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Are we SLAVES or MASTER of our MIND?

Since childhood, we have been reading essays on whether “science is our slave or our master”. If we cast the same light onto us, we will find that it is applicable to our minds as well.

We don’t control our mind, it controls us. We don’t even realize our loss when our mind causes it in forms of ego, anger, and selfishness killing our peace.

Mind offers us the fake comforts of hatred, scandals and worldly materials that we drop our senses and get caught in its spell. We don’t even give a second thought to causing despair and inflicting pain to ourselves. When thinking in solitary, we shall realize we are our minds’ slave. Deploring ourselves shall force us to think about getting our mind in control.
Because as vocalized by True Master

“Mann Jeetey Jag Jeet” meaning conquer your mind, conquer the world.
But it’s not that easy. The mind is the reason of all despair and comforts. Understanding the way how the mind works is out of being’s capability.

The question arises, “how to gain control?”

how to put a leash on the mind? It must be known that there has always been just one way since ever for this – “handing-over the mind to True Master”, the Holy Guruvaani says-
“Mann Bechay Satguru Ke Paas, Tiss Sewak Ke Kaaraj Raas”

True Master is the only one who has risen above the borders of the mind. Giving our mind to His Holiness is the only way of procuring real joy, peace and becoming the bearer of a simple life.



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