Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya

HARE MADHAV is the eternal divine light that is omnipresent. The profound meaning of Hare Madhav: "HARE" signifies AATMA (Soul) and "MADHAV" signifies PARMATMA (The Supreme Soul). The same soul exists in all beings and each soul is fragment of Hare Madhav Lord. The present Perfect True Master empowers the soul to unify with the Divine Madhav.

When an immensely fortunates being procures Holy Company of the True Master and strengthens love for His Holy Word (Shabad Naam), then through absolute devotion and meditation, the divine light is induced within and the Soul (Hare) unites with The Supreme Soul (Madhav).

The True Master appears in varied forms on this earth to instill in the long lost souls of the Supreme Lord, the spiritual devotion and the art of meditation in order to lead them to  unite with the Supreme Lord. Irrespective of the direction of their abode their divine message remains the same that of the welfare of entire humanity. Such divine Masters  continue to dwell beyond the colour, creed, religion and narrow frontiers. Their sole mission is to lead the souls on the path of unification with Hare Madhav Supreme Lord.
The True Masters not only remain unaffected by the prevalent superstitious rituals and ignorant bonds but they keep the devotee souls too away from them. Their divine message proclaims but one truth that of the everlasting realm of the Supreme Lord which is ingrained within each one of us.

O pious soul! Seek the guidance from the Merciful Master and explore as the True Master only holds the key to the real treasure. This eternal law is established by the Supreme Master Himself. The form of the lord, compassionate True Master bestows the divine True Word (Amrit Shabad Naam) to the devotees so as to enable them to rise above this illusive creation, the souls must put in their sincere endeavor.

The True Master practices no prejudice of country, caste, creed or religion, does not distinguish between rich & poor not even between the sinner & the noble and proclaims the same true message for all. Their all concentration is to direct their devotees on the  path of self-awakening. The soul is beyond the narrow barriers of being Sindhi, Sikh, Hindu or Brahmin. All devotees receive the essence of the discourses alike in the divine shelter of accomplished True Master.

Hare Madhav Spiritual Quotes

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Hare Madhav Prabhat Pheri

॥ हरे माधव दयाल की दया॥ प्रभात फेरीप्रभात फेरी, सतगुरु साहिबान जी द्वारा बक्शी गयी वह सेवा है जिसमें सतगुरु सेवक एकत्रित हो अपने प्यारे सतगुरू की शान में रूहानी कारवां लेकर अपने नगर-थांव में फेरी लगाते हैं व समस्त जीवात्माओं को पूरण सतगुरू साधसंगत, नाम-बंदगी, सेवा चाकरी से जुड़ने...

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Hare Madhav | Satguru Baba | Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji
Hare Madhav | Satguru Baba | Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji
Hare Madhav | Satguru Baba | Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji
Hare Madhav | Satguru Baba | Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji