|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Vaani Sant Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahibji

|| Yah Mann Dole Khinn-Khinn, Mool Gawaye Khinn-Khinn ||
|| Satguru Sangat Bhakt Na Dhari, Badh-Badh Yah Mann Bhulana ||
|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunho Santon, Mann Andar Sab Mahanto ||
|| Bin Satguru Sharnayi, Iha Mann Badha Aukhaai ||

This pious Rabbi Vaani vocalized by Lord Satguru Baba Madhav shah Sahibji through which His Holiness shows us the reality of our mind. Babaji says purify your mind because this mind has emerged from Lord Hari and with Lord's command this creation called world has laid. It is because of the evil mind that the worldly relations have become sour; nations, communities & societies have hatred for each other and are, therefore, unhappy. That is why Dear Satguru warns the disciple to not get influenced by the mind. O, dear! It is because of the evil mind a human is not human anymore, he has become devil, a spiritual being is no more spiritual, he has become worldly. Above all, a disciple abandons his Satguru and become a slave of Evil Kaal , he renounces his integrity and wanders accompanying the evil Kaal. You see, the ascetics who attained the spiritual powers, but entrapped in the web of the mind, they couldn’t immerse in the ecstasy of Lord. In every time and era, the Perfect Masters arrived on this land; they set up their wondrous plays, blessed the beings with their divine scolding, and freed the souls from the evil emperorship of mind. Then, through Simran-Dhyan (True Meditation) and Sewa, they encouraged the souls to merge back into the divine Hare Madhav Lord which can be witnessed today by all.

The entire creation that we see through these eyes is very attractive which is strangely bizarre, sour-sweet and malicious. Huzoor Sahibanji unveils it’s a mystery, if you engage your mind in gloomy condemnation with each passing moment, it will be absorbed in it. Similarly, if we try to adhere it in the holy company of the True Master, it will be immersed in the elixir of Holy Word (Naam).

The souls that adhere to the radiant company of Lord Satguru and by ignoring the mind immerses in the divine love of True Master all day & night, they gain the true wealth of this world and the world next. They consume the divine elixir within. This mind can be purified only in the holy company of the Perfect True Master. When the being became a part of such spiritual congregation, the state of his mind that was inclined towards worldly pleasures shifted towards the internal path, he obtained the ultimate aim and merged with the supreme radiant form. Remember dear, the self can only be realized within. The soul attains immortality only through the unison of True Master and not through the company of the mind. Unless you associate this mind with the servitude of True Master’s holy company, the dirty grime mind will keep misleading you in the illusions and myths.

Hence Huzoor Sahiban Ji warns us, O dear! This mind has a strange reverse speed, this mind that is known as the King of Kingdom of Senses, resides within this body but still wishes and wanders outside. This mind is the castle of all deceptive thoughts and disorders. It motivates itself by committing right or wrong, bad or foolish deeds. This mind is just like a desert full of rugged sight. It is rigid and egoistic like a mountain. It can be made pure and pious through Service, meditation, and the company of True Master. Saint Kabir says,

My mind has become a mountain, now I have come to know,
when I stitched the thread of love to it, the mine of gold came out.

The Saint explained it clearly that when I procured the pious company of the True Master’s love and holy word then, by following His will I tied a knot to these words that when we bond this mind with love for True Master only then does the mine of gold emerge from it. This mind which is very similar to a coal mine and always beholds evil filthy thoughts even on such a mind, the ocean of mercy – True Master showers His compassion and grace because of which gold-like spiritual values and spiritual flowers blossom within.

This mind is like a drunken monkey who sits on the different branches of attachments and disputes, birth-death, glory-disgrace and prides himself in immense happiness. Then, if the branch of pride breaks due to the weight of his vices then it moves towards the wrong path. O, beloved! This mind takes you on national and international trips in a matter of seconds. Therefore, Saints have warned of it as a form of Kaal, The Devil. To take control of this mind all True Saints have vocalized that cleanse your mind through Sewa and then, through Meditation the mind shall realize it’s True Lord and unite with supreme Hare Madhav Light. Dear disciples, routine attendance of holy congregation cause this mind to stumble and it transforms completely in the presence of True Master. This mind like an addict and a drunk behaves notoriously and following his fickle mind, swings in inebriation. If the company of True Master is explained to this mind, then, swollen in pride, it thinks of itself as the best and calls others the worst. Not only this, the True Master, who is one with the Supreme Lord, our mind, affected by the illusions of the world, keeps thoughts of doubts, hatred and disbelief. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji is preaching us through His Vaani:

|| Katha Karan Sab Man Ke Sanga, Jaanat Na Aatam Ranga ||
|| Kahat Narayan Shah Suno Bhai Sadho ||
|| Satguru Noor Jin Paya,  Soyi Naam Khumar Pachane || 

Perfect True Masters through the rules of Sewa, Satsang, Simran, and Dhyan provide the strength and support to put a leash on our minds. We see that fellowship of the mind, wisdom-meditation, chantings, yog-renunciation, soul and spirituality, etc are the biggest of the big subjects everyone is busy discussing. Stuck in the noose of mind, everyone just imitates the mind like an imitating parrot. His Holiness wants to cleanse and purify our mind to unite us with our own self and with the supreme destiny. But the human’s mind has made him very poor within; it is adapting evil senses with each passing moment. His Holiness explains that the state of this mind is like a crow, this crow-like mind just always caw-caws. Sometimes it even interferes in the will of Lord Supreme and sometimes it sings the glory of Lord Almighty. Sometimes it speaks ill of Him and becomes a sinner. This entire state is that of Mind Maniram. Kaal (evil power) keeps our mind swinging in its swing and keeps it tangled in the vicious circle of births & deaths, thereby never allowing our mind to hold onto the congregation of True Master. For example, if an arrow pierces through your body and the arrow breaks and gets stuck inside then it doesn’t come out easily and a magnet is required to pull it out. Similarly, today, human minds contain the qualities of Sato (purity), Rajo (activity), and Tamo (distraction). When a person becomes irrational, wanders & falls into sorrow, he makes his life hell trapping himself in the misconceptions and delusions and in the absence of a realized True Master’s company, the mind destroys the human. The easiest way to control the mind is to speak less, always meditate the True Word and engage it in the service of True Master. Often than not, the True Master preaches that, "The State of Our Mind Today Is, The Way It Makes You Dance, You Dance So.”

Like the waves of sea rise and fall, similarly, the waves of desires & hopes keep rising in our minds. The worldly jobs, markets & government offices shut down in 8 – 10 hours of opening, but dear devotees, the mind’s market, since ages, has been running 24/7. There has never been a lock on it and everyone just keeps drifting in its thoughts. True Masters are the unending bestower of kindness, love & mercy, they always support us and provide us with self-power but our mind is very stubborn, instead of engaging in love for True Master, it keeps chasing the materialistic joys & pleasures.

His Holiness further explains in his divine Vaani, one whose mind awakens through the sewa, meditation & company of True Master, such Gurumukh disciple asks only for the dirt of Thy pious feet i.e. the shelter & shade of the Master. Mind, which has polluted itself by falling in the attachments, materialism & greed, the true love for a True Master cannot reside in it. Therefore, beloved True Master tries to explain the ignorant mind," Mann Tu Roop Hai Uska, Satguru Jaka Har Bhed Sunaye" O mind, you are the fragment of True Master then why don’t you put your soul into meditation-reverence & unify with Him.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji describes the state of the human mind," Iah Mann Badha Aukhaai" It means that the mind is very clever and stubborn. It is more restless than the flow of wind, it is here one moment & somewhere else the next. This dark mind, without the shelter of the True Master, is impossible to tame. The Vaani also conveys,|| Bin Satguru Sharnayi, Iha Mann Badha Aukhaai ||


His Holiness bestowed an invaluable advice, “Search for The Perfect True Master” Mould your mind in the company of a True Master, cleanse the doings of your mind in this world and adhere to the meditation-reverence, engross yourself in the selfless-service, then this mind can experience the fearless form and adjoin with the holy company. This mind continuously keeps playing its games within a being.

Therefore, H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji opened up about the trap of the mind.

||Yah Mann Ka Tanda Badh Chadh Madhe Bahu Bhram Tanda ||
|| Bahu Jug Jugo Jug, Mann Sang Dhaari Badi Yaari ||
|| Maange Ras Rasayan Saare, Jogi Japi Tapi Man Ke Huye Gyani Dhyani ||
|| 'Das Ishwar' Maange Daan Purukh Daate ||
|| Hum Tumre Tu Humro Iss Mann Se Ab Tu Churawo ||
||Sharan Pade Tere Dwaare, Hare Madhav Agam Tikaao ||

Huzoor Sahibanji through His Vaani explains the agitation of this mind that whoever has an interest in meeting with the Supreme Hare Madhav Lord, should develop humility, mercy & love in his heart because understanding the state of this mind is impossible for worldly wisdom-full beings & Japi-Tapis. The light of our mind is the same as that of a worldly being. Perfect True Master incarnates amidst the beings of this world from the One, Infinite & Supreme vast ocean.

True Master does not arise in this world for the progress of a specific caste or religion or tribe. Perfect True Master arises in an illumining-form for the blissful welfare of the whole world, then those who found the True Master shelter, loveful devotion, and gained the elixir of Satguru Naam, they are immensely fortunate.

Ever since our enlightened True Master imparted the internal divine light, meditation of Naam, the enlightenment of devotion of the seekers, masses of devotees have been taking with them the treasure of spiritual consciousness through His enlightened discourses and even till today, innumerable souls are being blessed with it.

So, dear devotees, we should come into the true company of the True Master and with a calm mind chanting the holy word and with each passing breath, we should realize that we are in the shelter of Supreme Lord True Master. Now, engaging this human birth in His reverence, sewa and holy company and procuring the sacrament of eternal freedom from the liberated Satguru, we should break free from the slavery of our mind. O, my beloved True Master! Bless us, free us from the chains of our mind, and take us to the Hare Madhav Lok with Yourself, my Satguru, my Hare Madhav Lord.

|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunho Santon, Mann Andar Sab Mahanto ||
|| Bin Satguru Sharnayi, Iha Mann Badha Aukhaai  ||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav