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Celebrate Eternal Diwali

Diwali is festival of lights, happiness and prosperity. It is an auspicious day. Diwali has its own sacred importance, According to the mythology Lord Ram returned after completing the vanvas of 14 long years and was welcomed with lighting dias and crackers all over.
Similarly a soul seperated from its beloved Satguru, is experiencing a vanvas (separation) in this world for a innumerable births.
How can we unite with Satguru again and complete this vanvas?
This diwali,
Let's clean the dirt filled in our minds along with cleaning our homes.
Let's aquire sweetness in our tounges along with making sweets.
Let's burn the crackers of ego, hatered, jealousy,anger.
Let's get coloured in the true colours of Sewa, Satsang, Simran and Dhyaan along with filling colours in rangoli.
Let's light a diya of Satguru Naam within along with lighting dias all over.
Let's decorate our souls with meditation along with decorating ourselves with beautiful clothes.
Let's celebrate Hare Madhav Eternal Diwali and fill ourselves with divine ecstasy and free our souls from vanvas of this world.
Happy Diwali🌟

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