|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Beloved devotees seated in the pious feet of His Holiness Baba Ji, with folded hands, chant with love Hare Madhav!

Vaani, vocalized by His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji:

|| Jin Jan Naam Sadaa Dhyayaa ||
|| Se Jan Hue Safal Jan Aatam Ras Poorna ||
|| Jin Naam Ratan Dhan Paaya Satguru Se ||
|| Se Satroop Sahaj Samaaye ||
|| Jin Naam Bhakti Sadh Sang Sadaa Kar Leena ||
|| Se Sadaa Rahe Mukh Ujle ||

All the disciples seated in the pious shelter and seeking the divine glimpses of Lord Satguru Ji, ‘Hare Madhav’ to one and all. May our love and surrendering be enriched and accepted in His Holiness’s holy feet. Our love & devotion is inefficient, we have firm belief that O True Emperor! You shall bless us with Your true love & internal devotion.

Beloved Sadhsangat Ji! Today’s Satsang Vaani :

|| Jin Jan Naam Sadaa Dhyayaa ||
|| Se Jan Hue Safal Jan Aatam Ras Poorna ||

Vocalized by Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, this ambrosial Vaani glorifies the holy word of True Master (Satguru Naam). His Holiness vocalizes, O dear fragment of Lord! This creation belongs to the Supreme Lord, who has laid this path that his children-like souls to reach their ultimate abode by procuring the ambrosial Naam from the True Master provided the Master is accomplished (Poorna) and liberated whilst alive (Jeevan Mukta).

The earned Supreme Being, the supremely compassionate and enlightened Lord True Master, vocalizes this Dhur Vaani-

|| Jin Jan Naam Sadaa Dhyayaa ||
|| Se Jan Hue Safal Jan Aatam Ras Poorna ||

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji bestows such precious sermons that O soul! Procure the ambrosial Naam from the Awakened True Master and meditate upon it. Imbibe the sermons of Lord True Master and meditate upon the Naam with utmost love.

The restless soul prayed and asked, O Sahib Ji! By meditating upon Naam with utmost love, what will we gain?

The Supreme True Master replied, O soul! You will witness your true form, remain joyous in every moment and dwell in the Ultimate abode. O soul! Sitting in the pious and auspicious company of the awakened True Master, you shall attain enlightenment. When asked how shall it be attained, His Holiness explained:

|| Jin Naam Bhakti Sadh Sang Sadaa Kar Leena ||
|| Se Sadaa Rahe Mukh Ujle ||

This method is the only way to escape from the trap of duality of mind.

Hare Madhav Vaani further states-

|| Jin Naam Ratan Dhan Paaya Satguru Se ||
|| Se Satroop Sahaj Samaaye ||

The Accomplished True Master, by bestowing the liberated Naam, shows us the internal path to unite with  ‘Alakh’. When the Naam blessed by True Master is meditated by the disciple, he reaches the state of oneness with the Supreme. Dear disciple! The path of Satguru Naam is the purest form of devotion towards the Lord. True Masters always vocalize the ultimate truth, the unseen complete Ambrosial Naam is the creator and protector of the entire world. So how shall the Lord present within us awaken? His Holiness vocalized- O devotees! Lord True Master is the possessor of such divine Naam, when a soul comes into this mortal world and attains the holy company guidance of Lord True Master, then, by meditating upon the divine Naam, the mind purifies, the Lord manifests within & soul reaches its true abode.

Dear Sadh Sangat Ji! The universal message of the Hare Madhav ideology states that the internal meditation of Satguru Naam is the supreme meditation. His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized-

“Antarmukhi Sadaa Sukhi”

Today, the Present True Master is explaining the mystic sermons to us in-depth. A disciple pleaded to His Holiness, “How shall our soul introspect?” His Holiness answered, “Beloved devotee! Imbibe the True Master’s Naam within which shall calm your soul and mind. Baba! A being’s mind continuously develops new desires. It keeps striving for new tastes, needs & luxuries and pleasures. Dear disciples, this clearly reflects that even after attaining various pleasures & luxuries, the being never got true happiness or inner peace. Even if a being rules the entire world, his temptations keep rising, the agony of desires never ends, it keeps multiplying.

I shall eat this, wear this, this mind has developed such habits of eating, earning and showing-off. Our mind remains entangled in various pleasures, even after getting everything, this mind remains unsatisfied and sad.

His Holiness the Present True Master explains in the Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan Updesh 511  the True Masters unveil the reality of this creation to the beings, that why have we procured this body & life; how a soul can procure true joy. O wise beings! Try every trick of this mind, taste all the worthless pleasures and even follow the wisest people, but you won’t get true happiness. Only those procured the true joy, who

|| Jin Naam Bhakti Sadh Sang Sadaa Kar Leena ||
|| Se Sadaa Rahe Mukh Ujle ||

True Master’s divine Naam bestows the inner elixir, it is boundless, even the filthiest of thoughts can be purified by connecting with Naam.  The creator Lord has been created and destroyed this creation repeatedly and shall continue to do so, meaning that everything is perishable (temporary); the fear of death constantly haunting us. So, to expect the eternal joy from perishable materials is senseless. Then O being! This is impossible. Thus, O soul! The merciful True Master awakens continuously, “Meditate upon Naam”. When we meditate, only then will we procure the spiritual elixir and unite with our source, the Hare Madhav Lord. O beloveds! There is no need to wander around in search of eternal peace and happiness. Incline inwards and meditate upon the holy word of True Master and we shall experience the eternal joy and peace within.

The Satsang Vaani further explains:

|| Jin Jan Naam Ka Amrit Jaana ||
|| Se Amar Tatva Ka Bhed Jaana ||
|| Jin Jan Naam Ka Prem Jaana ||
|| Se Prem Roop Bhagwant Samaana ||
|| Bin Naam Jape Brahm Gyan Na Hove ||
|| Tatva Shabad Se Nij Pragtaye ||

His Holiness emphasized the ‘internal meditation of Naam’ for all the seekers as it awakens the eternal light within the body. If there is no eternal light within a being, then, this body would merely be a structure of flesh and bones. The divine light is present within all which is vitally running each particle of this creation. You all can see that this body is very filthy and there exist not just one or two but nine pathways of filth within. The awakened True Masters honored this body by calling it the living shrine of the Lord. O, Dear! There is indestructible light present within, for which, His Holiness explains –

|| Jin Jan Naam Ka Amrit Jaana, Se Amar Tatva Ka Bhed Jaana ||

Yes! This Lord’s commandment is true that when the seeker enriches the love, devotion and mediation of Naam of Supreme True Master, then the soul realizes its true form and attains the divine bliss. Beloved seekers, only Ambrosial Satguru Naam can enlighten you from within, which can be procured by consuming it, meditating it, after which, the supreme element ‘Tatva’ present within you awakens. Sing the rhythm of Satguru Naam within and strive to awaken the Supreme Lord within. The Naam Mantra is the creator and nurturer of this creation.  The light of Satguru Naam is eternal.

The Lord resides in His blissful abode (Sachkhand), He’s not far.  All our thoughts, intellect and every word we speak reaches the divine ears of Lord Hare Madhav. May it be our conversations, our deeds; nothing has ever and never will escape His divine vision. He is always with us but we only experience all of this after we meditate upon the Holy Word profoundly.

Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji is explaining in his holy Vaani–

|| Santan Bhagati Naam Bhed Janaaye ||
|| Santan Sadaa Aatam Raam Ras Janaaye||
|| Santan Saache Saach Siyu Rachaaye ||
|| Poore Santan Ved Kateb Tatva Math Math Tatva Janaaye ||
|| Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Mere Purakhdata ||
|| Anhal Roop Rang Achraj Nij Roop Humaaro ||
|| Sab Gaave Taaki Sadaa Tatva Rab Mahima ||

With immense love, the True Master awakens us fragments of Lord, O dear soul! Adhere to the True Master’s devotion and Satguru Naam, connect the strings of mind with Ambrosial Naam which shall eradicate your I-ness and unify your soul with the Lord. The Lord resides in the awakened True Master’s company; know that the conscience cleanses through the meditation of Satguru Naam. We procure the company of True Master with great fate where the souls attain the wisdom of Ambrosial Naam,

|| Santan Bhagati Naam Bhed Janaaye ||
|| Santan Sadaa Aatam Raam Ras Janaaye ||
|| Sab Gaave Taaki Sadaa Tatva Rab Mahima ||

The meditation of the ambrosial Satguru Naam is the true path of achieving devotion towards the Lord and the only way to unite with the Supreme Lord. There exists no reverence like the worship of Satguru Naam.

Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan Updesh 416 states that the Accomplished True Master is the Supreme Lord; there is no difference between them. True Master inspires souls to meditate upon the ambrosial Naam and liberates them from the worldly ocean unifying them with the Supreme. Thus, O beloveds! Behold love for the True Master’s Naam and keep meditating it within, then you shall experience oneness with the truest form of Satguru. This mystery can only be unveiled by the Accomplished True Masters; They bestow the wisdom of ambrosial Naam and its eternal elixir to the souls. Thus, O beings! Meditate the pious Naam daily, try to imbibe its elixir regularly.

His Holiness verbalizes, O Soul! You have forgotten the abundant treasure of the peace that exists. Every moment, your mind is producing waves of negative thoughts. Remember, those who tether their strings to the meditation of Satguru Naam procure the wisdom of ‘Amra Tatva’ within and immerse in it. When the Accomplished True Master bestows the ‘Amra Tatva’ then O Soul, you shall unify with immovable Lord. But remember this as well, without the thorough meditation of Naam O Soul! The spiritual wisdom won’t hold and the worldly illusions won’t go away.

His Holiness verbalizes:

|| Bin Naam Jape Bramhgyaan Na Hove ||
|| Tatva Shabad Se Nij Pragtaye ||

The Accomplished True Master bestows an element ‘Tatva’ that manifests trueness within souls. When we tell an experienced doctor that we don’t get hungry or suffer from indigestion, he prescribes us respectively, which if we take routinely and change our diet accordingly, then after some time, we get cured.

The Paramatva Satguru signifies, remember O soul! This body of flesh isn’t yours and it contains a million more knots than a thread, this is not where you belong, dear soul! Baba Ji verbalizes, The strength and eternal sacrament that is bestowed by Paramatva Satguru; O soul! Consume it. Neither are the breaths eternal and nor the life, the body and the world. That, which is eternal, is within you, procure it whilst you’re alive. The Supreme Master with the eternal element awakened within, accept and hold onto His divine form, onto His meditation and you shall procure the divine bliss.

O soul! The true form of Satguru is the holy word ‘Shabad’ but they manifest in the human form only to awaken us. The Satguru is the Shabad and ambrosial Shabad is the Satguru which is explained further in the Satsang Vaani as:

|| Jin Naam Japya Tin Hi Unchi ||
|| Tin Ki Unchi Sada Hai Shobha ||
|| Jin Naam Poora Paya Sada Rahe Liv Laaye ||
|| Riddh Siddh Taaki Kare Chaakri ||

His Holiness explains, those disciples who devote & surrender themselves with utmost love to the True Master, their glory is sung all around:

|| Jin Naam Japya Tin Ki Unchi Sada Hai Shobha ||

O, Devotees! No matter how many worldly pleasures you gain, Satguru Naam is the Supreme and there is no other pleasure comparable to it. The True Master strongly commands, O beings! Meditate upon the Satguru Naam, keep practicing. The soul that is suffering from ailments of mind & illusions since many births, and only through the medicine of Satguru Naam shall those ailments be cured, therefore, meditate upon Satguru Naam.

Just like during sickness, when we take medication and abstinent diet under the physician’s prescription, we start recovering. Baba! Similarly, grasp, consume and meditate Satguru Naam while abstaining the worldly pleasures. By becoming the true patron of Satguru, we have to achieve our goals. Behold true love for the ambrosial Naam of Lord True Master so that our soul recovers completely.

The Vaani states

|| Jin Naam Poora Paya Sada Rahe Liv Laaye ||
|| Riddh Siddh Taaki Kare Chaakri ||

The value of the holy word bestowed by contemporary True Master can never be estimated, it’s priceless & incomparable, when we taste the elixir of Naam, we witness the Supreme Lord manifesting within. Its glory is beyond the words and only a true practitioner consumes such elixir and becomes humble and noble. His mind purifies and he becomes joyous in Master’s will; all of this made possible by meditating upon Satguru Naam.

Dear disciples! The Accomplished True Masters show the true path to the souls, that the Lord is seated on a divine throne within beings. This body, life and deeds are all functioning under His support. The True Masters dwell in the state of ecstasy, and disciples come to Them with their worldly whims and wishes. The True Master blesses them per their emotions. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji closed His hands and verbalize, one hand has worldly pleasures and the other has the blessing of Naam. The seekers of such Naam are limited at the moment but in the time to come, this ambrosial Naam will be blessed as a supreme sacrament upon all. Today, we can witness those sermons coming true.

The sermons of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji that, in the coming times the souls would immerse in the ambrosial bliss of Satguru Bhakti; and today we can all witness & experience those absolute sermons come true. In the shelter of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, countless souls are being blessed with the gift of Naam and immersing in the hues of divine Bhakti.

Not just Madhav Nagar, but from numerous other villages, towns, cities, countries the souls are connecting the path of Naam Bhakti and seeking bliss. The lands that His Holiness Hare Madhav Baba Ji visits uplift the beings of all castes, the masses of devotees gather there and immersing in the ecstasy of Darshana, submerge into Sewa, Satsang, Simran with love for True Master. O devotees! The Supreme Lord, the Accomplished True Master and the ambrosial Naam; all three of them have one form and i.e. of divine love. When the beloved True Master blesses a disciple with the ambrosial Naam, He (Master) adheres them to the pious love of the Supreme Lord.

His Holiness explains:

|| Antar Baithiya Ram Nyara, Amrit Naam Ras Bhar Bhar Peevan ||

It is stated in the Amrit Vachan Sakhi Updesh 56 of Hare Madhav Bhaagaan-2, Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib ji visited the land of Uttar Pradesh in 2016, a holy congregation was arranged for the upliftment of souls, Out of curiosity, a devotee pleaded in the pious feet, O True Master! The holy Naam procured from the Accomplished Master, when we read the same Naam somewhere or even hear it from many scholars, doubt comes to my mind, that whether the glory is of  Satguru Naam or of Lord Satguru? To which His Holiness replied: The glory is of Accomplished True Master who is liberated whilst alive, within whom unfathomable omnipresent Lord resides. Such immensely mystic Paramatva True Master’s each and every cell is awakened and filled with divine radiance.  Baba! Neither you nor the world can ever recognize such a greatly Accomplished Master, when He Himself reveals His unfathomable identity out of compassion and bestows the earned Holy Naam out of His infinite majesty, only that Naam Mantra holds the potential to awaken the soul. Even if you understand the value of  Naam from the scholars or read it anywhere, you won’t attain liberation, Lord or the eternal experience because, without the True Master, the Naam is simply dead (unawakened). No matter how much you chant or meditate upon it, the soul does not attain a supreme ecstatic state. O being! In spirituality, the true importance of Naam is because of the Lord True Master, the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran.

O devotee! If someone wants to travel to Kullu by flight, he gets a ticket from a designated counter, checks and sits on his seat number in the flight and after some time reaches the destination. What if you get a fake ticket made to travel by flight, or get a railway or auto ticket to sit in flight with stubbornness in the mind, then what will happen? The devotee with his hands folded said, O True Master! That person won't be able to travel.

His Holiness sermonized that, similarly, O beloved! The importance is of the Accomplished True Master. He is liberated whilst alive, present from of Lord and always remains in the state of tranquility, in His own divine & mystic will. He dwells in the Videhi Mukt state within. When you acquire the ambrosial Naam from the Accomplished True Master, only then it is beneficial and fruitful, and the Naam you are talking about can never benefit the beings. Lokmat (people’s way), Manmat (mind’s way), Shastramat (scriptures’ way), three are limited to this illusory world (of Kaal Maya), the stage of Gurmat is far beyond them. When we follow the will of the Accomplished True Master with love, it immerses our soul in pure devotion.

Beloved devotees! It depends on the disciple's love, devotion, faith. You may not eat rasgulla, but sugar syrup (Chashni) is always sweet. Similarly, how much the disciple is in love with the Accomplished True Master and how much is his eligibility depends on the syrup (Chashni) of his unwavering love.

The purity of our mind is dear to His Holiness Satguru, then why shall we not cleanse our mind with the meditation of Satguru Naam. The Lord True Master is pleased by the purity of our mind, then why not purify our mind through regular meditation of Satguru Naam.

Now, when the disciple is blessed with the ambrosial Naam,  and he meditates upon it with love and punctuality. O, disciple! The Satguru Naam is full of divine elixir, full of Lord Himself, Try to become a believer of such Naam of True Master.

There lie eternal elements in the Accomplished True Master’s Naam. When you will deepen the affection towards its meditation internally, the inner layers shall unveil and you will know the unsayable mystery of the Supreme Lord. There are infinite colors in God’s creation but all are nectar-less. The True Master is completely drenched in the eternal nectarine colors of Anaami Supreme Lord and immerses the souls as well in the same when blessing them with ambrosial Naam. Beloved disciples! When we pluck a raw mango from the tree, it might look ripe but only when we cut and taste it, do we taste the sourness. Then to ripen the mango, it is kept with the carbide stone. After a few days, the raw sour fruit fills with sweetness. With the changing seasons, we all experience this phenomenon.

The Accomplished True Master is the prime lake of the elixir, in which the fortunate souls bathe and wash away their sins of all births. That is further explained in the Vaani as –


Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji states that the entire universe is the creation of the Hare Madhav Lord, every existing according to His commands, as stated in the Vaani –


The Amrit Vachan Sakhi Updesh 113 of Hare Madhav Bhaagaan -2 states a divine spectacle; In 2013, when the Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji was returning to Madhav Nagar, Katni from the spiritual congregation of Sagar – Damoh, beloved disciples requested to His Holiness, O True Master! There is a serene & peaceful place far from the city, amidst the Jungle of Sangrampur, kindly grace the land and take us along. His Holiness accepted their request and stayed there for few days. Every evening His Holiness, in simple clothes, would go for a walk alone and after walking for 2-3 km, He’d sit on a stone platform. On the last evening, when leaving for the walk, His Holiness commanded the disciples to reach the platform that was 2-3 kms away and He would reach there after some walk. Disciples followed the commandment and walked towards the platform and sometime later Babaji reached and seated there on the platform. Disciples bought along with some snacks.  An 80-85-year-old man Raheem was known for some wizardry in his village. The old man got up and asked one of the disciples pointing towards His Holiness, “Who is He?” The disciple said, “He is our Murshid (True Master).” The old man was filled with emotions, his eyes brimmed with tears, hands folded with devotion and his soul filled with happiness, he started lipsing some prayer.

He narrated to the disciples, I have been very strict with the routine of Namaz for fifty years, but the divinity that I longed for in my Namaz bandagi, I have been experiencing it since past few days. I cannot explain the enlightenment & ecstasy I’m witnessing during Bandagi. I was wondering that for so many years, I could never attain such divine experience that I have been attaining for 4-5 days, for sure, I have met or been around a pure Supreme being. It’s worth noting that for 4-5 days, His Holiness Murshid Ji has been coming and sitting on the same platform when I sit for Bandagi nearby. Today I am experiencing what the influencing Sufi divine souls have stated about immersing in the elixir in their divine verses.

Sadh Sangat Ji! He was overwhelmed narrating this incidence. He came near the platform where His Holiness was seated. His Holiness said sweetly, O beloved! Dive deeper while experiencing this blissful divinity. Starting at His Holiness’s radiant face with love,  Bowing down in the reverence of His Holiness, he said, I have read & heard the teachings of many Sufi saints and earned Masters, all have mentioned about great Murshid (Master) and said that His shelter is a treasure house of elixir, He strengthens our every cell and soul to immerse in the elixir. Huzoor Ji! What I could not achieve even through a long time of Bandagi, Wah Wah Satguru Murshid Ji!

His Holiness said that on this path, every Mureed (disciple) has to go to a level inside himself, where he becomes eligible of experiencing this nectarine divinity. You have been blessed by the Supreme Lord, You’ve witnessed the ecstasy of elixir (Hauz-e-Kausar). But he said, Babaji! It is all Your compassionate grace otherwise I was merely an anonymous wanderer. My whole being is filled with elixir through Your divine glimpse. I am blissful.

So O beings! The pious glimpse and dust of His holy feet (or presence) of Accomplished True Master accomplishes our search and takes our soul to its destination, which is stated in the Vaani:


O beloved devotees present in His pious feet! Devote time for the meditation of Satguru Naam today for time has been running out. Because, the chakra of time is continuously moving, The time that is today will not return tomorrow, meditate upon Satguru Naam from today and everyday Devote time for the meditation of Satguru Naam today for the time has been running out Time once lost will never return, so meditate upon the holy word from now itself and do it every day.

Today’s Satsang sermons inspire us to incline towards inner enlightenment. Beloved True Master is blessing us with the gracious sermons, we need to abide by them. O, dear! Meditate upon Naam every day, be regular in attending the holy congregation of True Master and know the worth of Sewa. The nectarine sermons of beloved True Master are full of immense wisdom and we need to become the righteous devotee through mind, words and deeds. Thus, we pray to the possessor of Supreme elixir to bestow us the blessing of meditating Satguru Naam. Grace us O Madhav Ji, have mercy O Satguru Ji.


Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav