|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

|| Vaani Sant Satguru Sai Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji ||

|| Guru Milo Mohi Bahu Viveki, Guru Milo Mohi Param Sanehi ||
|| Guru Mere Surati Shabad Raache , Guru Charnan Preet Lagaee ||
|| Das Ishwar kahe Ajab Hai Yah Preet Suhani ||
|| Guru Preet Kar Yeh Jaate, Manmukh Na Samajh Pae Hamri Gati || 

Dear devotees ! This supreme Vaani is vocalized by H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji . H.H preaches the entire humanity that the present True Master awakens our intellect through the Hukumnama and message in His Vaani. The glory of True Master is sung more than the Lord in all the religions. The reason is that the darkness and light, both have their own importance and both follow one another. Where there is light, there must have been darkness earlier and where there is darkness, there shall be light definitely, both have different features ; aura; yes, a definite difference. Darkness comes quietly within and settles in the corner but remember, the divine light can neither be hidden nor suppressed. Those who have darkness within, they keep falling down because darkness within the beings is in abundance like a new moon day. But Dear! Even a little amount of divine light fills us with radiance. No matter how deep the darkness is, it has to vanish. And when the light spreads, not a single ounce of darkness remains. Even if the darkness is too intensive and abundant, a single ray of light is enough to eradicate the darkness. So O Beloved, the darkness of malicious karmas that prevails within the being from many births can be eradicated only by the radiance of Present True Master. The lamp within us kindles with the divine flame of Satguru Naam which eradicates the illusionary darkness from our mind and thus, every moment, every second the disciple celebrates a new deepawali. That’s why the glory of prefect True Master has been sung in Vedas. Saint Kabir Ji explains it clearly :-
“There is a difference in every Guru & difference in their beliefs
but only serve the Guru who teaches you the method of Holy Word
I have nothing to say or hear, I’m in ecstasy.
I’ve reached the destination, as I’m blessed with Master’s Holy Word.
True Guru, the spiritual warrior has shot me with the arrow of Holy Word
As soon as it struck me, I feel in love with the Guru” 

Supreme intellectual Guru , advices of such wisdom that this great human birth bestowed by Lord is a golden opportunity to go towards the Supreme.
The Supreme Lord is present within every being. He is hidden but we do not understand this. The Almighty Lord resides within us just as ghee exists in milk, fragrances in flower, & brightness in moon. And we ignorant beings trapped in illusions, are searching for the beloved Lord outside. The beings are unaware of the fact that the one they are a part of, is the supreme lamp of eternal light, He is the source of eternal light, He is the treasurer of unborn, everlasting light He is the True Master Himself. The Allah, the Lord beyond birth is within us but our inner lamp is extinguished beacuse the Maya (illusion) has misled us very badly. True Master explains us through His Vaani, that liberation from the illusion is possible as,
||Guru Milo Mohi Bahu Viveki, Guru Milo Mohi Param Sanehi || 

With immensely good fortune, one finds the company of True Master. Only the True Master of supreme wisdom openly narrates & explains the secrets of wondrous conscious world and instigates interest in the souls, because he is the bestower of Holy Word & treasurer of eternal wealth. The Perfect Master is the destroyer of anger, sins and suffering. It is true that He is capable of changing our account of Karmas and no one has authority over Him. He is such a washerman of supreme wisdom. He washes away the stain of ignorance & unconscious from the soul. He makes our soul pure sometimes by guiding us with words of spiritual scoldings. He is like a steamer ship, who lifts the souls from the shores of mind & illusion and keeps them in His divine shelters to lead them to Hare Madhav Lord’s abode.

Our True Emperor Lord, in His very open spiritual way, with His love, compassion and like a merciful spiritual physician holds us by our pulse & explains, Devotees! Just like deeds have two forms , moral & immoral, similarly, there are also two forms of consciousness, one dormant consciousness and the other awakened consciousness. Beings are asleep from within in ignorance (Pramad). How did this happen? How did they become negligent? True Master vocalizes, when a being gets trapped in the web of mind, illusions and arrogance, his spiritual consciousness is dormant even if he believes that he is awake . Now the question arises, how to awaken the inner – conscious? When we meditate the Naam bestowed by the Present True Master, only then dormant consciousness awakens, i.e. the dormant consciousness transforms to awakened consciousness. H.H. calls such beings the only intellectual ones. His Holiness says, move, walk, eat, sleep with conscience. Our consciousness should be awakened & not dormant and only then we become worthy of the eternal Prasad of the True Master. Thus merciful Master always explains, adhere yourself with Holy Word day in and day out (every time) so that our consciousness remains awakened. But beings are in such a deep sleep as we hear in nearby neighborhood that some people while asleep they get up and walk, they eat and even break the doors & windows of their house and do many strange things, then come back and sleep. The same people are surprised in the morning as to who is doing all these losses. Dear ones! this is sleepwalking sickness. If you ask them in the morning, they will say, what do I know, I was sleeping, someone else might have done it.

When the complete awakened Saints saw through the spiritual vision, they found that everyone is asleep, everyone’s consciousness is suppressed. All are in the mindless sleep of negligence, worldly pleasure and dispraises. That’s why it is said in Santmat,
“For So Many Births, I’ve Been Separated From You, Lord ;
I Dedicated This Life To You”. 

Santji says, we’ve been through endless births since long but were unconscious. When I found the love of True Master and drank his spiritual medicine, the disease of that sleeplessness vanished, thus Santji further said , that now whatever life span is remaining should only be for You, O my Madhav! Because after waking and analysing, we have understood that we were asleep and lost since many births, today the awakened Master Himself is waking us. Now while rising – sitting, walking – wandering, sleeping we won’t walk on the path of self – willedness. Because my nurturer, My True Master! You will save us, awaken us. Hence, carefree true emperor Satguru Baba Madhav shah Sahib Ji used to go to the homes of his beloved disciples during dawn and used to divinely scold and say divine strict words and oftenly Sahibaan Ji preached –
“Uth Jaag Musafir Jeeyara, Tokhe Nindri Na Odhe
Vetho Aahi Waat Kha, Panhinjo Muh Mode
Waat Lahanjai Ohdi, Pyaar Desh Agam Ji
Waat Lahanjai Ohdi, Pyaar Desh Agam Ji”. 

The Perfect True Master consistently warns us that, till when will you be lost in the dormancy of negligence. O Beloved! Wake up, now it’s time to arise, if even now you won’t wake up, then you shall be lost. The glory of True Master is full of fathomless conscience, which is preached by H.H. Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji in His divine Vaani as –


H.H. merciful Master explains to the entire humanity that the Perfect True Master has preached openly through radiant wisdom the divine path that goes to the Satpurukh, then soul walked on that path and united with the Lord. Be careful! meaning of the divine practice (Sadhana) preached by the True Master is that our soul should arise. We all are dormant in the deep sleep of births and the Perfect True Master wants to take us to the awakened world. He preaches, now you have to wake up. But beings oftenly have doubts like, what is the way to wake up? Are there any strategies to wake up? O Beloved! Firstly you have to drown deeper, then you will arise for few moments and sometimes you may sleep a little. But by continuous practice of waking up, your divine life will rise. For that you have to strongly hold on to the love & shelter of the Awakened True Master.

Those who have found it, found it by adhering to the love of True Master, found it through the majesty of His pious feet and then they sung it’s glory.

H.H explains a true matter of conscience that, you are betraying yourself in the name of love because the soul that you have has been given by the Lord, but it is dormant. There is deep darkness within you because of which you are increasing the hindrance of darkness internally. The Complete True Master has an abundance of spiritual wealth that will fill you up with the divine light, but your eligibility is not enough. Unless you completely dedicate yourself to the True Master, you will keep on wandering. O Beloved! Learn the divine path from the True Master, only then you can walk on this path. Saints preach that, one cannot borrow that Complete True Master’s divine path, He gives us the true message and signs of divine light but everyone does not understand the secret hidden within these signs. O being! The Complete True Master gives us a manner to live a complete enlightened life and lightens the dormant lamp present within us. He wants to bring us to senses so that we recognize ourselves, Who we are? What are we doing? The Master unites the soul with its forgotten treasure and for that a disciple should always remain a disciple of Guru and never become a slave of mind. Only then the light of boundless world can enlighten.

“Everyone is a slave of mind, only a few are true devotees of Master,
The thoughts of one who accepts his Guru’s words become impenetrably deep”.

True Master belongs to merciful world. There are treasures of supreme seamless peace, perpetual bliss, divine joy within Him and He Himself is the form of real blissful element. If you run according to the will of your mind, then its impossible to reach the divine destination. But upon realizing the essence of True Word blessed by the True Master, a soul can enlighten itself. When the disciple surrender themselves completely onto the pious feet of True Master, then they start dissolving in the elixir of True Word. It is the supreme grace of True Master that He explains us the path of Sewa, Satsang, wisdom and meditation and lets us experience the world of happiness and joy. The day we will wake up from the deep sleep and our ‘doer’ feeling will go away, that day we will say, the grace of my beloved True Master is showering enormous blessings upon us.
So, we should not feel pride in the false mortal things of this world. We have found the shelter of Lord True Master. By living in this beautiful shelter, giving up the ego of this body and the whole empire, meditate the fearless and seek the power to awaken the dormant intellect within us.

|| Das Ishwar Kahe Ajab Hai Yah Preet Suhani ||
|| Guru Preet Kar Yeh Jaate, Manmukh Na Samajh Pae Hamri Gati || 

Hare Madhav    Hare Madhav     Hare Madhav