|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

O fortunate beings present in the pious shelter of Lord True Master recite with folded hands, ‘Hare Madhav'.

Vaani: “His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji”

||Samarth He Aatam, Jaago Tu Jaago Tu||
||Guru Naam Se Jaago Tu, Guru Dhyaan Se Jaago Tu||
||Yah Dehi To Unchi Dehi, Tarse Kete Dev Re||
||Chhut Na Jaye Phir Yah Chola, Vela Suhava Bhaane Tu Mera||
||Kaun Hai Tujhe Marag Deve, Guru Poore Bin Andha Jag Yah||
||Ajab Kahani Alakh Zubaani, Kahat Hai Yah ‘Daas Ishwar’ Toh||
“ Agam Purukh Jagave, Jaag Aatam”

Beloved disciples of Hare Madhav Lord, Hare Madhav to all. In the pious feet of Lord True Master, we the sinful, weak, meek and lowly beings offer our love and devotion; O beloved! Please accept our offerings.

Possessor of Bhajan Simran, Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains to us with humbleness and kindness, “Awake O soul.”

||Samrath He Aatma, Jaago Tu Jaago Tu||
||Guru Naam Se Jaago Tu, Guru Dhyaan Se Jaago Tu||
||Kaun Hai Tujhe Marag Deve, Guru Poore Bin Andha Jag Yah||
||Ajab Kahani Alakh Zubaani, Kahat Hai Yah ‘Daas Ishwar’ Toh||

His Holiness explains in Hare Madhav Amrit Naam Bhav Santmat Vachan Prakash 1187, O Soul! Awake, your residence in this world is not a permanent one. Do not aspire for temptations of this materialistic world. O, Soul! Awake.

Then the soul pleads, O Awakened Master! How shall we awake? Because there is constant chaos of mind that drives us towards worldly pleasures

His Holiness vocalizes-

|| Guru Naam Se Jaago Tu, Guru Dhyaan Se Jaago Tu ||

Procure the ambrosial Naam from the Awakened & Accomplished Lord Satguru and tether your consciousness with Him, for His meditation shall awaken you. Practice it.

Now you see, if Bhagtu’s parents remain awake and keep teaching him but he falls asleep, his time gets wasted in sleeping and the parents also give up, so what did he get? Nothing.

Hence it is said-

||Yah Dehi To Unchi Dehi, Tarse Kete Dev Re||
||Chhut Na Jaye Phir Yah Chola, Vela Suhava Bhaane Tu Mera||

Even deities long for such a human form. By the Lord’s command, let me help you realize the worth of this human form and the essence of the Lord present within it and bestow you the strength of devotion and meditation. Remember, this human form is supreme amongst all which even the deities long for and fortunately, you’ve got this form. His Holiness further vocalised-

||Kaun Hai Tujhe Marag Deve, Guru Poore Bin Andha Jag Yah||

Without the guidance of the Accomplished True Master, never a Soul has been able to either tread on the spiritual path or unite with the Almighty Lord. For example, Shri Gwalamal Ji (a fellow) left for meeting a loved one and attending his auspicious ceremony. He was missing him and wished to see him in person. Gwalamal Ji left and kept driving. On the way, he inquired some people, so people asked him, O wise man! Where do you want to go or who do you wish to meet? Tell us. He recalled that my loved one had asked me to go towards the North where there’d be paved road, then some jungle, narrow and uneven paths too. I have already been through all of these but the road seems endless and there’s no sign of my destination or my beloved.

A gentleman standing there, asked him, “Contact your beloved to reconfirm the address, then I shall guide you thereby." On contact, the beloved asked where he was. Gwalmal Ji informed him about the current location. The beloved said, “I had asked you to go towards the north but you’ve come to south direction. Hence please take the correct path now.”

Beloved devotees of Hare Madhav Lord, there is profound teaching hidden in these sermons, jog your intellect to understand it. The Vaani states-

||Kaun Hai Tujhe Marag Deve, Guru Poore Bin Andha Jag Yah||
||Ajab Kahani Alakh Zubaani, Kahat Hai Yah ‘Daas Ishwar’ Toh||

The saviour Lord Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, like a spiritual physician, often explains profound sermons through interesting instances in spiritual context with the motive to eradicate darkness and confusion from the beings’ mind; to benefit them with Satguru Naam, Simran-Bhajan; to deepen their love for Satguru, and to strengthen their faith in the divine ideology of Hare Madhav. The beings’ devotion, love and determination shall stay firm in the sermons of the Lord True Master and the soul should not get carried away by the mind or false opinions of people. Through such mystic & profound sermons, His Holiness enlightens the spiritual path for the entire mankind.

Dear Sadhsangat! Possessor of Bhajan-Simran, True Master has the divine vision (Tatva Drishti). Just like an experienced professor wants his students to outstanding in education with excellence, similarly, possessor of Bhajan Simran, Lord True Master, in His unexplainable wealth and eternal ecstasy, bestows wisdom of true enlightenment upon all. The True Master’s will & commandment is full of compassion and grace; in His ecstatic Leelas, divine Vaanis and holy sermons lie the true welfare of beings.

Hence every soul, Sewak or devotee must listen and understand these preachings, guiding instances, Hare Madhav sermons & Bhaanga Sakhi Updeshas and imbibe them within. One must deepen the love for Satguru through these holy teachings, deepen the devotion and establish firm faith in the pious feet.

O beloved devotees, all the children and Sevadaars of Lord Hare Madhav whether you are afar or near, imbed the sermons of Satguru. Whenever the possessor of Bhajan Simran, Lord True Master spreads His divinity in the world, the Kaal further spreads its trap. But the possessor of Bhajan Simran, Merciful Lord True Master through His divine sermons, profound Vaanis, positive and pure preaching, bestows the world with eternal sacraments, by which the soul liberates from the trap of Kaal. Sadhsangat Ji! Let us assimilate the True Master’s universal sermons and pious commandments through this Hare Madhav Bhaanga Amrit Vachan Sakhi Updesha.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji is gracing us with the sermons of Hare Madhav Bhanga Amrit Vanchan Sakhi Updesh 119 through "Agam Purukh Jagave Jaag Atam" to progress in life; to live a virtuous life, devotional life, and to make our human birth worthwhile. Let us all imbibe them with love.

Long ago, a king called for a meeting in his court. All the ministers, scholars and other officials were present in the gathering. The king organized various competitions in which prizes were awarded to the most powerful, the greatest artist, the greatest singer, the greatest intellectuals, etc.

Then the king picked up a stick. A courtier asked, your majesty! For which contest is this stick? The king said I wish to reward this stick to the biggest fool.

All the people present in the court were great scholars holding high positions. Everyone was clever and expert in eloquence,  so who would take that stick? All were considering themselves to be wise and started displaying their knowledge. There was also a courtier in that meeting who was a devotee of the Accomplished True Master. He was observing everything with a smile but remained silent. A fellow courtier, pointing to that devotee, said to the king, "Maharaj! He seems to be the biggest fool because He isn’t participating in our intellectual discussions and smiling for no reason. It seems that he doesn’t understand anything, hence, he is the biggest fool. Give this stick to him." Hearing his words, other courtiers echoed with him that he was the biggest fool.

The king called him and gave him the stick & said, "Keep it with you and remember! When you find a fool bigger than you, hand over this stick to him.

The innocent Guru Bhagat silently took the stick. O devotees! Those who are engrossed in the love and devotion towards Satguru and sincerely serve the True Master, dwell in ecstasy; the worldly arguments don’t please them. They are engrossed in eternal joy. Though performing the duties of the world, they remain drenched in the devotion for Satguru. People often call such devotees insane (foolish) and taunt them, “Haven’t you got any work? Why do you keep roaming the whole day like crazy & go for Sewa?” People often complain to them but o dear! All of us should dye ourselves in Satguru’s love, Sewa and devotion. Those who are attached to this path wholeheartedly, must not taunt them otherwise it increases the burden of our karma.

When the king gave him the stick, the devotee did not feel insulted. He would now keep that stick with him every time. He decided that he’d give it to the biggest fool. Whenever he came to the royal court, the king and all other courtiers would mock him that he had not yet found a bigger fool, that he was still the biggest fool. He would humbly reply, “No! not yet. The day I find one, I’ll hand over this to him.”

Few months passed, the king's health started deteriorating, he suffered a chronic disease, the ailment was quite severe that made him weak day by day. He was 68 and his body did not support him. Even the greatest of physicians could not cure him, they realized that his death was around the corner, thus no medicine could help his majesty. He was on the deathbed counting his last breaths.

The whole kingdom was in grief. The king helplessly rested on the bed but could not sleep due to pain. One day, the queens, princes, relatives and ministers were sitting around the king, the Guru Bhagat also arrived then, bowed to the king and sat down. He still had the stick. He said, “Your majesty! We all pray that may Lord bless you with good health.”

The king said out of pain, “It’s time for me to depart.”

The Bhagat asked astonishingly, “Maharaj! Where are you departing?”

The king replied, “I have to leave this kingdom, it’s time to depart.”

The Bhagat asked innocently, “Maharaj! Usually we are informed prior about all your departures and preparations are made for the necessary supplies to be taken along but this time there is no information & preparation. Why?”

The king explained, “O innocent fellow! The journey that I have to set on this time is unpredictable and sudden.”

Guru Bhagat said, “Maharaj! Tell me at least how far and to which kingdom are you heading to? How much time will it take?

The king replied, “I don’t know where I’ll be heading and how long this journey would take, it is unpredictable.”

Then, Guru Bhagat said, “Alright your majesty! Let me go and get your chariot prepared.”

The king said, “O innocent being! no chariot or convoy joins along in this journey.”

The Bhagat asked, “But why your majesty? Being the king of this kingdom, how can you not go on your chariot?”

The king replied in pain, “This journey is towards the next world where the chariot of this world is of no use.”

The Guru Bhagat said, “Your majesty! I know that Vedas-Upnishadas state that those who devote themselves in the devotion, meditation and service of the True Master, for them a divine chariot is arranged. The Lord Satguru comes to take their souls along.”

The disappointed king said, “How should I expect this for me because I never engaged myself in devotion, service, meditation, rather I was entirely into gathering wealth, conquering other kingdoms, enjoying the worldly luxury and extending  the empire.”

Guru Bhagat asked, “Then your majesty, at least the queens, princes and other ministers or courtiers can accompany you. Can’t they?”

The king replied, “No! No one accompanies anyone in the journey to the next world, one travels all alone.”

Guru Bhagat said, “Those, in whose love and affection your majesty spent the whole life, not even a single one can come along? And what about your massive army, won’t it follow you? In your journey to the next world, will no one accompany you?”

The Maharaj replied in dismay, “No one among all of them can accompany me; I cannot even take any of those closest to me.”

Guru Bhagat sat in a worry for some time, then again asked, “Maharaj! How much money will you take for the expenses of this journey and what materials will you take? This special kingdom, gold and silver, gems and rubies, and Maharaj! This crown of your head studded with diamonds, you will wear this, won't you?” Maharaj ji said, “These all will remain here, I will not take any of these with me. My crown, my throne for which I have fought so many wars, all these too will remain here. Not even a penny can go from my full treasury, I have to go empty handed, nothing will go with me.”

Guru Bhagat said, “Maharaj, if you go on this journey alone and in an ordinary form, then how will you be recognized there? Wherever you go, you get a grand welcome, then how will you be greeted here?” Maharaj ji said, “Dear! I have not done any such work for which I would be greeted there.”

Guru Bhagat said, “How can this happen? Throughout your life you have earned honour, you are the emperor and owner of endless land; at your single gesture, the kings of other nations gather and obey your orders, they keep their heads bowed, such a great emperor will not even be greeted there?” The Maharaj said in a helpless voice, “The greetings are offered to those who have meditated upon the Accomplished True Master’s Naam. Who'll be there to welcome a person like me?” Guru Bhagat said worriedly, “Then Maharaj! Without all the facilities, where will you be residing after this journey? If not other, at least one luxurious palace will be there for you?” The king was in tears, he said, “I didn’t make any arrangements for that world when I had time, health and all facilities available. It is true that the egoistic ones, attached to Maya do not find any place hereafter and have to wander in Chaurasi. And those who slander the Satguru, get the harshest punishments.” The king wept in dismay and worry.

Guru Bhagat said in a very calm voice, “Maharaj! This is a matter of great concern; can't there be any arrangement for it now?” The worried king said, “Now the time has run out of hands. When I had good health and enough time, I kept chasing worldly possessions and wasted the whole life; but now nothing can be reversed.”

Guru Bhagat said, O Maharaj! You already knew that what essence is needed in the last journey of life, but you remained careless. Now, you’re struggling merely for survival.” Hearing this, the kind cried badly in repentance.

Guru Bhagat said humbly,  “I'm sorry Maharaj, but take back this stick you gave me.” The king asked in surprise, “But why?” Guru Bhagat said, “Maharaj Ji, in my opinion, you are the only worthy of this stick. O, Maharaj! If you had earned the happiness of devotion for True Master, meditated upon the Satguru Naam, your soul would have attained radiance and bliss and would head to the Akah Lord’s abode. By the mercy of Lord Satguru, you would have got a place in the realm of ultimate Lord. But unfortunately, you did not make any arrangements for it and did not earn the true wealth that could accompany you. Had you made use of precious life by being in True Master’s shelter, Sewa, Darshan, you would had freed yourself from the noose of karma. Santvaani states that-

“Kabeer Darshan Satguru Ka, Bade Bhaag Darsaaye”
“Jo Hove Sooli Saza, Kaante Hi Tarr Jaye”

But your majesty did not pay attention to it. Having received priceless breaths, you did not put them in the devotion of  Satguru; having a strong & healthy body, you did not engage it in the Sewa of Satguru; possessing immense wealth, you did not earn any merit by donating it to the saints. Saint Kabir says that as long as you have the ability, you must donate some of your earnings in the service of saints. Give while you are alive because once the body has perished, who shall ask you to give. You won’t get this body again-

“Kahe Kabeera Dey Tu, Jab Lag Teri Deh”
“Bahuri Na Dehi Paaiye, Ab Ki Deh So Deh”

O Majesty! You made no good use of the mind, body or soul. Now, there is nothing left but repentance. Just think, when you had time and health in your favour, you led your life just following your mind; wasn’t that the most foolish act of yours.

The King started sobbing out of guilt and said, yes! There is no bigger fool than me.

Then, Guru Bhagat handed over the stick to the king, greeted him, and left. The king tumbled in great grief, sooner he passed away and his soul kept wandering around in births & deaths, for he never made efforts for the true spiritual wealth whilst alive; he kept chasing the temporal worldly pleasures & temptations his entire life, as a result, his soul had to wander in Chaurasi.

Dear devotees! The True Master explains the essence of this instance, that according to the king, Guru Bhagat was a foolish and ignorant fellow but in reality, the most foolish and ignorant ones were those asleep in the slumber of Maya whilst alive. Beings must awake from such sleep. Those who do not tether to Satguru Bhakti and be cautious whilst the life, acquire nothing but regret it in the end. But the question is, who shall awake us? Sadh Sangat Ji! Unless the being finds an enlightened, Accomplished Satguru, he can never come out of the deep dark illusion. When the Awakened True Master bestows the being with enlightened Naam, it’s Dhyaan & divine sermons, then he wakes up from the ages-old slumber of ignorance and Maya.

Possessor of Bhajan Simran, Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes the following divine Vaani to awaken the souls-

|| Sadho Jag Yah Sab Sapna Hai ||
|| Dukh Sukh Dhoop-Chhanv Hai Nyaayi ||
||Maya Thagi Sab Ko Thage ||
||Bhram Jaal Banaya ||
|| Ravana Baali Bal Bada ||
|| Tin Bhi Kaal Khaya ||
||Khojo Satguru Tatva Ka Bhedi ||
||Bhed Batave Saara ||
|| Sadhsangat Ke Bano Bourey ||
|| Sev Naam Vachan Kamavo ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Kare Vinti ||
|| Daya Karo Hare Madhav Purukh Apaare ||

Possessor of Bhajan Simran, Lord Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains with utter compassion, mercy & reverence that all the pleasures of this world are temporary like a dream. As a being wakes up in the morning, he realizes that it was just a dream in which he saw himself as a king, an emperor and much more; everything was merely a delusion and this realization occurred only when someone already awake, woke him up. Similarly, when the spiritually awakened Lord True Master graces us, we realize the delusion of Maya. His Holiness vocalizes -

|| Ravana Baali Bal Bada ||
| Tin Bhi Kaal Khaya ||

The mighty Ravana was a great scholar, he even had control over his death; the deities were afraid of him but Kaal always warned him, “O Ravan, I’ll surely prey on you one day”; and that happened. Sachhe Paatshah Ji explains-

||Khojo Satguru Tatva Ka Bhedi ||
||Bhed Batave Saara ||
|| Sadhsangat Ke Bano Bourey ||
|| Sev Naam Vachan Kamavo ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Kare Vinti ||
|| Daya Karo Hare Madhav Purukh Apaare ||

The worldly wealth once spent can be earned again but the wealth of breaths spent in vain can’t be regained. Hence, try to earn some true deal of life whilst alive, which just increases & never diminishes. This body is just like a pot from which the drop like breaths are falling out one by one. Hence, try to liberate yourself from this worldly trap whilst alive by meditating upon Satguru Naam. O Being! Take the shelter of Tatvabhedi Agam True Master, develop a love for His holy company, service, meditation of Naam and He shall bless you with the key to enlightenment.

|| Sadhsangat Ke Bano Bourey ||
|| Sev Naam Vachan Kamavo ||

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes these beautiful sermons in Hare Madhav Yathaarth Santmat Vachan Prakash 150, O Being! Worthwhile is the living of the being whose heart is full of True Master’s devotion and ambrosial Naam. As a body cannot function without breaths, a soul cannot awaken without devotion towards Lord True Master. O, dear, this is the true essence of life. Meditate upon the ambrosial Naam of True Master and consume the nectar of love in His pious shelter. Don’t ruin your present with worthless thoughts from the past, each day is a bright day, utilize it. Adorn your present and future by imbibing the pious sermons of Lord Satguru in your life.

Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji dwelled in a supreme liberated state and throughout His life, uplifted mankind with wondrous Leelas keeping His supreme state hidden from all (Yog Maya). His Holiness vocalized these sermons in the ecstatic state of Parmatva that the beings couldn’t realize My true state and extent, but in the times to come, My Supreme Form will manifest, who will possess the abundance of Bhajan-Simran, unravel My Leelas and divine sermons. Those supreme commandments have come true today. His Holiness “Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji” is unraveling all the divine sermons & spectacles of the previous True Masters through His discourses. He is blessing the masses of disciples from all the sects with the sacrament of Sanjivani Vachan to enlighten them all.

Huzoor Sahibaan Ji often explains these divine sermons (in Sindhi) of Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji in His discourses-

“Uth Jaag Musafir Jiyara, Tokhe Nindri Na Odhe”
“Vetho Aahin Vaat Khaan, Pehinjo Muh Mode”
“Vaat Leh Jaay Ohdi, Pyara Desh Agam Ji”

As narrated-

“Uth Jaag Jiyara”

O, Dear! Wake Up, Awaken and connect the strings of your soul with the one who resides in your core. Further His Holiness vocalizes –

“Nindri Na Odhe”

Dear fragment of the Lord! Slumbering in delusions, you are wandering the world of desires, your life’s passing by as you wander and wander, the deep sleep of death is ever ready to take over you. His Holiness vocalizes, obey all the sermons so that you do not fall prey to the delusions.

“Tokhe Nindri Na Odhe”
“Vetho Aahin Vaat Khaan, Pehinjo Muh Mode”

His Holiness, in His divine ecstatic state, vocalizes, O being! O soul! There is only one way, one path i.e. to dive within yourself. All of you have ignored and lost the true path, go in the company of such an Accomplished True Master who shall awaken you and guide you to the true path. O being! In such holy shade of True Master, your sufferings shall end through meditation and reverence within; and your life shall be worthwhile.

“Vaat Leh Jaay Ohdi, Pyara Desh Agam Ji”

Conform to the company of the Accomplished True Master, if you’re eligible, you shall certainly be blessed and if you are not, then the plea and desire to become eligible shall keep you conformed in His company; one day you shall become eligible by His grace.

Sadhsangat ji! The world is temporal, we don’t know when we shall breathe last, so let's not waste our breaths and the human form in malicious deeds, rather do virtuous ones. O being! The time is running out, no amount of money can give you an extra breath, thus, value these precious breaths. You spend your entire life in worldly tasks and deals, was it the reason Lord gave you this human form?

O dear! Lord True Master does not ask us to ignore worldly duties and deeds, but we need to consider every deed as a service to the Lord. While doing anything, fill yourself with the love and devotion for Hare Madhav Lord; this shall bless your inner self with the eternal sacrament of devotion within you and vices of egotism & attachment won't overcast your mind.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains the impermanence of this human form in Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan 1045, listen to it carefully; O beloveds! See for yourself, the eyes that enable you to see to the farthest point, places and people, there comes a time of old-age when these eyes can't even recognize the dear ones sitting right beside you. Baba! The legs you use to walk, to run fast, to play around, there comes a time when you need a stick to even stay balanced, to sit and to stand up. Introspect within, life is draining away, these breaths are draining away, and you're still in slumber. Wake up now, wake up!

It is our responsibility that all the tonic-tablet-like sermons that we have been bestowed with, must imbibe them routinely and devotedly. Don’t waste your breaths, meditate upon Satguru Naam. Do not forget True Master Satguru even for a moment. Do not trust even a moment or breath, the inhaling and exhaling of breath is nothing but a blessing of Hare Madhav Lord. Whether you breathe the next or not is a mystery.

Thus, always plead in the divine feet of His Holiness Satguru, O Satguru Lord! Bless us such that we imbibe Your sermons to awaken our slumbering soul and earn the reverence of Satguru. As long as we have breaths left in this body, they should all be devoted to You, not even a single breath shall go in vain. Oh my Hare Madhav Lord! This life is Yours, these breaths are Yours. Bless us and keep us at Your divine feet till the end of time, keep us in Your shelter. Bless us such O Merciful Mater, that we shall always be under Your blessings.

||Kaun Hai Tujhe Marag Deve, Guru Poore Bin Andha Jag Yah||
||Ajab Kahani Alakh Zubaani, Kahat Hai Yah ‘Daas Ishwar’ To||
||Samrath He Aatma, Jaago Tu Jaaga Tu||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav