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|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

“Vaani His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji”

|| Aayi Deepawali Jagmag Chahu Ore Ghar Angan ||
|| Rang Ropan Ghar Haat Mein Karte ||
|| Satguru Kehte Nij Ghatt Mein Nij Rang Manao ||
|| Koi Meetha Baantat Hai ||
|| Sab Koi Deeya Dhoop Jagmag Jalayen ||
|| Dharam Ki Fatwa, Adharm Madd Haara ||
|| Jay Jay Kaar Hui Satya Ki ||
|| Ghar Ghar Baat Sab Hi Gaayi ||
|| Santon Baat Suno Chitt Laaye, Ghat Mein Akhand Deep Jalao ||

Dear devotees, in the lotus feet of our Enlightened True Master, may our emotions, love, sacrifice and surrendering be accepted. ‘Hare Madhav’ to all. On this illuminating festival, being sacrificed to the True Master, the devotees always celebrate the Diwali of True love and enlightenment within. So come, let us listen to the divine Satsang Vaani and sermons that consist of the radiant truth. Let us listen to the sermons of eternal joy. His Holiness sermonizes the message of true Deepawali by explaining the truth of the external rituals and the glory of internal ultimate truth.
His Holiness vocalized-

|| Aayi Deepawali Jagmag Chahu Ore Ghar Angan ||
|| Rang Ropan Ghar Haat Mein Karte ||
|| Satguru Kehte Nij Ghatt Mein Nij Rang Manao ||

The All-capable Accomplished Masters, incarnate from the enlightened abode of Hare Madhav Lok and preach about love, devotion, wisdom and ecstatic ‘Amrit Kosh’, and promote the Chaitanya Dharma (awakening the consciousness). Adharma meaning misleading the beings towards the darkness of illusion. Lord True Master beholds the power of Supreme truth, He eradicates the darkness of Adharma and illuminates the radiance of Chaitanya Dharma. Countless noble beings take home such radiance of Supreme truth abundantly.

The darkness of illusion vanishes through the mediation, devotion and service of the True Master. The true devotee leads a happy life under the will of the True Master. The mind is purified under the Master’s will and experiences true bliss and happiness of attaining the elixir (Amrit).

His Holiness explains the true significance of Deepawali

|| Santon Baat Suno Chitt Laaye, Ghat Mein Akhand Deep Jalao ||

The Accomplished True Master is the source of eternal enlightenment, kindle your inner-selves under His shelter, O devotees! You all are wise enough to understand the mystic sermons of truth. Our holy scriptures, former Saints, Vali, Sages have all indicated towards the Ultimate Truth and eternal Diwali in their respective times. You see, the self-willed beings ignite the crackers of ego, hatred, jealousy & vices due to which their conscience is filled with malice & pollution of vices and their thoughts are always occupied with chaos, ignorance, apathy, stress & depression. His Holiness vocalizes, O soul! Celebrate a novel Diwali each moment by kindling the lamp of Bhakti & Naam within and witness the glorious internal celebration. Kindle the sleeping Supreme truth which is present within all.

His Holiness clearly explains according to the Hindu calendar, this month is known as Kartik and in Sindhi, it’s called Katti. In Hinduism the celebration of the festival takes place for few days and for the entire mankind there is a pious message for each day, whether the being is of any caste and creed, the meaning is one that is Deepawali of Ultimate Truth.

The first auspicious day is Dhanteras, on this day people make the purchase of new things from the market, be it any metal, gold or steel, etc. Commonly this day is known as the day of Kubera(God of wealth), who eradicates poverty and blesses us with wealth. In the Santmat (spiritual path), it means to visit the divine market of beloved True Master, surrender the I-ness and procure the precious gift of loveful devotion towards the Master. O being, come in the heavenly market (Holy Company) of the True Master and seek love for all, contentment for all, Bhajan for all and sweetness of affection for all. This is the absolute true wealth. We are immensely fortunate that His Holiness True Master has adorned the spiritual market on this Earth for us worldly beings; auspicious is this deal and time, benefit as much as you can.

The second auspicious day is of Chaudas, the message of this day is such that failure, anguish, agonies, despair, troubles, difficulties vanish from your life.

May we immerse in the meditation-prayer, loveful devotion of our beloved True Master so that we may overcome all the obstacles from our spiritual journey and our soul procures the pride of uniting in Lord Hare Madhav. Always pray for the love & meditation from the Lord Satguru to get through the hell of duality. This is a true infallible weapon to dry the ocean of Kaal since eras.

The third auspicious day is Deepawali. On this day we prepare the vegetables of seven colors which signify the internal seven Chakras of spirituality. The elders and youngers of the house, lovingly offer prayers to His Holiness’s Swaroop and light up earthen lamps in front of Goddess Laxmi’s idol. Coins are then touched on teeth, forehead and then put in a bowl full of milk. Sweets and other confections are served as well. Later in the evening, neighborhoods come together to light up firelights and children blaze-up the crackers.

Have we ever tried to perceive the real meaning of these rituals? What are the real implications that True Masters have tried to bestow upon us through these illumined festivals? It is of spiritual unity, love for Satguru, that all the members of the family go to the congregation together to taste and attain the soulful peace of wisdom and devotion of nectarous Holy Word. Lights and decorations are used to adorn the houses. When we develop affection for Holy Company, the fairy lights of virtues and values illuminate within us and we witness the glance of the cosmic spiritual Deepawali.

Days prior to Deepawali, all corners of the house are cleaned up and illuminated with earthen lamps (Diyas), similarly, cleanse your mind of all vices through love and devotion for Satguru and illuminate it with the Diya of Satguru Naam to celebrate the ultimate internal Deepawali.

O, Soul! Meditate upon the true Satguru Naam and you shall always celebrate the eternal Deepawali of oneness within. Imbibe this universal auspicious sense within.

The fourth day is of Badh or Pariwa, which His Holiness called Preeti Bhoj. Sindhi religion calls the next day of Deewapali as Badh or Pariwa, which means to demolish all grudges, increase peace & harmony and to hug each other. It is taught in spirituality that, just like you buy sweets and other confections, their sweetness is for the beings of all caste and creed, this sweetness does not belong to any particular caste, creed, or sect. Similarly, Preeti Bhoj conveys the message that every soul has the light of one Supreme True Master present within. All beings are the fragment of one Hare Madhav Lord.

The fifth celebrated day is Nootan Samvat Varsh. This day brings the ritual where all the businessmen worship and perform Pooja of their new journals, accounts and begin the new financial year such that the whole year is filled with peace and prosperity, such as the sentiment of this day for everyone. Present True Master His Holiness vocalizes, abandon all your old resents and seek the gift of love from the Satguru. Abandon your Mareech like thoughts and procure the attributes like Vidur. O, Devotee! Leap towards the new light every passing moment, this is what New Year signifies. To awaken this newfound energy within, it is important to unlock new doors and those doors can only be unlocked through meditation and reverence of the Lord Satguru.

We’ve been celebrating this festival for ages; Accomplished True Masters have spread the words of wisdom among beings that the fragments of the Lord i.e all humans shall rise above their failures, disappointments and incline themselves to the Chaitanya Dharma which shall definitely bring spiritual prosperity in everyone’s lives. The All-capable True Master is so gracious and merciful, He bestows us with the strength to become one with the glorious light of truth. We all are immensely fortunate to have procured the company of such Awakened True Master who bestows upon us the ultimate strength to awaken the eternal light within and illuminate our souls. We all are immensely fortunate to have been blessed with the shelter of Lord True Master of the present time who enlightens all the souls with eternal light.

Let’s listen to what His Holiness further explains in His Holy sermons:

|| Deepawali Mein Ghar Aangan Chamke ||
|| Satguru Sadh Sangat Mein Atam Ghat Antar Chamke ||
|| Param Satya Ki Baat Badi Vismaade ||
|| Aatam Nij Rang Ameethe Paate ||
|| Ghat Mein Jab Satya Ka Deep Jage ||
|| Poore Santan Tab Deepawali Nit Nit Kshan Kshan Manayi ||
|| Bhagya Bhagaan Hain Hamre ||
|| Aise Satguru Purukh Ki Chhanv Hai Paayi ||
|| Aao Sangaton Satguru Sharan Manayen Deepawali ||
|| Kar Vichar Manua Tu Yah ||
|| Pakad Saar Dharam Ki Yah Baat Samjhaave ||
|| Deepawali Satguru Sang Nitt Manayen ||

His Holiness explains, Just like we cleanse our houses for Deepawali, similarly cleanse your mind of all the vices and illuminate it with the lamp of Amrit Naam. Only then we shall be able to celebrate the true Deepawali.

|| Deepawali Mein Ghar Aangan Chamke ||
|| Satguru Sadh Sangat Mein Atam Ghat Antar Chamke ||
|| Poore Santan Tab Deepawali Nit Nit Kshan Kshan Manayi ||
|| Bhagya Bhagaan Hain Hamre ||
|| Aise satguru Purukh Ki Chhanv Hai Paayi ||
|| Aao Sangaton Satguru Sharan Manayen Deepawali ||

Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan Updesh 339 states, whenever the evil egotism and ignorance (Agyaan) begin to dominate the world, the demonic attributes get stronger in all directions. Even noble people forget what true Chaitanya Dharma is and it simply becomes a matter of words. Then, the Awakened True Masters incarnates and establishes the Chaitanya Dharma, the wisdom of Supreme Truth in this world of Kaal.

This law of the Hare Madhav Lord has been prevailing since the primal beginning, whenever and wherever they need arose when a being procures the refuge of such Supreme Master, he should remain firmly in the refuge by surrendering and sacrificing himself completely to the Master’s will.

See, O disciples! When we sit with our family for worshipping (Pooja), it is said, even if all the Pooja material is present but the mouse melon (Kachri) which is known as Mitera in Sindhi, is missing, the Pooja is considered incomplete. Beloved disciples! Pay heed to it, that if the mouse melon is missing from the Pooja, it is considered unaccomplished. His Holiness Present True Master lovingly explains its significance, O Disciples! Mitera means "Main Tera" (I am yours) i.e. complete surrendering. Even if you served the Master for a long time but didn’t behold the sentiment of "Main Tera" (I am yours) and didn’t surrender yourself completely, your sewa is considered incomplete. Even if you meditate the Naam but don’t keep this sentiment of "Main Tera" (I am yours) and didn’t surrender yourself completely, your meditation shall be considered incomplete.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji was seated on the Takhat in Gurudarbar Sahib, a simple-hearted disciple with pure emotions once came into His presence and kept a Mouse melon (Mitera) in the lotus feet. His Holiness picked up the Mitera and asked him, earlier before, you had offered the Mitera to Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, but did you understand the deep meaning behind offering Mitera that Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized? The disciple stood awestruck with folded hands. His Holiness said, “Mitera means, ‘Main Tera’. Until the beings renounce their I-ness and surrender completely with humbleness to the Master, these Mitera are worthless. For how long will you bring this external Mitera?” Listening to these words, he started crying and then said, “Babaji, the same words were vocalized to me by Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji in the past when I had offered the Mitera in His hands.”

“Babaji, such profound commandments of Supreme Truth of surrendering have been bestowed by You, through the phrase of ‘Mai Tera’(I’m Yours). When I gaze within myself, I feel that even after performing Sewa for so many years, I failed to develop this emotion of ‘I am Yours’, I didn’t behold love for Your Holiness. I always pile up pointless thoughts and doubts within. Have mercy O True Master! I have been in Your lotus feet for a long but failed to develop this emotion of ‘I am Yours’, bless me with such emotion and thoughts.

His Holiness vocalized, O beloved! This blessing is being poured constantly upon all; open the vessel of your heart and stay in the refuge with pure thoughts, then strengthen this emotion, O Master! I am all Yours. All those disciples who garner this sentiment, receive the Supreme blessings from the True Master. Beloved True Master has bestowed such disciples with the gift of serene love & devotion, Sewa and meditation.

|| Satguru Sadh Sangat Mein Atam Ghat Antar Chamke ||

The beings need to be eligible, the True Master is continuously showering His grace and compassion. Being the True Emperor, His Holiness Present True Master humbly vocalizes in His Vaani:

|| Ji Sab Kuch Tera Mere Madhave Ji ||
|| Sab Kuch Tera Kuch Na Mera, Mere Daata Satguraan ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Vinti Karat Hai, Ji Sab Kuch Tera Karaya ||
|| Mere Hariraye Mere Piyare, Sab Teri Akulaai ||

It is explained in the Satsang Vaani as follows:
|| Waah Waah Achraj Anant Khushiyan ||
|| Satguru Sharan Manao Saar Deepawali ||
|| Hare Madhav Purukha Ki Jyot Jagmagayi ||
|| Kahe ‘Daas Ishwar’ Mere Purukha Satguru Prabhuraya Ne Anhad Ki Bakshi Deepawali ||
|| Aao Sangaton Manayen Param Satya Ki Deepawali ||

His Holiness Present True Master explains, O soul! Your inner self is radiant with Supreme Truth, when you deepen your meditation in the Holy Company of the Enlightened True Master and stay immersed in the Dhyana, remove the layers of vices and incline towards inner devotion, then one day you shall truly witness His divine Swaroop in all of your internal realms.

|| Waah Waah Achraj Anant Khushiyan ||

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains in the Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan Updesh 238, Staying in the shelter of True Master (the treasurer of Bhajan Simran), each disciple should have the supreme goal to attain the ‘eternal’. Those who witness the presence of the Lord all around, experience boundless ecstasy. Immersed in such ecstasy, the beloved devotee rejoices in one moment and shed tears the other. Sometimes he dances and sometimes sits calmly while procuring the eternal glimpse of Lord within. His life is colored with the hues of the Lord. The noble souls which light the lamp of such devotion, attain supreme oneness.

Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji often takes out time from His spiritual busyness for the welfare of beings and visits different places to spread His spiritual wisdom, spiritual blessings. A few years ago, during a spiritual congregation at Amravati (Maharashtra), masses of devotees came to seek His Holiness’s pious glimpse and holy sermons. Beloved devotees from Akola pleaded in His Holiness’s pious feet to bless the land of Akola with His pious presence.

On seeing their love, humility, faith, reverence, purity & innocence, His Holiness accepted the plea. Sewadaris of Katni held a meeting with the disciples of Akola for apt arrangements of the holy Satsang Congregation & had discussions regarding the accommodation of Satguru Sahiban Ji. Sewadaris went together to check for suitable accommodations, but none of them were satisfying enough. The disciples were quite disappointed. One of the disciples suggested, come along with me, there is a grand bungalow which I think will be suitable enough. We should take a look at it. It is owned by a renowned businessman of the city but he is not a spiritual person, I know him well. All the disciples went there and told the owner of the bungalow about their feelings that our True Master is arriving in the city and if He wishes, He will stay in Akola for few days so that the disciples could benefit from His holy glimpse, Satsang & sermons and we shall procure great opportunity of Sewa to fill peace and joy in this ruthless life.

If you give us your big mansion for our True Master's stay for some days, everyone shall procure the spiritual benefits, blessings & mercy, we request you. The owner of the house was a believer of external rituals and unaware of the graciousness of the True Master’s presence. He unwelcomely said "How can I bring it to use before the ‘Muhurat’ (the auspicious moment). Next week my relatives & friends will arrive for the Muhurat ceremony with Hawan-Yajna (fire rituals), only then I shall use it for residence, my friend, not before.

But the Sewadaris tried to convince him and the owner gave the mansion’s keys to them. When His Holiness arrived in the evening, the disciples were immensely elated, the earthen lamps were lit all around, devotees danced & sang in ecstasy and celebrated the Master’s arrival with fervor. His Holiness graced the Satsang Congregation in the evening, the devotees were blessed with Master’s holy glimpse. The owner of the mansion also attended the Satsang along with his family.

His Holiness True Master vocalized these sermons in the Satsang that O soul! Whatever worldly wealth and materials Lord has blessed you with, if you entangle your consciousness (Surati) in them, it brings your soul back to this illusory world again & again. But if you engage your consciousness in the True Master’s Holy Word (Naam), your soul shall reach the true mansion (abode) within you. The worldly (illusory) wealth comes and goes, thus, gain the true eternal wealth.

In the Holy Congregation of the True Master, one obtains the wisdom to lead a better life, because the Master always cautions you through His spiritual sermons. You see, wherever such divine congregations are held, the vibes, the aura becomes pure and serene. Every single listener feels that these sermons are for them. Listening to the Master’s sermons, the fickleness of mind comes to peace and the mind purifies. The beings renounce the illusory path and tread on the internal spiritual path of devotion. This is why the Accomplished True Masters organize such spiritual congregations (SadhSangat) at various places. It is humane duty to give up the thoughts of attachments of the worldly temptations and imbibe the sermons of the Perfect Master in your life. With the help of True Master’s Holy company, head towards internal progress.Sadh Sangat Ji! The pious sermons of His Holiness began

to sink in the heart of that wealthy man and he began to ponder within that maybe His Holiness is addressing me through His sermons after knowing my ill-thoughts and false ego.

O, disciples! The Accomplished True Masters are free from all illusory entanglements unlike us and vocalizes His divine sermons remaining in the Supreme state, therefore each one of us relates to His sermons. Just like a mirror shows the perfect reflection to everyone respectively, but it itself remains unchanged, similarly, the Master’s ambrosial sermons are the same for all but everyone is able to relate to it respectively.

Post-Satsanga, devotees sought the Master’s blessings and Darshana, That wealthy man (Seth) was dancing in ecstasy and was filled with bliss while gazing at the serene glimpse of Huzoor Sahiban Ji. He constantly gazed upon His Holiness.

Out of elated curiosity, he would repeatedly ask the Sewadaars “When will I procure the Darshana” They would say, please wait, what has happened to you? Why are you being so impatient? With folded hands and eyes brimmed with tears, he said, dear, I’m feeling too pleased & satisfied by seeking Huzoor Sahiban Ji's glimpse, I cannot express my state in words.

His eyes still shed the tears out of deep love emerging in his heart. From the spiritual perspective, it was quite evident that all his doubts & ill thoughts were being washed off and his heart was filling with deep devotion. He could experience the Master’s glimpse within. In the meanwhile, Satguru Ji called him. He humbly stood with folded hands and said- "O my True Master, For numerous births, I lived apart from You, Madhav Lord, this birth is yours”

He kept weeping & pleading; he narrated the state of his heart with folded hands, O Emperor Master! Please forgive me, O Emperor Master, please forgive.

His Holiness, the all-knower True Master asked him with a blissful smile, “Forgiveness? For what?” He replied, “O My Lord! When your loving devotees & Sewadars had come to ask for my house…”. His Holiness punctuated in between,“Aren’t you a devotee too?” Listening to these words, he couldn’t help himself bursting out and said, “Baba Ji! I wasn’t a devotee before but after procuring Your divine glimpse & sermons, I’ve truly become Your devotee. Earlier, I was arrogant of my status and wealth, I really had a big head. Listen to my plea O merciful Master! Falling prey to myths, I wanted to inaugurate the house with worldly rituals before making use of it. The deities I used to worship, the Master of those deities has Himself manifested in the human form and blessed me with His divine arrival in my town; I’m extremely fortunate. In fact, that very moment was the Muhurat ceremony at my house when Your Holiness arrived.

Dear disciples! The Muhurat is regarded as an auspicious moment. But remember, the sun-like Satguru is always free of darkness. The holy presence of such True Master is itself the most auspicious moment or the Muhurat.
It is explained in Santvaani as :
“Pratham Dev Gurudev Jagat Mein, Aur Na Doojo Deva”
“Guru Pooje Sab Devan Pooje, Guru Sewa Sab Sewa”
“Guru Isht Guru Mantra Devta, Guru Sakal Upchara”
“Guru Mantra Guru Tantra Guru Hai, Guru Sakal Sansara”
“Bin Guru Jap Tap Daan Vyarth Vrat, Teerth Phal Nahin Daata”
“Lakshmi Pati Nahi Siddh Guru Bin, Vratha Jeev Jag Jaata”

The fickle mind misleads the being towards numerous external (worldly) rituals and practices; but remember, always try to please the one and only beloved Lord Satguru, worship Him, for worshipping the True Master includes worship of all the deities. Learn the art of true worship which enlightens the spiritual intellect, benevolent thoughts and infuses the serenity & peace within. Saint Kabir Ji says, never go empty (handed) for True Master’s divine glimpse.

“Kabeer Darsan Satguru Ko, Khali Hath Na Jaaye”
“Yahi Seekh Budh Lijiye, Kahe Kabeer Samjhaye”

Saint ji explained that when you go to the True Master’s court for Darshan, never go without any offerings. Further, he explained to put the tenth part of the income into Sewa.
“Daan Diye Dhan Na Ghate, Nadi Na Ghate Neer”
“Apni Ankho Dekhiye, Yo Kath Kahey Kabeer”

As long as you are alive, you should donate your earnings in the path of Perfect Saints. For ages, the disciples were taught the service of the Daswant (one 10th portion )in the path of spirituality. But Saint Kabir Ji says —
“Dhan Ka Daan Deye se, Man Bahaye Neer”
“Satguru Dett Na Sakuchiye, So Seekh Kah Kabeer”
How low is our state of mind! We remain ungrateful. We happily spend millions for worldly objectives, but when it comes to offer to the True Master which we have gained from Him only, our mind begins to weep.

“Dhan Ka Daan Deye se, Man Bahaye Neer”

Our mind starts weeping and becomes restless. Shouldn’t we give it a thought that how captive is this Kaal Maya (Worldy illusions). While offering wealth in the True Master’s service, our mind begins developing ill-thoughts. O dear! The True Master has nothing to do with our offerings even the Riddhi-Siddhi (Prosperity & spiritual powers) serve the True Master. Offering anything to the Master is for our own welfare and undoubtedly, the beings earn all the worldly things only with the Master’s grace. The history consists of countless examples that beings have achieved spiritual as well as worldly wealth through True Master’s blessings Saint Rahim Ji vocalizes:
“Tabb Hi Lo Jeebo Bhalo, Deebo Hoye Na Dheem”
“Jag Mein Rahibo Kuchit Gati, Uchit Na Hoye Raheem”

Saint Rahim Ji says, it’s worth living only till you behold the sense of ‘giving’ because the life without the sentiments of ‘giving’ is worthless.
Saint Kabeer Ji says:

“Jo Jal Badhe Naao Mein, Ghar Mein Badhe Daam”
“Dono Hath Ulichiye, Yahi Sayano Kaam”

He says that if the wealth in your life starts increasing like the water in a boat, it is better to take it out with both hands i.e. offer it in the service of Sadh Sangat. One never runs out of what he offers in the Master’s service.

Dear disciples! The wealthy Seth pleaded to His Holiness, “Babaji! I own millions and my rigid mind was full of false ego. But after seeking Your glimpse and sermons, my mind has transformed completely. I now know that You have incarnated to make me realize the difference between the Supreme truth and the untrue world. You transformed my mind drastically. Baba Ji! It is Your grace and compassion that You illuminate love & devotion within all and prosper them with spiritual wealth.”

He bowed to the Lord Satguru and narrated his feelings in the Marathi language:

“Sadguru Che Charni Thewila Mastak Deuniyaan Hastak Uthvile”
“Uthvile Maj Deuniyaan Prem Bhawharshe Saprem Namaskari”
“Namaskari Pyala Sadguru Rayala, Tuka Mhane Bola Naam Vaache”

Seth along with his family pleaded to the True Master, “Oh Master! Bless us such that we may serve You with all our body, mind and wealth. Bestow us Your Holy Word and true devotion. Give us the opportunity of organizing Bhajan-Kirtan and Bhandara Prasad (meals) for all the disciples.

His Holiness vocalized, "Why Bhandara, Seth ji?
He answered, “Baba Ji! Because the Muhurat ceremony has rightfully accomplished". His Holiness asked, “And what about your friends and relatives who were to come?”

He replied, "O Baba Ji! I’ve found all my relations in You.”
The relationship with the True Master is everlasting because it accompanies our soul till it reaches the true abode. The relation of our soul with the eternal Master is eternal.

Dear disciples! Even a moment of the Holy Company of the True Master (the treasurer of Bhajan Simran) impacts us tremendously. So we ought to regularly keep a track of how much are we gaining from the Satsanga, meditation, Sewa & Darshana; the True Master is ever merciful.

|| Bhagya Bhagaan Hain Hamre Aise ||
|| Satguru Purukh Ki Chhanv Hai Paayi ||
|| Aao Sangaton Satguru Sharan Manayen Deepawali ||

We cannot ever praise our fate enough that we have been blessed with the shelter of Lord True Master. The Present True Master has liberated us from all the malpractices, misconceptions, myths & worldly rituals and clearly explains to us the true spiritual meaning behind all the festivals. He bestows the supreme art of celebrating each festival spiritually. Today we’ve gathered to celebrate the festival of enlightenment in the pious shelter of the Lord Satguru. O devotees! Those who have True Master’s Holy Word and loveful devotion in their hearts, experience eternal celebration, eternal prosperity, eternal enlightenment, eternal fortune, eternal Deepawali.

Today on this holy festival, we pray with folded hands to the loving True Master, “O my Hare Madhav Lord! Please enlighten the unlit lamp of my inner self as You kindle the eternal light within all. Please shower grace upon us so that we may celebrate true & eternal Deepawali, such is our plea, O True Master. Enlighten our inner selves, O my merciful Hare Madhav Lord, Enlighten our inner selves, O my merciful Hare Madhav Lord.

|| Kahe ‘Daas Ishwar’ Mere Purukha Satguru Prabhuraya Ne Anhad Ki Bakshi Deepawali ||
|| Aao Sangaton Manayen Param Satya Ki Deepawali ||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav