What a Heart Feels at Varsi Mahotsav ?

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Varsi Mahotsav celebrates the reunion of the souls with the Supreme with the love and devotion of True Master His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji. To celebrate this reunion, people from different parts of world arrive at Hare Madhav’s humble abode in the city of Madhav Nagar Katni, Madhya…

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Are we SLAVES or MASTER of our MIND?

Hare Madhav | Satguru Baba | Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji

Since childhood, we have been reading essays on whether “science is our slave or our master”. If we cast the same light onto us, we will find that it is applicable to our minds as well. We don’t control our mind, it controls us. We don’t even realize our loss…

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