|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

This pious Satsang Vani is taken from the treasurer of Raabi Vaanis, our Beloved True Master Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji through which His Holiness explains the mysteries of Amrit Naam. Satguru Maharaj ji explains that in "Santmat", there are four pillars of spirituality; Satguru (True Master), Parmatma (Supreme Lord), Satguru Naam (Holy Word of True Master), Satguru Bhakti (Devotion for True Master). All these pillars stand on the ground of faith. We have heard and keep hearing that Perfect True Master is the form of Lord Almighty himself but we haven’t experienced it ourselves. We’ve also heard that  Holy Word is the form of Lord Almighty  a soul merges back into the Supreme Lord through this Naam and it is the only way for a soul to unite with Lord Until we do not earn the Satguru Naam, Satguru Bhakti and experience it ourselves, we cannot say anything personally. We experiences and realize it only in the Satsang of Perfect Master.But Until there is love and faith for the Master, Know that your Journey has not begun yet.


In all fields of life, faith is of utmost importance. Thousand, lakhs, millions worth of businesses run on the principle of faith. We trust and faith on Sailors, pilots and railway drivers this is why we travel handling our invaluable lives into their hands. We don't go to a doctor and ask him to Cure us First,  then we shall trust your medicines and advices. We don't go to a professor and ask that first get us a degree in B.Com/M.Com  and then we shall trust on your proficiency in those Subjects. Similarly, we cannot ask Lord Satguru to bless us with the glimpse of Lord within us,  and then we shall trust Your might and methods. On the contrary, when we trust a professor or doctor and Lord Satguru, and walk on their path, only then we get rid of diseases; only then we attain education and wisdom; and only then we attain the Lord’s glimpse within. Faith never means blind trust. It is impossible to deeply identify any aspect of spirituality or Gurumat merely through the mind. It is of primal necessity to seek wisdom of Naam from Lord Satguru and meditate upon it . The glory of the Holy Word of Satguru is boundless when a soul practices such as Holy Word and comes to the Master’s Company Shredding all the I-ness. The consciousness awakens the soul liberates Then it merges effortlessly in the formless and unperturbed  Lord Almighty. Which is explained by H.H in His discourses :

|| Naam Amrit Badaa Ameetha||
||Naam Japo Dridha Dhyan Lagao||
||Satguru Poore Sharan Naam Fal Paavo ||
|| Naam Jap Anaam Roop Me Samavo|| 


His Holiness explains, O beloved! the Lord who is all-pervading, who is the never-ending treasurer of Supreme consciousness, truth, bliss, and oneness are within us. Since the primal beginning, it is the eternal custom that without meditating the Satguru Naam, we cannot attain a complete glimpse of the formless Lord within us. We keep wandering in the cycle of births and deaths and keep dwelling in the circle of joys and sorrows even when the Lord- our Beloved Satguru is within us.

His Holiness explains, O beloved! the Lord who is all-pervading, who is the eternal treasurer of Supreme consciousness, truth, bliss and oneness stays and resides within us is within us. Since the primal beginning, it is the eternal custom that without meditating the Satguru Naam, we cannot attain the Lord’s  true glimpse within us. As the lord resides within us, the beloved True Master is also close to us always. We are entrapped inthe  joys and sorrows of births and deaths.

His Holiness ardently explains that, concentrate firmly on the meditation of Amrit Naam and seek advantage of the divine spiritual environment of Satsang, Love, devotion and Master’s glimpse meditate upon the Satguru Amrit Naam by the method of meditation taught by the master Go beyond the eyes and mind and try to listen the eternal tune (Anhad Naad) of Holy Word (Naam Shabad). When we taste the ambrosial nectar of the eternal Holy Word, our senses detach from the external desires when we experience the divine taste of Satguru Naam within. Seeking such nectar, the false attachment with worldly illusions fades away.

The treasurer of  Bhajan Simran, H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji preaches to us the invaluable sermons in His Rabbi Vaani, O mind! this world is merely a dormitory, then why are you sad and wandering around? O mind! meditate the Satguru Naam and attach yourself to it. O Mind! Attach yourself to the shelter of True Lord Satguru. O, beloved devotees! Our mind is captivated by delusions. The great sages, hermits, and many other try to rise above but  Without the shelter of Perfect Satguru remains entrapped in the delusions of mind and by achieving some worthless powers and strengths, they've opened their shops of delusions. By gaining little knowledge, they have opened up the schools of delusions and have commercialized the market of external preachership. It is very difficult to attach yourself to the internal path and it can only be attained by giving up fraud, deceit, and wrongdoings. The secret of such divine ambrosial Naam can only be attained through the Perfect Master who resides in the supreme state. It can be attained only by Having immense love for the Perfect Master. This true supreme Word has always been and shall always be acquired in the holy company and of Lord Satguru by renouncing self-willedness and by obeying the divine rules of Gurumat. As it is said;

||Naam Rachaavo Satguru Sharan Mein||

||Naam Pachaavo Sadh Sangat Mein|| 

Holy Word of the Perfect Master is the only way to cross this whirlpool of world and thus,  all the Perfect Realized Saints call this Holy Word as ‘Chintamani’ the wish- fulfilling jewel and the"Vanisher of Worries " because it awakens our consciousness that is dormant since ages; the distracted and impure mind calms down with satisfaction. This supreme Holy Word is as pious as countless greatest of the pilgrims. Thus, we should always plead our Lord Satguru for the pearls of true devotion and the jewel of Satguru Naam. May we meditate the Holy Word blessed by the perfect Master with each passing breath in and bathe the divine colors of  Hare Madhav Lord. Bless us such, O beloved Lord Satguru, my beloved Lord Hare Madhav Ji.

|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunaho Bhagton||
|| Aisa Gurumukh Jaan Tu Hovo||
|| Satguru Purukh Pooran Roop ||
|| Raam Kareem Maahi Samavo||






Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav