The Present True Master

The Present True Master

The Spiritual Enlightened Sun of the present century, the Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji incarnated on the land of Madhav Nagar to dispel the internal darkness, to spread the divine messages to masses, to liberate the souls entangled since numerous births.

His Divinity incarnated on the 18th of November, 1975, Tuesday at 12:48 am, on the pious day of Guru Nanak Jayanti. His Divinity’s Grandfather Shri Hundaldas Peswani ji, Grandmother Shrimati Nanki Devi Peswani ji, Father Shri Tarachand Peswani ji and Mother Shrimati Hema Devi ji were the fortunate people to become His family.



Grandmother Nanki Devi Ji brought her beloved grandchild in the pious feet of the contemporary True Master Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji. Satguru Baba Ji fondled the child with the eyes of divine light and proclaimed, "This child is abound with divine elements and his name would be ‘Ishwar’, Mother! Your Child will be called ‘Jagat Kartar’ the True Master of the Universe and He will begin a new era of Spiritual Realm”.



Since the day His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji took birth, his eyes emitted enlightened super natural radiance and his face shined with an unearthly brilliance. Since Childhood he possessed immense love and devotion for His Guru and the same was reciprocated by the Guru too.

Dear devotees, incarnation of the great souls has always been extraordinary and virtuous. They are born with an enlightened mind and silent asceticism. Since childhood His Holiness Babaji has always been inclined towards His Guru and would spend most of his time in His service without bothering about the physical pain. His Holiness would often visit hills and solitary places, with his companions to enter the peaceful world. Then would take shelter under the tree and meditate whilst the other children would play or have their meals. Everyone was astonished and felt an inexplicable fascination to see such extreme devotion with the supreme Master at such tender age. Father Tarachand Ji and Grandmother Nanki Deviji would recite stories of great divine souls which fascinated the divine child and left a deep impression on His tender mind. He would think deeply about such stories. At that tender age his Holiness would have deep inclination to reach the place where the divine resides.

There has been a miraculous attraction in His divinity since birth that numerous get attracted towards Him. ​For thee, reconciliation with the Satguru was everything. His Divinity would always be coloured in the hues of Shabad, ‘the Holy Word’. NAAM would be His food and NAAM only be His elixir.

The life of such holy saints, is filled with the knowledge of divine power from their birth, they appear as a devotee of their Guru (the True Master), immersed in chanting of his Holy Word. They take the form of the Divine Hare Madhav Master in this mortal world to relieve us from our sorrows. They live just like other normal people, but they always reflect a mystic charisma, which one can experience in their divine play.



His Divinity the True Master, like his Gurus, used to be immersed ¡n the divine bliss since his childhood. One day in His childhood, as he was sitting alone He collected some pieces of wood sticks and lighted a fire and then extinguished it. Then He took the sticks in his tiny hands and threw them on the ground. On His face was the radiance of divine smile and knowledge. His Divinity took a pot of water and kept it aside and then started blowing the through His mouth on it. Then He would sometimes take soil, stones and would throw away and at the same time would smile. There was something with deeper meaning behind all these actions which could be understood by the True Master Himself. These are the great secrets.

A hermit, who was sitting at some distance, saw all this. He was very old and had substantial yogic powers (Siddhis). He was sitting on a seat made out of deer’s skin. The yogi said, I have been watching all this. At first, I thought that a child is playing. But no, there is a divine light of knowledge shining in his eyes which is pulling me towards him. While I was meditating, I heard the inner voice of my soul and I also saw in a vision that this is not an ordinary child but this is a child through whom the God is playing his divine play. At first, I was only viewing the physical form but then I saw the reflection of the formless. As I went to him, the True Master said, ‘Come, sit Yogi Ji.’ I asked him what game he was playing. He smiled and said, leave these games aside, Yogi Ji. You are a great person, a grown up person, you will not understand these games of a child. Yogi Ji said politely, ‘I am younger than you and you are much bigger. Physical form doesn’t matter. O the divine, you were playing the real game. Please shower your grace on me and teach me’.

Thus the Master proclaimed:

Satguru Mohe Le Gayo, Ek Ajab Desh Ek Nyara Aatam Desh

Kaal Karam Na, Dharam Na Tahan, Nahi Rank Raja Tahan

Nahi Aad Ant Na Anant, Na Ahankara Na Nirankara

Tahan Vyape Bahu, Anant Sunn Tara

Nahi Saanch Jhuth Ke Mele Tahan, Nahi Rudra Mahesha Ke Chele Tahan

Nahi Maan Budhi Indra Ke Chala , Jag Me Main Vartu Adwait Chala

Taan Chetan Bramh Hidola Na Dhare,

Nahi Ram Vasishth Ko Sanvad Vichare

Aisa Shabad Tatva Saar Shabad Chitaya, Tis Shabad Ki Anant Dal Maya

DAAS ISHWAR Aise Chaman Ki Baat Kahe

Vedan Kath Kath Anant Kaha , Hare Madhav Purakh Chaya

The True Master said, ‘Yogi Ji, when I threw water I was checking whether the Truth flows or not. I was in a state of a blissful experience of Truth within me and outside me. When I picked up stones and soil and then threw them, I wanted to check if the soul is hurt by stones or whether it gets soiled or not. But no, nothing made a difference. Its wholeness is never broken and this whole world is his divine play and this is the perfect divine truth.

Before lighting the fire, the existence of was there. When I lighted the fire, I found that the existence was still there and it was not burnt. When I blew air, I wanted to check whether the Truth also gets displaced or not. But no, it did not move a bit.

Then His divinity said, as a wealthy person becomes happy when he earns wealth, someone who wants power becomes happy when he gets the power. Similarly the one who experiences the Self within becomes happy. In the deep meditation the last destination is where the difference between the individual soul and the Great Soul is eliminated. This ¡s the stage where there is perfect joy, happiness and bliss and one who reaches that state is established in that perfect bliss. It is like a school boy or a college boy who passes an examination with flying colours, secures a position in the merit list and he shares his joy by distributing sweets to the elders and friends. Yogi Ji, we are doing the same.

Why get attached with the perishable. Then He shared deep divine secrets with the Yogi and further said that this truth cannot be searched or realized in the stones and mountains.

The aged Yogi, bowing down in the lotus feet of the True Master, said “Oh Eternal Thakur! I have been searching the Truth, and to realize it, I studied all the Vedas, all the Shastras, I meditated but I could not attain ¡t. He referred to the Sanskrit verses of Shrimat Bhagwad Gita:


II Anantvant Emen Deha Nityasyokta Sheereerin II

II Anaashinou Prem Yasya Tasmadhyudhyaswa Bharat II

II Ya Aenam Veto Hantaram Yachpraunam Manyate Hatam II

II Ubhou Tou Na Vijaanito Nayam Hanti Na Hanyate II

His Divinity Babaji explained to the Yogi, “One must practice detachment while performing all the worldly duties, through which one can get unified with the divine truth and attain the real salvation.”



Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah ji, since his childhood, would always remain immersed in the remembrance and communion of the divine. He would always remain in the devotion of His Guru and live a life of complete detachment while exploring the intense spiritual realms. He would lead an unearthly life and preach in the same manner. So immersed would He be in the divine union that he seldom cared for the food to eat or the rest for his body!


Since His childhood, Satguru ji has been very close to nature. He would like to be at such places where there would be complete solitude which could serve as a perfect place for deep meditation. In the afternoon, Babaji would find such quiet places and would visit them in the night, after finishing His routine selfless services would immerse himself in meditation again.

One day, after his service in the feet of His Guru, Congregation (satsang) and Meditation (simran), Babaji returned home. Like His everyday habit, he kneaded the feet of His grandmother Dadi Nanki, and she narrated to Him the divine stories of the True Masters, that in the icy cold caves, Baba Madhav Shahji, would sit and go into deep meditation, go into the bed of fairly deep rivers and would stay in deep meditation for several days.

Listening to these stories of valour about His Masters from His grandmother, His Divinity Babaji would feel elated. He felt a deep devotion & inclination towards His Guru and without letting anyone know, prepared to leave for His Guru’s place. Mother Hema Devi ji rebuked Babaji frivolously with motherly concern, “Child, you have just returned from darbar, where are you going out again? Where you always lost are, never bother about food or sleep, its late night now, have your food and get some rest”. Young Babaji smilingly replied back, “I am hungry now, that’s why I am going out to eat.”

Dear devotees, behind these simple lines was hidden a depth of divine meaning. Babaji was hinting at food for soul. Each word spoken by the Complete True Masters is filled with unending joy, each of their act materializes for the welfare of humanity.

It was a new moon day of intense darkness; Satguruji was walking towards the secret cave, where he often practised meditation and prayer. Suddenly, it started raining heavily on the way, as if Lord Indra (the Rain God) was happy to shower all his might. There was so much darkness and rain that none would dare to come out of their homes, but Babaji cherished these weather conditions since his childhood. Drenched in rain and divine ecstasy, Satguruji went walking fearlessly and reached the cave, and sat down for meditation. Heavy rains continued, flashes of lightning were furious, and venomous snakes and scorpions also kept croaking, Satguru ji remained unaffected and entered deep meditation.

Satguru ji’s face shone with divine light and within no time, the entire place was illuminated. The light kept mounting more and more.

Dear devotees, a little away from that cave, a group of gamblers often played there, but that day due to heavy rains, they were hiding behind the rocks to shelter themselves. They saw the light flowing in from the cave from afar. They thought it was some precious gemstone and with a greedy mind, walked towards the cave. As they got near the cave, their eyes were blinded by the divine light, the light was so strong that they could not see anything and they trembled and weeping with fear they said, “Oh lord, save us from this light.” Satguru ji enveloped the divine light stood up from His meditative posture. The gamblers kept wondering, just now this place was shining with bright light, where did the light disappear? As they went closer, they saw the silhouette of His divinity Babaji, they were utterly bewildered and didn’t understand what was going on. Satguruji asked them with a soft smile, “Have you come here to gamble? Brothers! Why do you play an inept game of the outside world, play the divine game, which may give you divine pleasure and priceless treasure”.

And he recited these lines:

Chaurasi Chaupad Kaal Banayi, Jeev Bharme Vas Fansa

Janam Maran Daav Bharme, Mukta Kar Satguru

Kahe Das Ishwar Mukta Kar Satguru, Daav Khilaye Atul Ras

Listening to these divine words, the gushing gamblers understood that this was not an ordinary child but a divine persona. They fell at the feet of Satguru ji and begged pardon, “Please forgive us, we disturbed you in your prayer, today we have witnessed divine light which we have never seen ever before and we will never indulge in gambling again.” Satguru ji waved His hand and lovingly said, “Worldly things are filled with a lot of pleasure.” As soon as He spoke these words, the divine trick prevailed and they forgot all about the divine light.

Oh dear ones, the divine Master, keeps playing these kinds of secret games and yet keeps Himself disguised from the world by erasing the reminiscences of such happenings from the minds of His disciples.

When Satguru ji left the cave and reached home in his wet and muddy clothes, Mother Hema Devi ji got emotional and said, “Son, I have been waiting for you for a long time. Where were you in this heavy rain? Have you eaten anything or not? Satguru ji replied, “Mother, today I have had my stomach full of soul food, the one of divine union.”

The Divine True Masters, in the wake of a regular sevak (attendant), doing their duty towards their Guru reach the divine heights of glory and become one with the Supreme Master. And once they attain the divine state, they continue to live with the divine grace and unlock all the secret treasures. To teach us the value of Selfless service (sewa) and devotion, the True Master carries Himself as an ordinary person in various forms. We all must learn divine lessons of meditation, love and devotion from the uncommon way of living of the True Master.



His divinity Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Ji’s divine childhood play has been witnessed by the fortunate souls of the contemporary times. His divinity’s devotion towards His Guru, true love and dedication towards the pious lotus feet of the True Master convinced His Guru to make Him their own form. Finally the time came, for which Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji had proclaimed, that an Enlightened Soul with ten times more power, the fifth Successor would take over this throne and enlighten the souls across all mankind.

The plead of the thirsty souls was honoured by the True Master when that pious moment arrived on the 9th of August 2002, when His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji took over the Soulful Throne as granted by the early True Masters.

O the beloved devotees of the Satguru! The Perfect True Master (Pooran Satguru) has assumed the form of the Supreme Master Himself by immersing in the treasure of Bhajan Simran. The Perfect True Master incarnates in the form of the divine ‘Wish fulfilling tree’ (Kalp-Vriksha) to bestow the true love, true dedication, true devotion, purity of mind and the meditation of ‘True Word’ to take the souls to their original abode.

His Holiness the present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib ji ascended on the Divine Throne of the Guru by the divine edict. Unraveling the affirmation of ‘Hare Madhav’ through the vast treasure of Bhajan Simran, His Holiness Babaji laid the foundation of Hare Madhav ideology and propagated the ideal of the devotion towards Lord through adherence to the True Master (Satguru). He blessed the devotees with the treasure of service, holy discourses, meditation and contemplation and explained about the manner of love, the manner of true service, the manner of meditation and devotion towards the lotus feet of the Perfect Master. He enlightened the souls with the divine truth within them.


Expounding the details about HARE MADHAV, His Divinity sermonized that by the grace His Guru, He embarked on the journey of the Supreme divine distant land within which is known as the realm of self. As He treaded further, He came across the world of Brahma Gyan, and as went even further, the boundaries of Sargun (Formed) and Nirgun (Formless) were left behind. Eventually this ‘Humble Aide’ achieved the state of Supreme Oneness and hence was blessed to share the eternal pleasure of the supremely enlightened oneness by the grace of Satguru. His divinity Satguru Babaji called this supreme light as “HARE MADHAV PARAM JYOT” and following the instructions of His Deific Guru, laid the foundation of Hare Madhav Divine Sect. The Hare Madhav Supreme light is indestructible, eternal, indivisible, complete, omnipresent and pious divine light.

The complete and simplified meaning of Hare Madhav can be stated as: ‘Hare’ means the Soul and ‘Madhav’ means the Supreme Soul. When the being comes in the shelter of the Present Perfect True Master, procures the Holy Word and meditates it with deep devotion, then appears the divine light within which ensures the communion of the Soul (Hare) and the Supreme Soul (Madhav). His Holiness vocalized in His Vani-















His divinity Satguru Babaji sacrificing His respite, takes pain to travel extensively to various places all over the country and abroad to shower the divine elixir of his blissful discourses for the welfare of the souls. The caravan of Divine Truth is incessantly progressing and the devotees from all sects arrive to attain the enlightenment in the pious lotus feet of the True Master.


Saints, sages, scholars after attending thy holy congregations and listening to His Preaching would say that the Divine True Master has descended from the abode of the Supreme Master to establish the sovereignty of the Divine. Scholars and Saints would satiate their quests that would make their research simpler and eliminate the hindrances.

The Yogi who had witnessed the divine play of wooden sticks in His Divinity’s childhood and to whom His Divinity expounded the divine truth came here on the holy occasion of Varsi Parva in October 2011. On having the holy glimpse (Darshan) from a distance he got immersed in the highest state of consciousness (Samadhi). He called one of the devotees and said to him, ‘I can see that lakhs of people are getting the benefit of these divine blessings today but I have been fortunate enough to have already received these divine blessings eighteen years ago when His divinity Babaji was a child. That time also I had a feeling that he is not an ordinary person but a divine soul. He has been in this immersed divine state since His childhood. Today he is explaining the meaning of deep divine secrets and yet stays in this world like an ordinary human being. Today I remember Babaji’s words, that the meaning of the highest state of consciousness (Samadhi) is to discharge all the responsibilities and yet stay like a non—doer (Akarta) in the world. Through the complete state of consciousness only one can get unified with the divine truth that resides within oneself.



This is the story of year 1950, one day early in the morning, Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji was taking his regular stroll, his dedicated devotees, Devi Jasujaji, the sister-in-law of Guru Darbar’s dedicated devotee Dada Ramchand Rijhwani, was deeply thinking about  Satguruji, “Oh my True Master, bless me with your holy glimpse (darshan)”. Hearing the lament of his devotee, the True Master graced her house with his presence. His clothes were rugged in mud, seeing this Devi Jasujaji broke into tears, “Oh my lord, what divine play is this! Satguruji said, “Sathe aaya aahiyun, sathe aaya aahiyun, (I have finished them) this town was tormented with a lot of ghosts, I have set them free. The old lady was in tears again, oh my lord! You keep taking our troubles on thyself and relieve us from our pain in your own myriad ways.

With both her hands folded and tears in her eyes, she prayed to Satguruji, O true lord, we mortal beings fail to understand your divine actions, O my Madhav True Master, when will we ignorant beings attain wisdom and become eligible for your grace. In his loud voice, the True Master Baba Madhav Shahji proclaimed these lines:

Alasti avadhoot roop dhar, main kautuk khelun

Maha anama roop dhar, maram na mor pachana

Moko ko boura kahe, ko beparwah

Kahe Madhav Shah, suno bhagton, mor maram gat na ko pachana

Jab mora aroop roop pragate, tab maram gat meher pachane

“You will see mother, in the future divine enlightenment will emanate on this land in the form of fifth incarnation and reveal the higher secrets of divine discourses. You will live to see that day. Our successor torch bearer will shower the elixir of the divine holy word amongst all mankind. Mother, today human beings come to us to fulfill their selfish needs, but in the future, people will come in the shelter of the contemporary True Master to grow spiritually, and that is when they will receive the abundance of divine knowledge from the master, who will reveal our divine secrets to them by eliminating the darkness of ignorance.

The Complete True Master is capable of revealing the deep truth through their divine play within no time. As the Sufi saying goes:

Santa de vachan atal honde, rab nu bhi manne pai jande

Oh rab di kiti adad sakde, rab unha di nahi adad sakda

The True Master chooses His successor in advance, when His successor is immersed in selfless service  and devotion to Guru from his childhood, seeing their devotion, the True Master shower his blessings over His worthy disciple and grants him with lifelong wealth of devotion to the Guru (Gurubhakti), He makes him one with Himself. Until it is the wish of the divine master, the successors of the True Master never reveal their true identity of being one with the divine and lead a life of an ordinary human being. As the devotees of their Master they always remain in the shelter of their Guru but from within they are the form of divine Supreme Lord.

The divine words spoken by Satguru Baba Madhav Shahji to Devi Jasuja ultimately came true. Devi Jasuja came to attend the congregation of the Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shahji, and witnessing the divine soul and His mystical acts in front of her eyes exclaimed with tears in her eyes, “Oh my mesmerizing lord, you are my Madhav Murari, Narayan Kaladhaar, I am fortunate enough to once again witness the divine form in front of my eyes. Oh lord, Baba Madhav Shahji had told me, that I will live to see this day, and witness the divine form of the Master, and today I see you, the divine Master, who is blessing people around the world, how do I express my joy in words? I just have one request Babaji, bless us with your divine grace, bless us with your service and keep us under your divine shelter. O divine Master everything visible and beyond belongs to You and You belong to us, we sacrifice ourselves and everything at your lotus feet forever and ever.