The significance of Satguru Parv

Height of the sky can be measured, depth of the sea can be assessed, the entire world is caged in some certain radius but the peak of infinity where Pooran Satguru is positioned can never be determined.

With the magnificence of Pooran Satguru, the Parv (festival) of heading towards that crest.


Satguru Amrit Vachan

Listen to holy sermons of Almighty Satguru and gain the wisdom to incline towards the spiritual path

Satguru Bhakti

Running in this marathon called life, an entangled mind attains serenity and stasis only after thriving in the holy congregation of Perfect Master (Pooran Satguru)

Satguru Sewa

Surrender yourself in the sewa of True Master's lotus feet and step towards surrendering ego and cleanse your innerself.

Satguru Parv
14 & 15 January

Pooran Satguru, the treasurer of absolute meditation reveals the treasured heritage bestowed by Almighty Lord within all of us.
The Parv(festival) to celebrate eternal joy of procuring that heritage within us from Pooran Satguru.

True Master showers compassion & mercy

and connects the soul with eternal inner path through

His divine words and Vani.


In the presence of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, the year long awaited Grand Shobhayatra begins from Hare Madhav Darbar Sahib and from there it crosses the main streets of Madhav Nagar and then ends too at Hare Madhav Darbar Sahib. The entire procession is carried out with The Beloved Satguru Babaji on a beautiful designed chariot, and disciples dancing and singing the divine hymns and tunes of Hare Madhav Darbar Sahib, covering an area of almost 3 kilometres. There are many special dance form performances by disciples in front of the chariot representing their states.The intensity love and enthusiasm of devotees is clearly evident throughout the Shobhayatra. Disciples dance with love and await the glimpses of True Master. Also they welcome the Beloved True Master at their respective spots with the showers of flowers. Alongside the Prasaad is distributed at various spots. In the entire procession, the longing of disciples for that one divine blessing glimpse of the True Master is what catches the attention and upon getting the glimpses, that feeling of ecstasy amongst the Beloved’s is beyond words.

Hare Madhav
Sojhi Mela

A spiritual initiative, “HARE MADHAV SOJHI MELA” by Hare Madhav Roohani Baal Sanskar with the grace of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, wherein they showcase the real purpose of life and the significance of Perfect True Master through various models and videos.

Free Voluntary Services :

Baba Madhav Shah Chikitsalaya Free Medical Camps

Medical Camps

Free Medical Check Up and Medicines for all. Doctors from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi and various other states.

Varsi Mahotsav Free Accommodation


Free Accommodation for all devotees attending the Varsi Mahotsav. Please carry your ID proof with you.

Hare Madhav Satguru Sewa


Bhojan prasad will be available for Sadh Sangat of all meals.

Hare Madhav | Satguru Baba | Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji


Free transportation facilities from all the Katni Railway Stations to the Satsang Venue will be available at all times.

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Satguru Parv 2019