Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya

|| Aaye Pragate Sant Dayal ||
|| Ajab Khel Racha Swaang Kamaal ||
|| Prem Charnan Jin Ramaya ||
|| Aatam Ram Tin Alakh Dhyaya ||
|| Se Sada Beparwahe Aatam Mauj Ke Shahi ||
|| Khinn Me Taade, Khinn Kare Nihaale ||
|| Agam Nigam Ki Baaten ||
|| Mauj Mein Raaz Sab Khole ||

Ambrosial Vaani of today’s Satsang, vocalized by True Emperor Baba Narayan shah Sahib Ji is a pious message to the whole mankind. His Holiness vocalizes, the unseen Almighty Lord drapes the robe of Perfect Masters and incarnates for ages on this earth. Since the primal beginning, the Perfect Masters bestowed the light of supreme wisdom to beings and took them out from the darkness of ignorance and are still doing so. Being fearless (Nirbhava) and unperturbed, Perfect Masters frame various wondrous plays to take the souls back to the holy abode of Lord Hare Madhav, Their will is the will of Lord Hare Madhav, it does not require any approval. Perfect Masters’ way of life is detached and carefree like Lord Almighty. Their command is the command of Sovereign Lord. It is thus said in SatsangVaani: -

|| Aaye Pragate Sant Dayal, Ajab Khel Racha Swaang Kamaal ||

His Holiness explains that, Perfect Master Himself frames divine plays, by which a soul detaches from the mind and settles in the abode of Hare Madhav Lord.

Since the beginning, Perfect Masters have preached the command of the Sovereign Lord. Now the question arises, from where do the True Masters come? O, Beloved! it is said that they come from the Eternal Abode of Nirvana i.e.

|| Aaye Pragate Sant Dayal ||

What is the source of their origin? Which unseen radiance do they possess that is unfathomable, that is immeasurable? So it is sermonized, Lord Satguru emerged from the unseen Lord and alerted that O beings! Your Lord is within you; rise above the painful and complex world of Kaal, O soul! Move towards the Supreme nectarine abode of Self. We refer Perfect Masters as ‘Sache Patshah’ (True Emperor) because they became one with the True Lord by attaining the state of ultimate truth, the state that is unperturbed, that is perpetual.

|| Aaye Pragate Sant Dayal, Ajab Khel Racha Swaang Kamaal ||

Sadh Sangat Ji! Today we are celebrating the Prakashotsav (Incarnation-Day) of carefree Saint, who always remained jovial in the Nirvana state, Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji & thus we’re seated in the shelter of treasurer of Bhajan-Simran Satguru Baba Ishwar shah Sahib Ji.

Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji’s mother was Shrimati Tulibai, father Shri Khiyaldas Ji, and two elder brothers Shri Thakurdas Ji and Shri Chetandas Ji, the youngest was His Holiness. In His childhood, He was named Bhai Saajan. His Holiness incarnated on 18th August 1880. On that day, that moment, it rained heavily as if Raga Malhar was being sung.

Just like all the Perfect Saints, since childhood itself, His Holiness always remained conscious inwards and in the self-ecstasy through meditation. His Holiness would also frame spiritual plays (Leela) by beating or scolding people to awaken them from ignorance. The unworthy people would oppose and condemn it but the merciful Master always showered grace upon all. We also need to behold firm belief and love and have to become the vessel in which His eternal grace can be stored.

Saint Daya Bai ji has described such love in the following manner –

“Where there is love for the Master, Lord Himself appears there.”
“Daya Bai says, the Lord mercifully bestows His glance.”

Since childhood, His Holiness stayed jovial in the service and devotion of the True Master. Before being seated on the Master’s throne, His Holiness disappeared for ten-twelve years. His Holiness would fearlessly dwell in the far jungles and deep caves of Haridwar, Badrinath, where an ordinary man would never dare to. How His Holiness reached there in Thy supreme ecstasy, is a deep mystery and then how You flew back is also a deep, unexplainable subject.

Just like Lord Parshuram, to end the sufferings of souls, His Holiness would also say harsh words to them. Those who accepted it with a smile, those words became a blessing for them and a curse for those who took them negatively. His Holiness blessed the souls only after putting them to test with Thy spiritual plays. The dense forests that you visited fearlessly, the most predatory animal too forgot violence and bowed in reverence in Thy pious feet. When Thy returned after a long time, Thy face was lit with a glorious gleam. During that time, Madhav Nagar was a small village. His Holiness, every evening with a stick in His hand, in lofty voice alerted and warned everyone,  * “Unite with the devotion of the one who is the creator.” * By seeing such wondrous plays, some people used to say ill words for Babaji that were intolerably painful. The sheer intellects who were either false saints or self-willed manmukhas, failed to understand those plays.

He, who is the form of formless, who resides in the ‘Fourth State’, His glory is impossible to be perceived by an ignorant being.

The holy preaching of the True Master, O souls! Wake up from the sleep of negligence. Put your efforts in the devotion of Satguru, His Holiness vocalized about efforts in His sermons and instructed to walk on the path of inaccessible (Agam) world. The inaccessible & unseen Lord, can be experienced in the form of Supreme Light by the devotion of Perfect Master and not by any other means and this supreme light can only be seen by meditating the Holy word bestowed by the Perfect Master. The True Word is echoing within, the supreme light is present within this True word when we meditate, the light of inaccessible & unseen Lord ignites.

Beloved Devotees! Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, in His own ecstatic state, reveals the mysteries of great compassion and beneficence of the previous Masters, listening to which the elderly devotees realize that H.H. Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji and Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji wanted to shower their grace upon all of them but they couldn't understand at that time. Ever since the treasurer of Bhajan Simran Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji has manifested, we are recollecting the boundless plays of mercy and grace of previous Guru Sahibaan Ji, otherwise, we were asleep in ignorance. So devotees! Today is the time to awaken. It’s the time to enhance love & devotion by listening to the glory of the True Masters.

Once Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji was in Darbar Sahib, at that time the naive farmers of the village were passing by with the carts full of straw grass. His Holiness said to one of the devotees, “Stop all the carts here and ask them the price of all.” Whatever price those villagers asked for, Babaji gave them more than that and asked them to feed sweets to all the children in their homes.

On seeing the bullock carts full of straw and grass, an ignorant being,

although he was a devotee of True Master, (but we have said this earlier also that those who’re devoted from their mind only, they slip on this path, those who’re not devoted from heart, get startled.) That being uttered, I don’t understand what pleasure Babaji gets in doing these pointless things.”He had many false assumptions within him. His Holiness uttered strict & fearless words, “Who are you to interfere in our matters? Serve as a servant, not as an owner.”

Often, True Masters have to use harsh words in to adorn us, They have to act like a doctor or surgeon. His Holiness asked a devotee, “Take all of this fodder and grass to the ground nearby, cows, animals-birds, and whoever needs it shall come and take it.” During those times, the state of society was sorrowful, His Holiness said these gracious words, * “The place where we have left this fodder and grass, a glorious Satsang Hall will be constructed there. * ”Those words were absolutely true, we all are witnessing it today. At the same place, the glorious Hare Madhav Bhavan is under construction. Even in the divine scolding, of True Masters (Treasurer of Bhajan Simran), there persists the benefit of the devotee’s soul and this is His own way of bestowing the holy treasure. We listen to many such spiritual incidents till today. The carefree True Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji in His self-ecstasy,  always framed such divine spectacles for the welfare of beings.

|| Khinn Khinn Me Taade, Khinn Kare Nihaale ||
|| Agam Nigam Ki Baaten ||
|| Mauj Mein Raaz Sab Khole ||

His Holiness graced the treasures of compassion to all & then greatly scolded them too to mask His compassion with worldly illusions so that no one could know about it. He guided the society to the righteous direction.

His Holiness further vocalized this Satsang Vaani:

|| Sant Poora Bada  Kirpala, Dhurdham Ka Daata ||
|| Kahe ‘Narayan Shah’ Suno Pyaaro ||
|| Poora Sant Ram Sujaana, Swaang Dhara Sab Bhed Chitaya ||

H.H. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, explains the mystery of ‘Oneness’:

|| Sant Poora Bada Kirpala, Dhurdham Ka Daata ||

i.e. the Perfect Master is unbiased, He incarnates on this earth with His numerous divine plays only to unravel the path of truth.

Beloved devotees! The treasurer of Bhajan Simran, Present Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, in supreme ecstasy & the state of oneness, reveals the mysteries of divine realms, hidden treasures of divine spectacles with His sacred Sermons. His Holiness Present True Master Himself unravels the divine plays of Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji. He is one with the Lord, He dwells in the liberated Jeevan Mukta state. In the external world, unaffected by the words of honor or insults, glory, or condemnation, He always remains in supreme Samdrisht Yog and in the liberated state. It is said in Brahma Purana that such divine Yogiraja, is purely one with the supreme soul Lord.

The treasures of the Earned Master are deep and infinite, one should always seek forgiveness, endless love, and devotion for His shelter.

||Kaal Khand Mein Aaye Ke, Khele Satguru Param Kripal ||
||Kaal Khand Mein Rooh Ubaare, Aap Ban Kul Dayaal ||
|| Daata Satguru Sam Naahi Saadho Santo ||
|| Nau Khand Prith Nou Khand Pasaare ||
|| Saache Satguru Bin Kaal Khand Aatam Na Ubare ||
|| Kahe ‘Daas Ishwar’ Aap Roop Ban Dukh Bhanjan Taare Rooh Ubaare ||
|| Kautak Ajaayab Rache, Na Gat Mat Ko Pachaane ||
|| Kaal Khand Mein Aaye Ke, Khele Satguru Param Kripal ||

Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji used to hum such merciful words in his own supreme self, “In the coming times, the treasurer of Bhajan Simran shall manifest and He shall enlighten all the beings compassionately with My divine light, He shall liberate the beings from illusions and myths.” Devotees!

 “Words of Perfect Master are always true.”
“Even God Himself abides by it.”

Today, Present Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji discloses each and every inner supreme mystery behind those divine spectacles to the disciples in His pious sermons.

* Around the year 1950, His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji * used to assume ‘Malokhadi’ form and walk around Madhavnagar in the early morning hours. He used to ask the beings in divine mighty voice to meditate the Satguru Naam. Dear devotees! This land, which is known as Madhav Nagar today by True Master’s grace & is the epicenter of spiritual devotion, here our True Masters have graced endless beings with Their endless divine spectacles. Earlier this city used to be a lone forest, surrounded by many evil ghostly spirits, the residents here were always scared.

Beloved Devotees! True Master, the destroyer of sorrows, uplifts the beings of not only this physical world but also of the ghosts & spirits in astral & casual worlds (Sookshma & Karana). Once Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji was on a walk in the early ambrosial morning hours. A truly devoted soul, Amma Devi Jasuja Ji, aunt of Thy disciple Dada Ramchand Rijhwani Ji, was remembering His Holiness wholeheartedly and praying, “O Sache Patshah, bless me Thy glimpse, bless me Thy Darshana”. Listening to her heartfelt plea, omniscient Satguru Babaji came to her place. His Holiness’ clothes and body were stained with mud, seeing this, she was in tears, in that pain she asked His Holiness, “O True Emperor, what is this Leela?” His Holiness replied in Sindhi, “Amma! Satthe Aahya Aahyun, Satthe Aahya Aahyun. There were numerous spirits in this town, I have liberated them”.

Amma weepingly said, “O Master! You are taking our troubles on your body and playing divine spectacles of Supreme mercy. O True Emperor, We worldly wit beings are unable to understand your blessings and spectacles. O Madhav Murari! When will we unwise dumb beings attain some wisdom, when will we be eligible to understand the hidden blessings in thy spectacles?

Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji vocalized in an upraised voice-

 || Alasti Avdhooti Roop Dhar, Main Kautuk Khelu ||
|| Maha Anaama Roop Dhar, Maram Na Morr Pachana ||
|| Moko Ko Baura Kahe, Ko Beparwaah ||
|| Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Suno Bhagton ||
|| Morr Maram Gatt Na Ko Pachana ||
|| Jab Mora Aroop Roop Pragate ||
|| Tab Maram Gatt Meher Pachaane ||

O, Devi! You shall witness the supreme manifestation of my light. In the coming times, the supreme light shall manifest with great powers and unfold the secrets of our sermons. Maai! You will be alive till then and witness the majesty of that unfathomable supreme light. My divine form will be the treasurer of Naam-Bhajan. He shall reside in the Maha Anaama state and spread the inner enlightenment to all castes.

Maai! Today beings come to me for the fulfillment of worldly desires; in the coming times, the beings will come to the True Master's refuge for spiritual gains and devotion, they will attain perpetual internal ecstasy of oneness with the Lord and the cover of illusions will vanish. He shall reveal My divine plays one by one.

Perfect Masters through Their eyes of ‘oneness’, know about when and how Their Heir of divine light shall manifest and indicate it to us. It is said in the Sufi philosophy-

“Words of Perfect Master are always true.”
“Even God Himself abides by it.”
“The Master can alter God’s will”
“But God cannot alter the Master’s will.” 

Perfect Masters choose Their supreme Heir beforehand and when that Heir, in His childhood, stays engaged in devotion, meditation & service as a devotee, then witnessing His devotion, the True Master makes Him the owner of supreme spiritual wealth and transforms Him into His own form & also decrees about Him beforehand. Until Hare Madhav True Lord passes the command, the Heir doesn’t reveal his real form even whilst living among us, He stays in the divine shelter of the Lord Master as a devotee and performs spectacles living among the human world in unrecognizable form, in the ‘Malokhadi’ form but still remains the Lord form within.

Present True Master Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji’s childhood spectacles in the form of a devotee, His services and devotion, love for the True Master were all witnessed by the fortunate souls of that time. Looking at His Holiness’s reverence, true devotion, and love for True Master, the Previous True Masters bestowed Their own form to His Holiness and made Him the Lord Emperor. Beloved devotees, with the command of Hare Madhav Lord, the time came when Lord’s manifested form, the personified idol of elixir and joy, His Holiness Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, in the form of Supreme Heir, assumed the Guruta Gaddi (spiritual throne of the True Masters). His Holiness laid the foundation of Hare Madhav Sect and foremost set the path of Satguru Bhakti to achieve the Lord Hari and bestowed the pure joy of service, Satsanga, devotion & meditation to all, and explained how love for Satguru should be, how services should be and how devotion and reverence should be. He illuminated the supreme truth within the beings. Today, uncountable devotees from all over the world, from all castes, connected with His Holiness, are being blessed with ultimate elixir, joy & peace. We all adore you over & over O Hare MadhavBabaji. The holy words Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Ji decreed to Amma Devi Jasuja Ji came true. In the reverence of H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, Amma Devi Jasuja Ji came, seeing the radiant face and divine spectacles of H.H., she began weeping out of love and said,“ You only are my Madhav Murari and Narayan Kaladhar too. I'm witnessing the same divine light in You. O, Master! Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji had forespoken to me that I'd be alive to witness their supreme manifestation and today I'm witnessing ’You’ uplifting the beings of all castes & creeds.

O my Baba! How to sing Thou glory with this frivolous mouth.

The only plea before you is, O Master! Have mercy, bestow all the Sangat with Thou divine shelter, the joy of true service & devotion, and unshakable love for Thy pious feet. Everything belongs to You, You're mine & I’m your Master. I'm in awe of you, I shall always sacrifice everything, my mind, and body too.

Then Amma began singing this melodic Raga –

* “Satguru Madhav Shah is ever-present”
“How could  I say He is not”
“My beloved is present in the form of Satguru Ishwar Shah”
“Satguru Madhav Shah is  ever-present”
“Same is the form and same is the divinity”
“If one is a diamond & the other one is a pearl’
“There is no difference between the two”
“Satguru Madhav Shah is  ever-present”
“Fortunate ones witness it now”
“That the beloved Master is always with them”
“Those who are devoted truly, they know”
“Satguru Madhav Shah is ever-present”
“How could  I say He is not”
“My beloved is present in the form of Satguru Ishwar Shah”
“Satguru Ishwar Shah Ji is ever-present” *

O my Hare Madhav Param Dayal, Emperor of the unseen supreme empire, You are the Emperor Madhav, Emperor Narayan too, You are our beloved Lord Ishwar. Bestow us with the scent of meditation of Naam, endless and unshakable love & devotion for You. In this rare human birth, You are all-capable of bestowing us the art & wisdom of attaining the Self, O true Emperor of the True Abode, Sache Patshah. Have mercy o my beloved Lord, my Madhav Lord.

|| Kahe ‘Narayan Shah’ Suno Pyaron ||
|| Poora Sant Ram Sujana ||
|| Swang Dhara Sab Bhed Chitaya ||

Hare Madhav       Hare Madhav      Hare Madhav