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Each soul is the fragment of Supreme Master, which has forgotten its basic objective and is treading aimlessly in the company of illusionary materialistic mind. Entangled in the trap of karmas it is experiencing the miseries of births and deaths. Looking at the miserable condition of the suffering souls the merciful Hare Madhav Supreme Master incarnates on this land in the form of normal human being. It is the unchangeable law of the Supreme Master that an enlightened Complete True Master only is capable of liberating the souls trapped in the ocean of this mortal world and lead them to their original abode ‘Hare Madhav Loka’The True Master appears in the form of a normal human being but persist as the evident sovereignty of the Supreme Master. Taking His pious shelter the flowers of love and devotion get blossomed on the barren land of heart. Eyes, mind and soul experience true pleasure, thinking gets gentle and thoughts turn inwards.

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