|| Poore Guru Ne Banat Banayi, Jitt Mile Naam Dhyayi ||
|| Poora Guru Poora Miliya, Jab Humne Naam Dhyaya ||
|| Poore Guru Ki Sobha Nirali, Poore Guru Ne Rang Mein Rangaya ||

Beloved devotees seated in lotus feet of Lord Satguru and seeking His holy glimpse, ‘Hare Madhav’ to you all. We pray to the Lord Satguru (the radiance of our soul), may He accept our love and devotion. May every devotee’s heart be filled with ultimate wisdom through the devotion towards True Master. May our hearts fill with love, our souls immerse in the sermons and meditation of True Master. May we servants abide by the words of True Master, such that our faith remains unaffected by joys or sorrows, grace us, have mercy.

Come! Let us carefully listen to the Vaani, profound sermons and enlightening messages of today’s Satsanga. Let us attain the wisdom that True Master bestows us in His Supreme ecstasy to make us tread towards the true realm of Hare Madhav Lord. Perfect True Master is the Emperor and All-knower of the kingdom of omnipresent Supreme Lord, His glory is supreme of all.

To identify such a Perfect Master of the immense wealth of Bhajan Simran; to understand such divine Supremacy is beyond the level of our petty mind and senses. Understanding the divine plays of such True Supremacy is either extremely difficult or impossible because such True Masters are in oneness with the unseen Supreme Lord. They incarnate in human form carrying the creational powers of the Lord by the commands of Almighty Lord Himself. Lord True Master uplifts and empowers all the earthly beings, be it animals-birds, Kinnara, Gandharva, or eligible souls to attain the joy of Amrit within and be one with the Lord. Those who follow the True Master’s sermons and highly enlightening messages, the Master unites them with Lord by bestowing ambrosial Naam Mantra with His ineffable strength of immense Bhajan-Simran. The glory of True Master (the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran ) is supreme of all. Sometimes with His divine will, He blesses the few eligible souls sitting among thousands of seekers with the state of Amrit just by His glance of grace. But remember! It depends upon His own ecstatic will and the eligibility of beings.

Lord True Master is the All-knower and the true physician; He seats the beings in His pious shade and awakens their intellect through holy sermons and ambrosial Naam. He is the master of eternal life. O seeker! There are many unproficient gurus in this world, the souls are trapped in tempting illusions but the one who is the treasurer of Bhajan Simran and has become one with Supreme Lord, in actuality is Perfect Master, Lord True Master, who is beyond all three Gunas and is in the ultimate state of oneness. When such True Master incarnates, then O disciple! Simply acquire His shelter and aspire only for the Lord’s devotion because He can empower you with the ability to be free from wanderings and attain eternal peace.

We are disgraceful beings with petty thoughts. No matter how much we try to calculate the Lord True Master’s Supreme capability with our mind & intellect, it will always be far beyond our reach. Such a highly spiritual & powerful mystic, Lord True Master unveils His mysteries through various tacts and wondrous plays & keeps indicating about it. He uplifts the beings of all castes through His mystic Vaani and sermons.

Lord True Master (the treasurer of Bhajan Simran) bestows the soul with the Holy Naam and clearly explains how to chant the Naam Mantra, how to practice meditation (Dhyana)

|| Poore Guru Ne Banat Banayi, Jitt Mile Naam Dhyayi ||
|| Poora Guru Poora Miliya, Jab Humne Naam Dhyaya ||

The Lord True Master strengthens our meditation through His treasure of Bhajan Simran so that our soul rises above the joys-sorrows, stress-happiness, the ever-changing world of duality, and reaches the supreme state of oneness. This is why it is said in Marathi, “There is boundless energy in the meditation of Lord True Master’s Holy Naam. This energy always works for the welfare of the disciples. Those who regularly practice meditation with love and firm belief can never be harmed.”

Dear Sadh Sangat! If we close our eyes, we see darkness and if we open our eyes we witness illusion, fear, disobedience, and darkness of ignorance all around. That is why the truth seems untrue and false seems true to us. Many a time we experience the truth within but the force of illusion, the vision of the false overpowers our experience of truth. Then, being ignorant, whatever we do becomes the reason for the soul’s bondage just like the handcuffs.

Who is the Lord True Master? The one who eradicates our ignorance, darkness, illusion, and empowers us such that we may experience the ultimate truth in every situation; that Supreme mystic is the Lord True Master. He enlightens us with the ultimate truth, saves us from illusions, and unites us with one Supreme Lord. The soul awakens through the devotion and meditation of Lord True Master and liberates.

The world of the Lord True Master is full of radiance and when the disciple joins His reverence, the True Master raises his eagerness to rise towards the abode of self, the radiant Hare Madhav Lok,  and enhances his faith for the Sadh Sangat. Then the disciple becomes eligible to be a Gurumukh.

|| Poore Guru Ki Sobha Nirali, Poore Guru Ne Rang Mein Rangaya || 

The spiritual seekers admire the divine aura of Lord True Master. It would be apt to say that in the shelter of Lord True Master, there is an environment of immense happiness for the true devotees.

It is also mentioned in Ramcharit Manas that-
“Jeandau Guru Pad Kanj, Kripa Sindhu Nar Roop Hari”
“Mahamoh Tam Punj, Jaasu Bachan Ravi Kar Nikar”
“ Guru Charan Renu Sir Dharahi”
“Te Jan Sakal Vibhav Bas Karahi”

Goswami Ji says, I praise the radiant form of the beloved True Master, which is full of pleasure, affection, magnificence, and the elixir of true love. The Lord True Master is the giver of eternal life. He is the divine form that destroys the three agonies and gives the eternal sacrament. The sacred dust of His pious feet is equal to the pious ash (Vibhuti) applied on Shiv Ji’s body and bestows the ultimate joy.

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Ji said, O soul! You will earn the true benefit from the Lord True Master only when you come empty from inside and will be eligible for His grace. O, disciple! If you think that you are too wise & clever then there's no use coming to Lord True Master because so far you have made yourself your master, you haven't yet taken a step towards being a disciple. So as of now, face some troubles, entrap in some illusions and pointless doubts & store the pain within, raise your mental agonies a bit more. O, devotee! The day you get fed up & depressed of yourself and give up, just then, come in the shelter of Lord True Master, then you will realize the support of the True Master that how He is taking care of you by giving you an internal hand, He is standing with you in your agonies, you will realize. Then you will come to know that no one is yours in the whole world but the Lord True Master, there is no true friend and companion but the Lord True Master.

There is no use of coming with ill-thoughts to the True Master. Some people come to the True Master but unprepared from within. They do join Sewa and Satsanga but behold no love & faith within; then claim that they attained nothing even after being in the shelter for years.

Such people only trust their own selves, they believe that they’ll give a thought to what the True Master commands.

They’ll decide what is right and wrong and then believe in what they find suitable and ignore the unsuitable; the meaning here is clear that they are the followers of their mind. O seeker! Does this portray your faith? Don’t refer to it as love and devotion. O, disciple! When you haven’t given up on anything, then how will you develop the feeling of sacrifice? If you wish to come to the Lord True Master and attain true benefit then you will have to renounce the ‘I-ness’, and you shall realize that everything the True Master commands is absolutely right, what else remains to be decided then?. Only then o devotee, being blessed by His company, you will progress in learning and awakening your soul and become a true devotee, a true disciple. His Holiness vocalizes in His spiritual Vaani –

|| Jinh Nih Laga Poore Guru Charno Se ||
|| Te Kahan Adhure Hott Hain ||
|| Jinh Surati Raachi Shabad Maachi ||
|| Alakh Prakasha Antar Upjai ||
|| Anoop Roop Swaroop Sada Ekah Liv Laagah ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Daate Daat Satguru Poore Ki ||
|| Jinh Kripa Har Bhakti Deenho, Sakal Santap Har Leenho || 

Those who developed a true love for the Lord True Master earn real spiritual benefits. In the holy company of Lord True Master, they gradually achieve content. They always remain illuminated from within. Such disciples always try to keep their minds pure and do not let any vice or malice make home within. They do virtuous deeds with the feeling of non-doer and selflessness.
The glory and profound deeds of Lord True Master are further described in Satsang Vaani as :

|| Poora Guru Poori Mukti Deve, Saanch Naad Poore Guru Ne Sunaya ||
|| Poore Guru Ki ‘Daas Ishwar’ Dhooli Maange, Poora Guru Hi Anhad Sunaya ||
|| Wah Hare Madhav Aape Aap Anama, Poora Guru Aatam Roop Jagaya || 

Dear devotees! In today’s spiritual Vaani, the profound emphasis has been laid on the accomplished True Master, the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran. And why is that? Because a certain revelation comes through the following Vaani that only the accomplished True Master bestows eternal salvation :

|| Poora Guru Poori Mukti Deve, Saanch Naad Poore Guru Ne Sunaya ||
|| Poore Guru Ki ‘Daas Ishwar’ Dhooli Maange, Poora Guru Hi Anhad Sunaya ||
|| Wah Hare Madhav Aape Aap Anama, Poora Guru Aatam Roop Jagaya ||

The Accomplished True Master is kind, merciful, and compassionate. His mind is a Supreme mind. His soul stays pure and immersed in unbounded eternity. Arriving in His pure company, all pupils easily experience immense tranquility within. The Accomplished True Master has a tender heart, He is immensely benevolent and keeps showering love and kindness upon His disciples. He is free from attachments-disputes, praises-dispraises, joys-sorrows, friendship-enmity, etc. The Accomplished True Master eradicates the ignorance and apathy of disciples and awakens them by fearlessly executing various wondrous plays of compassion. He remains free from karmas of mind and material and spreads the wisdom of unborn joy openly. The divine smile of the Accomplished True Master blossoms our inner selves. Kindness is His true jewel.

It is said in the Yog Vashishta to accept the Present Lord True Master as the formless Supreme being. He incarnates to guide all of mankind, for the welfare of all the souls. His divine presence naturally accomplishes countless tasks.

The Lord True Master transforms the disciple’s negative thoughts into positive and delightful ones. Even if anyone beholds hatred for Him, the Lord True Master compassionately thinks of their welfare. The Lord True Master is the treasurer of elixir, His words are sweet as sugar. He is a wonderful magician who showers his love-filled glance of grace and has a tender heart. Beloved True Master does endless favors on us and the miracles happen on their own. Coming to His shelter, listening about His glories, His wondrous plays and grace gives us an unmatched experience, purity, wisdom, and devotion. The Accomplished True Master has attained victory over the duality & delusions of mind and can be seen striving miraculously for uplifting countless people from such a swamp of mind. It’d be apt to say that the Accomplished True Master opposes the illusory thoughts of the mind and fearlessly works for the welfare of souls, this is why we should seek the shelter of the Accomplished True Master and not the unproficient Gurus.

The Accomplished True Master empowers the souls to rise above through His Supreme words. His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji’s vocalized-

|| Khudiya Je Andar Dissa, Bekhudiya Ji Mauja ||

When disciples find the Accomplished True Master, their souls attain the abundant pleasure of the ‘nothingness’ and immerse in the unperturbed ocean of the Hare Madhav Lord. Everyone should become such a love-filled disciple who humbly renounces his I-ness. May we fill with love and devotion and eradicate all our I-ness; such should be our humble prayer to the True Master.
Bring the Lord True Master’s sermons into practice. O, disciples! Lord True Master resides in a silent and unperturbed state like the Supreme Lord, He is the Supreme Lord who speaks and shares His experiences through profound Vaani and sermons. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji bespoke these priceless sermons, “O people of the world! The Lord True Master creates various colors of nature like the Supreme Lord, His nature is full of divine elixir (Amrit).” The Supreme Lord sends the beings in this illusory world of mind whereas the Lord True Master liberates them from these delusions. The Lord True Master is the Master of His own will and ecstasy.

The Lord True Master blesses the pleasing, auspicious, and enlightening sermons to the souls of Lord Madhav that stay in the Master’s shelter no matter what the situation is. The Lord True Master remains in His own Supreme ecstatic state but people fail to recognize Him because in this world there are innumerable fake and unproficient Gurus & people after wandering, owing to their unawareness and delusions, think that the True Master doesn’t exist in this world. Many disciples give up and change their path & accept that there exists no True Master now. O Beloveds! On the spiritual path, with fake or unproficient Gurus, your ignorance won’t fade away, you won’t experience the creator Lord within you. A fake Guru is himself intoxicated with the poison of mind and illusion. So how do you find out who is the Accomplished Lord True Master? It is explained that if the soul of a disciple bears the love and desire to meet the Supreme Lord then the Lord unites such souls with the Accomplished True Master of the present time.

The Accomplished True Master is the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran who incarnates with the will of the Akah Lord, graces all mankind, strengthens the beings with the Supreme command, and unites them with the Lord.

In the refuge of Lord True Master, those who procure and meditate the ambrosial Naam, those who serve selflessly and accept the Lord’s will; they merge into the Supreme Lord.
Goswami Tulsidas Ji says –

“Jo Sewak Sahi Bahi Sankochi, Nij Hit Chahai Taasu Mati Pochi”
“Sewak Hit Saahib Sewakai, Karai Sakal Sukhlobh Bihaai”
“Utaru Deyi Suni Swami Rajayi, So Sewak Lakh Laaj Lajaai”
“Ab Kirpal Mohi So Mat Bhaava, Sakachu Swami Man Jaain Na Paava”

How a disciple has to walk on the path of Lord True Master, Goswami Ji has explained on this subject that a Sewak (disciple) should serve without aspiring for Dharma (duty), Artha(wealth), Kaam(desires), and Moksha(liberation), this is the basis of spirituality, the true Sewa is the one performed according to the True Master’s commands.

Sunrays absorbed from our back and campfire from our front is truly beneficial. Similarly, a true disciple should follow the Master’s commands without deceit, dishonesty & ill thoughts and serve selflessly; it is for his own welfare. While serving, the true disciple doesn’t care about joys or sorrows, profit or loss, wealth, fame, or insult and remains deeply dedicated. Always remember! A disciple who wants his happiness by putting his Master in doubt/trouble, Saint Tulsidas Ji calls him wretched and lowly & further explains that the disciple who after listening to the Master’s command, replies with denial or some other statements based on his narrow & filthy mindset, is the most shameless person ever. Whatever the beloved True Master commands in his ambrosial will, the disciple should follow it with utmost love; it is for our own welfare.

“Utaru Deyi Suni Swami Rajayi, So Sewak Lakh Laaj Lajaai”
“Sewak Hit Saahib Sewakai, Karai Sakal Sukhlobh Bihaai” 

It is also said in Gurbani :
“Sewa Thodi Maangan Bahut” 
By serving the Lord True Master, you’re not doing any favor on the Master, rather Sewa settles your difficult karmas and blesses you with Supreme fruits. Sewa of picking even a particle graces you in abundance, it is an open book on the spiritual path.
Love is the foundation of the true & selfless refuge of the Master. The devotee immerses in love for the True Master and loses himself. A true devotee desires only to please the beloved Satguru and follows the Master’s will. Most importantly, the Master’s grace cannot be attained by wit, deception, dishonesty, and ill thoughts:

“Sewak Swami Ek Matt Jo Matt Mein Matt Mil Jaye”
“Chaturai Reejhe Nahi Reejhe Mann Ke Bhaaye”

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji also bestows the wisdom of commands and service of the Master as:

|| Sewa Karo Sewak Banke, Swami Ban Ke Naahi ||
||Bhakti Karo Bhagat Ban ke, Thagat Ban Ke Naahi ||
|| Kahe Narayan Shah Suno Jag Walon ||
|| Jo Maane Yah Gyaana, So Dargah Parvaana ||

Whenever the treasurer of Bhajan Simran, Lord True Master incarnates from the Lord’s abode and spreads the
treasure of Sewa, Satsanga, Simran, Dhayana & immense love, the self-willed Manmukha beings, slanderers, deceivers & false devotees do ill-deeds against the Master because evil Kaal is their master. Since the primal beginning, it is universally stated; when Mohammad Sahib Ji, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Mahaveer Swami Ji, Jesus Christ, Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji, Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, and other Accomplished Masters unraveled their Supremacy, the number of evil-minded beings expanded too. Gurbani explains :

 “Those who inflict their hatred upon the saints, and love the wicked sinners.”
“The faces of such slanderers turn black and they fall into the most horrible hell.”

In the holy congregation of H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, a devotee of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji’s time would often come. He humbly came along with his kins to procure the ambrosial Naam, service of Sadhsangat, wisdom, and unshakable love. Every time he would plead, "O My True Emperor! I'm full of sins, I'm full of flaws and disloyalty.”

One fine day Huzoor Sahiban Ji called him with his family and said, "O Beloved! You've been coming for a long time and you are in a lot of pain." The devotee meekly pleaded with folded hands, "Baba Ji! You are the all-knower, I feel disgraceful to plea with my frivolous mouth. Sacche Paatshaah Ji! I was at Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji's shelter for years and served religiously. His Holiness would shower immense love and affection upon me but being in Sewa, I grew egoistic. I developed apathy and disloyalty because I joined the company of self-willed manmukhas and slanderers, which filled me with hatred and dispraises for the True Master. The ill-thoughts contaminated my mind and I got against His Holiness. Accompanying the slanderers, I too became one. I transformed from being a loving disciple to the disloyal one.

“Babaji! Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji tried to explain to me through His love, caress, and scolding that evil Kaal was dominating me; my thoughts and consciousness were in the wrong direction. He cautioned me that I must wash off my filth of ego and disbelief but instead, I refused to all His commands. So, His Holiness scolded me and asked not to come back again for I did not follow His commands. I was under the misconception that I served the True Master for so long, so the people would believe whatever I said. I kept defaming His Holiness in the society and city, I would use ill-words of dispraise and defamation. I kept doing this every day and also gathered relatives and friends to join me in defaming the True Master.

Even then, Satguru Sai Narayan Shah Sahib Ji kept sending sacred Prasada (Karha Prasad) and Roti along with a message through a devotee that I should realize the grace and sermons of the Master and be cautious else Lord would make me pay heavily. But we self-willed beings always took the Prasad and consumed alcohol after that. The merciful Master always bestowed His mercy upon us and advised to wash off our inner malice in the holy shelter but we were immersed in the colors of ego, dispraise, and foolishness. During the Holy Varsi Mahotsav celebrations, when His Holiness showered His blessings upon all the devotees, we manmukhas used to defame His Holiness abundantly and threw stones on the campus from outside. A learned friend of mine who was ill-minded like us and usually supported us was a devotee of a saint from Punjab but a follower of evil Kaal. When he once visited his Guru and asked that he wasn’t able to practice meditation properly as he could earlier. Also, his family was in deep sorrow. To which the saint replied,

“Because of dispraising and plotting the tricks against the Accomplished True Master, all your progress of Bhajan-Simran has gone in vain and your family too is suffering because of your karmas. He is the supremely earned Accomplished True Master; His Guru Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahibji used to devise wondrous spectacle and now His manifested form Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji is unveiling the same mysteries. It is impossible to understand Him. Bow in His pious feet humbly and seek forgiveness. Do as He says.” As per His Guru’s commands, that friend of mine came in the shelter of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji and begged for forgiveness and accepted his sins. When merciful True Master forgave him and accepted him in His refuge, he began to progress in the meditation as well.

“Khote Karma Ne Vichoreya Tere Charna Tau”
“Kirpa Karke Melo Babaji”
“Aseen Krit Karam De Bichhre”
“Kirpa Karke Melo Ram”

O devotees! The Accomplished True Master possesses the abundant eternal wealth and wishes to grant you the same but you self-willed being fail to understand His will:
“The treasure of the True Master is abundant”
“If the devotee remains devoid, it is because of his own shortcomings”
“If he stays in the shelter, enduring everything the Master puts him through”
“He shall certainly be blessed by the Master” 

True devotees remain in the True Master’s shelter, even if the Master reprimands them. The Accomplished True Master is the treasurer of ambrosial Naam, He shall certainly forgive us and accept us in His refuge.

The devotee further said, “Babaji! Even after witnessing the boundless mercy, the benevolence of Lord True Master, I did not realize and remained intoxicated with ego in the company of self-willed manmukhas. One of my friends who was a beloved devotee always cautioned me to not underestimate the Master’s commands and that I was turning my blessings into a curse because of my own malicious mind. I should seek for forgiveness from the merciful True Master, but we manmukh beings used to call him names and that Babaji has asked you to say all this. The beloved devotee sadly went to Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji and stated everything. His Holiness said these divine words-

“Kadurr Wara Ghatt Theeya, Khutta Khariddar”
“Jeke Loh Kutin Luhaar, Tinkhe Kehro Kadur Sonn Jo”

His Holiness even vocalized the pious sermons of Baba Madahv Shah Sahib Ji that —

“Dhongi Doona Naavai Maatha”

Babaji said, “All those manmukhas are connected superficially, they neither behold love for the Master nor do they possess righteous thoughts. They think of us as,

“Ghar Ka Peer, Chulh Ka Maarag” 

People of this town have hardly understood My grace & blessings, people from other places shall realize and attain my treasure of grace & blessings.” When an elderly devotee sitting nearby heard this, he pleaded, O merciful Master! Please do not say such words, forgive us O Master, and forgive us. Who shall save us from this worldly ocean than You? His Holiness calmly said, “O beloved! At present, the state of beings’ Karma is too heavy, you all are paying for your Karmic accounts. But the mystic sermons that are being vocalized today will be unveiled in the future. The entire wisdom of devotion, Bramha Gyaan, ambrosial Naam shall unveil and the people of the town shall benefit from it. Those who seek refuge with humbleness, selflessness, and renouncing their ego shall earn a place in the holy refuge. Those who will engross themselves in the meditation of the Holy Word (Naam) and Sewa shall be accepted in the Lord’s court. When I leave this human form, My true preaching shall fade. The masses of self-willed beings and slanderers shall multiply but I decree that all of this shall only last for a short span. During that time, false devotees and shallow intellects will spread their illusory preaching, but -

“The Truth Shall Prevail” 

The truth shall be revealed after 20-25 years and then you shall witness these mystic sermons come to life. But even then, those who deviate from the path and become deceitful and slanderers shall lose both, righteousness and faith.

One who dispraises the True Master invites great troubles for himself.
He shall never liberate from the vicious cycle of birth & death.
The devotee who disobeys and abandons the True Master
Cannot escape the sufferings of evil Kaal.

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized that those who lovingly follow our Holy Sermons shall remain blissful and happy, their souls shall attain the same state of ecstasy that a seeker experiences during meditation upon finding the Lord.
The devotee kept weeping and sought forgiveness from H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji for his sins. He pleaded! O Patron of the poor! Today I’m witnessing the decree of Previous Masters come true. People from all sections are being graced with the eternal Prasad. I’ve suffered heavily for my sins. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji always cautioned everyone-
“One who deceits His Guru is as miserable as destitute and lepers.
“The slanderers of the Guru shall certainly suffer and all their affairs shall certainly crumble.”

O, Merciful Lord! I took pride in wealth and fame but ever since I abandoned the Master’s company, I lost everything. My life, my family suffered like the barren land that can never be green again. Many of my family members were affected by leper disease. There was no peace in the house and no joy within us and our lives became completely miserable. O, merciful Master! Forgive us. Bless us lost ignorant beings, O Master.

The Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji verbalized, “O Beloved! Just like a father looks after his children equally, similarly, True Master lovingly takes care of all His pupils unbiasedly. His only motive is to eradicate the unrighteous deeds and habits of disciples to illuminate their inner-selves. The True Master is aware of our state & situation and guides us onto the right path. He corrects our mistakes through love & compassion and tells us about the virtuous path. If this method doesn’t work, then True Master rectifies us through strict and stern measures and if this way comes to a fall, He orchestrates a stern divine spectacle to uplift us from the path of immorality.

Like a cloth-washer only notices malice on the cloth, all his focus is based on the cloth, similarly, a True Master looks at the demerits of disciples as malice. It’s upon the washer whether he uses detergent and wash it with soft hands or beats it on the rock
similarly, the True Master amends His pupils either through love or through strictness. His motive is one, to purify the disciple’s mind. The True Master doesn’t rest till He delivers the soul to the Hare Madhav Liberated Nation. If a disciple abandons the True Master or turns against Him, speaks ill, or wishes to hurt Him, the True Master still looks after the disciple and wishes to purify his inner self, He keeps loving the disciple with a wish to mold him into a better form, just like a pot-maker:

“A potter takes utmost care of the unprepared pot”
“To prepare it, he has to beat it from the outside while supporting from inside.”
“A devotee must remain in the Master’s Sewa and never abandon Him”
“He must accept the comfort or pain wholeheartedly.” 

The devotee kept weeping and sought forgiveness. He pleaded:

“If I’m in Your shelter, It’s Your mercy”
“If I’m away from You, It’s Your will”
“O my Master! I’m Yours whether good or bad”
“If I remain in Your service, It’s the love between You and me”

H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, listening to the devotee and his family’s humble prayer, bestowed them with the Holy Word (Naam), Sewa and refuge in His Shelter.

An old devotee of the Present True Master said whenever I meet with other devotees or relatives, I sing the glory that the True Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji, True Emperor Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib ji wanted to bestow the beings with profound, mystic wisdom through various divine spectacles but at that time we beings remained entangled in illusion & ignorance. Today, the Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, with the supreme powers of Bhajan-Simran (meditation), by holding those forms, assuming Their forms Himself has been revealing all their divine & mystic sermons, otherwise we would have remained ignorant . Today when we sit in the reverence of the Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, our eyes start shedding tears, each and every cell fills with divine ecstasy and the only emotion that invokes is to hold on the pious feet firmly and wish to narrate the painful/miserable state of the mind through tears. We just plead that may we always remain in Your pious shelter

This means we have only Your support till the last breath and may we never be devoided from Your pious shelter. We beings are engulfed in illusions, our intellect, consciousness, mind & thoughts are trapped in the swamp of illusion,  As a result, we fail to witness the Lord Satguru, hence, He Himself blesses the wisdom/vision to identify/witness Him and also awakens the disciples, asks them to keep love and devotion for True Master within and to connect with true services, congregation & meditation of the Holy word.

The Accomplished True Master is our merciful savior and but we have to be eligible. We have to be highly eligible and plead, O my Lord True Master! Have mercy and grace on us, bless us with the support of Your holy refuge and save us from the company of slanderers and self-willed manmukhas.

The Holy sermons of today's Satsang indicate us to experience the inner radiance, beloved Master is blessing us with His graceful sermons. So, remain in the refuge of the Accomplished True Master, meditate the Holy word daily, be regular in the Master’s congregation, and engage in the glorious Sewa. There's a treasure of wisdom in the love-full sermons of beloved True Master, try to be a lovable bumblebee by the mind, words, and deeds.

|| Poore Guru Ki ‘Daas Ishwar’ Dhooli Maange, Poora Guru Hi Anhad Sunaya ||
|| Wah Hare Madhav Aape Aap Anama, Poora Guru Aatam Roop Jagaya ||