|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Vaani His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji

|| Satguru Purukh Hari Har Anaam Hai, Janam Maran Na Aavahi ||
|| So Agam Agadh, Satguru Alakh Apaar ||

This ambrosial Vaani by merciful True Master Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji is indicating towards the ultimate divine light. True disciples i.e. ‘Gurumukh’ disciples procured the Holy Word (Shabad Naam) from True Master and immersing in the showers of meditation became the form of love and united with the unfathomable Supreme Lord, those true disciples became one with the Unborn Radiance.

The Perfect True Master does not incarnate in this nation of Kaal and illusions by His own wish or desire. Allah, God, Waheguru, Hare Madhav Lord ordains Him to incarnate in this world. The True Master incarnates to bless the world with the supreme light of Holy Word (Tatva Naam), to liberate them from the captivating thoughts of mind, to awaken the pure righteous light and to take the pure souls with Him.

H.H.Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji incarnated in the year 1912, Jyaistha (Jeth) month, on the auspicious day of Kumbha. His mother’s name was Shrimati Ganga Devi. When His Holiness embraced the Holy Throne, He received motherly love and care from Mata Paru Maa, with whom His Holiness sometimes framed enchanting divine plays like a joyful kid and often called her the figure of motherly endearment. His Holiness’s father was Dada Aasandas Ji and two sisters Hoorbai and Khathibai. Before arriving in the pious shelter of True Master, His Holiness made an honest living. Though happily serving the meek & needy ones, detached and full of love, H.H. was always in the search of an absolute liberated, Videhi Mukta Perfect Master, whose soul resided in the realm beyond Shabad Naam.

His Holiness, in the company of Bhai Rattaram Ji who himself was immersed in the True Master’s love, was always engrossed in the service and meditation.

When Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji met in-person with Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji, then Babaji asked Him– “Bhai Prabha, come along with me.” His Holiness went with Baba Ji and instigated love for His divine form.

In the pious shelter of Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji, H.H. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji would often seek permission to stay in Gurughar, in the service & reverence of the Master, under His divine refuge. His Holiness had risen above of all the worldly chores. Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Ji, in His divine state, used to rove carefree and fearlessly. One day, when Bhai Prabha Ji (Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji) pleaded , O Emperor! Bestow me with the strength to perform Sewa. Babaji said, “Go out of the town, there is a bridge over the river, jump from there”. Bhai Prabha Ji, honoring the command of his True Master without any second thoughts, , straightaway climbed the bridge and remembering His Master, jumped off from it. Jumping from a fifty feet high bridge, not even a single scratch was seen on Him. With immense love for the True Emperor in heart and a firm belief, His thread of affection strengthened deeply. His Holiness routinely, with every breath and in every moment, earned devotion and Sewa (service) of the True Master with every cell in His body.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji solicited beings to stay away from external worldly rituals, but the benevolence of Perfect Master is also true that He hid Himself & showered grace. He gave Puchana Saghda (Holy threads), Sadhsangat Ji, in those holy threads, the blessing and grace that resided was of the True Master Himself. His Holiness is All-knower of Santmat (spiritual path) & Surati Shabad Yog, all-capable, Emperor, True Master.

Day & night, His Holiness remained engrossed in Service (Sewa) and Meditation (Simran-Dhyaan), always fulfilling the True Master’s command. On 5th October 1960, His Holiness perched on the Spiritual Emperor throne. For 25 glorious years, His Holiness preached the world through Amrit Naam to light the lamp in the temple of Self. With immense love, He helped the poor and needy, drew people away from myths and delusions, and always preached them the only way of reaching the truth. Hence, disclosing through His Vaani-

|| Satguru Purukh Hari Har Anaam Hai ||

A perfect spiritual disciple, when immersed in love & service of the True Master, tolerating society’s taunts and abuses, engaging their soul in meditation, unites with the Lord Almighty. On this path, only through the happiness and will of the True Master, one can attain joyous elixir & enlightenment of the Creator Lord, without the True Master, all the resources are the trap of evil KAAL. It is a saying by Fakirs-

“Har Kase Ra Behre Kaare Sakhtand”
“Maile-o Andar Dilash Anda Khatand”

In this world, Lord has created every person for a particular task according to his fructifying karma (Prarabdha Karma), there are a few divine souls whom Lord has adorned with special qualities and sent them on this earth. His Holiness is adorned with those divine qualities.

Spiritual art, Spiritual mysteries, spiritual radiance, spiritual flair, and nature of independence is filled in such divine souls since their birth. His Holiness’s divine radiant form, impressive appearance, always smiling seraphic face, divine eyes are as if the radiance of the whole universe is rippling.

Those who listen to His Holiness’s sweet words carefully with pure heart, their soul rejoices in happiness. Sacrifice and detachment is reflected in every action of His Holiness’s life. His Holiness, in the state of detachment and selfness, fearlessly roved in jungles among lions, cheetahs and other wild animals and remained in ecstasy. Supernatural powers and strengths were the dust of Thy feet. His Holiness perceived use of the supernatural powers against the concept of spiritual devotion. But dear! The ocean is filled up and sometimes the waves of bliss and ecstacy rise by themselves. His Holiness’s heart was as pure as the River Ganges, as huge as the skies, as deep as the ocean, far away from narrowness of mind. He used to scold everyone a lot but deep inside He was full of immense love. In one moment, His Holiness scolded disciples a lot and in the very next second, He filled them with love and compassion. His Holiness always held Himself in modesty & simplicity, always in state of silence and supremeness. The glory of Perfect True Master cannot be described in words.


It is rightly stated-

“Even if the whole earth is transformed into paper
& all the trees into pens.”
“And the seven seas are transformed into writing ink,
The glory of the True Guru cannot be written.”

He, who is above births and deaths, in oneness, in the absolute form of the Creator Lord Madhav, His glory is indescribable and inexplicable. His Holiness is the omniscient and wise Master of spiritual devotion and knowledge of Self.

His Holiness showed the easy & reliable path of devotion meaning that the wealth through which a soul can attain the sect of devotion, His Holiness has always preached accordingly. Devotee, with whatever wishes he came, with mercy and serenity, His Holiness fulfilled all his wishes.

Even today, we devotees witness that flair, that modus, those secrets. We listen to that preaching of the immortal. With our eyes and hearts open, we can witness the same colors, the same spiritual ecstasy, spiritual state, immense love upon spiritual scoldings in the Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji. His Holiness frees the souls from the worldly rituals and show them the path of truth and engage them in the ecstasy of True Master’s divine Naam and Service.

O fragments of the Lord! The True Master draws us away from ego, selfishness, and self-willedness and bestows us the strength to perform service & meditation in a true manner. The Perfect Guide Master bestows the disciples with the strength to firmly settle the consciousness and unveils the secrets to awaken the supreme emptiness. So, it is the duty of the disciple to always be obedient, as His Holiness has disclosed the secrets in this Vaani.

A mother, for the sake of her children, sacrifices her own comforts and riches, similarly, the True Master engages souls into spirituality, bestows them with spiritual treasures, and sacrifices everything on them. Even when a child becomes naughty and mischievous, a mother still cares for him that her child shall not be hungry or sick, similarly, a devotee may leave, hate or forget the True Master but the Master never leaves His children and always looks after them.

His Holiness Satguru Ji explains, the True Master is the first one to love and adore His disciple but the disciple’s love for True Master is merely a reaction to His action. The True Master remembers the disciples round the clock and has their best interest in His mind.

Dear devotees! Always remember, though the Perfect True Master has incarnated in a human body, He is not merely a mortal body because He is the embodiment of Supreme Lord, He resides within everyone because He is completely one with it.

Babaji is cautioning those souls who do not know the secrets of spirituality, oh devotee! Our mind should align towards the True Master, avert from the talks and thoughts of the delusions & false beliefs of the outer world and introspect within, only then we can see the charisma, the divine playfulness of the True Master. What does not the True Master do for us? Whether we stay inclined inwards or entangled in the outside world, He always showers His blessings and mercy. His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Ji sermonized—

|| Antarmukhi Sada Sukhi, Baharmukhi Sada Dukhi || 

O Being! If in life, you ever get the company of a living incarnation, Present True Master then understand that He will correct all your deeds and misdeeds through Seva, Satsang, Simran, Dhyaan, and will take you to the Hare Madhav Nation.

Now those who are unfortunate to not be in the company of the time’s Present True Master, what would they know about His glory. O, friend! No matter how corroded the iron is, like wood, mites won’t infest it. The ritualistic self-willed & egoistic ones become prey to the evil Kaal but the gracious, merciful Master showers His blessings and even then, humans fail to understand.

Whenever such entities incarnate in this world, they themselves serve the Sadh Sangat, earn an honest living, and set an example for us to never be a burden on anyone and to always abide by righteous values. Babaji often instructed that engage 10 percent of your earnings in the supreme purposes; only then will this life be peaceful and your afterworld will be a bliss.” Dear disciples! A being’s mind creates obstacles in the monetary Sewa, but the merciful True Master, through different ways, through varied services, monetary services lightens up the burden of the complicated karmas of a disciple.

His Holiness vocalizes when a being attains the heights of Supremacy from True Master, then that disciple appears in the form of True Master. They strive to unite the pure souls in this elixir, but at first that soul earns noble deeds, and surrendering itself with complete mind body and wealth, that soul becomes one with that enlightened radiance. This always being the firm command of the Lord. At appropriate time, with Lord’s own will and command, the True Master unveils His divine art and helps us achieve our spiritual destination.

Supreme Emperor, Treasurer of carefree joy, Revered Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib JI, Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib JI, vocalized these eternal words, that our form will manifest as the Treasurer of Bhajan Simran, and He shall unravel all our divine compassionate plays, endless love, wondrous Jeevan Mukta plays through His divine sermons.

Even the beings in our shelter might not be knowing about our spiritual completeness & mysteries of our pure radiance. Our manifestation of the Treasurer of Bhajan Simran will uplift each of the disciples, by blessing devotion to the devotees, meditation to the seekers of True Word and the inner divine bliss to the beings inclined inwards. He shall fearlessly build the eternal supreme pillar of discipleship, true devotion and spiritual path. In His eternal state of ecstasy, He shall assume our form and unveil it.

Dear fragment of Lord! This supreme eternal truth is witnessed by all since the manifestation of Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji and with the command of Lord Almighty, He enlightened this world with Bhajan Simran. Each disciple acknowledges it.

Today when H.H. Present True Master talks about the mercies of previous Masters, then the elderly people, Ammas from that time, their eyes get drenched realizing that earlier we didn’t have faith in the shelter, we just used to come out of our Kin’s tradition but now our hearts brim with devotion and love.

Now let’s just think about it, aren't we witnessing these divine spectacles every moment around us? Aren’t we witnessing the Present Master’s immense compassion? The beloved souls that yearn to unite with Lord are the souls who can recognize the rightful embodiment of Lord, the Perfect Master and His capapbilities, His boundless mercy and supreme fore-sightedness. Beloved devotees! Supreme Lord and the Perfect True Master are one,. Our present enlightened Perfect Master, True Emperor Satguru Baba Ishwar shah Sahib Ji is the supreme ever-present Lord who has incarnated to bestow the all four castes with the ways to unite with one Lord and we disciples are procuring those ways abundantly.

An instance of this divine spectacle of grace on a disciple from Jabalpur, he narrated, "I was blessed with Pahal (the word bestowed before the True Holy word) by Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, I had immense love for Him at that time. After Babaji renounced this mortal world, I was obstructed by my mind and lost my way. I stopped coming to Madhav Nagar. A statue of Baba Narayan shah sahib Ji was installed at my home, I used to pray and meditate the Pahal at home but never came to Madhav Nagar. For a few years, I had been listening to the glories of Present True Master from devotees that ever since the present Perfect Master Baba Ishwar shah sahib Ji has been blessing the souls with Hare Madhav eternal treasure, the caravan of Supreme Truth has been consistently increasing in His presence, devotees from villages, towns, cities, Nation and abroad are now procuring eternal happiness.

Everyone after coming from the Hare Madhav Weekly Satsang in Madhav Nagar, Katni every Sunday, narrated the sweet glories of Satguru ji. Listening about His Holiness’s glory, my mind had love and aspiration awakened for Babaji’s Darshan. I used to meditate Pahal (the word given before the Holy Word) since I was not blessed with the True Holy Word yet. One fine day, after the meditation of Pahal, tears began to roll down from my eyes, my heart was filled with the remembrance of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji, I just kept crying, family members asked me, what happened? I replied, "I don't know but I cannot stop my tears today, my heart is weeping, I remember the time when Emperor True Master Baba Narayan Shah Sahib ji used to give me holy sacraments (Pedha Prasad) and along with it, spiritual wisdom filled with love, grace and mercy. Babaji used to bless us with sermons and divine scolding. At that time, we did not recognize Him, neither were we eligible nor had enough intellect. Remembering about those cheery times, my soul is yearning and I'm unable to stop my tears, those sweet memories are flowing through my heart and my conscience. O my True Master Lord! Please bless me with Your divine glimpse, now I won't be ignorant & self-willed, I will sacrifice everything, have mercy, oh merciful, have mercy. On the same night, when I slept meditating Pahal, I dreamt that H. H. Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji was standing in front of me, scolding me with mercy and compassion, He said, "Wake up! Rub your eyes of negligence, if you have love, intense separation in your heart then come to Madhav Nagar. When did I say that I have gone away, I am still there".

I was filled with love and zeal; in the morning I told my family that Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji has called me to Madhav Nagar. I packed my bag and reached Madhav Nagar on 10th October 2015 morning. I had come to Madhav Nagar after a very long time, it had changed a lot, but the fragrance of True Master's grace still existed in the air, which I used to experience during the time of H. H Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji. I saw that in Madhav Nagar, the festival of Varsi Mahotsav was being celebrated, I was surprised to witness a colossal crowd of disciples, in the vast campus opposite to Baba Madhav Shah Hospital, and where Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji used to play His divine spectacles, the Diwan of Varsi Mahotsav was set. I was shocked and suddenly recalled the holy words of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji which were vocalized at this very place near the Peepal tree amidst everyone that hereafter, massive crowd of disciples will gather, great congregations will be organized and disciples will procure massive spiritual treasures.

Today, I can see those divine words coming true, my tears started rolling down. When I came in the Satsang Dome, divine sermons we being discoursed, I was keen to reach close to the Master, I sat in the front row with eagerness. Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji seated on the throne, H.H. was in the state of Param Tatva, Yogiraj Babaji, radiant eyes, sometimes solemn, sometimes gentle smile on adorable face. The same round cap, as soon as I beheld His holy glimpse, I was overwhelmed. Sewadars were vocalizing sermons, countless Sangat sitting in the refuge of Satguru were acquiring divine sermons.

After some time, Present True Master vocalized divine sermons, in a very powerful manner, H.H. revealed the secrets of Naam Bhakti, preached glorious instances of Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji, Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji. H.H. vocalized the sermons of inner devotion & eternal happiness to Sadhsangat. At that time, the entire aura was very calm, only the divine voice of H.H was audible in all sides and everyone was acquiring the sermons with complete concentration. Even the wind was calm, it seemed like today the whole nature & all the deities too had come to listen to the holy sermons.

After the Satsang, I went forward to bow down in His reverence; tears started rolling down my eyes. Listening to loveful sermons of the Master & Satsang, I was left speechless, my heart was filled with pleasantness, mind became peaceful & was diving in the ocean of love by beholding divine glimpse. As I reached close, I bowed down in His reverence, when I got up, I had a desire to seek Prasad & to go near and touch Thy pious feet, the sewadars stopped me, then merciful Babaji noticed me, He heard my inner plea, H. H. asked disciples to allow me.

I bowed my head in the pious feet of Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, tears were rolling down my eyes, as my tears fell on His holy feet, H. H. kept His merciful hand on my head, as I opened my eyes, I saw that Satguru Baba Narayan Shah sahib Ji was seated on the holy throne, Satguru Baba Narayan Shah sahib Ji was seated on the holy throne. I wasn't even blinking my eyes, just kept gazing at His radiant face. H. H. Perfect Master lovefully scolded me by saying, “Get up! Don't stare so much, perform Sewa, meditate and never come to test.” I understood the indication behind those words of Babaji that I had committed sins because disciples should never have the intention of testing the Master in their mind.

I understood that Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji has now incarnated in the form of treasurer of Bhajan Simran, the Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji. H.H. is blessing the souls with devotion of Naam & access to the inner spiritual destination. I cried over my foolishness that what I thought and what I found. The words of wisdom Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji used to preach us-

|| Antarmukhi Sada Sukhi, Baharmukhi Sada Dukhi || 

In this form, the same discourses, Present True Master is preaching the souls from the divine throne; I started visualizing the same scenery, what further glories could be said of the unexplainable.

|| Jyot Ooha Jugati Sai, Sah Kahiya Feri Paltiye ||

Beloved disciples! Perfection needs no authentication, it’s not possible to compare the sun with any other source of light, today, as we sit amidst this auspicious time, we all must do self-analysis. It’s the time to awake, thus, wake up.

Beloved disciples! The treasurer of Bhajan Simran True Master Himself reveals the glorious mysteries of previous Masters. Babaji verbalized to the disciple that today, through our divine vision of Bhajan Simran, every single word of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji and the profound meaning behind them is being revealed. If you were not eligible that time, then it was your weakness and fault, those were your karmas. The one who rinses his filthy eyes today, cleanses his heart & mind with firm devotion & meditation, beholds love, then all the sermons are being enlightened today. Babaji further explained, if you cannot execute a deal, do not blame the vendor, you did the same in the past, but refrain from doing the same thing today, the treasure of mercy is open for all.

Beloved disciples! On this divine festival of Prakashotsav (Incarnation Day), every single divine spectacle of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji and the glory of His endless mercy is vocalized by Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji Himself through His Bhajan Simran & divine vision. H.H. explains it Himself. Today, listening to the instances of these alluring spectacles, we should color our souls in the devotion, meditation, and love for the True Master and always plead, Oh my Lord! All I have is Your support, Your faith, trust. Oh my Babaji! Oh, merciful True Master! All of us are extremely helpless and filthy beings, grace us with your strength, bless us the love for Your pious feet, and the shade of Your company. My True Master, My Babaji.

|| Kahe Narayan Shah Suno Santo, Moro Roop Ananto Na Janmo Na Maron ||
|| Mai Sada Nij Roop Rahoon, Mai Sada Nij Roop Rahoon ||

Hare Madhav       Hare Madhav      Hare Madhav