|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Vaani Sant Satguru Baba Madhav shah Sahib Ji

|| Prem Bina Sab Ghat Sunae, Satguru Prem Dharo Ghat Bharo Piyaare ||
|| Bin Ehe -Prem Amrt Hari Kaae Na Paavai, Satgaru Prem Kas-Kas Raaem -Raame Dharaae ||
|| Kahe Madhav Shah Suno Mare Pyare, Kahe Madhav Shah Suno Mare Pyare ||
|| Prem Kee Na Jaat Na Paata, Jyoon Sahib Hai alakh Mata ||
|| Sacha Prem Man Dharo, Bhram-Haumen Gadh Aih Prem Na Upajai ||

Beloved Disciples! Today’s sacred Satsang Vaani vocalized by the TRUE SPIRITUAL EMPEROR BABA MADHAV SHAH SAHIB JI. His Holiness alerts us all through His ambrosial vaani about how a disciple should reflect his love for Murshid Satguru and Sadhsangat. To estable love within yourself for the True Master, the treasurer of Bhajan Simran, there is only one way and that is; Congregation of the Perfect Master. All the religions of the world sanction it without any uncertainty.

His Holiness casts light on love for True Master in His invaluable vaani-

|| Satguru Prem Dharo Ghat Bharo Piyare ||
|| Bin Eh Prem Amrit Hari Ko Na Paave ||
|| Satguru Prem Kas-Kas Rom-Rom Dharo ||

The lord True Master, the treasurer of Bhajan Simran, in actuality, is the form of Almighty. Perfect True Master and the Supreme Lord are two sides of the same coin. Without the Perfect Master, the dark ignorance within us can not fade away, when we immensely desire for the love & company of the True Master then we come to understand that the Lord was hidden within us. When we immerse in the love of the True Master, the unseen Lord appears. All this is the glory of love for the True Master. If Supreme Lord belongs to any cast or creed, it is purest form of love. Any being who loves the True Master, the treasurer of Bhajan Simran to the highest degree, then the hidden spiritual treasure is revealed within.

O devotee! Once you suffer the wound of this true love and devote yourself to the True Master, then you won’t be able to stay parted from Him, it will make your life difficult. If the love is true, then people’s opinions and their mocking wont weaken your love, but if the love is weak, then it is clumsy, stubborn, full of doubts, infatuation, inconsiderate, trustless, lie, fake love and it will unsettle you. The infirm lover is always unstable and his eyes are filled with vices.

The treasurer of Bhajan Simran, the Perfect Master Ishwar Shah Sahib ji is making us aware of a profound fact that O beloved! Holding on to the great love for True Master is like climbing the great Himalayas, the one who passes this difficult terrain & climbs it, only he knows its worth and understands its mysteries, which Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji proclaimed as—
“Aukha Pandh Pahad Ja” 

O true devotee! If you want to move forward on this spiritual path, then kill the “I-ness” in you, only then will you be able to absorb the elixir of the True Master’s love.

If you want to bloom in this sacred garden, then remember, make your love for the True Master so firm that even if you have to sacrifice your head (I-ness), you give it up before the Master. To love, is a natural quality of a being’s mind, Satguruji says, take benefit of this quality of your mind, rise above the love for the world and fall in the love for the Almighty Satguru. To attain that Lord, love is the absolute bridge. Now the question arises, what is this Love? Dear, just like one can smell the fragrance of the flower, love can also be felt in the same way. To clarify, we can say that the simple meaning of Love is emotion, yearning, affection, desire, passion, joy, love, happiness, wish, attraction, charming but it is impossible to define Love through mere words.

Saint Kabir inculcates harshly, do not take Love to be a cheap business. For eligible disciples, their world is immersed in the love of True Master but the unworthy have taken it to be simple and mediocre.
“Everyone speaks of love but no one recognises love”
“If one is overwhelmed for twentyfour hours , so is called the love”

“Love the beloved Lord with all your heart.”
“As with the grace of Satguru, one attains this divine deal.”

“When there was I-ness within me, there wasn’t my Guru
Now my Guru is present & no I-ness”
“The lane of love is too narrow, in which two cannot reside at a time.”

If you didn’t immerse in the love of True Master & did not rise above the duality, then you shall never be a receiver of the nectar. This love isn’t a product sold in market, the price of this love is to erase yourself, this love for True Master is like walking on the fire. Death is petty compared to this spiritual love. The one who sacrifices his life for love of Satguru, suffers a death which is not merely death and the one who lives without the love for SATGURU, hasn’t even lived yet. People are scared of true love, they narrate a lot about love stories, debate and discuss too, but fear actually loving truly because they do not know how to fade themselves. They like to keep “Self” on top.

Sadhsangat Ji! Without True Master's love, no service (Sewa) or devotion (Bhakti) is accepted at Lord's shrine (Dargah). Whether someone gathers knowledge or chants or earns mortification (Tap), one cannot find Beloved Mater without true love. It has been preached in Hare Madhav Vaani-

|| Bin Prem Sewa Bhagati Na Raache ||
|| Chahe Math Math Gyan Katho, Bahu Jog Jap Tap Kamavo ||

Emperor, True Master Baba Narayan shah Sahib Ji teaches us true love through His Vaani-

|| Aisi Preet Karo Man Mere, Satguru Charan Rakho Man Dheer||
|| Jyon Mata Kare Poot Syon Preeta, Tyon Preet Karo Tum Satguru Santa ||
|| Kahe Narayan Shah Sunaho Santo, Aisi Mauj Mein Hain Jo Varte ||
|| So Sahib Tise Khoje ||

A true devotee is immersed in True Master's love day in and day out (every time). Just like a greedy person is addicted to wealth; just like a mother has resilient, selfless love for her son, similarly, true devotees should keep their faith and love in the Beloved True Master, only then shall they be delighted in love and absorb the elixir like a bee.

In the Uttar Kaand section of Shree Ramcharitmanas, Saint Goswami Tulsidas Ji has written that-

“Guru Bin Bhav Nidhi Tarahi Na Koi,
Jo Biranchi Shankar Sam Hoi”

Meaning that without the assistance of True Guru, no one can ever cross the worldly ocean other even if They are at a position similar to that of Brahma Ji, Shankar Ji. The being who understands the divine love of True Guru, then within him arises the true meaning of love.

He experiences the glimpse of Lord because unexplainable are the stories of Lord and Guru’s love. The wish-fulfilling tree (KalpaVriksha) of True Master's love grows and prospers without soil and seeds. This love is a sacred tree in which uncountable divine fruits of spiritual pleasure grow and only the Gurumukhs, beloved disciples can taste them through the mercy and grace of the Perfect Guru.

Without the Perfect Master, without His true love, this connection cannot be made. The Present True Master, the treasurer of Bhajan Simran, is a vast ocean of elixir, which Gurumukhs procure according to their eligibility. Unless the disciple has extreme yearning in his heart for the Lord and removes all his thoughts from others and endures them in Beloved Satguru, unless he claims his whole life to earn the Beloved Satguru, he won't earn this eternal wealth. The true admiring lover of the True Master is not enchanted by the worldly honors. The lamp of Lord True Master's love is always illuminating in his heart, then the secrets of the Lord Master are known internally.

H. H. Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji said such divine words-
“Bhai Ba Thi Na Acho, Andar Hikk Bahar Biyo”

It means to cleanse the vessel of your heart with love, purify it, don't come dual-faced. As much as the vessel of your heart is pure and honest, you will be able to drink that much elixir by Lord Madhav. There is nothing outside you except for dust that does not stay.

No one has ever got anything except for the dust. My Lord Madhav is present internally, His empire is built within, if you are filled with filth and ego, then your eligibility will decrease. The inner self of beings is full of filth of self-willedness. Unless the internal filth is not cleaned, the mind cannot be purified.
Saints aware the disciples that the True Guru is filled with infinite spiritual wealth but you fail to understand their will, which is why you remain devoid of it -

“There is no shortage of anything in the court of Guru”
“If I do not get his favour, the fault is in service of mine”
“A true disciple stays in the shelter even after Guru’s scoldings & strictness”
“Only then the Guru graces the one who does not abandon the Guru’s court.”

O Beloved! The true disciples hold onto the pious feet of True Master, even if Master divinely scolds them, those disciples still dwell there. His Holiness True Master is the treasurer of true Holy Word. He will surely forgive our sins now or later and shelter us in His Pious feet. O Devotee! Don’t lose hope, don’t curtail seeking forgiveness for your bad deeds, because-

“A true disciple stays in the shelter even after Guru’s scoldings & strictness”
“Only then the Guru graces the one who does not abandon the Guru’s court.”

Dear ones! Whoever has attained the elixir within, has attained it through the meditation of the True Word within & by loving the Present True Master, and once such real spiritual color wraps you, then it never fades.

His Holiness explains that a true lover disciple is always lost in the remembrance of his Beloved Master’s Holy Word within. His mind, body and soul keep remembering the True Master, then through this love, he rises above the mortal worldly love and reaches Madhav Puri (Abode of Supreme Lord).

His Holiness Lord Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes that the immense love which a disciple carries for his True Master, it adorns his soul, but at the same time they cautiously remind us to understand their words-

“The intelligent ones do not know the Lord”
“This realm is for those mad in love.”
“Everyone there is mad in love, no place for knowlegable being.”
“The steps of Lord’s abode are for spiritual lovers, the ritualists cannot climb”
“Those who surrender their I-ness, only they are allowed in.”

Today, a being is something within and something else outside, there stands a huge gap between the two. He has masked himself on the name of love so deep that even he doesn’t know his real face now. Unless there is love, radiant eternal peace cannot be attained.

O dear disciples of the True Master! Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib ji imparts the key to spirituality through these Sindhi phrases-

“Sir Dine Sajan Mile Ta Pooro Sir Kayan Akhtiyar”

So, dear devotees of True Master, eligibility has to be acquired by the disciple because the True Guru always showers endless treasures of mercy. Now we ought to curtail our love for the worldly objects, dwell in the love of True Master and attach our conscience in the pious feet of True Master.

Without any doubts, dwelling in the love of True Master, keep meditating the pious True Word which shall make us worthy of the true color of Master’s Love.

|| Kahe Madhav Shah Suno Mare Pyare, Kahe Madhav Shah Suno Mare Pyaron ||
|| Prem kee Na Jaat Na Paata, Jyoon Sahib Hai Alakh Maata ||
|| Saacha Prem Man Dharo, Bhram-Haumen Gadh Aih Prem Na Upajai ||

Hare Madhav Hare Madhav Hare Madhav