|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Beloved devotees present in the holy shade of possessor of Bhajan-Simran, Lord Satguru, wholeheartedly recite with folded hands- ‘Hare Madhav’.

 ‘Vaani His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji’

|| Jin Mann Prem Hai Re Bhai, Tin Ka Maram Na Jaane Koi ||
|| Preeti Jis Mann Hove Bhai, So Hari Se Preet Laayi ||
|| Aadi Se Yah Preeti Bani Hai, Prabhu Se Yah Neeti Bani ||

In the pious feet of Huzoor Satguru Maharaj Ji, may the humble greetings of us meek beings be accepted! Let us all plead at the pious feet of Lord True Master, may our conscience be inclined towards love and devotion for Him; and bless our soul with the intense longing of His pious Darshan. His Holiness Satguru Ji vocalizes; until a disciple develops true love for the True Master & longs for His Darshan, his soul cannot enter the supreme Lord’s abode. The profound love for the Satguru is the key through which swan like souls can unlock the shackles of Kaal and reach to the realm of Akah Lord Hare Madhav Prabhu. Only the souls filled with utter love can unite with the Supreme.

|| Jin Mann Prem Hai Re Bhai, Tin Ka Maram Na Jaane Koi ||
|| Preeti Jis Mann Hove Bhai, So Hari Se Preet Laayi ||

The souls who’ve not immersed themselves in the hues of love for the True Master & His holy company are under the influence of apathy but the pure souls who dive deep into the love for True Master  rejoice in the nectarine bliss. Those who kindle the lamp of love & affection for the Possessor of Bhajan Simran Satguru; those who found ambrosial bliss in pious feet of True Master, they unite with the Supreme Hare Madhav Lord. O fragment of Lord! If you lack the love for True Master, your service & meditation practice shall bear no fruits. No matter how much you practice meditation or accumulate spiritual knowledge, they shall be fruitful once you develop love and faith for the Satguru. All the Accomplished Saints, in their discourses & scriptures, have sung endless glory of love for Lord True Master. It is the primal and eternal law by Almighty. His Holiness vocalized:

|| Aadi Se Yah Preeti Bani Hai, Prabhu Se Yah Neeti Bani ||

Mata Meera Bai affectionately sings the glory of True Master’s love;

“Mohe Laagi Lagan Guru Charnan Ki”
“Charan Bina Mohe Kachu Nahi Bhaave, Jag Maya Sab Sapnan Ki”
“Bhavsagar Sab Sookh Gayo Hai, Phikar Nahi Mohi Tarnan Ki”
“Meera Ke Prabhu Giridhar Naagar, Aas Wahi Guru Sarnan Ki”

Mata Meera Bai sung this verse out of utmost love, each and every disciple must learn to possess the sentiment that my mind shall be completely drenched in True Master’s immense love. I no longer worry about getting across this worldly ocean; I yearn only for my True Master, I long only for my True Master.

O devotees! A heart that does not possess the fragrance of divine love for Lord True Master is wandering pointlessly. A seeker achieves nothing without the love for the True Master, he must deeply yearn for the True Master’s pious feet & only then shall his spiritual path enlighten.

Lord True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes in this pious Vaani-

|| Charan Kamal Bharosa Tera, Charan Kamal Bharosa Tera ||
|| In Charnan Mein Laage Jiyara, In Charnan Mein Laage Jiyara ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar Har Ji Maange, Satguru Charan Hoye Basera ||
|| Mere Ghat Mein Bhram Bhaage, O Hare Madhav Charan Base Ji ||

These mystic verses are incomparable; they are the divine elixir for the seekers of True Master’s love. O beloved devotees! Which are the lotus feet that a seeker seeks to tether with; that a true lover wants to wash and drink the holy water of? What is the glory of such lotus feet, which when accepted into hearts, eradicate our tri agonies? It is the pious lotus feet & reverence of Possessor of Bhajan Simran Satguru; even the sages, hermits, ascetics and deities surrender everything to procure the nectar of such lotus feet and seek shelter of the True Master.

“Sur Nar Muni Jan Amrit Khojade, So Amrit Guru Te Paya”

O, beloved devotees! When you give up all your wickedness and develop a love for the True Master, then your inner self illuminates with the supreme radiance. Thus Satguru Sai Narayan Shah Sahib Ji sang this divine hymn in Sindhi-

“Tann Mein Aa Madhav, Mann Mein Aa Madhav”

“Har Hannd Maa Madhav Disaan”

No one can ever estimate the worth of matchless sacrament of True Master’s love & devotion. O fragment of Lord! Since the primal beginning, beings have been able to make their existence worthwhile only through the love & holy refuge of the Contemporary True Master. Drenched in love as such, a disciple’s spiritual wisdom awakens and he sees everyone as his own, that everyone is a fragment of one Hare Madhav Lord & he sees the glimpse of Lord Satguru in each & every other being.

“Tann Mein Aa Madhav, Mann Mein Aa Madhav”

“Har Hannd Maa Madhav Disaan”

Such is the glory of true love for the Lord Satguru. This spiritual law of unison with the supreme is primal.

|| Aadi Se Yah Preeti Bani Hai, Prabhu Se Yah Neeti Bani ||

His Holiness explains, O dear! These mystic sermons reveal about the oneness of Satguru with the Supreme that vastness, magnificence and divinity of the Lord True Master are far away from the boundaries of caste, creed or otherworldly discriminations, He dwells in the highest ambrosial state of blissful Hare Madhav Lord. Thus, the Lord True Master and Supreme Lord are regarded as ‘One’. The Supreme Lord is infinite & omnipresent but Lord True Master, the possessor of Bhajan Simran, is the embodiment of the Supreme; and only through such True Master, the souls learn to tread on the path to their true abode (Sachkhand) leaving behind this world of Maya. Thus, the Vaani further states;

|| Aadi Se Yah Preeti Bani Hai, Prabhu Se Yah Neeti Bani ||

Goswami Tulsidas Ji explains and cautions us souls in His verses-

“Sahaj Saneh Swami Sewakai, Swarath Chhal Phal Chaar Bihaayi”

One should renounce deceit, selfishness & the desire of four cardinal blessings (Dharm, Arth, Kaam, Moksha) and selflessly serve the Lord True Master with pure sentiments of love. One should not be selfish, & deceitful while pretending to be a love-filled Gurumukh.

O disciple! The hearts of those with no love for Satguru are not in fact hearts but dreaded and dark akin to cemeteries. Just like a blacksmith’s lifeless bellows breathes air in and out, similarly, without the love for True Master, a being seems to be breathing, walking and working but deep inside, he’s as lifeless. It is important for the swan-like disciple to love supreme swan-like Satguru, one shall come into His shelter renouncing all egotism and worldly thoughts for only then shall it be fruiting. Futile love, cunningness, wits and pretense don’t work in His divine company. Satguru is the all-knower albeit He speaks of nothing literally. His true blessings are only enjoyed by His true loving disciples.

Surrenderance of a disciple in His Holiness’s feet shall be indisputable. Submitting to each and every one of His commands is a sign, a recognition of a true disciple, but this sign is displayed by a very few. A disciple should have no care for pleasure or sorrows or societal opinions. To tread forward on this path, one has to renounce societal opinions, self willedness, arrogance and my-ness. Thus vocalized;

Prem Na Badi Upjaye Prem Na Hat Bikaye
Raja Praja Je Hi Ruche Sees De Lejaye

As vocalized in Hare Madhav Yatharth Santmat Vachan Updesh 664, develop immense faith and love for the Accomplished True Master within you. Unless there is love & faith, you shall find the True Master to be away from you but once you develop love, you will feel the True Master’s presence within your core. Turn your mind and senses towards the path that deepens your love for the Lord True Master because He is only pleased by a disciple’s selfless sentiments & love.

The Satsang Vaani further states as-

|| Guru Ke Shabad Se Hove Prakash, Antar Maahi Hott Aananda||
|| Shabad Bina Bhakti Na Hoye, Bhaav Bina Preeti Na Hoye ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Kahat Hai Bhai, Jis Ye Hai Preeti Dhaari ||
|| Hare Madhav Raaya Mein Samayo ||

His Holiness vocalizes sermons of the highest order in the Vaani as-

|| Guru Ke Shabad Se Hove Prakash, Antar Maahi Hott Aananda||
|| Shabad Bina Bhakti Na Hoye, Bhaav Bina Preeti Na Hoye ||

When a loving devotee attains true Holy Word (Naam) of Accomplished True Master and engrosses in meditation of Naam whilst visualizing the glimpse of True Master’s form, then his soul frees from the slavery of nine agonies & senses. His consciousness starts to fixate between the eyes, the mind comes to calm and the waves of eternal joy rise within i.e. “Antar Maahi Hott Ananda”, but all this is possible only when the true devotion and unwavering love for Lord Satguru deepen in his heart. Thus it is said—

|| Guru Ke Shabad Se Hove Prakash, Antar Maahi Hott Aananda||
|| Shabad Bina Bhakti Na Hoye, Bhaav Bina Preeti Na Hoye ||

No matter the number of external practices, worldly Jaap, chanting or telling on beads we perform, without the Holy Word (Naam) of True Master, there is no true devotion, and without true devotion, the string of true love doesn't connect.

With the grace of Lord True Master, the practice of meditation by a disciple flourishes, then, the divine form of True Master manifests within him. When this divine form of True Master fixates in the disciple’s consciousness, then he experiences the divine presence of Lord Satguru everywhere, in & out.

His Holiness explains that people tend to forget the true objective of life under the influence of their mind. O worldly beings! You have reduced your inner self to the worldly attachments, temptations & vices and have adhered all your love with the world, which is poisoning your karmic account. Redirect yourself from this false love and adhere to the love of Lord True Master; When you begin to experience the elixir in His love, all your doubts, myths & chronic disease of ego shall depart; you will always want to be subdued in the love and ecstasy of Lord True Master within.

O devotees! The pious festival of Raksha Bandhan is the symbol of true love. This is the unique festival of love & harmony and thus is celebrated delightfully everywhere. Here ‘Bandhan’ means bond and ‘Raksha’ means protection i.e. the bond which protects us.

Hare Madhav Yatharth Santmat Vachan Updesh 631 states; according to the spiritual ideology of Hare Madhav, Raksha Bandhan means ‘Eko Sutra’ (thread of Oneness with the supreme), it is the truest and divine bond of love between Lord Satguru and a disciple, which ties the souls to the Satguru through an invisible thread. This bond of love liberates the soul and also frees the mind from all the bonds of Maya (worldly illusions). Even the thinnest thread of love for the Satguru can liberate the beings from the captivity of eighty-four lakhs births. When held onto tightly, the thread can raise us from the mortal land to the Heavenly Abode (eternal home), meaning that the thread of Satguru Bhakti is the means of Shashwat Mukti (eternal salvation).

Rakshabandhan is the sacred bond in which complete faith, love-affection are comprised with selflessness, it's a unique confluence of devotion. The disciple should always practice the Naam in the manner advised by the True Master, this is the essence of true devotion through which a soul easily merges into the true form, and then never separates. It attains true fulfilment & supreme bliss. Such souls, while living in the true company of Lord Satguru, imbibe His divine words and inculcate them into practice.

The selfless bond of love with Satguru Naam is exquisite, it bestows the beings with the vision of oneness, everyone seems to be their loved ones. The thread of oneness, love and affection adorns our human life. The souls drenched in the true love affection of Hariraya Satguru are calling Beloved Satguru in this way —

“With the thread of love, I come to Thy shrine O True Master”
“Standing hesitated at Your doorstep, I gaze at You.”
“It is my heartfelt desire, to tie Rakhi to You”
“This meek disciple seeks Your love O True Master”
“Bind me with Your love such that it never fades”
“Even if the entire world abandons me, I shall never be parted from You”
“Bless me O Hare Madhav Lord, fill my bowl”
“O Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Ji, bless me with Your divine glance”
“I Shall celebrate with You Lord, the true Raksha Bandhan”
“Listen to my Plea, O Hare Madhav Lord”

Rakhshabandhan festival has always been the symbol of protection. It is an undeniable truth that only the Lord True Master protects a soul in this world and the world hereafter.

“Jahan Maat Pita Sutt Meet Na Bhai”
“Mann Uhan Naam Tere Sang Sahai”

Lord True Master keeps his invisible blessing hand and protecting shield upon the disciple’s soul and purifies the mind i.e. diverts the soul towards supreme self as a saviour. He bestows Holy Word (Naam) and guidance to protect the soul from the tricks of devious Kaal. How does our True Master protect us visibly-invisibly, we all have been and are experiencing the same. Aren’t we?

Even if we fail to properly practice the meditation of Satguru Naam, the compassionate True Master protects and takes care of us through His words and blessings. He showers enormous blessings upon countless disciples, Lord Satguru continuously protects us. Therefore it is the duty of disciples to enrich the bond of love with True Master and eradicate the ego. If we introspect and try to understand, we’ll find that the True Master is always protecting us from within. It is us, the disciples, who have to enrich the bond and devotion. O Devotees, tie the knot of Eko Sutra & love with the True Master, meditate, serve and join the Satsanga. This is the truest Raksha Bandhan in spirituality. True Master binds the disciples with the eternal bond of love and eradicates duality of mind. He fills the soul with love and devotion, which removes the ages old filth and makes it pure.

True love is not achieved easily. For that, one must renounce enmity, hatred, worldly desires, ego, disbelief, foolishness & hypocrisy. True Master’s divine love does not limit to caste & creed; His love is same for all. The True Master’s love is as high as the Himalayas but not harsh, it is as deep as the sea but not saline. The True Master's love comprises faith, unbiased love, wisdom & dedication. The entire universe is comprised of love. Without love, all the hearts remain deserted, love in the form of God and Lord Satguru is the revealed form of God. Satguru and Lord are two sides of the same coin. Without Satguru, the love of the Lord does not develop; the darkness of ignorance does not vanish. Lord True Master shows us the way to love.

All the relationships are connected by the thread of love, without love, there's no enthusiasm within. Blessed is the heart that possesses love for the beloved Satguru. This is achieved by the devotion & meditation upon Satguru Naam. Only those with faith and longing for the Satguru attain true devotion. With longing for Him, a soul can climb inner peaks. Without this divine longing, the mind cannot dive within, and without diving within, meditation is incomplete. Devotion is meaningless without true love & longing.

|| Shabad Bina Bhakti Na Hoye, Bhaav Bina Preeti Na Hoye ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Kahat Hai Bhai, Jis Ye Hai Preeti Dhaari ||
|| Hare Madhav Raaya Mein Samayo ||

So, we must tie the Eko Sutra & thread of love to the True Master; meditate upon the Naam as guided by the True Master; adhere to Sewa, Satsang, Simran-Bhajan, Dhyan; abide firmly by True Master’s sermons and remain under His supreme will to enrich our love for the True Master, which shall help our soul salvage & fly high in the supreme realms.

This is the true significance of Raksha Bandhan. Today, on this auspicious occasion, this is our only plea in the pious feet of Lord True Master –

O My Kind Hare Madhav lord, O My Kind Hare Madhav Lord
We have brought this thread of oneness (Eko Sutra) to tie You
Along with the flowers of emotions in Your pious feet
We shall adorn you, Dear Satguru, with the Tilak of love
Shall our bond be fulfilled in all our births
May every mind unite with You
Bless us all Dear Satguran with Your devotion, love and dedication
Whenever our minds were sad, You showered motherly love to comfort us
Whenever we lost our track, You gave us shelter like a father
With love and affection, became our sibling
Now, all the relationships are with You, You gave us an affinity
Always stay beside us, with a knot of oneness tied
Always stay beside us, with a knot of oneness tied

Tying the Rakhi on the wrist of Beloved Lord True Master means, O Lord! Always tie us with the bond of love and affection with oneness, You are our true saviour, our mother, our father, our friend, our companion, You are the only support and faith. We shall always and always be in Your shelter be united with You. We shall be yours forever and You shall be ours. Oh, Lord! Always keep us tied with the affectionate devotion, keep us tied with the bond of oneness, O Hare Madhav Satguru Daataar.

|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Kahat Hai Bhai, Jis Ye Hai Preeti Dhaari ||
|| Hare Madhav Raaya Mein Samayo ||
|| Jin Mann Prem Hai Re Bhai, Tin Ka Maram Na Jaane Koi ||

Hare Madhav Hare Madhav Hare Madhav