|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

O the disciples seated in the pious shelter of Lord Satguru,

‘Hare Madhav’ to all.

Vaani- His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji

|| Bhagat Tere Mann Bhavande,
Bhagat Tere Mann Bhavande||
||Tu Bhagtan Ka Bhagat Tumhare,
Mere Pritam Praan Adhaare||
||Bhagat Bina Koi Na Jaane Jugat Poori,
Kare  Satsang Sang Bhagat Dhari||

Beloved disciples seated in the pious congregation of True Master(the possessor of Bhajan Simran) ‘Hare Madhav ‘ to all.

We bow in reverence to His Holiness Lord True Master.

The holy Vaani of today’s ambrosial Satsang is vocalized by True Emperor Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji. His Holiness vocalized in His divine Vaani, the easy and simple way to practice true Bhakti:

||Bhagat Tere Mann Bhavande,
Bhagat Tere Mann Bhavande||
||Tu Bhagtan Ka, Bhagat Tumhare,
Mere Pritam Praan Adhaare||
||Bhagat Bina Koi Na Jaane Jugat Poori,
Kare Satsang Sang Bhagat Dhari||

The simple and easiest way to indulge in Bhakti is to seek the shelter of Lord True Master of the present time, who bestows the gift of devotion to one and all. The first step towards Bhakti is settling your mind in His pious shelter. The disciples who imbibe these sermons, their wandering ends and then the consciousness starts rising upwards rejoicing in the Satguru Bhakti; for that soul, there remains no question of bondage(Bandhan) or liberation(Moksh). O disciples of Lord! One can procure the art of achieving the highest state of Bhakti in the shelter of Lord Satguru. It gradually eradicates the darkness of illusion from the disciple’s mind and fills it with divine radiance & true contentment. The disciple becomes dear to the Master and the Master becomes the life support system of the disciple.

Tu Bhagtan Ka Bhagat Tumhare
Mere Pritam Praan Adhaare

The present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains in the Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan Updesh 215:

“Every worldly being arriving in the Holy Court of True Master must remember that attachment with the worldly things is merely a trap, it is mere deception. This attachment with the world is nothing but false love. This worldly attachment has been referred to as a pitfall by the Accomplished Saints. O dear! You’ve always devoted your mind to the external world which leads you nowhere and entraps you in restlessness, stress, worries and the tri-agonies. To recover from such agonies, the only cure is ‘Satguru Bhakti’. But what actually is the true Bhakti? It is said that O disciple! Beholding immense love for the True Master Madhav (Satguru) is the true Bhakti in reality. Only then the soul celebrates the true joy and attains the Supreme state of self. Thus O being! If you truly wish for the true Bhakti, behold unshakable love for the True Master and lead your life carefreely; for this is the one & only law since the primal beginning.”

You see, everyone comes with some or the other desires to the True Master but the true disciple asks for nothing materialistic but the true Bhakti. A true devout disciple pleads only for the true devotion of His Lord True Master and no otherworldly desires.

In the Srimad Bhagvat Geeta, Shri Krishna Chandra says, “O Arjun! The one who surrendered his mind, conscience & deeds to the Supreme Lord Satguru(Purshottam), all his doubts & ignorance end through ‘Satguru Bhakti’. Such a devotee cannot be bounded by Karmas. Thus, O Sadh Sangat! Hold firm belief, faith, love & devotion within. Let the strings of your heart be connected with the True Master, then no power of the KAAL will be able to shackle you. Adapting the path of Satguru Bhakti is primal & eternal.

Saint Dulan Das Ji said :

“Guru Bramha Guru Bisnu Hai,
Guru Sankar Guru Saadh”
“Dulan Guru Gobind Bhaju,
Gurumat Agam Agaadh”

In Lord True Master’s radiant form reside Bramha, Vishnu, Shiva and all the Gods. Worshipping & serving the True Master means worshipping all the deities. Beholding just the Bhakti and remembrance of Satguru bears fruits of all the efforts & rituals because in spirituality, the Accomplished True Master is the form of unseen Supreme Lord. Dear devotees! Stay under True Master’s will and meditate upon Him. One of the supreme merits of Satguru Bhakti is that the worship of all the Gods and Goddesses has limitations but Satguru Bhakti is selfless, limitless and fathomless. The scriptures have mentioned about a soul’s helpless state in the absence of the True Master:

Shashi Heenam Yatha Raatri,
Ravi Heena,Yatha Dinam|
Nrupa Heenam Yatha Rajyam,
Guru Heenam Tatha Manuh|

As the darkness prevails in the absence of moonlight; as the day isn’t a day without the sun; as a kingdom ruins without a proficient king; similar is the lowly state of the self-willed beings without the Guru. For those who wish for true & immense Bhakti, for them, it is of utmost necessity to seek the shelter of True Mater, who is the possessor of Bhajan Simran. The glory of the Accomplished True Master is endless and without His gracious company, the glorious Bhakti cannot be attained. This is why the scriptures mention that the fruits of both spiritual wisdom and Bhakti can be attained from the Accomplished True Master Himself.

||Bhagat Bina Koi Na Jaane Jugat Poori,
Kare Satsang Sang Bhagat Dhari||

How to understand the greatness of Bhakti? It is explained that without the Satguru Bhakti, a being cannot witness the enlightenment within.

The soul which is devoted to the Lord True Master with selfless love attains the Self-realization and the divine glimpse of the Supreme form of True Master within itself.

It is stated in the Garud Purana:

“Yatha  Bhaktya Haristushyet Tatha Naanyen Kenchit”
“Mahatah Shreyaso Moolam Prasavah Punyasantateh”
“Jeevitasya Falam Swadu  Niyatam Smarnam Hareh”

It is said that the poisonous tree of this world bears two nectarine fruits that is threaded since the primal beginning –

The first fruit is the True Bhakti for the Lord True Master and to attain it, beholding love for Supreme Master’s Darshan and shelter is necessary.

The second fruit is the Holy Congregation (Satsang) of divine True Master i.e. listening to and abiding by the Supreme sermons & Vaanis of Lord True Master.

For the souls who procured these fruits, their human birth became worthwhile. They ultimately attain Supreme joy.

The Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains in Bhav Bhakti Vachan Prakash 713, the true devotee of Lord True Master always threads his mind with the love of His Satguru. At all times, he keeps his strings connected to the beloved Lord and cherishes this blessing. Sometimes he complains out of love, sometimes he weeps in the pain of separation. He settles the Master’s glimpse in his heart and talks to Him within, his soul then rises above to the higher realms. Even while fulfilling his worldly duties, he remains engrossed in the love & remembrance of formless & it’s a manifestation, the True Master. Just like a child has a conversation with his toys but it looks like he is talking to any living being. The gist of our explanation is that for the kid, the toy is a living being.

Similarly, a true devotee knows that the formless Lord is present in the form of True Master but for those devoid of Master’s love, them the formless remains merely a mystery. His Holiness says,

|| Bhagat Bina Koi Na Jaane Jugat Poori ||

The key point to be remembered on the spiritual path is that without love & Bhakti, we cannot rise above this body. Many people are trapped in the worries of mind, they ruin their life by thinking about the past mistakes, while many thinking about the future but a true disciple surrenders and relies completely on the Lord True Master. He lives his life making the True Master his only support and leads a fearless, carefree life thus remaining blissful every moment.

The love with True Master detaches us from the false attachments. The disciple’s entire consciousness is centered towards the beloved True Master. While he worships the True Master, sometimes he complains to Him out of love, sometimes grieves in His separation & sometimes portrays love like Meera and Shabri. This is the disciple’s way of worship, it is his way of meditation; this is his only ritual. He gives up all his desires in the love of the True Master. With such sacrifice, the disciple’s soul procures eternal pleasures from the Eternal Satguru. Remember, what the beloved disciple procures can neither be expressed nor explained in words. The one who is blessed with the love for Lord Satguru, has attained the divine elixir of true Samadhi.

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji says the true devotee’s heart remains jovial in the love of True Master. A hungry man experiences the food’s taste only on consuming the food but he who did not consume can never experience it. The first step of the ladder of spirituality is ‘love for the Lord True Master.’ The love-filled devotee beholds such thoughts that neither do I sow nor do I reap; neither do I succeed nor do I fail; neither do I win nor do I lose. My Lord True Master is the All-Doer. I have no strength, I own nothing, I have surrendered everything upon Him.

|| Ji Sab Kuch Tera Mere Madhav Ji ||
|| Ji Sab Kuch Tera Mere Sahib Ji ||
||Sab Kuch Tera Na Kuch Mera,
Mere Data Satguran ||
|| Tera Karaya Sab Yah Sara ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Vinti Karat Hai,
Ji Sab Kuch Hai Tera Karaya ||
|| Mere Hariraye Mere Piyaare,
Sab Teri Akulai ||
|| Sab Teri Qudrat Qurbana Ji,
Ji Sab Kuch Tera Mere Madhav Ji ||

O souls! Such should be the emotions. If you wish for true contentment then behold such thoughts that I am a non-doer, whatever You do, is acceptable to me. Whether You do or not, it’s Your will. I shall go wherever You take me. Whether You take me to the destination or not, it’s Your will.

O devotees! Surrender all your affairs and worries to Him. O beloveds! The Akah Lord who controls and manages the whole cosmos, the moon, the stars; who looks after the countless realms, who governs the system of the universe, who rises & sets the Sun, who flows the massive waves in countless oceans, wouldn’t He handle the stream of your mind and life? This does not mean that you do not need to flow; you certainly need to flow, i.e. you have to perform deeds, but keep in mind, do not let egotism overshadow your deeds.

The Experienced True Master explains, do not sail the boat of ego, do not let the ego become the crown of your head. Baba! Scent your inner-self with the feeling of love & fear and in the pious shelter of Enlightened True Master, learn the art of ‘preserving’ the Master’s grace. Always pray for the feeling of fear & love. As it is said:

“Jina Mann Bhay, Tina Mann Bhav”

Fear is the basis of love and love is the basis of Bhakti. The glory of Bhakti of Lord Satguru is sung ahead as:

|| Bhagtan Tum Sada Ras Hai Paya ||
||Sadh-Sangat Naam Amrit Hai Dhaari||
|| Bhagtan Ki Bhagat Sada Sahai ||

|| Rag Rag Rom Rom Liv Sada Hai Laayi||
|| Bhagtan Hi Bhaav Ka Roop Dhara Hai ||
||Bhagtan Sucha Samaya Sada Nij Roop Bhara Hai||
||Bin Bhagti Bhagat Na Hove ||
|| Maya Kaal Hase Manua Mann Sang Rove||

The Satsang Vaani says, in this world, The Accomplished True Master is the form of Supreme Lord. Satguru, is the true Supreme being whose devotion and worship is equivalent to that of the Supreme Lord. The Accomplished Master is the physical form of formless Lord because both have become one, i.e. Ekomkaar. Dear devotees! You can always observe the divine elixir of Lord in the Master’s eyes but not necessarily always in His words because He does not speak much about it and remains ecstatic in the state of silence. His eyes reflect the joy of the divine Lord, His face is ever-radiant with the gleam of Lord. So, consume the nectar of Bhakti by seeking the Darshan(Holy glimpse) of Lord Satguru.

|| Bhagatan Tum Sada Ras Hai Paya ||
|| Sadh-Sangat Naam Amrit Hai Dhaari ||

His HolinessSatguru Baba Ishwarshah Sahib Ji vocalizes in Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan Updesh 295:

“O Devotees! The Bhakti of True Master is regarded as Supreme because it consists of selflessness. Nothing other than a deep love for the Beloved Master can sustain in the hearts of such revered devoted souls. Devotee pleas that whether my worldly desires fulfill or not, whether I achieve fame or defame but my attachment & devotion towards the Master shall remain unmoved. O Beloveds! Such selfless is the prayer of the Supreme level of devotion, whereas that which fluctuates is the low level of devotion.”

His Holiness further vocalizes that O Beloved disciples! Bhakti cannot develop in a mind that contains desires & attachments. The true devotees have firm determination to sacrifice everything unto the Master and not ask anything in return. Hence, remember your devotion is incomplete if you desire something in return. The true devotion means living in His Will-

“If You give me anything or not, it’s Your will”
“If You give and then take it back,
Your will seems sweet to me”
“I just pray for one thing to You my Master”
“Shall I spend my life living under Your will & commands, no matter how You keep me?”

Always possess the thoughts of being thankful and remaining under His will. Dear Sadh Sangat Ji! It is the adamant nature of the mind that it never remains still, nor does it remain fascinated by one thing for long. The mind is habitual of developing new desires, new pleasures. What fascinates it today will not please it tomorrow. Endless malicious transformations take place in the mind, the mind does not accept the path of devotion due to which the beings deviate from their true goal and becomes the slave of desires, imaginations, worries and confusions. The being remains entrapped by Maya which pleases the evil Kaal. The Vaani says:

||Bin Bhagti Bhagat Na Hove ||
|| Maya Kaal Hase Manua Mann Sang Rove ||

His Holiness explains that how can one attain concentration & devotion if there are desires and imaginations in mind. When you come to Master with pure heart, with all your mind, body and soul, you are blessed with the strength of concentration and rare treasure of devotion. The disciple then remains engrossed in such blessing.

His Holiness vocalizes that all the beings have entangled their devotion and focus in the false attachments of the world, some are engrossed in the devotion towards children, some towards their relatives and worldly friendships, some are completely lost in the ego of their appearance, some scholars have become egoistic of their knowledge and intellect. O disciple! The love of whichever thing has occupied the mind of beings, thoughts of whom so ever is dwelling in their minds, has become their Master and idol; they’ve become the followers of the same. Now they say, since the heart, True Master’s disciple is full of Master’s remembrance, hence he is a true disciple of Lord True Master. This is a crystal clear reality that is not so difficult to be understood. The wise ones won’t deny this fact because it is natural that we are devoted to the one we remember the most; we reach the one we remember. Thus O beloveds! Transcend your mind from the remembrance of false to that of eternal.

His Holiness vocalized in the Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan 310 that on the path of devotion, there is a system of Dhyata (the one who remembers), Dhyana (remembrance) and Dhyey (the one who is remembered). The Dhyata merges into the Dhyey through the Dhyana.

O True disciple! If you observe carefully around, every field has three key aspects, like a doctor, medicine and patient; teacher, knowledge and student; shop, deal and the customer; lover, love and loved; donor, donation and the donation box; eyes, viewer and the object; similarly O disciple! On the sacred path of devotion exist three major elements, devotee (Bhagat), devotion (bhakti) & The Master/Lord (Bhagwant).

Bhagat is the one who devotes himself, Bhagwant is the one who is worshipped and Bhakti is devotion through which Bhagat becomes one with the Bhagwant. It is vital to have these three elements on the path of unparalleled devotion. Lord Hare Madhav,  the Lord of creation, is merciful and savior, His real form is Unborn and blissful (Aj Sachidanand) and Supreme. The devotee awakens the Master’s real form within himself through Bhakti.

O Beloved! The only message of the True Master for entire mankind is always the same, “TO EARN SATGURU BHAKTI”. Fill your hearts with these supreme words of Bhakti(devotion). In reality, to establish deep love for the Master and then finding His true form within is ‘Bhakti’, which is purely the subject of love from start to end. True Bhakti grows through love, nurtures through love and immerses in love at the end, because the unparalleled unseen Hare Madhav Lord is Himself the treasure of love and His love for His fragments, the souls, is endless. You can witness that you constantly remember the one you love, your conscience and thoughts are driven towards that side. So, behold true love for the Lord True Master. 

His Holiness, Huzoor Maharaj Ji explains Dhyana in an easy way, for an instance, take wealth, you’ve worked extremely hard to earn it and keep it in safe. It keeps drawing your attention. On one hand, you are happy having it all and on the other hand, you are worried about losing it or you are afraid of its robbery or loot. You hide it in a chest box and keep thinking about it all day long. You don’t even disclose this to your near ones & family. Your entire conscience and energy hover around this wealth, you know why? Because you’ve invested ample time & hard work to earn it and thus, it continuously draws your attention and attachment, as a result, you’ve been attached to it in such a way that it is hard to detach now. Now, if you use this wealth to invest in a venture or buy grocery, clothes or other commodities, your attachments switch to the venture or those things which you bought out of your wealth. Then your conscience will remain stuck day & night to these things rather than money.

Your attention is always indulged in all these things, when this wealth is spent on a child’s upbringing, education, auspicious rites and ornaments or to please the friends, your attachment with the wealth shifts. As you were already attached to the person or the things you spent on, so when the attachment of wealth conjoined with the person or the things you are already attached to, it further assumed a newer form. As a result, the attachment and attention are drawn with even more intensity. This entire scenario is quite evident to you and you must be experiencing the same in your daily life.

His Holiness vocalizes, ‘O dear! I don’t ask you to detach with all this or shirk from duties, but to perform every deed assuming it as True Master’s service, keep infusing your mind with the devotion for Hare Madhav Lord even while bearing the responsibilities; and you shall attain the sacramental fruit of Lord Master’s devotion within; and I-ness & attachment will fail to overpower your mind. The Bhakti of True Master is the accomplished source as well as the treasure of enlightenment; it is a heavenly gift to unite with Supreme. True Master’s devotion keeps your mind stable and in case the mind deviates,  even then a true devotee keeps remembering the Satguru, remains grateful. The true devotees keep remembering the wondrous spectacles and love of the Master. Such devotion not only ends the I-ness but stabilizes the mind, and liberates the soul with the utmost ease. The true devotees remain unperturbed in the immense love of True Master and on achieving this state, they don’t even desire for liberation. Such love & devotion inculcates the divine virtues in our minds.

It is said in Gujurati, O being! Focalize your mind and engage it in the Bhakti of True Master & attain eternal joy. Through the true Bhakti, try to seek the happiness of your beloved Satguru regularly, for this is the greatest wealth of a devotee.

Meaning, O being! Focalize your mind and engage it in the Bhakti of True Master & attain eternal joy. Through the true Bhakti, try to seek the happiness of your beloved Satguru regularly, for this is the greatest wealth of a devotee.

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized that a true devotee immersed in the Bhakti of True Master becomes deaf. Listening to these words, a devotee asked curiously, Sai Ji! How come he becomes deaf? His Holiness explained, a true devotee immersed in love & devotion for True Master does not any pay heed to the taunts & critics of the people, he leads his life as a deaf keeping his honor aside. He just rejoices in the deep devotion, procuring the divine glimpse within and merges into Supreme.

Dear Sangat Ji! We all are in the divine shelter of Satguru, thus, indulge your mind in the love of Lord Satguru, try to attain the sacramental fruit of Bhakti and make the true deal; beholding the true love, settle your mind & consciousness in the remembrance of True Master. Wake up! It’s a new dawn, connect with True Master’s devotion. This rare life that you have received, do not waste it in laziness and wandering, meditate True Master’s Holy Word.

The glory of beloved Satguru is sung in divine Vani as follows:

|| Sadhsangat Eh Saacha Rang Hee Chadhe ||
|| So Bhagtan Liv Laayi Hai ||
|| Bhavsagar Bhagat Hee Paar Hove ||
|| Tab Hi Kaal Sir Dhun-Dhun Rove ||
|| Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Sunaho Re Pyaaron ||
|| Bagatan Ka Satguru Data Pyara ||
|| Bhagatan Paya Tere Bhagat Ka Bhandara ||
|| Tin Bhagatan Ka Tu Eko Pyara ||

His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes that through the service of Sadhsangat and devotion of True Master, a disciple develops immense love for the Master and then crosses over the worldly ocean. He is released from the captivity of Kaal and the evil Kaalis defeated by the strength of the devotion of such love-filled disciple. As said:

|| Bhavsagar Bhagat Hee Paar Hove ||
|| Tab Hi Kaal Sir Dhun-Dhun Rove ||

Guru Vani also proclaims:

“Prani Tu Aaya Laaha Lain”
“Lagaa Kitth Kufakarrae ,Sabh Mukadhee Chalee Rain”

O being! You had come to earn the true Bhakti and find the way to reach your true abode that could be found only through the Present True Master, but O being! You gave up on that path and wandered in delusions. O being! Even after knowing that human birth is a rare opportunity to meet with the divine Lord, why don't you still engage in Bhajan-Simran of the Lord True Mater?

O being! Wake up, earn the Bhakti of Satguru. Don't become the devotee of mind but of True Master.

|| Bhagatan Paya Tere Bhagat Ka Bhandara ||
|| Tin Bhagatan Ka Tu Eko Pyara ||

There is a mention in the Hare Madhav Sakhi Vachan Prakash No. 175. On 25th June 2013, Tuesday afternoon, when His Holiness was taking rest, a poor seeker named Bhagat Chanda Ram, aged 87 years came at the gate behind the Guru Darbar Sahib. His entire body was stained with unpleasant smelly mud and was extremely hungry.

Standing at the gate, he pleaded helplessly, O Master! O the all-provider Lord! Listen to my plea.

Hearing his love-filled humble and helpless call, His Holiness came out of His Aramgaah (room) down to the verandah and saw the seeker standing with folded hands at the gate. The seeker stood crying, he could not stand properly and stammered as well but still, he pleaded. He was completely filled with love in & out like an earthen pot filled with pure and cool water. His pleads were filled with immense love & devotion. All his love-filled prayers were being heard by the Lord True Master. He further pleaded, O my Lord Master! There is no lack in your Bramha Siddh Bhandar, You are the great giver then why are you being miser in giving me. He kept crying and pleading, O Lord! Listen! Listen, O True Master.

Hearing his heartfelt call, His Holiness went ahead to hug him.

“Sai! You are contented by love”

“O, Lord! You are contented by love”

The other disciples (Sewak) pleaded, Sache Patshah Ji! His clothes are full of filth. Huzur Maharaj Ji stopped them with a hand gesture. Seeing the love of the seeker, His Holiness moved towards him but the seeker himself started to go away. He said, O Lord Master! My body and clothes are full of filth. My mind too accumulates the filth of many births, the filth of I-ness. I do not possess the virtues of love & devotion. O the pious Master! Please do not touch my filth, I am extremely impure.

His Holiness lovingly said, O beloved! Your soul is pure. The seeker pleaded! O, Bhagwan Ji! The whole world regards me as filthy and malicious. He kept crying constantly.

|| Tu Bhagtan Ka Bhagat Tumhare ||
|| Mere Preetam Praan Adhare ||

Sadh Sangat Ji! This is the spectacle of love between the seeker and Lord Master, love between the love-filled devotee and the compassionate savior True Master. His Holiness held the seeker’s hand and sat there itself on the floor. The other disciples ran to bring an Aasana (holy chair) for Babaji but His Holiness said, “This earth is my Aasana.” Profounds are the glorious words of His Holiness. O devotees of Hare Madhav Lord! It is the wondrous play of Lord Master’s immense compassion.

His Holiness gazed at the seeker with love and mercy. The seeker bowed to the Master with folded hands. All other disciples present there got emotional on experiencing such spectacle of Master’s compassion.

|| Tu Bhagtan Ka Bhagat Tumhare ||
|| Mere Preetam Praan Adhare ||
|| Bhagtan Paya Tere Bhagat Ka Bhandara ||
|| Tin Bhagtan Ka Tu Eko Pyara ||

His Holiness asked Sewak Kailash to bring sacramental food and the vessel of water from inside. His Holiness made the seeker wash hands through the vessel and then gave him some food to eat. When the seeker finished eating, His Holiness looked at him with love and said, “Listen O seeker! Go to My heavenly spiritual garden and bathe in the fountain of Triveni-like pure and cool water. All of your malice shall wash away and then, in My court, you will sit and get to eat various delicacies. O Sadh Sangat Ji! Mystic are these sermons of His Holiness “ Go o beloved! The Triveni is flowing incessantly, wash off your filth and come.”

The seeker went and washed off each & every filth he had accumulated on himself for long. He became completely pure. Then, His Holiness made him sit in the Holy Company and eat sacramental meals.

Sadh Sangat Ji! The Hare Madhav Lord constantly blesses the devotees with ecstatic wondrous plays of immense compassion. All of us beings are witnessing & experiencing the same ourselves. Listening to and observing the wondrous spectacles of True Master certainly washes away our malice through tears.

|| Tu Bhagtan Ka Bhagat Tumhare ||

O the souls of Lord! The Supreme Lord has created countless worlds and realms. It is the Lord's command that all souls must become pure and return back to their true abode. The souls have been wandering and accumulating the filth of Sthool, Sookshma and Kaarana.

When the seeker souls humbly pleaded, “O Supreme Lord! Please incarnate in the form of pious unborn blissful Supreme Master in whose shelter we too shall become pious and all the souls are liberated.” The souls have accumulated the filth of duality, ignorance and various delusions of Kaal. When the souls started yearning for meeting with the beloved Supreme Lord; Just like the seeker yearned for food, the souls too yearned for returning to the true abode; they longed for the refuge and support of the Accomplished True Master and pleaded to the Lord. On listening to the heartfelt call of the souls, the Supreme Lord sent His enlightened form, the Accomplished True Master to cleanse the souls and help them return back to the abode of oneness.

The True Master embarked the cascade of Triveni- the three holy aspects of spirituality: Sewa, Satsang and Simran for the souls to dive deep and cleanse themselves so that they can procure the shelter in the Lord’s Court and attain eternal meals, true Bhakti and Supreme bliss. Souls who are blessed with the Company of True Master (the possessor of Bhajan-Simran) when they earned Satguru Bhakti, they reached their true abode. Accomplished True Master’s refuge has souls coming in from all over and the gracious True Master, overlooking all of their malice of ages, provides them shelter in His divine refuge. When the being dives deep in the holy cascade of Triveni, he earns supreme joy and crosses over the worldly ocean.

|| Bhavsagar Bhagat Hi Paar Hove ||
|| Tab Hi Kaal Sir Dhun Dhun Rove ||

The sermons in ‘Hare Madhav Vachan Updesh 113’ of His Holiness Narayan Shah Sahib Ji state, “O dear soul! When the formless Master incarnates in the physical form on this land, holding on to the thread of His love and devotion is the one true penance and the one who perfects this art, experiences the spectacle of the oneness of formless and form i.e, becomes one with the True Master. Only those with high-destined karmas earn the Company of the True Master and earn the glimpse of the divine enlightenment of Bhajan-Simran.”

Some of such fortunate souls were blessed with the command of Satguru Baba Naryan Shah Sahib Ji in their dreams, “Go beloved! It is time to attain the boon.” The devotee families that lived in different cities of the country, Gondia, Sagar, Akola, Seoni, Panvel and more, everyone came to the congregation of accomplished True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji to attain the boon of heavenly Holy Word.  One such devotee among them, on Sunday, 10th November 2013, came to the congregation of His Holiness Present True Master from the city of Jabalpur, named Vishambhar, 85, along with his family who had come to Madhav Nagar for a divine glimpse of His Holiness Satguru, began pleading, “O true Lord! The devoted souls who walk on the path of internal devotion sometimes have to bear the taunts from relatives, limitations of society, taunts of kin and friends and the boundation of responsibilities. Seeing all this, we get overwhelmed with worry, the heart gets heavy. Dear Lord! Should they abandon the path of devotion?”

His Holiness replied, “Why do you revere Mata Shabri, why do you revere Mata Meera, Bhagat Prahalad and numerous other devotees and many devoted disciples of Gurughar, why do you revere all of them with such great love? Because in the Lord’s form True Master’s reverence, service, these souls dedicated all of themselves. One never remembers the fake, Baba! Leaves that break away from the tree and fall down become dry leaves. Today,  fake do not matter, only the dedicated disciples are accepted. Remembering upon such devotees, the soul attains divine calmness and elixir. These devotees, on the path of Master’s devotion, sacrifice their everything and immersed in the true heavenly reverence, never cared for the world’s banter, all these hurdles are the plays of Kaalkhand. On the path of Satguru Bhakti, Kaal always shows its powers and supremacy. If you notice this thing about the world that if a child, elder or anyone sets a goal to achieve money or any worldly material then he/she whole-heartedly moves in the direction of procuring it without caring for anything. When while collecting these materials of Kaal, a being can ignore the relatives, the relations, the taunts, the society, then Baba! One who has enough caliber should walk on the path of spiritual devotion otherwise many souls, under the pressure of people-society, problems-taunts, abandon this path and keep wandering in the maze of Chauraasi.

Shiv Ji vocalised to Mata Parvati about the devoted souls that,

“Uma Kahun Main Anubhav Apna,
Satya har Bhagat Jagat Sab Sapna”

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji also sermonised,

“Sirr Dine Sajan Mile Ta Pooro Sir Kayan Ikhtiyaar”

The devotee began to plead with humility, “Sahibaan Ji, May we procure the pious fruit of Satguru Bhakti within, bless us such. May you never forget us and  nor may we.

|| Bisro Nahi Mohi Piyare||

May Kaal never distract us, bless us such. Blessings and mercy of True Master’s devotion, happiness, grace and blessings may always shower upon all. O Lord! Please overlook our sins & arrogance because we ungrateful beings are filled with the malice of ‘daat piyaari visaariyaann daatar’. Keep us in the shadow of your mercy. Guru Maharaj Ji,I also want to ask, how shall we know whether we souls are living in the refuge and solace of the True Lord?  Whether our life and breath are being immersed in the Lord’s color or not? How shall we know if the True Lord remembers us, devotees? Whether He is happy or unhappy with us?

True Master vocalized these sermons to the devotee, O fragment of the lord! If the True Lord holds unhappy with us,  the True Lord never stops feeding them, nor does He ever punishes His children through physical problems and illness.

He does not stop the Sun or Moon to serve them, the compassionate Lord keeps bestowing them everything. Lord Madhav does only one thing, one that forms the basis of everything, these sermons are profound and mystic.

O, beloved! When the Lord is unhappy, He takes away the auspicious moments of Master’s Company from the beings’ life. He separates them from the True Master’s shelter. He doesn’t wish so but it happens because the evil Kaal starts captivating the minds of those beings. Due to doubts, Suspicious & anxiety, their minds develop egotism, malice and myths. They start deviating from the path of the True Master and start wandering. Falling prey to the Kaal, they start segregating from the Master’s Company and service. They discard the company of devotees and the wrong company of self-willed manmukhas seems pleasurable under the influence of evil Kaal. They forget the grace of True Master and become deceitful, self-willed slanderers.

O beloved! These are the signs of Lord’s unhappiness upon them. Thus, O souls! Those who regularly meditate, serve and devote themselves to the True Master, are immensely fortunate ones. The compassionate Lord True Master is immensely happy with those who devote every moment of their to Bhakti, who always remain thankful under the Master’s will, who enhance their Bhakti with the remembrance of True Master because of O Sadhsangat Ji! Service of the True Master is the service of the Supreme Lord;  Bhakti of the True Master is the Bhakti of the Supreme Lord.

Thus, a spiritual poet wrote:

Love for True Master is the love for Lord
Unhappiness of True Master is the unhappiness of Lord
Service of the True Master is the service of Lord
Deception with the True Master is the deception with Lord

O devotees! Keep remembering the grace and mercy of True Master and the Lord shall be pleased. Listening to such words, the entire family had tears in their eyes. The sewadars served them with a glass of water. The devotee started pleading with utmost devotion, Sai Ji! During Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji’s time, we came to seek only worldly things. Undoubtedly we did Sewa but couldn’t attain the gift of Bhakti. His Holiness used to indicate to us that we beings were not eligible then, our mind would remain entangled in the trap Kaal. The right time shall come when My manifestation, the possessor of true Bhakti shall incarnate to bestow the whole world with the gift of Bhakti. Today, after 48 long years, I’m witnessing those mystic words come true. Bless us with the gift of Bhakti O Master as You’ve been blessing all the souls. Bless us with the eternal fruit of ambrosial Bhakti. O, True Emperor! Never forsake us from the auspicious moments of Your shelter, of Your Holy Company.

“Bhakti Daan Mohi Dijiye, Guru Devan Ke Dev”
“Aur Nahi Kachu Chahiye, Nisdin Teri Sev”

We the disciples sitting in Your pious feet plead You to help us out of the delusions of mind and bless us with the strength of Bhakti, with the feeling of selfless service, with the scent of fear & love, and spiritual growth in the meditation. O, Master! May Your merciful hand be always upon us. Bless us with the gift of True Bhakti, O the Master of all, O My beloved Satguru Madhav Ji.

|| Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Sunaho Re Pyaaron ||
|| Bagatan Ka Satguru Data Pyara ||
|| Bhagatan Paya Tere Bhagat Ka Bhandara ||
|| Tin Bhagatan Ka Tu Eko Pyara ||

Hare Madhav     Hare Madhav      Hare Madhav