|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

O fortunate beings present in the pious shelter of Lord True Master recite with love, ‘Hare Madhav'

‘Vaani’ as vocalized by His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji”

|| Satguru Purukh Hari Har Anaam Hai ||
|| Janam Maran Na Aavahi ||
|| So Agam Agaadh, Satguru Alakh Apaar ||
|| Satguru Jab Pragate Satdaya  Sev, Amrit Bhed Sab Khole ||

Beloved disciples seated in the holy shelter of Supreme Lord True Master, ‘Hare Madhav'. Countless greetings to everyone on the pious occasion of Incarnation Day of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji.

Sadhsangat Ji! Lord True Masters is one with the eternal, unfathomable, inexplicable supreme Lord. They do not incarnate in this world of Maya per Their wish but are chosen by the Supreme Lord. Their sole objective is to bestow ‘Tatva Naam’ to all the souls and liberate them from Maya and take them to the pious abode of the Lord.

The spiritual Vaani of today’s Satsang is vocalized by merciful True Master Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, that signifies towards the supreme:

||Satguru Purukh Hari Har Anaam Hai ||
|| Janam Maran Na Aavahi ||
|| So Agam Agaadh, Satguru Alakh Apaar ||

His Holiness Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji was incarnated in the Jyeshtha month of the Hindu calendar in the year 1912, on the auspicious day of Kumbh. His Holiness was named Bhai Prabha, His mother was Revered Guru Mata Ganga Devi Ji, and even after ascending the Guru Gaddi, His Holiness received motherly fondness and love from Mata Paru Maa. He would often play divine leelas with her and regarded her as the idol of motherly love. His father was Revered Guru Pita Asandas Ji.

His Holiness was brother to two sisters, Revered Hurbai and Revered Khathibai. Even before procuring the shelter of Lord True Master, His Holiness served the poor and needy people and remained joyous in detachment and love. But He would remain in the constant search of an Accomplished, Videhi Mukta, Jeevan Mukta Satguru, who dwells beyond the realm of Holy Naam (Shabad Naam).

His Holiness’s search ended when He first met Videhi Mukta Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji. Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji would always dwell in the carefree, fearless and Alasti state. His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji would seek permission from Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji to stay in the Guru Ghar and to serve in the pious feet and the divine company because His heart was done with the worldly pursuits. Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji said, “Bhai Prabha! Surrender yourself to me.” Since then, His Holiness has devoted His life with love to the Accomplished Master Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji.

Often, Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji would put Him to test but His surrendering towards the True Master was strong-willed, full of firm faith and immense love. Once, Bhai Prabha Ji pleaded, “O Master! Please bestow me the strength of Sewa and devotion”. Babaji vocalized, “Go, jump off the river bridge outside the town.” Bhai Prabha, accepting His Guru’s command and without giving it a thought, climbed up the river bridge and remembering His beloved Satguru, jumped off the bridge. The Lord True Master’s invisible protective hand guarded Him and there was not even a small scratch on Him even after jumping off 50 feet high bridge.

His Holiness was consistent in the service of True Master and would meditate upon Naam every second. His life was as calm as moon, radiant like the sun; His heart was pure like the Ganges and His surrendering and devotion as firm as the Himalayas. His Holiness became the form of Supreme Lord Himself through meditation and service of Videhi Mukta Supreme True Master.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji ascended the Guru Gaddi on 5th October 1960. His Holiness showed the path of uniting with the Lord within through meditation of ambrosial Naam. He put an end to all the myths, superstitions and false rituals and encouraged mankind to kindle the lamp of uniting with the supreme in the holy temple within. The divine sermons of His Holiness

“Antarmukhi Sadaa Sukhi, Baharmukhi Sadaa Dukhi”

On this path to the inner self, a being attains elixir and witnesses the light of Lord within through blessing and will of possessor of Bhajan Simran True Master. When the devotees abiding by the True Master’s will, engaging in Sewa and love, tolerating the societal criticism, consistently meditate upon Naam, then their soul unites with Supreme Lord within.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji uplifted His devotees through various Leelas. Each of His Leela reflected His sacrifice, detachment, fearlessness and Parmatatva. His Holiness, in His state of supreme ecstasy and detachment, would go deep into the dark dense forests among the wild and fierce animals and remain blissful in the ecstasy of ‘self’.

Riddhi-Siddhis (Supernatural powers and prosperity) were the dust of His Holiness’s feet, but He considered using these powers against spirituality, though it is inevitable for waves to rise in an ocean. His heart was as vast as the sky, as profound as the ocean, and far away from prejudice. His Holiness would scold and rebuke everyone, but His heart was filled with endless love for all. In one moment, His Holiness would scold, and in the next, would shower love upon them. His Holiness jeweled Himself with humility and simplicity and would always dwell in the silence of Parmatatva.

His Holiness is the Master of spirituality, devotion and supreme wisdom; who dwells beyond life and death in the state of Samatva; ever-present in the form of Supreme Lord Madhav. His glory is indescribable, His grandeur is inexpressible. Thus stated in Vaani –

|| Satguru Purukh Hari Har Anaam Hai ||
|| Janam Maran Na Aavahi ||
|| So Agam Agaadh, Satguru Alakh Apaar ||

O fragments of the Lord! Almighty Satguru makes His loving disciples give up their I-ness and self-willed nature and grants them the art of true service and meditation and bestows them with the strength to fixate their consciousness and the path to attain the hidden elixir within.

|| Satguru Jab Pragate Satdaya  Sev, Amrit Bhed Sab Khole ||

Thus, disciples ought to obey the Almighty Satguru and tread devotedly on His path. Satguru Sache Paatshah Ji explains, the truth is that the True Master is the one who loves; the love of disciple towards the True Master is merely its reciprocation. Lord True Master remembers the disciples each passing moment and wishes for their wellness.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwarshah Sahib Ji vocalizes in the Hare Madhav Yatharth Santmat Vachan 59,  “A mother, for the sake of her children, sacrifices her comforts, similarly, the True Master engages souls in spirituality, bestows them with spiritual treasures and sacrifices everything for them. When a child becomes notorious and mischievous, the mother still cares for him won’t let him go hungry or sick, similarly, a devotee may leave, abandon or forget the True Master, but the Master never leaves His devotees and always looks after them.

Oh, disciples! Remember, you certainly see the Lord Satguru in a human form but do not mistake Him for a mere mortal being, He is the Supreme Being, ruler of the universe. He is omnipresent, He is one with the Almighty. Saint Kabir says-

“Guru To Aisa Chahiye, Shishya Syon Kachu Na Ley”
“Shishya To Aisa Chahiye, Guru Ko Sab Kuch Dey”

The disciple should always remember his Lord Satguru. The Saint explains that the relation between the Satguru and the disciple is profound and cannot be fathomed by anyone else.

All of us have seen, experienced and are still experiencing that there is nothing our True Master has not done for us, whether we are ‘antarmukhi’ or ‘baharmukhi’, He keeps showering His kindness and mercy upon us. His Holiness cautions those who do not yet know the depth of spirituality, Oh beings! Your inclination must be towards the True Master, stay away from the myths, illusions and worthless thoughts, just remain focused inwards, only then we shall be able to experience the spiritual magnificence, the divine Leela within us.

As stated in the Hare Madhav Yatharth Santmat Vachan 152, O being! If in life, you ever get the company of a living incarnation of Lord True Master and you live according to His will, then understand that He will eradicate all your karmic accounts and through service, meditation and devotion will take you to the Hare Madhav adobe within.

The saints proclaim that-

“Kanchan Kaai Na Lage, Loha Ghun Nahi Khaye”
“Bura Bhala Jo Guru Bhagat, Kabahu Narak Na Jaye”

No matter if the disciple is virtuous or not, if he stays in the shelter of True Master, he will certainly be liberated, but those unfortunate ones who do not procure the holy company of True Master, will never experience the grandeur of the True Master. O being! An iron may corrode but it is never affected by weevils or termites like wood.

Whenever such great Saints incarnate in this world, They establish strong ideals by serving the Sadh Sangat and earning honestly, They do not burden anyone and make us practice dignity. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji would often vocalize, “ contribute one-tenth of your earnings in spiritual practices so that Maya does not dominate your mind.” Sadh Sangat Ji! A being’s mind possesses various ill-thoughts regarding his wealth when he first comes to sewa but remembers, the compassionate True Master lightens our burden of karma by making us serve physically, mentally, financially.

Emperor Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji set a high and unique example of Sewa. The hands that He served His True Master with, were the pious hands He bestowed everyone with prosperity and salvation with when the time came. Endearingly beating the disciples with His pious hands, He cured their endless incurable diseases, but those who kept ill-thoughts in His gracious beating fell prey to miseries. The state of such unfortunate disciples is not hidden to anyone. This is why, whatever Sewa we are blessed with, should be fulfilled with love, faith, selflessness and dedication. Then, by the grace and mercy of Lord True Master, we shall unite with the supreme.

Satsang Vaani further decrees-

|| Jo Koi Sant Ko Mar Muye Kahat Hain, So Padey Jam Ke Jag Jaaga ||
|| Kahe ‘Narayan Shah’ Sunaho Santo ||
|| Moro Roop Ananto, Na Janmu Na Maru ||
|| Main Sada Nij Roop Rahun ||
|| Satguru Purukh Hari Har Anaam Hai ||

His Holiness vocalized, the one who dwells in the realm beyond life and death can guide you there. The Lord Satguru preaches about the highest realm because He Himself dwells in the same.

Some people take me for a Yogi or a Gnani or reciter of scriptures; some for a Siddha with supernatural powers and some for a great scholar but O people! I am neither born nor will I die. You just perceive me per your own finite vision. You are only able to see the age of my physical body but O dear! I am ever present, “Main Sada Nij Roop Rahun”.

The Supreme Lord Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji, Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji would often decree these divine words that in the times to come, Our manifestation shall arrive with the endless treasure of Bhajan Simran and unveil the mysteries behind our Our Jeevan Mukta Leelas and endless divine spectacles. The ignorant beings of today who reside in Our refuge fail to realize Our divine accomplishment and true form but in the times to come, the possessor of immense Bhajan Simran shall eradicate their ignorance, then, the true seekers of devotion and meditation shall be blessed with the same. In His eternal ecstasy of self, He shall assume Our divine form and bless one and all with the internal bliss; and lay the vast foundation of true discipleship, true Guru Bhakti and true Santmat.

O souls of the Lord! These ultimate sermons have now come true, the Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji has revealed the treasure of Bhajan Simran, the disciple who has witnessed this truth. When the Present True Master vocalizes the events and saakhis of the previous True Master, the disciples from those times, the aged ones drench in tears because they couldn’t develop enough faith and love for the True Master then and came to the True Master only following the societal tradition but today, their hearts are full of love and devotion for True Master. The prophecy of the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran Present True Master by His Holiness Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji and His Holiness Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji was such that He would possess immense treasures of Bhajan-Simran, and through His divine vision, He would unravel our divine spectacles. And today the prophecy is inevitably being fulfilled.

Hare Madhav Bhaanga 3, Saakhi Amrit Vachan Prakash states that, on 29th November 2018, in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh His Holiness Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji was vocalizing sermon that His Holiness Narayan Shah Ji had imbibed reverence of the Guru into every cell of His body. His Holiness would dwell in a state of supreme. His Holiness in the service of His Holiness Baba Madhav Shah Ji would clean and pick up feces and vomit with His own bare hands. The effect of True Master’s shelter, unconditional service and true reverence was such that those hands then blessed the sorrowed souks of the world with boundless fortunes, worldly joys, comforts and luxuries along with the sacrament of perpetual salvation.

During the era of His Holiness Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, in the year 1982-83, a family from the city of Shahdol arrived at Madhav Nagar, along with them was a small child of 4-5 years who was a mute. The family had heard that His Holiness Narayan Shah Sahib Ji is an accomplished spiritual living deity, the king of His kingdom and that His Holiness, through endearing beatings showers His blessings upon dear disciples. The beings who took it for blessing were blessed and those who did otherwise called calamity upon themselves.

It was during an afternoon, His Holiness Narayan Shah Sahib Ji was seated on His ‘takhat’ in an ecstatic state, the family from Shahdol bowed down to His Holiness and procured a glimpse of His divine face so radiant that none of them could utter a word. Earned True Masters are always full of spiritual radiance but they keep themselves hidden so that the beings of the world don’t abrupt their ecstatic state.

Almighty Holiness Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized, why have you come here? All of you are just here all the time! Move along, have your ‘prasad’ and depart to your home. The family, with folded hands, kept standing dearly. Father of the child pleads to His Holiness, O True master! My son is mute since his birth, have mercy. All the doctors say that his disability is incurable. Have mercy, O True Master!

His Holiness Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, seated in His prime ecstasy, endearingly slapped the child’s father and blissfully struck upon his mother’s head. Parents of the child couldn’t fathom His Holiness’s mysterious blessings, their faith began to tremble, thoughts became negative. The all-knowing His Holiness Narayan Shah Sahib Ji asked them, who are both of you? To which they replied, O True Master! We are the boy’s parents. His Holiness then vocalized as such, Are you both his parents or his enemy? Why are you both lying? Why are you lying?

There were other people from the same town along with the family, and thus, the minds of the parents with ill thoughts that Satguru Ji was rebuking them in front of everyone that by the use of such bitter words, that they were being insulted. Sadhsangat Ji-

“Guru Swang Vartaye, Shishya Siddak Na Haare”

We are all in the pious feet of our omnipotent beloved True Master, these sermons should touch everyone’s heart and everyone should bear love within.

Lord Satguru Baba Narayanshah Sahib Ji got up from His 'takhat', rebuked and indicated the whole family to move out of Darbar Sahib. He asked them to take back the offerings they had brought along. The carefree ecstatic True Masters dwell in Their own state of supreme self which is impossible to grasp. The disciples’ faith should be strong-willed that whatever True Masters does, He does it for our good. The disciples should live abiding by the True Master’s will. Even the most bitter words of Lord Satguru contain ambrosial bliss, they are sacraments for our soul, all we need is pure emotions like Vidur.

“Guru Swang Vartaye, Shishya Siddak Na Haare”

When they all were leaving, His Holiness again asked the Sewadars to call them back only to scold the parents by saying that you parents are the enemy of your child and would shut them out again. The same thing happened thrice but the parents would keep coming back with faith in the Lord Satguru. But some relatives were annoyed and agitated that it was too dishonoring for them. They began to boast about their procurement of Saat Shabdi Naam and that they do not need to stay there anymore. They bore various ill-thoughts for the True Master and uttered inappropriate words.

Upon hearing these foul words, Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized, “Dear! If the rooster doesn’t call out in the morning, will the Sun not rise? Shall your tongue be burnt. Do you come here to gain or to lose!”

‘Do not try to measure the grandeur of Lord Satguru with mere words.’ The lives of such beings became utterly miserable under the effect of ‘Brahma Shraap’.

“Je Guru Jhidke Ta Meetha Laage, Je Bakshe Ta Deh Vadiyayi”
“Shish Ka Maan Satguru, Guru Jhidkae Lakh Baar”
“Sahjo Dwaar Na Choriye, Yahi Dhaarna Dhaar”
“Sahjo Guru Raksha Karae, Metae Sab Dukh Dwand”
“Man Ki Jaanae Sab Guru, Kahaa Chhipavae Andh”
“Jo Guru Ruthe Hoye Toh Turant Manaiye”
“Huyiye Deen Adheen Chuk Baksaayiye”

Even the scolding and beatings of the Accomplished Lord True Master yields fruit. It is a divine blessing of the Lord True Master upon the souls. Sufism says that the scolding of the Accomplished Master frees you from the trap of Karma and fills you with the treasure of blessings but unfortunately, people remain ignorant towards True Master’s magnificence and bring misfortune to themselves.

O, beloved disciples! The possessor of Bhajan Simran Lord True Master’s heart is pure, kind and merciful. He bestows mercy upon everyone. As the disciple’s love and devotion begin to deepen towards the True Master, he begins to understand the Master’s divine grandeur. The Accomplished True Master is like a clean mirror, we see only what we perceive in our mind.

The parents along with their child rushed to the Alasti Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji to seek forgiveness. The family from Shadool came and sat in His Holiness’s feet. His Holiness took the child in His lap and started to sing this hymn in Sindhi-

“My Satguru Madhav is in every cell of my body and mind”
“I see Him all around, I shall sing His glory forever”

Then His Holiness mercifully patted the child with His pious hands and asked the child to sing along. The child, astonishingly, began to sing along-

“My Satguru Madhav is in every cell of my body and mind”
“I see Him all around, I shall sing His glory forever”

The parents stood speechless in great astonishment, they couldn't believe that their child had spoken for the first time. Tears rolled down their eyes on witnessing the divine Leela of merciful Satguru. The compassionate Satguru Ji scolded the parents in strong words, said, “You were saying that this child is dumb since birth! Look at him now, isn’t he speaking? The parents started weeping and crying loudly and went speechless.

Dear disciples of Hare Madhav Lord! On hearing such divine Leela, your eyes must brim out of love along with your heart and soul. Each cell of your body should drench in emotions. Your heart must dive in the ocean of Bhakti of eternally compassionate Satguru.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji made them sit and have Prasad and then asked them to leave for their hometown and also, not to share this Leela with anyone. As soon as Baba Ji vocalized this, they forgot all that happened or we can say, Yogmaya took over them.

Today, in Shahdol, when His Holiness Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji sermonized this entire Leela of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, the same family was attending the Satsanga, and as soon as they heard this spectacle from Satguru Babaji, they were astonished and suddenly remembered this divine blessing which they had forgotten 30-35 years ago. They wept and longed to attain Baba Ji’s blessings from up close. After the Satsang, when the devotees queued for Shri Darshan, the family came together and bowed in His Holiness’s reverence. They began to sing out of love and surrendering. The mother of that child had grown old and had brought her son along. She said, O Baba! He was the child who was mute by birth but began to speak with the blessings of True Master. We had forgotten this Leela but today You have made us remember the blessings of Guru Sahibaan Ji through Your sermons. O Dear Lord, You are the absolute form of Sai Narayan Shah ji, and my Lord Madhav, You have unveiled Your mysteries.

“Bhoole Maarag Jin Bataya, Aisa Satguru Vadbhaagi Paaya”

The family bowed down out of repentance and gratitude and pleaded, “Baba Ji! We never thanked enough even after being blessed immensely and carried negative thoughts instead. At that time we could not benefit from Sewa and devotion, O True Master! Now that You have made us realize it, kindly grace us with Your Sewa as well. Bestow the gift of devotion to ignorant and ungrateful beings like us. Bless us with love for Your lotus feet and have mercy upon us.

Sadhsangat Ji! On listening to the divine Leelas of omnipotent Satguru, one’s mind should revive and be filled with love. This compassionate Leela of Lord True Master happened around 30-35 years ago, which His Holiness present True Master, the possessor of Bhajan Simran unveiled in the year 2018. Listening to such glorious Leelas, we disciples should strengthen our devotion, love and faith for the True Master. Remember! Wholeness needs no validation, like the sun itself is the absolute source of light, it does not require any other means.  Today, let us sit and observe in this blessed hour that it’s the time of awakening. Let’s wake.

Beloved Devotees! Today on this pious occasion of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Ji’s incarnation day, we disciples solicit only this, that O True Emperor! The paradigm which is set by Your Holiness for us disciples, bless us with the strength to sincerely follow that path. Bestow us with selfless service, inner meditation, complete surrendering, sacrifice, faith and acceptance of the Master’s will. Grace us, O Hare Madhav True Master, please grace us such.

|| Kahe ‘Narayan Shah’ Sunaho Santo ||
|| Moro Roop Ananto, Na Janmu Na Maru ||
|| Main Sada Nij Roop Rahun ||
|| Satguru Purukh Hari Har Anaam Hai ||
|| Janam Maran Na Aavahi ||
|| Satguru Purukh Hari Har Anaam Hai ||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav