went ahead and hit the person’s head breaking papaya into pieces. His Holiness then summoned the person who was hit and said “Cut all the papayas along with the crushed one and distribute them to all the devotees. These papayas are really sweet.” The devotee requested at His Holiness’s pious feet “O Master! I could not understand the lesson You wish to grant. Kindly enlighten me?”

To which His Holiness explained “When a steel utensil was given to you and you were told to go and hit the person with it, you said he will suffer pain and that he might die. Then, when you were given another object, this time a papaya, you went there and hit the papaya on his head. He didn’t suffer any injury and is alright. All the people then ate that papaya and it was sweet too. My son by surrendering at the holy feet of the complete Satguru, our previous cumbersome Karma, becomes lighter. Though we cannot escape the consequences but their severity reduces considerably. As you know, a soul’s karmas are as heavy and terrible as the steel utensil but in the holy company of the True Master, the burden of these terrible karmas mitigates the consequences. The True Master converts them into sweet fruits. He makes us face the consequences but minimalizes our sufferings. Being a worthy and true devotee one attains the power of endurance. Dear devotees! The True Master has numerous acumens but we must always submit at his holy feet. Our faith should be unshakable and love should be pure. And the most important thing is –‘worthiness’. You comprehended the message of discourses in a negative sense however you must take His Holiness’s divine sermons in a good positive sense. This would confer worthiness and take us to the immortal world.”

The accounting of previous karmas does not change conferring to the good or bad nature of the karma, bearing its consequences is obvious and absolute. Dear devotees! Always remember! This game of consequences of karmas is eternal. Thus, accept it as His Holiness’s ultimate will.