|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

O fortunate beings present in the pious shelter of the Possessor of Bhajan-Simran Present True Master recite with folded hands, ‘Hare Madhav'.

You showed us the divine face of Lord,
and shaded us with Your affection
We bow before You, O Guru Mata!
You brought the beloved Satguru into our lives,

1. You are the epitome of Love and incomparable devotion,
Divine are Your deeds for You gave birth to the Lord,
This world found the Savior of the souls through You,
We bow before You, O Guru Mata!

You brought the beloved Satguru into our lives

A mother is as profound as saint Kabir’s verses,
as pious as the Chaupaai of Saint Tulsidas,
She is filled with love like Meera’s hymns
And as melodic as the beautiful poetry

A mother is the foundation of wisdom
And like the eloquence of Geeta
She is as complete as each phrase of Tripitaka scripture
And is divine as Kalyaani

A mother is as sacred as the Tulsi plant
Her soothing warmth is like the shade of the banyan
She rhymes like an intense poetry
She is glorious as a great epic

A mother is as blissful as the first showers of monsoon
And like the soothing breeze of rains
She is like the fragrance of spring
And like the bountiful orchard

A mother is full of heart like the river Yamuna
And as deep as river Rewa (Narmada)
She is pure as the Ganges
And great as the Gaumukh

Her love is incredible as Mansarovar
And is firm as Himgiri
She is an idol of faith
And as holy as Kaaba and Kailasha

A mother is as serene as the green fields
And is therapeutic as saffron
The whole creation bows unto her
Such is the magnificence of ‘mother’

A mother is as tolerant as the earth
And is an abundance of affection
No words can sing her infinite glory
She indeed is the embodiment of God.

O Supremely radiant, immensely affectionate, the epitome of motherly love, O Revered Guru Mata Hema Devi Ji! O mother of our beloved Lord Satguru Baba Ishwarshah Sahib Ji and us devotees! We bow in Your reverence countless times.

All of Revered Guru Mata Ji’s life journey was dedicated and disciplined on the divine path of detachment. It was with the infinite grace of God and our good fortune that we procured the holy company of such loving Gurumata with Her caring hand constantly upon us. Even Her simplest words were full of inspiration. She was the embodiment of dutifulness, benevolence, wisdom, devotion & sacrifice; Her life is ideal for all of us.

The divine internal treasure that She earned through devotion towards Lord True Master, was evident enough in Her way of life. She has presented an unmatched example of family, societal and spiritual balance in life, which will keep inspiring all us disciples walking on the spiritual path.

2. The embodiment of Lord, was nurtured under Your loving shade
O, Mother Hema! Your beloved son is the guardian of the world
You embraced and cradled Lord Satguru Ishwar Shah Ji
We bow before You, O Guru Mata!
You brought the beloved Satguru into our lives,

On the holy day of November 18, 1975, when His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji incarnated, there was no bound to the happiness of Rev. Dadi Nanki Devi Ji, Rev. Pita Tarachand Ji and Rev. Gurumata Ji; they all were in tears out of immense love. They could not take their eyes off the radiant face of such an angelic child. Embracing the tender little child, Revered Guru Mata Ji felt as if Her existence was now complete. Revered Guru Dadi, Revered Guru Pita and Revered Guru Mata nurtured their beloved child with love and the virtues of Bhakti.

Revered Guru Mata Hema Devi Ji’s unconditional love & attachment with the apple of Her eye, His Holiness Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, was so profound that all day, all night, She would just think of Her beloved son. And His Holiness loved His dear mother equally.

His Holiness Baba Ji used to spend most of His childhood in the service and reverence of True Master without a single care for His meals or rest. When He would return from Sewa late in the evening, many times, Revered Mata Ji would scold His Holiness endearingly and feed Him food with Her own hands. On one side, Revered Mata Ji showered all Her love and mothering on Her beloved son and on the other hand, when the time came, She worshipped Her beloved son as the manifestation of Lord with utter devotion & dedication while still showering the same love and affection that of a mother. This is the devotion of the highest order. Such unconditional and pure devotion cleanses the soul and helps in the identification of self, and then, soul & supreme become one.

When His Holiness Satguru Ji in His childhood (in the form of a devotee), Revered Guru Mata Ji used to bathe His Holiness, dress Him up and made Him sit along with Her to have food because His Holiness always remained engrossed in the ecstasy of Supreme state; He would have no care for His physical health. One day, during the meal, Revered Guru Mata Ji said, “O son! The food that one consumes is the result of one’s previous karmas (Prarabdha). The breath one breathes is nothing but the outcome of their previous karma (Prarabdha); people earning or enjoying their wealth are also their Prarabdha. Everyone procures this human form as per their Prarabdha and this Prarabdha of the body ends with the body, but remember! Engage your soul in the meditation of Shabad Naam, drench it in the divine colors of oneness and transcend from body consciousness to soul consciousness for this spiritual Prarabdha never ends, it is eternal. The trap of Kaal can never bound it.” His Holiness Baba Ji smilingly replied, “Ji! Ji!.”; and touched Her feet with love.

Revered Guru Mata Ji would often preach that She followed in Her own life as well, that get rid of sorrows and despair and fill your mind with joy & love like the sacred Ganges and spread it all along. String the pearls of gratitude and practice meditation such that your desires run after you and not the other way around.

3.Your life was simple and filled with sacrifices and endurance
You fulfilled all Your worldly duties along with practicing devotion
Your life is our guiding light
We bow before You, O Guru Mata!
You brought the beloved Satguru into our lives

Revered Guru Mata Ji always followed a satvik, simple life away from the comfort of luxuries. She would do all Her work by herself. The light of Her austerity and sacrifices was always visible in Her motherly life. She was always inclined towards spirituality and meditated religiously. The serene face of Revered Guru Mata Ji reflected the rays of harmony. Being loving, gentle, contented and engrossed in the divine self were the distinct attributes of Her personality. Your way of living is a source of inspiration for all of us. Our beloved Guru Mata Ji is a symbol of tenderness and an ocean of faith, love, patience and dutifulness. She was a virtuous soul, the treasure of love & compassion. Her entire life was equivalent to love & righteousness. In every walk of life, She patiently accepted everything as Lord’s will and remained calm, joyous and influential. We all are immensely fortunate to have had Her loving shade upon us always.

If we look into Her life, how commendably She maintained all her relationships whether as a devotee of True Master, as a wife, as a daughter-in-law or as the holy mother of the supreme Lord Satguru. Through all the thick & thins, She remained tolerant and patient and accepted all the sourness of life as the nectarine will of Lord. Her life was not less than a penance, to which Saint Kabir has said -

Grahasth Mai Jo Rahe Udaas, Kahe Kabir Taa Ko Mai Daas

Shree Gurunanak Dev Ji has vocalized these beautiful words in Gurbani, whose essence of oneness is reflected in Guru Mata Ji’s love-

Nanak Satguru Bhetiye Poori Hove Jugat
Hasandiya Khelandiya Painandiya Khawandiya Vicche Hove Mukat

In the year 2002, Almighty Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji ascended the Guru Gaddi (divine throne) and by the command of the Lord, revealed the magnificence of Bhajan-Simran for all the souls universally and elated the fortune of devotees. Lord True Master spread the divine word of “Hare Madhav” and the ideology of Gurumat (the path of the Guru) to guide the beings slumbering in ignorance. His Holiness paved the way of selfless service, Satsang, meditation of Satguru Naam for all with the motive of ‘welfare of all’; and the divine caravan of supreme truth went on to rise.

His Holiness Satguru Ji would go on spiritual tours for days at a time for the upliftment of the souls, Guru Mata Ji could not see and shower Her love and compassion upon His Holiness beloved son. In such situations, She would constantly think about whether His Holiness was taking care of Himself or not, whether He was having timely meals or not; because since His childhood, He remained engrossed such in His divine Videhi Mukta state that He had no care for His physical body. Revered Guru Mata Ji would spend all Her day in the remembrance of His Holiness. She would say to Guru Pita Ji that “My Lal, beloved son is liberating the souls.” My blessing be upon Him that He keep enlightening all the souls with the light of Gurumat, may He uplift all beings; but the motherly affection makes me want to cuddle Him, caress him and recite calming lullaby (Lorie).

I swing the cradle for you
I recite the lullaby to you in dreams

  1. Come back soon, for it been a long now
    I’m yearning badly to embrace you
    I swing the cradle for you…
  1. No one tells me of your ara rival
    Tell me where do I look for you
    I swing the cradle for you…
  1. You went along with many others o my beloved
    But left me alone behind, how should I call you
    I swing the cradle for you…
  1. I had plans to celebrate your birthday with me
    But without you, every celebration is worthless
    I swing the cradle for you…
  1. I saw my beloved son leaving me behind
    O, son! Your mother cannot hide this wound of the heart
    I swing the cradle for you…
  1. I know that now my beloved has become the beloved of all
    Now I cannot even call you with that loving name
    I swing the cradle for you…
  1. Who ignores his mother and goes away like this
    Tell me how to convince you
    I swing the cradle for you…
  1. It is true that it is impossible for you to return
    I only wish that you keep enlightening all the souls
    I swing the cradle for you…
  1. It is my blessing to you that nothing shall harm you
    This is my, your mother’s prayer, that I sing a lullaby
    I swing the cradle for you…

In the year 2013, Revered Guru Mata Ji was lunching with Her beloved son His Holiness at Hare Madhav Vatika; and the divine conversation took place, Revered Guru Mata Ji’s words were immensely profound and filled with spiritual essence. His Holiness, while dwelling in the supreme state of Paramatva, remained like an innocent kid before Guru Mata Ji.

His Holiness innocently asked Guru Mata Ji, “O mother! What should one do if the Neem is bitter or sweet?” Revered Guru Mata Ji replied, “Let everyone be blessed whether anyone is of sweet nature or bitter, may everyone be happy for everyone is a fragment of Lord. Dear son! You have to spread the divine light unbiased like the sun and uplift all the souls. Everyone has distinct nature according to their karma. O, son! This is my blessing to You, may You keep uplifting the beings.”

4. You are glorious as Mother Kaushalya, Mother Yashoda and Mother Tripta
The supreme chose Your womb, O glorious mother
Your glory shall be sung for eternity
We bow before You O Guru Mata
You brought the beloved Satguru into our lives

You showed us the divine face of Lord,
and shaded us with Your affection
We bow before You O Guru Mata
You brought the beloved Satguru into our lives

It is an undeniable truth that every soul, be it an incarnation or Paigambar, Emperor or Alexander, arrives in this world through the mother’s womb. A mother, like a river, tree and saint, showers selfless love upon her children. A Mother’s lap is a heavenly bed where children can sleep carefreely. When the mother is around, she extends her treasure of love upon us; when far, she enriches us with the wealth of her prayers; her blessings remain with us even after her demise.

No words can ever describe completely the divine life of earned & pious souls. One fine day, Revered Guru Mata Ji was having a profound conversation with His Holiness True Master, Guru Mata Ji said, “Dear son! Like this earth provides shelter to all no matter what, be it noble or mean, be it wise or unwise, be it Gurmukh or Manmukh, similarly, When you reveal the enlightened path of 'Satguru Mat', devotees of all kind shall come to your refugee and You shall enlighten all of them equally with the sentiments of spiritual welfare.”

Revered Guru Mata Ji devoted Herself in Guru Bhakti and Meditation upon Naam wholeheartedly thus making Her human birth worthwhile. Revered Guru Mata Ji would always look after Her beloved son, Lord Satguru Ji as well as all the Sangat; She would cook with utmost love and send Bhojan to Guru Darbar Sahib regularly. She would perform Sewa blessed upon Her by True Master with immense love and dedication and remain in the bliss of silence. Her magnificence and serenity will always be in our memories, which make us feel Her loving presence.

Rev. Guru Mata Ji would teach all Sewadaaries that nothing can be attained without surrendering, dedication, sacrifice, selfless spirit and purity, if you desire to be happy, learn to share and sometimes sacrifice it too, be consistent at Sewa and Satsang; never skip the hours of Satsang or Sewa, for one receives these with great fortune. Keeping Her such principles forward, the Sewadaar (Matayein) of Hare Madhav Parmarth Satsang Samiti entitled their Sewa Samiti (organization) as ‘Pujya Gurumata Hemadevi Seva Samiti’ inspired by Her Holiness’s name which leads utterly towards service of True Master with devotion and dedication. Everyone experienced the equivalence in Her words and deeds, which can never be forgotten. Her Holiness Guru Mataji will always be remembered as a divine idol of immense love and compassion. She has given the greatest gift of Hariraya Satguru to the entire creation, which is enlightening this whole world.

This entire universe will remain indebted to Revered Guru Mata Ji forever. Her ultimate benevolence will last for eternity like the sun, the ‘ Madhav family' will always be imbued with the delightful fragrance of Your excellence. Dear Sadh Sangat Ji! Inculcating the splendid ideals of a divine soul like Rev. Guru Mata Ji will be the true and heartfelt tribute to Her.

We plea humbly in the pious feet of Hariraya Satguru Ji, O Sachche Patshah Ji! Kindly bless us, grace us with such wisdom & strength that we may lead our life happily under Your divine will.

We shall Practice gratitude in happiness and sorrow, we shall tread on the path of Bhakti, Bandagi and Sewa. Have such mercy upon us that from the inspirational life of Revered Guru Mata Ji, we shall adopt the priceless attributes and adorn our life and soul. O, Guru Mata! We, all the Sangat bow down in Your reverence.

You showed us the divine face of Lord,
And shaded us with Your affection
We bow before You, O Guru Mata!
You brought the beloved Satguru into our lives. 

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav