|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Beloved devotees seeking a holy glimpse of the possessor of Bhajan-Simran, Lord Satguru

‘Hare Madhav’ to one & all.

 Vaani His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji -

|| Naam Japan Se Dukh Sab Bhaage, Satguru Naam Jab Tu Dhyaave ||
|| Simran Naam Ka Hai Sukhdaai, Teri Aatam Nihchal Lok Mein Jaaye ||
|| Nij Ghar Hoye Aatam Vaase, Nij Ghar Hoye Aatam Vaase ||

Beloved disciples seated in the Holy Shelter of Lord True Master, ‘Hare Madhav’. The ambrosial Vaani of today’s discourses has been vocalized by the possessor of Bhajan Simran Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji. His Holiness vocalized this divine Vaani on 24 September 2014, Wednesday at 1:30 pm. It describes the glory of ambrosial Naam which is the absolute cure for the soul. Devotees present in the pious feet of True Master! Seek strength from Him so as to fixate yourself in His shelter. His Holiness vocalizes that stability of mind in His holy shelter utmost important; if your mind distracts you, then His Holiness says, O disciple! Engage your inner self in the consistent meditation of Lord True Master’s Naam, which shall free you from all ailments and provide fixation.

As the Vaani states-

Naam Japan Se Dukh Sab Bhaage, Satguru Naam Jab Tu Dhyaave

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized these words in Sindhi-

“Surat Mili Shabad Saan Gagan Udaani”
“Mile Pahinje Satgurun Saan Ranan Ji Raani”
“Jithan Kithan Vayun Ta Vaadhayun Vari”
“Dukh Dard Gam Fikr Sab Vaya Tari”
“Suhino Suhino Satguru Disi Nen Paya Thari”
“Dukh Dard Gam Fikr Sab Vaya Tari”

By practicing the meditation of holy Naam, a soul can settle in the True Master’s holy abode (Satlok). All His life, Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji bestowed the mystic sacraments of internal meditation to everyone through various means but the ignorant people were just engaged in external world. Today, Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji compassionately explains the essence behind those profound & mystic sermons of Previous Master to awaken the ignorant beings, O dear! Awaken now!

His Holiness vocalizes, O soul, the fragment of immortal Lord! Bathe in the colors of Guru Prasadi Naam and practice to fixate your consciousness onto the highest realm and ignore all the sights of illusions of duality. Beloved Satguru is immensely graceful, He shall support you from within and all you need to do is meditate upon holy Naam.

Simran Naam Ka Hai Sukhdaayi, Teri Aatam Nihchal Lok Mein Jaaye

His Holiness profoundly explains that the consciousness and mind, on meditating upon Guru Prasad Naam, come together at the junction between the eyes. And at this very junction, if the soul does not procure the glimpse & the support of divine, the fickle mind begins to run after worldly temptations through the nine gateways of the body. The whole basis of this internal meditation is the ambrosial Naam bestowed by the Accomplished True Master.

His Holiness vocalizes that by the command of Akah Hare Madhav Lord, the possessor of Bhajan-Simran True Master incarnates on this land of Kaal, and awakens the beings from the slumber of ignorance and duality. Lord True Master, through the divine earning of Bhajan Simran, dwells in the eternal supreme state.

With great compassion and love, True Master provides constant support to all souls.

The Present True Master sermonizes compassionate words in Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan Updesh 1210, "Eras have passed away in miseries, but your soul hasn't experienced a bit of true happiness. You’ve taken birth as birds, animals, lions, cheetahs, Gandharvas, gods-goddesses. but your soul has never procured happiness.

A soul attains true happiness only in the shelter of the possessor of Bhajan-Simran True Master, and thus, even the great deities come to serve in the pious feet of True Master. O devotees! In human birth, the true virtue of a disciple’s soul is to attain love & refuge of the True Master and meditate upon His Naam. O Being! Lord Hare Madhav has filled the never-ending treasure of divine elixir within you but only when you meditate upon the Satguru Naam with each breathe, it shall settle and prosper within you. Then, you will attain the eternal happiness and your soul will be eligible to enter the supreme abode.

Simran Naam Ka Hai Sukhdaai, Teri Aatam Nihchal Lok Mein Jaaye 

True Master bestows these true words, O soul! Meditation upon Naam is joyous and auspicious. O soul! It is the auspicious path that takes you to the supreme abode. That's why it is said-

Simran Naam Ka Hai Sukhdaai, Teri Aatam Nihchal Lok Mein Jaaye
Nij Ghar Hoye Aatam Vaase, Nij Ghar Hoye Aatam Vaase

Sangat Ji! Devote time for meditation upon Satguru Naam from today for the time is running out. Time once lost never returns, so meditate upon the Satguru Naam starting right now and do it every day with each passing breath. Sangat Ji! Devote time for the meditation of Satguru Naam today, for the time has been running out.

Time once lost can never return, so meditate upon the Satguru Naam from now itself and do it every day.

Gurbani glorifies the Satguru Bhakti as-

"Guru Ki Mat Tu Leh Eaane, Bhagati Bina Bahu Doobe Siaane"
"Har Ki Bhagati Karahu Mann Meet, Nirmal Hoye Tumharo Cheet"
"Charan Kamal Rakhau Mann Maahi, Janam Janam Ke Kilvikh Jaahi"
"Aap Japahu Avara Naam Japavahu, Sunat Kahat Rahat Gat Paavahu"
"Saarbhoot Sat Har Ko Naau, Sahaj Subhai Nanak Gun Gaau"

O being! Stop following your mind and obey the commandments & sermons of the True Master and enhance your devotion because, without such devotion (Bhakti), even the greatest of scholars & Gyaanis can’t be saved from the whirlpool of life and death.

That's why it is said-

"Guru Ki Mat Tu Leh Eaane, Bhagati Bina Bahu Doobe Siaane"

Devote yourself to the Lord True Master and imbibe His sermons within for it shall purify your mind. O being! It happens only through the True Master’s devotion. As stated-

“Nirmal Hoye Tumharo Cheet”

You need to battle against your mind to fixate True Master’s love and devotion within you-

"Janam Janam Ke Kilvikh Jaye"

Then all your sins and flaws of many births shall fade. Gurbani further states; perform Sewa of meditating upon Lord True Master’s ambrosial Naam and also encourage others to do so as per the True Master’s command-

"Aap Japahu Avara Naam Japavahu, Sunat Kahat Rahat Gat Paavahu"

Meditate and make others meditate too. By meditating upon the Naam with utmost dedication and discipline, O soul! You shall rise towards the higher realms.

“Sahaj Subhao Nanak Gun Gaau"

The True Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji is vocalizing holy sermons through His Rabbi Vaani-

|| Karo Sang Sadhu Poore Ka, Un Satsang Prem Bithavo ||
|| Satsangat Paras Satguru Ki, Jo Bheeje So Paave Ananta ||
|| Satsangat Hai Pyaare Guru Ki, Aatam Nijghar Sojhi Payi ||
|| Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Suno Bhai Santo, Agam Waat Satguru Sang Te Paavo ||
|| Naam Bhajo Aatam Nit-Nit Manjan Karo, Hoye Nirmal Agam Jao ||
|| Karo Sang Sadhu Poore Ka, Un Satsang Prem Bithavo ||

His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji spent His whole life in supreme ecstasy and uplifted the souls. He always kept Yogmaya with Him to strictly test His disciples through various Leelas and said, “Only those with firm faith are allowed in my refuge, and unfaithful ones may leave.” He played such wondrous spectacles.

His Holiness vocalized-

Karo Sang Sadhu Poore Ka, Un Satsang Prem Bithavo 

Sachhe Paatshah Ji explains, O soul! You have been trapped in the worries and ailments of illusory mind by Kaal and he has wisely made arrangements to make you wander in the materialism and whirlpool of birth and death.

Awaken, O being! Board the ship of Lord True Master’s holy company and sail across the ocean of this mortal world. Awaken O being! Deepen the love for Lord Satguru. Awaken, O being! Seek the blessing of ambrosial Naam from Lord Satguru.

Satsangat Paras Satguru Ki, Jo Bheeje So Paave Ananta

Guru Maharaj Ji vocalizes, the True Master is like Paras stone and O soul! If you wish to attain His merits then meditate upon His Naam with utmost love. When a devotee engrosses in meditation, Lord Satguru unites him with the supreme. Remember! Everything is temporary, be it your body or otherworldly possessions. No matter how much you possess, all of it shall eventually perish. Your body is not eternal, it’s just standing in a long queue of perishment. It’s not the worldly luxuries that will help your soul but Satguru Bhakti and meditation of Naam.

Hence, remember my words, tread on the path of Lord Satguru and remain Malang in the Master’s love, then O soul! You shall be glorified.

Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Suno Bhai Santo, Agam Waat Satguru Sang Te Paavo

His Holiness lovingly explains, fortunate is the being who comes to the divine shelter of Lord True Master. His Holiness further vocalizes, O dear! Make efforts to awaken through His holy company. When the Lord True Master with His will, blesses you with the ambrosial Naam, then make efforts to rise above the ignorance and negative thoughts; and punctually meditate upon the Naam. With these efforts, you shall fulfill the ultimate objective of this human birth i.e. unite with the supreme.

O devotees! It’s time to awaken, it’s time to meditate upon Naam. The treasure of Bhajan Simran has been unveiled by the Supreme Master, gain the most out of it. Wash your impure attributes by meditating upon Naam in the True Master’s holy company, then your soul shall receive the sacrament of ultimate joy. This is why the Present True Master explains the essence in divine Vaani-

|| Teri Aatam Nihchal Lok Mein Jaaye ||
|| Nij Ghar Hoye Aatam Vaase ||

Today’s Satsang & Vaani clearly show us the path to purify our mind, let us pay attention-

|| Saadh Ke Sang Uttam Sukh Hai, Darsan Sadhu Ka Puneeta ||
|| Mail Mann Se Utre Utre, Satguru Naam Ghat Mein Basao ||
|| Kaahe Mann Tu Bharme Maya Jaal Mein, Uljhe Bahu Itraaye ||

Through the Darshan of the Present Satguru, the possessor of Bhajan Simran, our soul procures ambrosial bliss. Darshan of the Accomplished Lord True Master redirects our filthy mind towards purity. O devotees of Lord! There is no fellowship in this whole creation that could be compared with the holy company of Lord True Master. Thus, Huzoor Ji vocalizes,-

Saadh Ke Sang Uttam Sukh Hai, Darsan Sadhu Ka Puneeta

O devotees! Darshan of the Accomplished True Master bestows us with the divine experience of devotion and develops love within us. Then He further states, why have you entangled yourself in the illusory mind

Kaahe Mann Tu Bharme Maya Jaal Mein, Uljhe Bahu Itraaye

O dear! If you wish to liberate from this entanglement and attain true joy, then come to the refuge of True Master, purify your mind and seek the gift of ambrosial Naam. In the holy refuge, if you develop interest towards meditation of Naam renounce all your desires and live in the remembrance of True Master then your soul attains the ultimate bliss; but remember, it shall only occur through the Lord Satguru’s shelter.

Sadhsangat Ji! Saint Dariya vocalizes;

“Jau Lag Satguru Miley Na Daata, Tau Lag Kaal Kare Utpata”
“Khojahu Satguru Jo Jeev Baanche, Naahi Tau Kaal Sada Sir Naache”

His Holiness vocalizes; the Accomplished True Master incarnates to awaken the beings. Without the Accomplished True Master, it is impossible for a being to escape the trap of Kaal, fear and ignorance; it is impossible for a soul to reach its true abode without the Lord True Master, thus, the Saint clearly emphasizes upon this truth as-

“Jau Lag Satguru Miley Na Daata, Tau Lag Kaal Kare Utpata”

This is why, O soul! Seek an Accomplished True Master and meditate upon His ambrosial Naam, and only then shall you be blessed with His infinite treasure of Bhajan-Simran and escape the trap of Kaal, else your soul shall remain in the Kaal’s pit of miseries.

“Tau Lag Kaal Kare Utpata”

What happens without the True Master-

“Naahi Tau Kaal Sada Sir Naache”

When the souls plead to the Lord about how to escape the Kaal, the Lord says- “Khojahu Satguru Jo Jeev Blanche”

Find the Accomplished True Master who unravels the inner mysteries through His sermons, procure ambrosial Naam from Him to liberate.

In the holy book Ramcharit Maanas, Goswami Tulsidas states clearly –

“Kratjug Treta Dwapar Puja Makh Aru Jog”
“Jo Gati Hoyi So Kali Hari Naam Te Pavahi Log”

In Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga & Dwapar Yuga; the beings attained liberation through worship, Yajna and Yog but in the Kal Yuga, liberation can be attained only through the meditation of Lord Satguru’s Naam. Further Tulsidas Ji state –

“Kaljug Kewal Hari Gun Gaaha, Gaawat Nar Pavahi Bhav Thaha”
“Kaljug Jog Na Jagya Na Gyana, Ek Adhar Ram Gun Gaana”
“Sab Bharos Taji Jo Bhaj Ramah, Prem Samet Gaav Gun Gramah”
“Soyi Bhavtar Kachu Sansay Naahi, Naam Pratap Pragay Kali Maahi”

Beloved Saint says, in the Kalyug, singing the praises of Lord, a soul fathoms the terrifying Bhavsagar. In the Kaliyuga, neither Yog-Yajna nor Gyaan would help you but the support of the Supreme Lord who is beyond the Trigunas. He is the sole support, praise Him, for the one who renounces all other supports adhering to the Lord’s form True Master’s love, meditation and glory, undoubtedly crosses over the worldly ocean (Bhavsagar).

“Naam Pratap Pragay Kali Maahi”

The glory of Naam can be evidently experienced in the Kalyug, pray, meditate and see for yourslef. Huzoor ji explains, O Dear! Do not waste the treasure of your breaths. Don’t entangle your mind in this world. O, dear! Day and night, you have spent your life in business, in earning properties, wealth, to earn fame; which is all temporal.

In the holy company of Lord Satguru, imbibe His sermons and Vaanis with pure heart and soul and introspect within that everyone has been chasing and acquiring the worldly possessions, but one day, they all turn into ashes; and that you are still ignorant towards it. Wake up! Remember! All this will be left here, so why entangle your mind in Maya?

Kaahe Mann Tu Bharme Maya Jaal Mein, Uljhe Bahu Itraaye

Huzoor Ji explains with great humility, Not a single penny or grain shall go along.

When blessed with all the materialistic things by Lord Satguru, you forget to love Him and follow His commands & rather attach yourself with the materialistic possessions. Think about it and understand that ask only for the true divine wealth from the True Master i.e. devotion and meditation upon ambrosial Naam because this wealth shall accompany you after the end. Thus, meditate upon the True Master’s Naam.

Meditating upon the Naam in the holy company of True Master provides calmness and happiness. If you do not mold your mind and meditate upon Naam, then don’t complain that you are unable to procure the elixir of Naam within. Meditate upon the Satguru’s Naam with love, practice it regularly as per the guidance of Lord Satguru, then your worries shall decrease, you shall find nectar in Naam and enjoy meditating it. His Holiness describes in His Vaani-

|| Naam Maharas Meetha Sadho, Antar Simro Antar Aradho ||
|| Uncha Ras Yah Uncha Dhan Hai, Uncha Yah Padd Uncha Madd Hai ||
|| Uncha Unch Hi Deve Sadho, Uncha Unch Hi Deve Sadho ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Par Kripa Karo, Devo Sache Naam Ka Dhyana ||

His Holiness recommends the remedy to purify the thoughts and eradicate the ailments of the mind, but the only condition is to come in the shelter of the True Master every day and meditate consistently with each breath.

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized, "The Naam chanted with one's selfwilledness will not be fruitful. With the command of Supreme, My manifestation shall arrive in the coming times and bestow the meditation of ambrosial Naam to all.” Dear sangat! The mystic words of Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji can be witnessed today by all. The Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji has granted the Guru Prasad of Naam Shabad & Bhajan-Simran. His Holiness has granted the eternal supreme bliss to all the souls.

To unite with the supreme, there has always been one universal path that takes the soul to such heights i.e. to tether the consciousness with the Naam bestowed by Accomplished True Master, but the mind creates various obstructions. His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji sermonizes-

|| Kalyug Man Maleen Kar Deena, Naam Bin Sab Virthay Kama ||
|| Japao Naam Dhyavo Naam, Paao Saache Guru Se ||
|| Avar Sare Jatan Sab Kaal Ke Matna, Bharam Chhodo Naam Japo ||
|| Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Suno Bhai Santo, Main Toh Baat Sada Saar Ki Kahun ||

As long as Shenshah Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji assumed the human form in his celestial ecstasy, His Holiness cautioned the beings through mystic Leelas. His Holiness saw the people living their lives under the influence of mind and so, He proclaimed through this Vaani that in this dark age of Kalyuga, beings’ minds are ruled by malicious pleasures, false desires and impure thoughts. The mind’s only perceiving evil through eyes and is listening to the immoral through ears wherever it goes. Taking control over the army of being’s senses, it keeps enjoying the false pleasures. The state of mind is deteriorating every moment, then how would the divine light kindle within? Upon observing and analyzing all this through His divine sight, His Holiness asks us to keep our mind away from such filthy pleasures and purify it so that we attain the elixir of supreme within.

It is the law of creation that only through the shelter of the possessor of BhajanSimran, True Master, the being’s mind will purify. His Holiness further talks about soul’s medicine, that meditate upon Ambrosial Naam in the True Master’s holy company with utmost love and faith. Remember O Dear! It is only through the consistent and earnest meditation of Satguru Naam bestowed by the Accomplished True Master, that the mind purifies & attains calm, and the soul’s motive of reaching the true abode will accomplish. As explained in Vaani-

Avar Sare Jatan Sab Kaal Ke Matna, Bharam Chhodo Naam Japo

O devotees! Remember the universal message! Make efforts to meditate upon the Amrit Naam. Take shelter of the Accomplished True Master, learn the method of meditation and practice regularly, which will cleanse your filthy mind and make it pure, meaning-

Mail Mann Se Utre Utre, Satguru Naam Ghat Mein Basao

O, Beloved! If your mind cannot concentrate on the meditation, continue to practice it and pray to the True Master subconsciously. Gradually you will attain the strength and focus in meditation.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji says in Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan 881, “The possessor of Bhajan-Simran, Lord Satguru, graces the beings with ambrosial Naam in His presence. When He Himself methodically bestows Naam and places a part of His own spiritual earning within the disciple, the disciple is unable to witness it because the True Master places it deep in the inner realms of the being and asks them to meditate it in His holy company to reach there. Huzoor Ji blesses all disciples with the art of imbibing the Naam through His divine gaze and brings them within the radiant aura of Bhajan-Simran. It is the state of divine ecstasy, it is the sacrament that cannot be procured through Gyaan, intellect or Indriyas (senses).” His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji often makes us recall the sermons of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji-

“Baba, Gujjh Vaari Raand Tava”

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said-

“Sahas Syanpa Lakh Hoyi Taa Ikk Na Chale Naal”

Oh, Dear! You’ll never reach your true destination by cleverness. Every effort your clever mind makes shall go in vain.

“Bin Guru Ko Na Paoge, Hari Ji Ko Dwaar”

Nothing will work without the help of the Possessor of Bhajan Simran Satguru. Place the Satguru Naam deep within you; as the disciple practices its meditation, the inner gates to the higher realms open up for the soul.

Huzoor Maharaj Ji affectionately bespoke this Vaani-

|| Main Kahun Ikk Baat Saachi, Suno Pyaaron Satguru Sang Raachi ||
|| Naam Nyara Sharan Paao, Bhav Jal se Utro Tum Paara ||
|| Simran Dhyan Satguru Batave, Naam Se Surat Sachkhand Jaave ||
|| Kahe ‘Das Ishwar’ Mohe Poore Sadhu Sang Devo, Tan-Man-Dhan Vaar Sab Deeno ||
|| Mere Sahib Hare Madhav, Nirgun Nyaare Ram Pyaare ||

The manifestation of the Akah Lord Hare Madhav, the possessor of Bhajan-Simran, True Master, in His inexplicable ecstasy, preaches the universal message to all; O soul! Let me tell you the truth that expecting true happiness without the ambrosial Naam is useless. If you wish to cross over the worldly ocean remember, board the True Master’s ship and you shall cross easily.

The holy company of the Accomplished True Master always showers eternal blessings, when your consciousness is engaged in the meditation of Naam, you shall unite with the supreme. Meditate upon Satguru Naam with utmost love and care, then your soul shall be granted the dignity of oneness. Remember! Plead for the ambrosial Naam to the Accomplished True Master because it is the true companion and guides the soul.

Gurubani says-

“Sabhae Galan Visran, Eko Visar Na Jaau”
“Dhandha Sab Jalae Ke, Guru Naam Diya Sachu Suaau”
“Jini Satguru Sevea, Tin Agae Miliaa Thau”
“Mann Mere Karte Nu Saalaahe, Sabhe Chad Siyanpa Guru Ki Pairi Paae”
“Ekas Seeu Man Maanea Ta Hova Nihchal Cheet”
“Sachu Khaana Sachu Painana, Tek Nanak Sachu Keet”

Forget everything but the True Master’s refuge and the Naam bestowed by Him. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized these nectarous words in Sindhi-

“Never forget the remembrance of your beloved Satguru”
“If you do so, your soul shall wander in the cycle of birth & death.”

His Holiness preaches, O Dear Disciple! Always remember the Absolute True Master and His mercies. Let your heart be drenched in the love of the Beloved Master. When blessed by the worldly pleasures from the True Master, don’t fall prey to their attachment. Even if you get attached, firmly hold love, devotion and faith in Satguru. If you forget the Master after receiving the worldly pleasures, you sure will be punished in this world and the world after. There are infinite examples in Gurughar about the people who were blessed with everything in abundance by the mercy of Kind Satguru but in return, they developed the feeling of enmity towards Lord True Master. Such people lost everything. Their entire wealth, happiness, devotion everything went away.

Present True Master reminds us of the holy sermons by Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji,

“Baba! Mata Pahinje Satguru Ji Yaad Bhulaayi”
“Yaad Bhulaayi Man Ruhh Rulayi, Jam Joota Khayi”

So, O beloved of the Lord! Ask for the strength to be in the True Master’s pious feet forever. Ask the True Master for devotion, meditation and infinite love with open arms. With the mercy of the Lord True Master, the worldly pleasures we are blessed with in the form of wealth, children, grandchildren etc; it is our duty to guide our children and family towards the path of service and devotion. Contribute a part of your earnings in the service of Satguru and spiritual services. Do not misunderstand it for the Satguru’s need of your earnings, O Dear! He lays off the burden of our karma by making us serve. Renounce your ego and just be grateful to the Beloved Master. What else can we offer our Beloved?

In this false world, whatever you see or listen to is a complex trap laid by Maya. Save yourself from this trap through the mercy of Lord True Satguru, but how? Present True Master in the last verse of this Satsang blesses us with the path, listen carefully –

|| Sukha Na Jag Mein Jhooth Jhamela, Satguru Naam Ghat Mein Basaao ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Kahat Hai Santo, Jag Yah Jhootha Sapne Nyaayi ||
|| O Hare Madhav Mohe Devo, Naam Bhajan Sukhdaayi ||

 O devotees! These are the sermons of divine detachment-

Sukh Na Jag Mein Jhoot Jhamela ,Satguru Naam Ghat Mein Basao

Huzoor Ji vocalizes; I don’t ask you to abandon your worldly duties and meditate upon the Naam. My sermons are profound; accept everything to be Hare Madhav Lord’s and fulfill your worldly responsibilities, maintain relationships and earn money because life is difficult without them. Utilize worldly materials as per your need, progress in this world but remain detached like a lotus. Mark these words, that all these luxuries are not going to provide true satisfaction, true happiness, or divine oneness. Thus, you should not attach yourself to them. O being! Renounce all false attachment for true happiness lies only in fixating our consciousness with the Satguru Naam and meditating it consistently; then you will be enlightened in the world after. Therefore, Vaani explains that;

 Sukh Na Jag Mein Jhoot Jhamela, Satguru Naam Ghat Mein Basao 

Huzoor Sahiban Ji proclaims in the Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan Updesh 562, “In our deep slumber, we experience different sceneries of nature, we find ourselves to be in strange conditions, sometimes fascinating & delightful and sometimes unpleasant. When we wake up, we realize those were mere dreams. Similarly, when the soul associates with the awakened Satguru, gets enlightened and realizes that this world of happiness and sorrow is identical to the dreams. Therefore His Holiness vocalizes-

Santon Jag Yah Jhootha Sapne Nyai

Get up, make efforts to wake up, these words are clear like mirror, we just need to perceive them according to the sermons of Satsang.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes, the True Master’s Holy Word (Naam) is a blissful light that ends all darkness. O soul! Apart from the Satguru Naam, there is no other companion on the path to Lord’s Abode.

On this path, the soul longs for the supreme. His Holiness vocalizes, when you perform Simran Bhajan routinely with love & devotion and abide by His will then, O Soul! Your thirst shall be quenched. The ambrosial Naam bestows calmness to the soul on the extremely terrifying path. O soul! The ambrosial Naam bestowed by the enlightened and Accomplished True Master shades you with contentment and peace. Remember! Meditate upon the Amrit Naam as per the Satguru‘s guidance. Only the efforts and hard work of those disciples bear fruits, who become the loving bees of Satguru‘s heavenly garden, who meditate upon the Naam; then they escape the sufferings of Yam, their souls reach the abode of Lord, Hare Madhav Lok and rejoice in the eternal joy forever.

Sadh Sangat Ji! People get upset and distressed even by small desires which are never going to end, instead ask for righteous desires, meditation upon Naam and His remembrance from your beloved Satguru.

Guru Maharaj Ji compassionately vocalizes that the souls are being blessed with the devotion, meditation and the vision to experience a divine form of True Master within and understand His Leelas; so meditate upon His Naam. When your heart settles at the pious feet of Satguru and fills with His devotion & remembrance, then your mind cleanses gradually, the doubts & myths fade away and the soul attains ambrosial bliss. O being! Make efforts to unite your soul with the Hare Madhav Lord, then the whole creation will be yours. It’s time to follow the path of Bhakti, meditation of Naam and imbibe the holy sermons.

The saints in history have sung the glory of Possessor of Bhajan Simran, True Master as-

“Mete Sansa Satt Shabad Se, Jo Guru Miley Karar”
“Satguru Bina Paar Nahin, Bharam Raha Sansar”
“Bin Satguru Updes Sur Nar Muni Nahin Nistare”
“Brahma Visnu Mahes Aur Sakal Jeev Ko Gine”

Saint Kabir Ji also vocalized-

“Jab Lag Guru Miley Na Saacha”
“Tab Lag Guru Kar Lo Das Paancha”

He said, until you find the Possessor of Bhajan-Simran, True Master, you can wander to numerous other Gurus without hesitation.

“Tab Lag Guru Kar Lo Das Paancha”

But O dear! As soon as you find the True Accomplished Master, renounce all other shelters and tether only to such True Master. Guru Nanak Dev Ji cautions the beings through His Vaani-

“Nanak Kachariyaa Syon Tod, Dhundh Sajan Sant Pakiyaan”
“Oye Jeevandhae Vishurehi Oue Moeia Na Jaahe Chhor”

He said, give up on the refuge of false Gurus and hold onto the refuge of Accomplished True Master. Stop following the false Gurus and tread on the Accomplished Master’s path. Renounce attachment with the false Gurus, deepen the faith in the Accomplished True Master and serve Him, then your soul shall uplift and realize the ultimate truth.

Sadh Sangat Ji! Listen to the gracious instance of Huzoor Maharaj Ji. On the evening of July 2016, His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji was seated on the Takhat in the Guru Darbar Sahib in His divine ecstasy. A poor disciple pleaded, “Sache Patshah Ji! I know the holy word (Naam Mantra) but I have not received it methodically by You. I have been meditating upon it for 10-12 years but I have not been able to procure any benefit from it, it does not satiate me; I am worried and distressed. Baba Ji! The malice of my mind still prevails. Bless me, grace me.”

His Holiness smilingly replied, “Such Naam is a shallow, self-willed Naam. Many disciples have spent their lives with that Naam and achieved nothing. It won’t turn the fields green, it won’t bear any fruits nor will it ever bring rain to drought lands.

If you seek something, then you should learn to be in the company of Accomplished and Earned True Master.”

Sadh Sangat Ji! The Vachan sermonized by His Holiness are an inspiration for every seeking devotee. All the mystic Saints have conveyed that the experience of the Possessor of Bhajan-Simran Satguru is immensely vast, His every Vachan is filled with an experience. “Beloveds! If a newly minted 2000 rupee bill is not signed by the financial governor, albeit being signed by big dignitaries, mayors, politicians and even the Prime Minister himself, would that note be acceptable in the real world?”

The disciple laughed and uttered, “O True Master! It won’t be, it will never be acceptable. It’ll be a counterfeit currency. The rules and laws state that the governor in power signs all notes and then only shall it be legally used in all transactions.” His Holiness verbalized, “Dear! We use signed notes in our transactions with confidence, right?” The disciple, with folded hands, said “Yes Lord!”

His Holiness, with a mild smile and gazing dearly upon that disciple, verbalized “Dear Bhagat Ji, If you know, if you follow the rules and the laws, only then shall you be able to reap maximum profits in your business with the notes. Similarly, until you gain the power of Naam Mantra from the Possessor of Bhajan-Simran, Satguru, the closed doors of your inner-self shall not unlock, The darkness within shall not fade away, your soul will not attain light and neither will it attain salvation. The vicious cycle of births and deaths will keep moving, the evil Kaal will always be upon you, and salvation will never come. O dear! Many worldly beings are engaged in shallow wisdom and false illusions that they know Naam Mantra, they know the Naam of these many numbers of shabads, along with a lot of false illusions but the truth is that when the Accomplished True Master bestows the Naam methodically, He mystically shares a part of His own spiritual earnings with the disciples and that is what the truest True Naam is.”

Listening to such enlightening words, the disciple pleaded, “O Master! Bless me with the True Naam”

The disciple, along with his family, arrived at the Guru Purnima Satsang on the 19th of July and on the 20th of July, bowing down with devotion to Satguru along with other fortunate disciples, he attained the Naam Mantra Himself methodically. He even attained the blessing of His Holiness’s divine glimpse during the initiation. His Holiness even bestowed some enlightening sermons to the disciple. Whilst initiation of the Naam Mantra, the disciple even procured glimpses of radiance within which made his soul feel unburdened and lighter now. He began weeping uncontrollably. His Holiness vocalized, “You meditated the Naam with selfwilledness for 10-12 years, now remember, the Naam bestowed by the Possessor of Bhajan-Simran Satguru bears fruits, His Naam is the true sacrament of the True Master, meditate it with your heart every day at least for an hour. Come after a year and then tell me how joyous your soul has become.”

Dear Sadhsangat! That beloved was a generous seeker. He came to the True Master after a few months with brimming eyes, emotions composed of love and his inner self awakened. His soul was cured of the horrific ailments after being aptly blessed with Naam from the True Master and headed towards divine realms. Soaked in love, he started to chant these beautiful greetings for the Beloved of Guru Ji-

“Mohe Milo Guru Satguru Poora, Aatam Mangal Raag Piyaare”
“Mohe Milo Guru Satguru Poora”
“Main Karu Badi Khushiyan, Ghat me Manau Amrit Khushiyan” “Mohe Milo Guru Satguru Poora”

Sai Ji put His pious hand upon the disciple and vocalized, “Will you still say that you know the Naam Mantra?”, to which he replied, “All that was dead wisdom, given by unaccomplished & false Gurus. They were merely the masters of a theory that could not impart anything to us. All the saints have indicated towards the Possessor of Bhajan-Simran, the Accomplished True Master.” Guru Maharaj ji further added, “The Accomplished Masters always dwell in the highest realm, did you understand dear?” That beloved disciple just kept gazing at True Master’s face with folded hands.

O fragments of the Lord! When you procure the ambrosial Naam from the Accomplished True Master, it’s your duty to devote time and attention regularly to its meditation. If you get a hard time doing it at home, you can always come to the Sadhsangat and practice it. The more time we souls will engross in ambrosial Naam, the more will our mind purify. These sermons are unbiased & enlightening ones for the welfare of entire mankind.

So O Beloveds! Let’s pray only for this in the pious feet of His Holiness Huzoor Sahibaan Ji with folded hands-

O Hare Madhav Mohe Devo, Naam Bhajan Sukhdaayi-2

O True Emperor & Possessor of Bhajan-Simran! Bless us with the strength to gather the treasure of Bhajan-Simran, bless our hearts with the unshakable love for Your Holiness. Bless us that we meditate upon Your Naam with immense love and dedication so that our soul can reach its real abode. Grace us! Have mercy upon us!

O Hare Madhav Mohe Devo, Naam Bhajan Sukhdaayi-2

|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Kahat Hai Santo, Jag Yah Jhootha Sapne Nyaayi ||
|| O Hare Madhav Mohe Devo, Naam Bhajan Sukhdaayi ||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav