|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Hare Madhav

Divine Vaani vocalized by Sant Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji:

|| Aaya Faag Badaa Suhana, Holi Manao Satguru Sang Pyaron||
|| Holi Andar Raaj Samaaye, Bhagat Thagta Paap Punya Ke Sab Bhed Kholaaye ||
|| Gurumukh Saanchi Naam Aatam Chhayi Holi ||
|| Sangat Satguru Nit Manayi Ameethi Rang Holi ||

May our surrendering, reverence be accepted in the pious feet of beloved True Master, Seated under the pious shade of His Lotus feet. ‘Hare Madhav’ to all!

Nectarous beautiful Vaani of today’s Satsang is His Holiness Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji’s blissful ambrosial Vaani, through which, His Holiness inspires beings to get colored in the colors of inner Holi, Our True Master has presented the purpose of uplifting us in this world and the world beyond. The Vaani states:

Aaya Faag Badaa Suhana, Holi Manao Satguru Sang Pyaron

Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, the possessor of Bhajan-Simran, vocalized this Vaani of eternal Holi on Tuesday, 01 March 2011 at 07:45 am.

Beloved disciples! On the arrival of Holi everyone, be it children or elders, is filled with zeal, everyone wants to taste the variety of delicacies and the color of all the people around. We beings, limited by our thoughts, only celebrate the worldly Holi. The Lord True Master, Supreme Beings assessing the state of our minds, help us realize the spiritual significance of each festival through Their enlightened wisdom and inspire us to color our soul with the divine colors of devotion, meditation and true service.

Holi Manao Satguru Sang Pyaron

Lord Satguru explains that the souls, on acquiring the body with 9 gateways, got trapped in the duality or we can say it got colored in the false colors of Kaal. Then, the Nirvikar (vice-free), Nirvair (all-loving) Supreme Lord, absolute True Master guided the souls to their real abode and asked them to immerse in the color of ultimate oneness. When the soul immersed in such colors by practicing Simran, Dhyaan, Seva and Satsang of True Master, it attained the joy of eternal Holi, the Holi of oneness.

Gurumukh Saachi Naam Aatam Chaayi Holi
 Sangat Satguru Nit Manayi Ameethi Rang Holi

When the soul developed immense longing, affection and devotion towards True Master, it colored itself deeply with the color of True Master’s holy word. The True Master compassionately uplifts the souls from Chaurasi and reveals the path of immersing in oneness. The holy shop of True Master, that is His shelter and His divine company is open for all and He keeps bestowing divine colors. He asks all the beings to rise above the external illusions. He reveals the way of uniting our consciousness with Naam Shabad. The soul-drenched completely in the hues of Satguru’s devotion.

Dear Sadh Sangat! We all always celebrate the Holi of real and internal colors in the shelter of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji with love and devotion. In the auspicious presence of the True Master, every minute, every moment, the disciples are immersed in the hues of Naam and Sewa. Today, all of us disciples realize that how we celebrated Holi earlier, engaged in worldly intoxications, consuming Tamsik food and beverages. But now, beloved True Master has blessed us with His shelter, and we should wholeheartedly deepen the colors of Oneness and absorb the internal happiness. His Holiness stated in the Vaani-

Holi Andar Raaz Samaye
Bhagat Thagta Paap PunyaKe Sab Bhed Kholaye

The All-capable True Master blesses us with the wisdom of Chaitanya Holi:

Gurumukh Saachi Naam Aatam Chaayi Holi
Sangat Satguru Nit Manayi Ameethi Rang Holi

When we procure the strength of practicing Naam in the company of the absolute True Master and meditate upon it, then we rise above the external Holi and our consciousness begin to dwell in the highest inner realm. Such Gurumukh devotee remains in the pious shelter of the True Master and forgets about the false worldly methods. The disciple becomes carefree after developing love and affection for the Lord Satguru. he constantly remembers the True Master and remains engrossed in experiencing the eternal fruits within such that he even forgets about eating and sleeping. He is always subdued in the divine colors of True Master’s love. Such devotee goes far beyond the mere words of the divine and unites with the Supreme. His life that was indulged in ignorance, duality, doubts, filth and egotism, through the refuge of True Master, enlightens with oneness within and the soul drenches in divine colors every moment.

Nitya Manayi Ameethi Rang Holi

The souls colored in the divine hues of the True Master want to remain subdued in the same forever. Love filled devotee Mata Meera Bai, colored in such divinity, pleads to the Lord:

|| Ek Arz Suno Mori, Main Kin Sang Khelu Hori ||
|| Tum To Joye Videsa Chhay, Humse Rahe Chit Chori ||
|| Tan Aabhushan Chhodiyo Sab Hi, Taj Diyo Paat Patori ||
|| Milan Ki Lag Rahi Dori, Milan Ki Lag Rahi Dori ||
|| Aap milya Bin Kal Na Parat Hai, Tyag Diya Tilak Tamoli ||
|| Meera Ke Prabhu Milsi Madhav, Sunjyo Arz Mori ||
|| Daras Bin Birahani Dori, Daras Bin Birhani Dori ||

When the seeker of the true colors, Mata Meera Ji, found the colors of love for True Master, she broke the social barriers, the glory of such devotion is inexplicable. Mata Meera Ji pleaded to the only hope of all, O my Lord Madhav! Listen to my plea, tell me whom shall I play Holi with?, You have settled far away but my mind and conscience are completely connected to Your love & devotion. You’ve stolen my heart. Now such is my state in the pain of Your separation that I’ve renounced all the physical adornments, these ornaments don’t please me anymore because a devotee’s heart is always stuck to the Master Madhav. My hope to meet You is still alive, tell me with whom should I celebrate Holi? O Chitchor (the stealer of the heart)! You’ve stolen my heart, how can I be at peace? O Madhav! My soul is a yearning in the pain of Your separation, this Holi of mine will be worthless without You. I don’t wish to celebrate the worldly Holi, I long to celebrate the eternal one with You O Madhav Lord.

Ek Arz Suno Mori, Main Kin Sang Khelu Hori
Meera Ke Prabhu Milsi Madhav, Sunjyo Arz Mori
Daras Bin Birahani Dori, Daras Bin Birhani Dori

Sadh Sangat Ji! At the festival of Holi, everyone is drenched in colors and so are the surroundings, no one seems to be different from one another, and their recognition is one i.e. being ‘colored’. Sometimes we do not even recognize our family members because they are ‘colored’. He wishes to color our soul in the divine hues of Naam so that everyone subdues in oneness; everyone immerses in the supreme bliss.

O, disciple! Such absolute True Masters do not mean to take away all our worldly comforts, They rather wish to reveal the treasure of ambrosial bliss present within us, the treasure which we have never even thought of. Instead of attaining the methods of this miserable, temporary and illusory world, the Lord True Master introduces us to the target of reaching the eternal, ambrosial realm of Hare Madhav Lord within us. Various accomplished saints entitled this realm as Nirvana Lok, BehadPuri, Akaal Murat, the realm of Allah or God.

The True Masters do not preach to give up efforts, practice and hard work, They rather direct the misled beings to work hard, make efforts to prosper in the Lok-Parlok (this world and the world beyond); and to incline from the external world to internal one and unify the soul in the color of oneness.

His Holiness further explains in the Vaani about celebrating ambrosial Holi by coloring the heart with Sewa, love and affection:

|| Bada Boojh Jin Satguru Poora Paya ||
|| Se Hi Manaye Satranga Holi ||
|| Sev Rang Ka Dhoor Lagao ||
|| Satguru Sang Naam Prem Sangatmay Jhoom Prem Raag Gao ||
|| Bhagat Prahlad Bhakti Te Pragata, Hirna Holika Hua Duhava ||
|| Satguru Holi Saar Ki Chitavai ||

This festival of unison, love, divine colors is filled with a higher meaning, we people need to pay heed to it. This world is full of colors of vices, and the All-capable True Master possesses the attributes free from vices.

Bada Boojh Jin Satguru Poora Paya
Se Hi Manaye Satranga Holi

The Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji says, since numerous births, the beings are entrapped in illusions and cycle of births & deaths, he does not realize the value of this precious life and the supreme wealth placed within by the Lord because of the vicious colors of vices obstruct us, thus, celebrate the internal Holi.

The Satsang Vaani explains a devoted disciple must adapt true love, faith, and obedience and give up self-willedness and indulgence towards vices. This human life is precious and rare. His Holiness vocalized that the True Master (possessor of Bhajan Simran) blesses all the souls eternally and the foundation of developing a true love for Him is firm faith. We naturally tend to develop firm faith for those, whom we love wholeheartedly, thus, lack of faith signifies a lack of true love, lack of devotion. His Holiness says you must have firm faith that you will certainly be benefitted from the love, devotion and guidance of True Master. Only then you shall be able to rise above the Holi of an illusory world (Maya). Keep your devotion firm like Bhagat Prahalada:

Bhagat Prahlad Bhakti Te Pragata

Whether you’re a disciple who serves or meditates or listens to Satsang, remember not to give up when the difficulties come your way, hold firmly onto the True Master’s shelter, tread fearlessly like a warrior and not a coward on the path of devotion. Beholding true love for the True Master, stay focused. Forget about the barriers or worries and the inner mysteries that shall manifest, take advantage of them. Procure the methods from Rangrez Satguru (the spiritual dyer) to color your soul and make efforts for it.

Lord Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains in the Hare Madhav Amrit Vachan Piyush Updesh 822, look around you, everyone is colored in the false colors of duality and vices. These colors seem tempting to our senses but bear no fruit. Such beings keep wandering in the cycle of births and deaths.

O, dear! Immersing in the colors of meditation and devotion towards Lord True Master, a soul attains pure bliss and is saved from wandering in the cycle of births and deaths. Thus, color yourself with the true eternal colors and celebrate the real Satvik Holi.

Gurbani sings the glory of such true colors as,

“Those whose shawls are so dyed”
“O beloved, their husband Lord is always with them”
“Bless me with the dust of those humble beings”
“O dear Lord, says Nanak, this is my prayer”
This body fabric is conditioned by Maya”
“O beloved; this cloth is dyed in greed”
“My husband Lord is not pleased by these clothes”
“O beloved; how can the soul-bride go to His abode”
“I am a sacrifice, O dear merciful Lord, I am a sacrifice to You”
“I am a sacrifice to those who take to Your name”
“Unto those who take to Your name”
“I am forever a sacrifice”
“If the body becomes the dyer’s vat”
“O beloved and the name is placed within it as the dye”
“And if the dyer who dyes this cloth is the Lord Master”
“Oh such a color has never been seen before”
“He Himself creates, and He Himself imbues us”
“He Himself bestows His glance of grace”
“O Nanak, if the soul-bride becomes pleasing to her Husband Lord”
“He Himself enjoys it”

This whole creation is colored with the will of the Creator Lord. Our soul is a fragment of the Creator Lord. The soul, on coming to this world of Kaal, got entrapped in the illusory colors of false pleasures. The soul forgot its true Self. Lord True Master is the spiritual dyer who imbues the soul with its true colors. The true colors of supreme devotion; of supreme state are possessed by Lord True Master of the present time. After wandering for long, when the soul yearns to return to its true abode and realize the Self, it pleads, O Lord! Bless me with such Accomplished True Master

Jinke Chole Ratre Pyare

May I procure the dust of their pious feet-

Dhoor Tinaan Ki Je Milai Jee, Kahu Nanak Ki Ardas

O beings! Get yourself imbued whilst you have this body. Everyone feels that they’ve experienced all sorts of colours of this world, they’ve enjoyed all the pleasures and still didn’t achieve the everlasting joy but only disappointments and sadness. Even after achieving wealth and power, they feel helpless and plead, bless me with such Accomplished True Master who imbues me in the color of oneness. Thus, said-

Haun Kurbanai Jaun Tinaa Kai, Lain Jo Tera Naao

Bless me with such Rangrez True Master, I shall join His holy company and renounce all my vices and self-willedness. I am ready to sacrifice everything. Oh My Madhav Satguru! Imbue my soul. O devotees listening to the Satsang! This happens with each disciple. The True Master knows about everyone’s state of mind. Listening to these sermons, all of you must be wonder that it’s true, today, we have the supreme dyer Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji with us. It’s our immense fortune that we have such True Master who has bestowed endless grace, mercy, His holy company, His refuge, colours of Sewa, Satsang, Simran, Dhyan and oneness with the supreme. Every soul today recites that-

The True Master is the spiritual dyer, He has colored my veil,
emoving the dark stains, He has colored me with His love,
It does not fade away by washing but becomes brighter by the day,
The True Maser is the spiritual dyer,
Pouring the water of affection in the pool of feelings, He poured the color of love
He captivated me with His divine grace and dyed me so skillfully,
The True Master is the Rangreza(spiritual dyer),
My accomplished True Master dyed my veil, He is beloved and great,
I surrender everything to Him – Body, Mind, Wealth and Life
The True Master is the Rangreza
Says Kabir, my Beloved Dyer Satguru is immensely benevolent upon me
Covered with this divine veil, my being is blissfully fulfilled.
The True Master is the spiritual dyer, He has colored my veil
The True Master is the spiritual dyer

O My Rangreza Hare Madhav Master! You have cleansed the stains of this world from the veil of my soul and imbued it with Your pious eternal colors. It does not fade away after washing and instead becomes brighter. O my enlightened Master! You’ve showered endless grace and mercy upon me. Even if I sacrifice my body, mind, soul & everything to You, I shall remain indebted forever. Imbued in the divine color of Your Naam, love & devotion, my soul has rejoiced in ecstasy.

Beloved True Master has lovingly disclosed all the mysteries in His Vaani. O being! Join the holy company of True Master and procure the colors of love and devotion. The Accomplished True Master reflects the radiance of the Supreme Lord and dwells in the Jeevan Mukta state. He teaches us souls to celebrate the eternal Holi. The worldly beings cannot experience it because their consciousness is restricted only to this illusory world. His Holiness further sermonizes about the spiritual Holi in the Satsang Vaani:

|| Mad Bhram Manmat Tyaago ||
|| Satguru Sangat Manao Ameethi Holi ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Sada Kehat Hai ||
|| Mad Ka Rang Charha Jaako, Se Chaurasi Mein Manaye Holi ||
|| Gurumukh Rame Satguru Sangat, Aatam Naam Pyaari Holi ||

The Lord True Master vocalizes, O disciple! You’ve spent numerous births celebrating the Holi of Maya. The life is precious, but you’ve been wasting it in ignorance-

Mad Bhram Manmat Tyaago
Satguru Sangat Manao Ameethi Holi

It is time to awaken consciousness, it’s time to color yourself in the true colors You have the spiritual dyer Satguru, get your soul imbued. His Holiness says-

Daas Ishwar’ Sada Kehat Hai
Mad Ka Rang Charha Jaako, Se Chaurasi Mein Manaye Holi
Gurumukh Rame Satguru Sangat, Aatam Naam Pyaari Holi

Those who come in the garden of Jasmine, receive its fragrance and leave the odors behind, similarly those who come to the pious shelter of Lord True Master procure divine color & fragrance and give up the odors of self-willedness.

Possessor of Bhajan-Simran Satguru manifests into this world for the welfare of the beings. He eradicates ages-old illusions, malpractices & hypocrisies and bestows all souls with the secrets of the unification with the Supreme.

Dear disciples! As a disciple, filled with devotion, through his mind, soul and body begin to tread on the path of Satguru; his soul begins to immerse in the eternal blissful colors of Satguru’s grace. There is no discrimination color creed on this path, whether you’re a Sindhi, Marathi, Gujarati, Jain, Muslim or Sikh, beloved Satguru’s relationship is only with your soul. In the divine congregation of His Holiness, all souls procure the sacrament of internal reverence. Gurumukh (devoted) disciples immerse in the blissful and divine colors. Dear Beloved! Colored in the colors of Naam and devotion towards True Master; souls procure eternal joy and the wandering stops. Therefore, celebrate the truest Holi with the truest of colors.

Dear disciples! In the divine company of True Master, the true sentiment behind celebrating Hare Madhav Rangotsav is to immerse and color our souls in the spiritual colors of blessings & grace showered upon us by His Holiness and to celebrate the true spiritual Holi.

Flowers, leaves, thorns, mountains & deserts, fair & dark, superior & inferior; all of them have that one true color, one true Gulaal hidden within. In the company & shelter of the True Master, the hidden Gulaal is revealed and showered upon. Every minute, every moment, the mind cheers immersed in the spiritual fragrances; and this is the universal message of Holi. Flowers, leaves, thorns, mountains, & deserts, dark, fair, highs, lows everything has an invisible color of oneness hidden within. We can bathe in the color through the shelter of Lord Satguru and devotion towards Him then our mind shall joyously blossom every moment, every second with the divine fragrance. This is the universal message of the Holi Festival.

So we plead to the Rangrez Satguru, O my Hare Madhav creator! Bless me with the color of oneness that I shall witness Your magnificence in everything. Bless me with Your divine glimpse such that I shall only be immersed in You. I’ve seen the colors of this world and wasted away my life chasing material, money, comforts and riches. O Madhav Almighty! Bless us with the true color of Satguru Bhakti, the ‘Gulaal’ of Sewa, the richness of love for You, in which I shall bathe so that my soul attains oneness immersed in Your true colors. Bless us my Satguru, my Hare Madhav Lord.

|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Sada Kehat Hai ||
|| Mad Ka Rang Charha Jaako, Se Chaurasi Mein Manaye Holi ||
|| Gurumukh Rame Satguru Sangat, Aatam Naam Pyaari Holi ||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav