|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

“Vaani His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji”

|| Tera Bhana Sadd Sadd Bhaye Meetha ||
|| Hukum Sahib Ka Sadd Sadd Meetha ||

This is the heavenly Vaani by His Holiness Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji. To those keen in spirituality or engaged in it, His Holiness is bestowing them with an invaluable counsel that Hare Madhav Lord has blessed you with this human form, beautiful body and money-fame too, He has been giving you since ages and you’ve been taking from him since ages.

His Holiness verbalizes, to abide by the will of True Master is the best, finest quality of true disciples. Stay jovial in His love and immersed in service & meditation. Sorrows-joy, honor-dishonor, accept everything as His and stay buoyant in His divine love. O Saints, always remember, abiding by His will implies that sorrows and joys should in no way shudder our mind, it should always be stable and engrossed in the meditation of the Supreme Lord, therefore, O devotees! Make intense efforts to bend this mind. Always remember, neither do we have to abandon our duties, nor the efforts. Fulfilling all the worldly duties and obligations, remain under the Lord’s will, but imbibe the loveful devotion within for everything is under His will, do not worry.

His Holiness has bestowed all the souls with a very beautiful sermon to stay carefree -

|| Mat Kar Chinta Mat Kar Chintt ||
|| Sada Kar Tu Chintan Achintt Ka Bhai ||
|| Chinta Te Kuch Kaaraj Na Sanwre ||
|| Chinta Kaaran Sab Jagat Hua Dukhdaayi ||
|| Mere Madhav Sabko Diya Rasak Rajai ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Achintt Bhanwra ||
|| Satguru Charan Kiya Prem Aura Aura ||
|| Tin Charnan Ki Chhanv Baith ||
|| Main Rahoon Sada Achintt Avichal Mukaama ||

O, Saints! True Master, who is Lord Almighty Himself, who is powerful and merciful, who is ever-present everywhere in various ways; He too abides by the supreme will. He teaches the souls to remain under the supreme power, supreme will, and gratitude.

Think a little, do we accept His will? We haven’t yet understood the supreme will. True Masters guided about the ultimate truth because They Themselves are immersed, engrossed in it. But, within us, we lack the love for True Master and His Holy Company. When we develop such longing, then shall we experience the true creation and love. Then, the soul shall always stay in His ambrosial command because it is filled with the essence of the Creator Lord.

Saint Kabir Ji said-

“The clouds cannot diminish the magnificence of the sun.”
“The commands of True Master shall not reverse even if the universe turns upside down.”

He describes the commands of All-capable Master, that the whole cosmos is under His command, His command is All-capable. Lord Satguru graces the art of meditation through His pious sermons.

Nothing is in our control, people are in sorrows because we do not surrender ourselves to His will. We being ungrateful wander here & there but remember dear, true happiness lies only in His will. Those who abide by His will are true devotees. They never follow their mind to complain about His grace. “Happiness & sadness both are yours”, with this thought, they heartily accept the Master’s will.

Babaji further explains in the Holy Vaani –

|| Jaisi Chalave Kaar Taisi Main Karoon Kaar ||
|| Man Dolay Na Bhana Tera Nij Ghar Bole ||
|| Jaisi De Tu Matt Waisi Paaun Main Gatt || 

O Lord! You are the All-knower, knower of past & future. We plead this-

|| Jaisi Chalave Kaar Taisi Main Karoon Kaar || i.e. may we always remain under Your will. Whatever you make us do, whatever state you keep us in, may we accept & fulfill it.

The Vaani also says,

|| Jaisi De Tu Matt Waisi Paaun Main Gatt ||

Means only by accepting Thy commands, we can uplift ourselves.

Dear Sadh Sangat! The True Master’s loveful devotees narrate their own experiences about the grace and compassion of beloved Satguru. Countless narrations are expressed by the devotees that the Merciful Hare Madhav Babaji graces them visibly and invisibly too. The Guru is the patron of the poor, He is known to preserve the honor of His devotees. He protects their honor in this world and even in the hour of their death which is the most painful moment, He subtly stays beside them. He takes the soul, the consciousness with Him. The company of worldly people, friends, relatives, and things is temporary. They all leave us in our tough times but the True Master is devotee’s true companion, He is always there while we’re alive and even during & after death.

The True Master makes us realize that the Lord blessed us with precious human life which even the deities long for. Then we found the Lord within us with the grace of True Master. We found the True Master’s shade which gave us the tact to reach the heights of Service, meditation, devotion. Even the great sages and saints fail to unite with Lord Almighty. O, dear! Think a little, all this grace is attained only through the gracious Perfect Master. Following the Master’s command is the most wonderful and conscious state of devotion.

When we feel thankful to the Master, our mind and sense also start rejoicing in the meditation of Holy Naam and then the soul enjoys the state of oneness with Lord Almighty and witnesses the ultimate truth. Only the Present True Master can shower such grace, He is still blessing us and shall continue to do so.

O dear child of Lord! When the soul travels from this world to another, the soul is alone but the ones who regularly meditate the Naam, the True Master accompanies them subtly in the form of Naam. Their path becomes easier. Beloved True Master through His grace and supreme power, diminishes the impact of Karmas upon souls and liberates them, this is the Alasti state of supreme Master. Devotees should always keep this thought that Your will is acceptable to me.

Hence His Holiness said in His Vaani –

|| Kete Tarai Ubarai Eh Naam Simar Simar ||
|| Deendayale Sharan Naam Devo, Mann Ki Tapat Sab Chhutai ||
|| Satt Padd Mein Atam Ramai, Ramaiya Satguru Mohey Amrit Naam Baksho ||
|| Kahe ‘Daas Ishwar’ Suno Bhakto, Naam Bhagat Saar Hai ||
|| Hare Madahv Rabbal Bhed Pragataya, Hare Madahv Rabbal Yah Bhed Pragataya ||

Dear Devotees! With the meditation of holy Naam of Perfect True Master, how many souls liberated, uncountable; how many will be liberated, uncountable. It is infinite and incredible.

|| Kete Tarai Ubarai Eh Naam Simar Simar ||

With the regular mediation, sooner or later even you shall liberate. The one who boards the ferry of True Master, carrying the visa of Naam, he shall cross the worldly ocean but the ones who simply stayed at the shore, how will those ignorant liberate. Hence meditate on the Naam, stabilize  your consciousness and liberate, it is true and unexplainable,

|| Kete Tarai Kete Ubarai ||

The Present True Master says the truth, “the lover disciple, abiding by the beloved Master’s will, merges with the loveful form of beloved Master.”

His Holiness further explains in this Satsang Vaani-

|| Kahey Narayan Shah Suno  Bhai Bhakton ||
|| Jinna Bhana Meetha Na Laagey ||
|| Se Mannd Khuwari Bhramey Jag Mein ||

Satguru Baba Narayanshah Sahib Ji explains that ‘saintly’ is the being who always accepts the Master’s will. Only such beings attain true wisdom.

O, beloved devotees! Make the best use of this temporary life, walk on the right path, and experience the eternal truth, the truth of Hare Madhav Lord. The Perfect Masters reveal all the mysteries only if we have earnest wish to know them.

They unveil the complete truth that gives up the ownership of sandcastles, do not sail the paper boat, it will certainly drown, why to be attached with materialistic life, it will eventually perish.

The Perfect Master says, there is one such boat that takes us across the worldly ocean and i.e. Meditation has given to us by Satguru, the treasurer of Bhajan Simran, at the time of blessing Naam-Daan, our consciousness awakens by the meditation of the Holy Naam, and reaches the abode of Self. If we build this boat of meditation, then we can easily cross this worldly ocean.

O, beloved devotees! This soulful is dedicated to the loving memory of the beloved mother of the uplifter of Hare Madhav Sect, H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji, the mother of all of us, Revered Gurumata Hemadevi Ji.

On 26th June 2014, our Revered Gurumata Ji attained Nirvana and departed to the Hare Madhav abode. Your innocence spreads the sense of indifference, your nature was serene generous, contented, and engrossed in true self. Your way of life is an inspiration for all of us.

A mother is a symbol of tender heart and the ocean of faith, love, trust, patience, and honesty. She is the treasure of compassion and high values. It is impossible to repay a mother's debt in this life.

The entire life of our revered Gurumata Hemadevi Peswani is an epitome of love and morality. In her life span, she always set an example of patience and had a persona full of serene happiness that left a lasting impact on our lives. We are fortunate enough that we had her blessing hand upon us.

Her Holiness Gurumata Ji was full of human values and sympathy, on the day of Her demise, we couldn’t believe we were deprived of Gurumata's motherly shade who always took care of us with her love and compassion. Blessed is such sacred soul and it’s life on whose demise, even mother nature wept, thousands of people witnessed this when revered Gurumata Hemadevi Ji departed to Hare Madhav Eternal abode. All of us were heartbroken to hear this sad news.

“Mother is the temple, the devotion and offering too.
Without mother, life is like a garden without a gardener.”

The entire life of revered Gurumata Hemadevi Ji is a symbol of greatness, her life was disciplined and self-controlled, it was God's immense blessing and our fortune that we had the shade of our loving Gurumata, her loving hand was always upon us. Her simplest things too were full of inspiration.

Her Holiness was always dutiful, well-wisher & illumination of wisdom and devotion. Her Holiness was an idol of affection and sacrifice, Her life is an inspiration for us.

Revered Guru Maa Ji immensely loved His Holiness Babaji with all her heart and was so deeply attached that day and night she always remembered & thought only of Her beloved son who is our beloved Emperor, our True Master H.H Satguru Baba Ishwarshah Sahib Ji.

Glorious is the Emperorship of the unborn. Today, when unborn Satguruji reveals the treasure of divinity of previous Masters, their unborn spiritual powers and mysteries, we realize that we failed to understand those wondrous plays at that time because we were entrapped by Maya (illusion), but today when Present True Master unravels the true meaning behind all their sermons & spectacles, we witness those flashbacks.

Dear Devotees! On the day of our Revered Gurumata’s demise, before she left the mortal body, a native lady disciple of Nainpur city, narrated an eye-witnessed incident.

That day when the Hare Madhav Satsang in Nainpur concluded, my fellow mate and I while on our way back home, and then I saw a beautiful Palanquin adorned with flowers in the sky.

Then, I told her- ‘’Look at the sky, A Palanquin is passing by’’

This was around 7:30 pm when I told her, “that holy soul must be very fortunate and virtuous, whom this Palanquin is going to take along, for whom the Lord himself has sent the adorned Palanquin to bring that pious soul to the Hare Madhav Abode.

We both bowed to the palanquin and prayed, O Beloved Master! Make our souls also pure that the Kaal should not come to take us in the end, but You. May your servant Kaal, with your command, come with a beautiful palanquin to take us along in our end times, through which our souls also reach Hare Madhav Lok.

Watching such divine scene, we both furthered to our homes and suddenly at 9:00 pm, we got the sad news of the demise of Gurumata Hema Deviji and their furtherance to Supreme Hare Madhav Lok at 8:30 pm.

Listening to this painful news, I was wordless, and I rushed towards the other lady and told her that the palanquin which we saw in the sky was coming to take our beloved, motherly Gurumata Ji.

So beloved disciples! In the ending times of earned souls, Supreme Lord Master Himself comes to take those souls along, moreover, the Kaal acts according to the command of the Master at that time –

“When the Lord will call, you will have to leave everything and depart.”
“Only the Guru Naam shall accompany you, nothing else.”
“When the Lord will call, you will have to leave everything and depart.” 

When we closely observe Revered Gurumata Ji's life, we find that how calmly, patiently and with the utmost composure, She maintained each relationship, assuming every bitterness as the sweet will of the Master. Your entire life was full of perseverance, which is also explained by Kabir Ji –

“Those who remain detached performing worldly duties,
Master Kabir Ji says they are certainly revered.”

Before leaving her body, once Gurumata Ji, was having meals with her Beloved Son (Babaji), they were having spiritual talks. The pious words of Gurumata Ji were always full of deep love, compassion, and spiritual values.

That day our Beloved True Master who used to call Gurumata Ji as Mummy, asked, “Mummy!  Neem, may it be sweet or bitter, what should we do?” Then Gurumata Ji said, “God bless them all, may it be a soft person or rude one, may all be happy, all are God’s creation. Dear son, you only have to enlighten everyone like the sun and work for the betterment of all. Everyone has a nature-based on their Karmic accounts. Dear Son! You have this blessing from me, always keep uplifting the beings.”

In this world, it is the identification of earned souls that before going to the ultimate abode, Sachkhand, they get the intuition within that when they have to leave this mortal embodiment and go to Lord’s abode, maybe we won’t understand those signals at that time, but later on, we get emotional thinking of those moments. Similarly, when Gurumata Ji woke up on one Thursday morning, she saw that Papa Tarachand Ji (her husband) was getting ready to go somewhere, and she said , now I have to leave, now I have to leave, listening to which Papaji was shocked and asked, where? Guru Mata Ji was silent for few moments and replied after that pause, Today I have to go to my beloved, my son(Babbu), the fragment of my heart, take me to Hare Madhav Vatika, to which He replied, yes we will take you there, yes we will. But due to some reason, Papaji came back home late and couldn’t take Gurumata Ji to Vatika.

Then Papaji said to Gurumata Ji, I got late today, we shall go later. Guru Mata Ji had deep love and affection for His Holiness Satguru Babaji. True Master is omniscient. Looking at the heartfelt desire of Gurumata Ji, Satguru Babaji asked a sewadar to go home and bring Gurumata Ji to Darbar Sahib. Honoring His command, when that sewadar reached home, he saw that Gurumata Ji was gazing at the Master’s photo continuously to which he told Gurumata Ji that Satguru Babaji wants to see you. Listening to this, Gurumata Ji had tears in her eyes and she said to Dadi Amma(Grandmother of His Holiness), Amma Ji, shall I go to Darbar Sahib to which Amma Ji replied, “Yes, go with Tarachand Ji” and He took Her to Darbar Sahib.

As soon as Gurumata Ji reached Darbar Sahib, His Holiness embraced her and said, you were remembering me with so much love & affection and so was I. Gurumata Ji replied with utmost love and affection, Babbu (addressing His Holiness), today I want to feed you with my hands, to which His Holiness smiled and said, Yes, please. Guru Mata Ji fed Him with divine love.

When our mother is with us, then she extends the treasure of love upon us, and today Gurumata Ji was blessing the Master with that treasure. It seemed like Revered Mata Yashoda was feeding Lord Krishna with cream (Maakhan) and pouring her love onto him. Mother is the sacred vessel of motherhood, from which the flow of love and virtues have nourished us well.

After the meals Mataji kept gazing at Babaji and showering love on him for a long time, Her both the daughters, younger daughter Rev. Ashu Ji, elder daughter Rev. Pinky Ji, little kids Som and Nihal, all of them were there until 4:15 pm, when Babaji asked, don’t you want to go home today? To which GuruMataji replied, “I don’t know why but today I don’t wish to part from you. My heart wishes to be here, and gaze at you.” to which Babaji replied, “I am with you forever.”

As some time passed by, Babaji instructed disciple Kailash to take Mummy Ji back home. GuruMataji said to Babaji, “Now allow me to go.” Babaji said, “Yes, Yes.”


On Thursday evening, when GuruMataji felt the urge to renounce this human body, prior to it She was joyfully talking to the family members, Mataji hugged her Daughter-in-law and holding the hand of her Mother-in-law (Ammaji) lied down on the sofa, left this perishable body at her own will with ease, chanting Hare Madhav and left for the Hare Madhav abode. An earned soul always hides itself, it’s what we have seen in Mataji’s whole life, after sometime Dada Aatmaram Khanwani ji, Dada Ramchand Rijhwani ji and few other disciples came to Babaji with heavy heart. His Holiness said, “Sweet is His will, Sweet is His will.”

GuruMataji! You shall always be remembered as merciful motherly figure. You have graced this world, the priceless gift, Our Present True Master, which prospered this entire world. We shall forever be indebted to you. Like the rays of sun are eternal, in the same way this supreme favour, shall last forever.

Accepting this divine play and the will of Hare Madhav Lord is the utmost duty of a being. Abiding by the objectives of such supreme soul is the real tribute to them. With the persona of Revered GuruMata Ji and the fragrance of Her qualities, the society and the divine garden of Hare Madhav family will forever be fragrant. On your demise, there was a wave of sadness everywhere; the nature also showered her tears of condolence in the form of rain.


On Friday when GuruMataji’s corpse was being prepared for cremation, an old lady named Punni Amma came & weepingly said, “Sometime back, my health deteriorated so much that even doctors gave up thrice, and all the three times, GuruMata whom I call ‘Bebi’ with love, came to me and said, get up, get up Maasi, it’s nothing. You are completely fine. All three times I found a new life but today She Herself left me.” Addressing her grief, Her tears were rolling down.

We attain this human birth with immense grace of Lord. Only a few make it worthwhile. Revered Guru Mataji made it worthwhile by devoting, meditating, and serving single-mindedly. It was clearly visible in Her persona. Her magnificent and charming glimpse is still portrayed in our eyes, which makes us feel Her presence. Rev. Guru Mataji always taught all the sewadars that without dedication, loyalty, sacrifice, selflessness, and purity, nothing can be procured. If you wish to be happy, then learn to share and sacrifice happiness. She always thoroughly cared about devotees, She daily cooked with Her own hands and used to send it to GuruDarbar sahib and accomplished the service graced by the True Master with honesty. The oneness of words and deeds of Revered Guru Mataji was experienced by all, which is unforgettable.

Rev. Guru Mataji while performing the duties and responsibilities of her family, through the Lord’s devotion & selfless service, blessed the devotees with Her beloved Son, who bestows us the way of liberation, which is a blessing to the whole mankind. The beloved Son of Rev. Guru Mata ji, Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah sahib ji, by divine Hare Madhav Name, awakens us from the deep sleep of ignorance. He bestows one true path to all mankind of Service, Satsang, meditation.

O Satguru Sahiban Ji! We ignorant beings plea you, again and again, to bless us with such intellect & strength that we may always remain in your will and thankfully accept will in every joy or sorrow. May we tread steadily on Your path, bless us such that from the inspirational life of Rev. Guru Mata ji, we may imbibe her precious teachings to beautify our life & soul.

The entire universe shall remain indebted to the Rev. Guru Mataji for ages to come. We all devotees bow down in the reverence of Her Holiness Guru Mata Ji.

|| Kahey Narayan Shah Suno  Bhai Bhakton ||
|| Jinna Bhana Meetha Na Laagey ||
|| Se Mannd Khuwari Bhramey Jag Mein ||


Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav     Hare Madhav