|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Vaani Sant Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji

|| Bisro Naahi Mohi Piyaare, Bisro Naahi Mohi Piyaare ||
|| Mere Madhav Jee Praan Aadhaare, Bisro Naahi Mohi Piyaare ||
|| Mere Avgun Na Nihaaro Daata, Main Gun Na Koi Vicharoon Daata ||
|| Main Sada Tumhari Aas Lagae, Ik Pal Ik Kshan Naahi bisroon ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ To Maangat Hai, Meri Sambhaar Karo Dayaale ||
|| O Hare Madhav Purukha Piyaare, Bisro Naahi Mohi Piyaare ||

O beloved devotees of the True Master, HARE MADHAV to all! In the pious shelter of True Master, this Vaani bestows ambrosial happiness to souls, it reminds us of the separated Lord and instigates pain to unite with Him. It is the call of the helpless, filled with love & pain. This divine Vaani is vocalized by the treasurer of Bhajan Simran Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji.

Beloved Lord Satguru always supports & guards the souls, purifies them, strengthens them to reach the Ultimate abode & showers the might of true and loving devotion to develop the o that, boundless love for the beloved Satguru. With deep prayers in a sheer helpless state, the eternal lamp of love arises within. This pious Vaani clarifies that the souls that immersed in the true divine colors, dwells in a world wonderful and marvelous. These souls are always only feeling the emotion of praying & praying.

True Master Baba Narayan shah Sahib Ji precisely said that without the grace of a Supreme Lord, our beings cannot experience the fear of separation, and when the experience of separation strikes, the soul becomes restless about reaching its true abode, it keeps hitting us in our mind that we are separated, with the grace of mysterious Hare Madhav Lord, we unite with Lord’s manifestation, the Perfect True Master, then the disciples walk on His path and reaches the one true realm.

A loving disciple, immersed in the pain of separation, requested His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji to bestow the vision of love, that his strings be attached with the True Master, to bless him the wisdom to strengthen love for his Master.

The merciful Master decreed that arrogance is the barrier, break it. To strengthen your love for the True Master, there’s only one way, only one solution and that is the meditation of Satguru Naam, loveful devotion for Satguru. Oh, disciple! Pray with all might, a prayer with mind & brain united, this is the sacrament for devoting your soul in the spiritual path, there lies no other path. The loving disciple who experiences such a pure and joyous state cannot compare that experience with anything else because he has procured the gift of the most prime kind. Such a disciple of the True Master cries his heart out in separation –

|| Bisro Naahi Mohe Piyare, Bisro Naahi Mohe Piyare ||
||Mere Madhav Ji Praan Aadhare, Bisro Naahi Mohe Piyaare ||

Oh, merciful Lord, Huzoor Satguru! How should I address my immense prayers & cries of love, I am meek and you are mightier than the mightiest. Is is true that us souls are Your fragment. O True Master! We are Your fragments. We have received everything from You yet we’ve forgotten you. We cry out, do not forget us, oh my Lord! Always keep your merciful hand upon me, You are the only support of my life, I rely on You, do not forget me oh beloved.
To forget is an old habit of all beings. When we achieve even an ounce of Sewa-meditation or worldly wealth, we tend to forget You. O Hare Madhav, the incomprehensible Lord! We forget you. Forgetting you is not good for either me or any other disciple are, so we bow and pray –

|| Bisro Naahi Mohe Piyare, Bisro Naahi Mohe Piyare ||
|| Mere Madhav Ji Praan Aadhare, Bisro Naahi Mohe Piyaare ||

The exceptional love is the one which has a call that my love is weak, powerless, and helpless. I do not hold any knowledge, austerity, or holiness. O, True Master! I love You and only You. We fear the separation, so don’t forget us. I have received everything from you, but I am addicted to forgetting You, to separate from You, I stumble and wander, I become a slave to my senses because of this mind. O, Sahib Ji! Do not forget me, my beloved.

O, Master! We always forget but You don’t forget us, please. Have mercy on me such that I get lost in your love and meditation, please do not forget me my beloved.

Dear Sangat! This love, affection, and separation is not a mere topic of discussion or argument, it’s about experiencing that love. It’s about stabilizing the mind & divert it within. Without this love and adoration, neither the soul unites with the Lord nor the path of True Master can be traveled upon. Significantly, Lord Almighty wants each and every disciple to immerse in the colors of this unique love because without immersing in it, a disciple cannot become a true disciple.

Further, the Guru’s disciple with dedication says, what is there in me,
“Nothing in me is mine, everything I have is Yours.”
“I surrender Your things to You, for nothing is mine.”

O Madhav! Everything is given by You, my breath is Yours, life is Yours, these worldly pleasures that I am living or using, You are catering to every drop of this nature. Even to a sinner like me, You are the one who caters to. Everything is given to me by You, it’s Your grace, immense generosity. There is nothing in me that is mine, if there is anything, it is the demerits, filth, shortcomings and ego. If there is anything in me, it is my “self” illness of evil thoughts, sickness of agonies, what shall I say more, there is nothing good in me, what shall I appeal to you Babaji, all these demerits make me ineligible and unworthy, and even then I am consumed by ego. Intoxicated with ego of wealth, fame, superiority. I bow and cry in Your pious feet, O Hare Madhav Lord! Neither my worth is true nor am I eligible, I’m habitual of many demerits & disobediences. I am filled with apathy, where are my emotions? That is why I bow and plea in Your pious feet-

|| Mere Avgunn Na Niharo Daata, Main Gunn Na Koi Vicharu Daata ||
|| Main Sada Tumhari Aas Lagaye, Ik Pal Ik Kshan Naahi Bisru ||

There is no quality in me, I am an ocean of demerits, O my beloved Satguru Lord! I don’t even know what are your likes and dislikes? When I am so filthy, You only give it a thought, O Satguru Lord, what shall I bring in Your pious feet? Which hearts please You? My innerself has no glow of love and affection.

Please tell me beloved Master, which eyes do you like? O my True Master, my eyes only see malice, thus I’m asking You about which eyes please You? How, which devotee’s heart do You attach with Your own? I don't know a single thing. Eventually, O Lord, in Your pious feet, in Your shelter, I will arrive as a culprit, ineligible and a failure, so please don't look at my demerits. With abundant of indifference in me, O Lord True Emperor, I have no way of reaching your doorstep, your pious feet. O my Beloved! I can reach Your doorstep but how can I reach Your heart? Will You allow a malicious being like me to be a part of your congregation, will You accept me? I am filled with unkindness; I have come to Your pious feet draped in the blanket of malice. O True Emperor, which devotion & service should I claim. O my Baba! Even the services I perform are full of self-wiliness, have mercy & grace so that my service be of at least some worth, therefore, I keep saying, it's my helplessness, nothing belongs to me, nothing was ever mine and never will be, it was just an illusion, a mistake, what belonged to me was I-ness of my mind, ego of fame & wealth. I forgot that all this fame, wealth, status is a blessing upon me by You. I have been diseased by I-ness, and this disease has become the reason for all my sorrows, I am asleep in ignorance. I forgot that nothing belongs to me, whatever I have, is a blessing by You, priceless breaths of my life which have filled the fragrance of elixir within me, all this is Your grace, pure grace, none of my karmas and qualities are worthy of Your happiness, there's no service, devotion, whatever I have belongs to You and I am surrendering everything at Your pious feet, I am surrendering myself to You, what more should I surrender. Everything belongs to You and I surrender it back to You, nothing belongs to me.

O Lord Almighty, True Emperor, this whole universe is yours, sky earth, moon, stars, every particle of our life is Your blessing. Every moment, from the treasure of Your magnificent grace and mercy, You are blessing us with the wealth of this world (Lok) and the world beyond (Parlok), nothing belongs to me, I have nothing to spend, nothing at all. I saw, thought and observed that nothing belongs to me. Now my only desire, my Lord Satguru, is to sacrifice each moment to You. Every moment I think of surrendering. Just accept and embrace me because that would be enough, I am suffering from the disease of wandering and forgetting You since many births, so please don't forget me O Beloved, please don't forget me O Beloved, please don't forget me O Beloved

O wise Lord Satguru, hear my plea, the time of Kalyuga is difficult, my thoughts are highly influenced by the duality of Kalyuga, I fail to meditate Your pious Naam, I fail to serve and honor Your command. Evil Kaal has left an impact on me, my eyes tend to only notice the demerits, my ears are habitual to hearing malicious things, all the thoughts emerging in my mind are making me malicious, I am becoming unrighteous from within, so please don't forget me, keep me under Your shelter. I also know that, even under Your pious and divine shelter, I only capture malicious and unrighteous thoughts within me just like a camera. O True Emperor, this is my pitiful condition, You always enlighten me to come with pure mind.

H. H Baba Narayan shah Sahib Ji preached that disciple should come humbly, lowly and with single-mindedness,
Heart and eyes should be full of love for the True Master. H. H Satguru ji preached If your eyes do not brim with tears on seeking Master's glimpse and His divine words, then remember that you are not a disciple yet. O beloved! Crying your heart out in True Master's love and separation is also joyful, this enhances your meditation and devotion. Thus, I keep praying helplessly to You -

|| Tum Hath Sada Mohey Sar Par Dhaaro ||
|| Nirmal Chhawan Sharan Tumhari ||

In this divine Vaani of H.H. True Master, a soul is accepting its abundant impurity, the soul declares that I hold no service or devotion. Neither do I remember you in the morning, nor do I sing your hum You divine hymns in the evening. Neither have I adorned you with any incense nor have I worshipped You, but, you are the omniscient Master and I have heard from Your devotees that You know everyone's inner state and always keep Your eye upon every soul.

|| Main Suneya Tere Bhagat Jana Se ||
|| Tu Hai Ghat Patt Ka Jaanan ||

O, beloved Lord!

|| Mann Maya Mujhko Bahut Bhulave ||
|| Bisro Naahi Mohey Piyare ||

Please do not forget me My Lord. O True Master! Do not look at my imperfections, I do not have any virtuous qualities, I do not even have any true love and devotion yet, My mind illusions me, tempts me and misleads me, this Maya is powerful, O my beloved, whenever I take a step towards You, these illusory relationships, worldly fascinations or some intellects with the knowledge of scriptures, bind my steps and pull me back. O my beloved Lord! Bless Thy grace on me, save me from these illusions, provide me refuge in your pious feet, embrace and shelter me.

O beloved devotees! Praying with a loving devotion, a soul rejoices in ecstasy. A soul as such always tries to please and plead the Master. A devotee as such goes on renouncing all the worldly desires within him. He states if he carries these worldly desires, then they will diminish his devotional love and level of his affection would fall. O beloved Master! May I always be immersed in Your love, carefree of the world or the people, I only want to be sheltered and engrossed in the service of my Master.

O lovers of the spirituality! The devotional love for True Master eradicates the poverty of the soul, it blooms with divine fragrance. Then, every moment, our conscious starts to immerse in this divine elixir of love.

In the congregation of H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji, a devotional disciple once asked with humbleness, O my Lord, I meditate religiously for 8-9 hours, and then dedicate some time to selfless-services too and yet I do not receive the elixir of Lord within me while meditating, have mercy on me, bless me please.

H.H. Master vocalized that sit in solitude for half an hour, bring your mind, brain and conscience together and pray with full heart, just pray and only pray within to the Master with despair. The prayer should come from the depth of your heart, your eyes should be filled with tears, call out from your soul in such a way that every single fragment of your existence is involved in the prayer. Pray such that your tears begin to flow and continue your daily meditation and service. Practice this for 3 months religiously and then come again.
Abiding by the words of True Master, the disciple left thereafter.

Three months later, when that disciple came in the holy congregation, his tears kept rolling, he prayed and prayed, turned helpless and humbled as his ego melted while he prayed in love, he became kind, he became benevolent. Then, Guru Sahibanji asked, did you attain the elixir? Are you getting the sweetessence of Ambrosial Naam? With his hands joined, he replied, Oh Garib Nawaz! Now, every moment, every second, I consume the eternal elixir. I am yearning like a fish to swim in this ocean, Now I want to stay immersed in this ocean of joyous nectar. Have mercy my Madhav Datar, have mercy.

O fragments of Lord! After this bond of true love establishes, then, like some are afraid of losing wealth, some of losing the status, some of losing relations or friends, but on this spiritual path, a disciple does not carry such worldly fears, he’s not afraid of losing all these things, he has only one fear, the fear of separation from his beloved Satguru, fear of losing love for the Master, fear of being detached from the Master, fear of diminishing true love and he is sorrowed by these fears. Undoubtedly, every moment, in the ocean of love of True Master, a true soul experiences the state of bliss like a swan.

The way people ruin their life in the worldly intoxication, they don’t worry about anything at all as they are addicted to the worldly pleasures. Sant Baba Ji proclaims that one should learn from them and fill self with the real intoxication of Master's true love.

A Master's disciple says that my bond with You should never fade, my love shall never diminish. Bless me with the love of Your shelter. O my beloved Master, bless my inner-self with radiant love.

A disciple immersed in the love of True Master only prays, O my Lord True Master! I am always scared of diverting away from You. The game of treacherous Kaal (the evil power) is always going-on in this world, many a times our mind gets trapped by crooked thoughts and distrust which terrifies me O Lord. I even scold my mind but at the same time, the fear haunts me continuously because of my filthy mind, I shall not distance myself away from You my Lord. Protect me my Hare Madhav Lord, protect me, my love and devotion are not firm, I am weak, so please protect me.

Dear Devotees! True Master is always with us. The Supreme Lord to whom we pray is not far away from us; we might be far from Him. There is no need to raise the voice to reach Him, His just divine ears are omnipresent. He always listens to the prayer of our emotions and accepts them. He is omniscient. He knows about all that a being needs, moreover, He also knows the deepest hidden thoughts within us. Prayer means to express the emotions. Pray humbly and silently to the True Master within as he listens to everything we say.
"An elephant's roar might take some time to reach there"
" But an ant's plea is heard immediately."
Pray humbly and silently to the True Master within as he listens to everything we say.
"An elephant's roar might take some time to reach there"
" But an ant's plea is heard immediately."

Prayer doesn’t require any special language or speech, as the Lord True Master knows all the languages. Prayer doesn’t need any special time, all we need is a true prayer from heart. Listening to our prayers, True Master showers blessings and mercy but we ungracious beings fail to retain the gratitude for Master’s blessings

Unfathomable merciful True Master looks after us each passing moment. All the infinite prayers of true disciples are answered by the True Master, but, we ungracious beings only remember to complaints about those one or two pleas which were not fulfilled by the Master in our benefit and then we carry filthy & unloving attitude within. We fail to see the grace of the True Master behind His spiritual spectacle and don’t even abide by His will. How will our tiny mind understand His greatest form of love and mercy?

Dear fragments of Lord! True Master knows all about our past, present & future, He knows that the thing His disciple is asking for is not beneficial for them, hence, He does not fulfil the said desire. He keeps showering His blessing and the being keeps demanding. Just like a parent knows if any object is not good for their hild, they do not give it to him, although they keep consoling from outside. The omniscient Lord only wants our betterment; hence we should always pray to Him to bestow what is good for us, be gratuitous. Always pray that in whichever state you keep me my Lord, I shall be happy in that, “Shall we be happy in Thy will”.

Huzur Maharaj Ji, listen to my plea, allow me to be under Your shelter, let me sit in Your pious feet atleast for a moment, I want to narrate my painful state to You-

"Now if I meet my Master, my tears will reflect all my pain"
"I'll place my head on His feet and speak out everything to Him."

When my Beloved Satguru will allow me to sit along with His disciples at His pious feet, then first I will keep my pride-filled head at His divine feet and give up my arrogance. I'll stabilize my thoughts, join hands and with love in my heart, I will shed tears in the love of my Satguru, I will express all my sorrows before Him. I will narrate the state of my heart and request for relief from the tri-agonies because I'm incapable of doing anything and to date, nobody has made it and if ever made, it is made only by the grace and mercy of my Satguru. Then, I'll earn the wisdom of uniting with. Supreme Lord that I'll from procuring from the True Master.
O My Lord! Please accept my plea, hold my hand, and take me along on your true path. Bless us (the filthy beings) with Your pious sight through your endless treasure of mercy. We join our hands and beg you, O Master, bless us with Your shelter. You know our state very well, we deviate easily, You are the knower of all hearts, bless us Your shade of love, our whole life is an offering to You my Lord. O my beloved Master! Whether You give me joy or sorrow, whatsoever be Your will, just bless us the strength to accept Your will, bless us with abidance. O Lord Madhav! Whatever You give, I'll happily accept it, but never separate us from Yourself my Madhav, My Lord, “Never separate us from Thyself, never separate us from Thyself”.

In the pious shelter of Lord Hare Madhav Master, we, the fragments of Lord, should always pray what today's Satsang has taught us.

With the heavenly nectar of today's Satsang discourses, no corner of our heart should remain oblivious to its sweetness. We should all humbly pray to the Master for blessing us with His loving shelter and the qualities of a true disciple. Everything is meaningless O Lord! Faith in You is solely worthwhile. Bless us, forgive us O Lord, we live with this one faith – “Please do not forget us O Beloved.”

|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ To Maangat Hai, Meri Sambhaar Karo Dayaale ||
|| O Hare Madhav Purukha Piyaare, Bisro Naahi Mohi Piyaare ||


Hare Madhav Hare Madhav Hare Madhav