Varsi Mahotsav, the festival that celebrates the reunion of the soul and Supreme with the love and devotion of True Master His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji. To celebrate this reunion, people from different parts of world arrive at Hare Madhav’s humble abode in the city of Madhav Nagar Katni, Madhya Pradesh, India. Every soul present in this two day soul-fest only wants to seek the elixir of Satguru Bhakti, which is the key to attain the divine truth of inner reality. Attendees volunteer for the Sewa (services) they can perform to provide their utmost support during this auspicious occasion. All hearts fill with joy being a part of this spiritual carnival.

Satguru Sadh Sangat

Running in this marathon called life, an entangled mind attains serenity and stasis only after thriving in the holy congregation of Perfect Master (Pooran Satguru).

Satguru Sewa

Surrender yourself in the sewa of True Master's lotus feet and step towards surrendering ego and cleanse your innerself.

Satguru Amrit Vachan

Listen to the holy sermons of Almighty Satguru and gain the wisdom to incline towards the spiritual path.

Pious Satguru Darshan

Seek the divine glimpse of Almighty in the form of Pooran Satguru and drench your soul with the bliss.

Mesmerizing Shobha Yatra

People from all over the world witness this grand spiritual carnival to experience the love and harmony.

Spiritual Skits and Performances

Watch the entertaining and wisdomful skits and performances by the children of Hare Madhav Ruhani Bal Sanskar.

Come, join #VirtualSpiritualMela

on 9th and 10th Oct 2021 At Madhav Nagar, Katni.

5 Reasons why you should attend Varsi Mahotsav ?

Seek the peace of mind

Extract the hidden happiness

Seek the glimpse of Almighty in the form of Satguru

Establish the connection between soul and supreme

Witness the oneness of masses

Voluntary Services:

Free Medical Camps

Free Medical Check Up and Medicines for all. Doctors from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi and various other states.

Free Accommodation

Free Accommodation for all devotees attending the Varsi Mahotsav. Please carry your ID proof with you.

Free Food

Bhojan prasad will be available for Sadh Sangat of all meals.

Free Travel Services

Free transportation facilities from all the Katni Railway Stations to the Satsang Venue will be available at all times.


- Varsi Mahotsav Inauguration Ceremony
- Hare Madhav Shobha Yatra towards Satsang venue
- Inauguration of the two-days medical camp at Baba Madhav  Shah Hospital
- Hare Madhav Satsang and Shabad Kirtan
- Hare Madhav Ruhani Bal Sanskar’s special performances
- Hare Madhav Satsang and Shabad Kirtan
- His Holiness’s Satsang Amrit Varsha (Divine Sermons)
- Bade Babaji’s Documentry by special LED presentation
- Mass Bhojan Prasad
- Satsang and Shabad Kirtan
- Hare Madhav Ruhani Bal Sanskar’s special performances

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