Holy Word Of The Perfect True Master

The Perfect True Masters are the perceptible form of the Supreme Master. The Holy Word (Guru Mantra) blessed by them is designated as the True Master’s Word. The Holy Word of the True Master is the eradicator of all sufferings and miseries and the key to the salvage of soul. Those who practice the Guru Mantra as directed by the Master get access to the realm of fortune. The divine Holy Word is omnipotent and omnipresent; the soul that meditates the Guru Mantra gets ashore from the ocean of this mortal world. The Holy Word of the True Master has an inexplicable intoxication, divine pleasure, positive vitality and deific coolness which remains intact and never fades away.


There is a conscious shrine of the Supreme Master within this body where the divine rhythm resounds incessantly but the soul remains unaware of it as it is entangled in the worldly trap of births and deaths and has accepted this illusionary world as the true existence. To lead the soul to its original abode and enable it to hear the divine rhythm the True Master blesses the soul with His Holy Word and guides him with the lucid way of meditation.


The perennial seed sown by the True Master blossoms only when we are true from within, even a tinge of malice inside us can obstruct its blooming but when it does it opens up the treasure of everlasting gratification. The devotee lifts up his consciousness from the bottom to the top between his eyes and takes it to merge with the divine Holy Word received from the True Master. Then it rests at an enlightened delightful state above the worldly pleasures and pains.


Recently, one of the devotees who lives in Jabalpur (state of Madhya Pradesh) and is dedicated to the service at the holy feet of the Satguru, has narrated a story which has a deep meaning. He says, ‘I had been practising the Guru Naam for approximately seventeen or eighteen years. The practice was going on with great dedication for seven or eight hours per day on a regular basis. I was an explorer of the different inner worlds and the Amrit Mandal (the immortal sphere), which have been mentioned by all the complete saints. I also tried many external rituals, I made many pilgrimages too, I also searched our Shastras (the traditional scriptures). But I did not find anything really valuable. I experienced ‘that valuable thing’ only by the grace of the real Satguru.’

He continues, ‘When the Present True Master Satguru Babaji came to our city five or six years ago, I had the holy glimpse (darshan) of Him. When I went to bow my head to him, Aapji said, ‘Do you want to know the Truth?’ He looked at me. I prayed to him. In the morning, I was blessed with the Amrit Shabad (Holy Word). By practising the Holy Word there, I saw countless worlds within me. I became speechless. I bowed my head to Him and came home. Then I wept copiously out of happiness. On practising the holy word, I saw the divine play of the inner worlds and I also experienced the great inner secrets that are hidden in the Word (Shabad) given by the Guru. For all these years, I had been rigorously practising the Word (Naam) as directed by the Shastras (the traditional scriptures). But I experienced that it is only the Satguru, who gives the initiation to the devotee (Gurumukh) and He also shows various inexplicable worlds within. He gives that divine nectar to us to drink just by looking at us but to get this experience what is needed is an absolutely pure heart. When the soul ascended through practice, then the soul saw countless sights of the Satguru’s divinely resplendence in the form of thousands of lotuses. Thereafter the Satguru held the hand and took the soul with him as if a loving father holds the hands of his child. All this experience is beyond description. The greatness of the Guru Shabad is complete. But the greatness of the True Master is beyond description, beyond understanding and infinite.

Those who keep complete, childlike faith in their Satguru, their soul makes rapid progress.  Those who act smart and drain their energies in futile thoughts; they too will surely make progress by the grace of the Satguru and by practice. Be absolutely loyal to the True Master (Satguru) through mind, speech and Karma.

There are numerous ‘Words’ in this world but only one that is blessed by the Contemporary Perfect True Master gets fructified as the Enlightened True Master at the time of initiation casts His Holy Glimpse and leaves a portion of His spiritual earning in the soul of an individual.