|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

|| Prem Preet Na Bhai ||
|| Satguru Sangat Ik Till Preet Na Ramai ||
|| Prem Prem Kahat Sabhi ||
|| Satguru Prem Ameethe Aatam Rang Rangi ||

This Sacred spiritual Vaani is vocalized by True Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji, through which His Holiness explains that time & again, the Lord Almighty appears in this world in the form of True Master to take the parted souls back but the condition is that until we behold love for True Master, our mind enslaves us and imprisons us in the sorrows, agonies, and cycle of eighty-four lakhs birth. Hence O Beloved! True Master’s love is the bond through which the soul breaks the chains of Kaal and unites with the Almighty Lord in the realm of ambrosial joy.

Those who do not have love and pain of separation for the True Master, they are in apathy, but those who are filled with love for the True Master, they remain absorbed in eternal colors.

|| Prem Prem Kahat Sabhi ||
|| Satguru Prem Ameethe Aatam Rang Rangi ||

O Beloved! In this creation of Sovereign Lord, love brightens up every atom. Without the love of True Master,a soul cannot attain the inner bliss. Everyone says that they love the True Master but there is a huge difference in saying and doing. The day a being gets the wound of True Master’s love, from that very moment, he becomes ecstatic. With the True Master’s grace, the love floods up within his soul and spreads into his each pore and cell.

To the separated love filled souls, even the pleasant monsoon seems like harsh summers. To the separated love filled souls, a million variety of tasty cuisines also seem like poison because they suffer in the pain of separation from their beloved (Satguru). Tears keep rolling down their eyes but the loveless people come to the Master only for selfish desires. If the desire isn’t fulfilled, they shed crocodile tears. Is this called true love?

O being! When you consume the potion of divine love through the True Master’s company, that love shall stabilize your mind in Sewa, stabilize your consciousness in mediation and elate you in Dhyana. The pearls of the sermons of Satsanga, when threaded with love shall brighten your life. O beloveds! Not everybody is capable of loving the True Master.

Don't talk about love like the external sapients that we have loved the Master for so many years. Babaji vocalizes that, love ‘was’ Or ‘is’? Love ‘was’ is a different thing and love ‘is’ is the supreme wealth. Learn the art of beholding such love within. The world of Perfect Master's lover is pure, peaceful just like the sky and this remains in heart and in every vein. Even the calmness of moon stings the separated love filled souls of Satguru. The separated love filled souls always have gratitude and speak sweet melodies. There is ecstasy of love in their eyes.

A true lover never finds faults in the company of True Master, love scents us like a fragrant garden. Even the most malicious hearts become fragrant with the perfume of divine love. Those separated love filled souls sing such divine hymns-

“O beloved, I long for You the whole day”
“The  rain of love constantly showers from my eyes .”

Saint Kabir says—

“This is the abode of love and not of an aunt.”
“Only those can enter here who renounce their pride.”
“Love neither grows in farms nor sold in the market.”
“Whoever wants it be it king or public, has to renounce the pride.”
“If you can renounce your pride, only then enter this abode.”
“Kabir says, come only if you can do this.”

The saint awakens those doubtful, undevotional and suspicious ones, o people! It is not love, that sometimes you praise the glory of the True Master & serve and sometimes you criticize. Sometimes you call yourself a devotee mad in love and sing hymns but these hymns and love of yours are filled with ego. This love is not some kind of a medicine to be bottled up or wrapped in a paper and kept in shops with chits or labels on them. Do keep in mind beloved! A greedy, egoistic person knows only to talk about love. They do not wish to dive into the ecstasy of love of the True Master. Such people have assumed love like a free water dispenser, which was there for summers and remained useless after that.

In the next lines of Satsanga, True Master graces us with higher intellect of love:

|| Prem Aiso Kar Mann Mere, Prabh Ith Uth Sada Bahu Sada Ith Uth Nede ||
|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunaho Santo, Premi Sada Gunga Gud Khaye ||
||Charan-Sharan Khinn-Khinn Preet Nibhaye ||

His Holiness Satguru Madhav Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes that glory of true love and devotion is indescribable, it is similar to the condition of a dumb person with jaggery. Its sweetness can only be experienced but cannot be narrated. Such a devotee remains in the shelter always and keeps remembering the Master.

|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunaho Santo, Premi Sada Gunga Gud Khaye ||
|| Charan-Sharan Khinn-Khinn Preet Nibhaye ||

His Holiness is gracious and merciful. He wants to alleviate us from joys & sorrows to take us to the realm where He Himself resides. Understand it as if a parent built a big beautiful palace and they left their child in a dark gruesome jungle, would they be able to live in that palace themselves? No! Because of the place they live by themselves, they’d like to provide the joy of the same abode to their child. Similarly, Perfect Master is soulfully colored with immense love and we are all His children. He bestows us with the true experience of internal joy, elixir, eternal happiness but we ignorantly take His divine scolding and divine blessings otherwise and assume Him as our enemy. Introspect yourself that Satguru is our only well-wisher who adheres us with devotion towards holy word, congregation, meditation and teaches us to serve those souls who are jovial drinking the tumbler of love. Parting away from the True Master Satguru makes them feel like their life is leaving their body. Such a soul always remains immersed in the pain of separation.

The treasurer of Bhajan-Simran, H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji praises the magnificent glory of true and loveful devotion for Satguru in His divine vaani-

|| Jin Man Prem Hai Re Bhai ||
|| Tinn Ka Maram Na Jaane Koi ||
|| Preeti Jis Man Hove Bhai, So Hari Se Preeti Laayi ||
|| Aadi Se Yah Preeti Bani Hai ||
|| Prabhu Se Yah Neeti Bani Hai ||
|| Guru Ke Shabad Se Hove Prakash ||
|| Antar Mahi Hott Ananda ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Kahat Hai Bhai ||
|| Jisne Ye Hai Preeti Dhaari, So Unchi Baki Sab Neecha ||

‘Guru Ke  Shabad Se Hove Prakash, Antar Mahi Hove Ananda’

The souls who behold love for the Perfect Master’s Holy Word, gradually they procure the same (perfection) themselves, their inner self is always enlightened. Those souls always adorn themselves with purity; they do not let their mind fill with vices. They always perform the nobel deeds selflessly and as a non-doer. They remain tied with the thread of love for Satguru.

|| Preeti Jis Man Hove Bhai, So Hari Se Preeti Laayi ||
|| Aadi Se Yah Preeti Bani Hai ||
|| Prabhu Se Yah Neeti Bani Hai ||

True Emperor vocalizes- those who engage their mind in the love of True Master, eventually their soul is in love with Supreme Lord. This is the principle made by Lord since ages.

Dear Sangat ji! Pious festival of Raksha Bandhan is the symbol of true love. This is the unique festival of love & harmony, it's celebrated delightfully everywhere. Here ‘Bandhan’ means bond and ‘Raksha’ means protection i.e. the bond which protects us.

According to the ideology of Hare Madhav, in spirituality, it is the truest and divine bond of love between Lord Satguru and a disciple, which ties the souls to the Satguru through an invisible thread. This bond of love liberates the soul as well as sets it free from all the illusionary bondages.

Even the tiniest minuscule of love and affection with the True Master can liberate the beings from the cycle of births and deaths, if we hold on to the bond firmly, we shall rise from worldly to divine realms. The bond of devotion towards the Master turns out as a means of liberation.

Rakhshabandhan is the sacred bond which involves complete faith, love and selflessness, making it an unmatched blend of devotion. A disciple should always meditate Holy Word(Naam) in the manner advised by the True Master for this is the truest and essential  devotion, it enables the soul to easily merge in its real form post which the soul never remains devoid of that form.Then it attains true satisfaction, supreme happiness and joy. Such souls stay in the holy company of True Master and implement the teachings of True Master.

|| Charan Sharan Khinn Khinn Preet Nibhaye ||

This selfless bond of love with True Master’s Word is really surprising, it bestows the beings with gift of oneness, which enables him to see everyone equally and as his own family. This bond of love adorns our life. The souls immersed in the true love of the Master pray Him in such manner –

“With the thread of love, I come to Thy shrine O True Master”
“I stare To You standing on the corner door, hesitating within”
“I carry a small wish, to tie this thread (Rakhi) to You”
“This meek disciple seeks Your love O Master”
“Bind me such with Yourself, so that this bond shall never fade”
“Even if the entire world falls away, but never shall Your shelter”
“Bless O Hare Madhav Lord, fill my lap”
“Satguru Baba Ishwarshah Ji, bless us with Thy divine sight”
“Shall I celebrate with You Lord, the real soulful Rakshabandhan”
“Listen to my Plea, O Hare Madhav Lord”

Rakhshabandhan festival has always been the symbol of protection. It is an undeniable truth that only the True Master protects a soul in this world and after. True Master keeps his invisible blessing hand and protecting shield upon the disciple’s soul and purifies the mind i.e. diverts the soul towards self as a saviour. He bestows Holy Word (Naam) and directions to protect the soul from the tricks of devious Kaal. How our True Master protects us visibly-invisibly, we all have been and are experiencing the same. Isn’t it?

Even if we fail to properly practice the meditation of Satguru Naam, then too our Master takes care of us through his words and blessings. Enormous blessings of our True Master upon all the disciples, Lord Satguru continuously protects us. So it is the duty of disciples to enrich the bond of love with True Master and eradicate the ego. If we introspect and understand deeply, we’ll find that the Master is always protecting us from within it is we, the disciples, who have to enrich the bond and devotion. O Devotees, tie the knot of love with the True Master, meditate, serve and join the Satsanga. This is the true meaning of Rakshabandhan in spirituality. True Master binds the disciples with the eternal bond of love and eradicates duality of mind. He fills the soul with love and devotion, which removes the ages old filth and makes it pure.

True love is not achieved easily. For that, first of all, you will have to sacrifice enmity, hatred, worldly desires, ego, disbelief, foolishness, hypocrisy. True Master’s love is as high as the Himalayas but not harsh, it is deep as sea but not sour. In True Master's love, there is complete faith, reverence, equality, love, wisdom, dedication. The existence of the entire universe is due to love. Without love, all the hearts are deserted, love is the Lord and  Lord is manifested as living Perfect Master. Satguru and Lord are two sides of the same coin. Without Satguru, the love of Lord does not develop, the darkness of ignorance does not vanish. Perfect Master blesses us the way to develop divine love.

All the relationships are bound by the thread of love, without love, there's no enthusiasm within. Blessed is the heart in which there is love for beloved Satguru. This is achieved by the devotion of the Satguru Naam. Only those attain the true devotion whose faith and earnestness is in the Satguru. With earnestness, a soul can climb inner peaks. Without earnestness, mind cannot immerse within, and without immersing within, meditation is incomplete. Devotion is meaningless without true love & earnestness.

So we shall always pray this to the Perfect Master, O my Hare Madhav Lord Satguru! Tie us with your unique bond of true love, so that there shall be no release. Generate such true love in our minds too. Have mercy Lord Hare Madhav!

|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunaho Santo, Premi Sada Gunga Gud Khaye ||
|| Charan-Sharan Khinn-Khinn Preet Nibhaye ||

Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav    Hare Madhav