|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

O fortunate beings present in the pious shelter of Present True Master (the possessor of Bhajan – Simran) recite with folded hands, ‘Hare Madhav’

“Vaani: His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji”

|| Satguru Ke Sang Utre Kaacha Rang ||
||Aatam Paye Amrit Hari Naao ||
|| Satguru Daya Mehar Bina Sabhi ||
||Man Sang Huye Madd Bauraaye ||

The Lord True Master is supremely enlightened and resides in the highest state of divine oneness; O disciples seated in such True Master’s holy presence and seeking His pious glimpse, ‘Hare Madhav’ to all.

The bestower of divine scoldings, the carefree saint, the True Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji glorifies the Supreme Company in His divine Vaani. He says that countless souls are entangled in the illusory world and entrap themselves in the company of evil Kaal but O beloveds! Supreme Company is the one that is blessed to us by the Primal Lord. Through the holy Company of Satguru(True Master), the Lord bestows us with the true divine radiance within. The Accomplished True Master is like the clear sky, always full of eternal true wisdom & eternal prosperity. He nurtures the faith, love, devotion, meditation and consciousness in the souls. Through the meditation of Amrit Naam(Holy Word), a soul can experience the ultimate state of ecstasy but this is possible only and only with help of the Accomplished True Master, the possessor of Bhajan Simran. Hence it is stated :

|| Satguru Ke Sang Utre Kaacha Rang, Aatam Paaye Amrit Hari Naao||
|| Satguru Daya Mehar Bina Sabhi, Man Sang Huye Madd Bauraaye ||

In His divine Vaani, Guru Sahibaan Ji explains about the Accomplished Master’s holy Company that the holy Company of Accomplished True Masters is always magnificent, pious, nectarine and abundantly Supreme. O beloveds! Sit in the True Master’s holy Company and listen to the divine glory, then your mind shall purify, it’ll engage in the meditation of Naam and never remain devoid of it.

True Master always looks after and protects the beings who meditate upon Satguru Naam regularly. O Dear! If you remain in such Company, you will certainly be liberated. Those who behold immense love for Satguru, they always dwell in divine ecstasy.

Dear Sadhsangat Ji! Those who’re bestowed with Holy Word by Lord Satguru and meditate regularly as per His guidance, only they can witness the oneness of omnipresent Lord (through the strength of Master’s meditation). By attending the Sadhsangat, when one meditates devoting all mind & soul, he becomes a true beloved devotee (Gurmukh). Several self-willed beings(Manmukh) do not understand the divine mysteries, they follow their own wicked mind and others’ false opinions, they do not meditate upon the Holy word bestowed by beloved Satguru, and do not follow Master’s commands, they do not adapt humbleness in the Master’s holy Company; the Compassionate Satguru showers mercy upon such self-willed beings too. Accomplished True Master explains that if we settle our mind in Sadhsangat, only then we’ll be able to accept Master’s commandments & will wholeheartedly.  Everyone proclaims themselves as a true devotee of the Accomplished Master, but the Accomplished True Master vocalizes- “Only the firmly devoted ones belong to me, rest all are under the trap of Kaal”. His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes in Hare Madhav Piyush Vachan 228 –

Through the true company of Poorna Mukta Master(liberated whilst alive), a soul can attain it’s true eternal state. The soul rejoices having acquired such divine company & all the sins, agonies & ailments come to an end.

The divine company of an Accomplished True Master can only be obtained by Lord’s will. And when the impressions of previous births are worthy enough, the true company of Master pleases us. O beloved! If you carry ‘if & buts’, doubts or ill thoughts for Master, then mark these words, you will never progress spiritually if your filthy deeds of previous births overshadow your mind then, just like Bhai Khilawan Ram who had the disorder of floaters in his eyes, your mind shall only witness the malice that you possess within. O dear! When you endeavor to eradicate the filthy thoughts of the mind and try to settle in the shelter of True Master, He shall bestow you with the divine herb of ambrosial Naam and selfless service of His Company. As we intake the herb(meditate upon the ambrosial Naam), and serve the Sadhsangat wholeheartedly with humbleness, all our inner filth & vices vanish. Saint Kabir Ji also states :

“ Sadhun Te Satsang Te, Thar Har Kaanpe Deh”
“ Kabahu Bhav Kubhav Te, Mit Mit Jaye Saneh”

O, devotee! If you hold immense love & devotion for True Master, your true merits & deeds of past births will arise within and you will experience the true joy in Sewa, Darshan, Simran, Dhyaan & will witness the supreme radiance. While heading on this path with love & devotion, even the scoldings of Master seems sweet and you will be filled with love & compassion, as a result, no people or self-willed thoughts can move you out of True Master’s shelter for you’ve tied the knot of deep love with your Beloved Master.

O devotee! If you possess ill thoughts that are a result of ill-karmas of past births, and your karmas are malicious, full of self- willingness, your mind will develop negativity towards the Master’s holy Company. You won’t be able to see the love behind the Master’s divine scoldings and various ill thoughts and doubts will arise in your mind. Saint Ji said: O dear! When ill thoughts overpower your mind and you do not find Master’s scoldings sweet, follow my advice which was followed by Lord Ram, Krishna and other incarnations as well, and that is “Serve in True Master’s pious feet with love & humility”, the advice is, that despite having narrow thoughts one must stay under the divine shelter of True Master, He certainly will shower His grace and gradually all the ill thoughts, doubts & oppressive deeds will be dispelled. When the Master shall grace you, all your myths, ill-thoughts & oppressive deeds will be dispelled. O, beloved! Make sure to stay adamant in the company of Lord Satguru, do not wander because if you get distracted from the Master’s path, there is no escape from the vicious cycle of birth and death. His mercy & blessings are in abundance, what is lacking is our love & devotion in His service.

“ Sahib Ke Darbar Mein, Kami Kahu Ki Naahi”
“ Banda Mouj Na Paavahi, Chook Chakri Mahi”
“ Dwar Dhani Ke Pada Rahe, Dhakka Dhani Ka Khay”
“ Kabahu Dhani Nivaajahi, Jo Dar Chhod Na Jaay”

Always keep this in mind that in every commandment & scolding of the Master behold positive thoughts and remain firm in His shelter.

“ Dwar Dhani Ke Pada Rahe, Dhakka Dhani Ka Khay”

Know that the lies your wellbeing even in His scoldings, and develop a true love for the Satguru.

“ Kabahu Dhani Nivaajahi, Jo Dar Chhod Na Jaay”

The beloved souls who rejoice in the ambrosial love for True Master’s company, learn the art of liberation through the meditation of the Holy word. At the end of the mortal life, when such beloved souls are called for Vaikuntha (Abode of Lord Vishnu), they start grieving and refuse to go to Vaikuntha for they find the utmost joy only in Lord Satguru’s shelter. Dear Sangat Ji, such is the greatness of the True Master’s company.

Maharishi Gautam stated in his discourses that Accomplished True Masters possess the elixir of true contentment, who dwell in the state of serenity, contentment & supreme ecstasy. False scholars, meditative and self-willed beings who keep wandering can never attain such true treasure because the ill thoughts, egotism and discontentment always remain within them which is the biggest grief. The true wealth of contentment can only be attained by staying in the divine company of Lord True Master, whosoever wishes have such an ultimate wealth & grace, must take the refuge of the Supreme possessor of Bhajan Simran, Satguru for the life is worthless without Sadhsangat.

|| Satguru Daya Mehar Bina Sabhi ||
|| Man Sang Huye Madd Bauraaye ||

In the Ayodhya Kaand of Shri Ram Charit Manas, it’s clearly mentioned about Satguru Bhakti :

“Putrvati Jubati Jag Soyi, Raghupati Bhagat Jasu Sut Hoyi”
“Na Taru Baanjh Bhali Baad Biyaani, Ram Vimukh Sut Te Hit Jaani “

I sacrifice to you, dear son! You’re not worthless, you have been fortunate enough by settling in the Lord’s True Master’s pious feet dispelling all the treachery. In this world, the woman who’s beloved son is a true devotee of Lord Satguru is the fortunate one, on the contrary, the woman who’s son is self-willed & distracted from the company of Lord Satguru, and if such a woman expects good from her son, she should have better remained childless, her childbearing is worthless just like animals.

So o souls, Engage yourself and your whole family in the devotion and service of the True master with utmost love. Stay under the Master’s will. A true disciple gets liberated from the traps of mind by walking firmly on the commands of True Master, which is further explained by Huzoor Babaji in his Vaani, as –

|| Satguru Aagya Sadaa Sat Sat Maano, Vachan Taan Ka Vritha Na Bakhaano ||
|| Satguru Poora Kaate Fandaa, Sharan Pado Tum Nisdin Tisahi Sangaa||

O, beloved devotee! The commands of True Master contain the strength of attaining supreme elixir, beholding true faith in the commands vocalized by Him, beings attain the nectar of soulful joy. You will have wholeheartedly abide by the sermons of the True Master, possessor of Bhajan Simran and give up your I-ness & myths. You’ll have to remain completely under His will, only then will the eternal radiance emerge within.

|| Satguru Aagya Sadaa Sat Sat Maano, Vachan Taan Ka Vritha Na Bakhaano ||

O, disciple! True Master’s mind & intellect can never be compared with that of us, lowly beings. His mind is beyond the minds, His intellect is Supreme He transforms the ill-souls into supreme ones through His grace, holy company and true devotion i.e. the form of indescribable Hare Madhav Lord.

Shamz Tabjez ji vocalizes in Sufism, that the face of True Master always reflects the divine light of Almighty Lord. O, Soul! Adapt the company of True Master whilst alive, don’t become worthless, become worthy, attain their blessings, time is flowing, you never know when your body will turn into ashes with the passing away of breaths. So truly said by the Sufi saint, that when your body sculpts will reach the burial site, all your bossiness, wealth, attitude, the ego will remain like dust here in the burial hole. If whilst alive, you will realize the worth of True Master and leave the slavery of mind, and establish deep love with the merchant of divinity, then even your death shall not mean death, as your soul will march towards the ultimate abode, You shall attain the supreme bliss whilst alive as well as the afterlife. True disciples always procure the blessings of Master, those disciples who attained the blessings of the True Master, they expressed that bliss of the Master’s love as -

“ Ever since we got Your love & support”
“We are blessed with true happiness with Your grace”
“We bore the agonies of the world constantly in the false love of world”
“All the lives turned blissful, after getting Thy shelter”
“O Lord form Hare Madhav”
“All the lives turned blissful, after getting Thy shelter”
“All the lives turned blissful, after getting Thy shelter”

All those beloved souls who tasted the divine sweetness of love and devotion towards the True Master, then they bliss had no boundaries, they attained eternal bliss they proceeded to the supreme realm, where the True Master resides, where exits the root of spirituality. Dear Sadhsangat! We’re all aware that one of the major causes of our suffering deep attachment with people, family, friends, relatives so dear! Certainly, maintain the responsibility of worldly relationships but the bond of love must only be tied with True Master. The relation with the people is limited to this life but the relation with the True Master is eternal because our soul is a fragment of Almighty True Master. He, who belonged to us before this life, is still ours and shall continue to be even after our demise.

O, Beloved! All our karmic accounts settle naturally in the refuge of True Master. The True Master liberates the beings from the duality of Kaal and blesses them with the shade of His holy company. The soul then becomes one with the eternal Lord & rise above this mortal creation. A being attains liberation from the trap by kaal by abiding by the commands of Lord True Master, then the debit-credit of karmic accounts settles. Accomplished True Masters are the bestower of liberation, they are fonded rarely. Which is why Vaani also states-

“Dharmraay Ab Kya Karoge, Jab Faata Sagla Lekha”
“Hum Santan Ki Rain Pyaare, Hum Santan Ki Sharnaa”

His Holiness explains that don’t claim the possessions of this false world, and affirm this, that everything belongs to the Hare Madhav Lord, the desire of owning such possessions has left you to stray in the maze of agonies. Many kings-emperors came & left, but the soul kept wandering because the pious company of True Masters didn’t please them, so always become the seeker of True Master’s Company.

In the Holy Sadhsangat of Lord True Master prevails such strength that flourishes the emotion of love and humility in the egoistic mind full of apathy, makes it greener.

Dear disciples! It has been said in the scriptures that the moon is capable of vanishing the heat, Ganga can wash away our sins, the Kalpavraksha (wish-fulfilling tree) can end all the desires, but above all, the company of True Master; possessor of Bhajan Simran is all capable of ending the vicious cycle of births and deaths of a soul and uniting it with the Hare Madhav Lord when we stay firmly in the company of True Master, we shall become one with the Lord. Those who awaken in the company of True Master, realize that it is a pleasant experience for the soul. When the conscience awakens, the experience comes to be, this is all the glory of the Earned True Master. His merciful blessing strengthens the soul to reach that real abode. O, Beloved! When you attain the fortunate company of Awakened True Master, try to stay there, then don’t think about caste, religion, or status, because each soul is treasured with the elixir, but the realization can only occur when the being attains the pious shelter of Lord True Master and settles his mind. Dive in the divine waters of True Master’s Holy Word and leave the pit of I-ness and self-willedness. Hence the Vaani states that –

||Satguru Poora Kaate Fanda Sharan Pado, Tum Nishadin Tisahi Sangaa||

His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes in His Vaani-

|| Santan Ki Mahima Ved Kurana, Sab Sadgrantha Gaave Mahima||
|| Santan Ke Sang Raam Pyara, Amrit Naam Chit Sang Aave||
|| Saache Sant Ki Daras Jo Paave, Jaakin Bhaavi Aisi Paave||
|| Santan Sab Hi Ved Jataya, Kaal Dayaal Ka Bhed Janaaya ||
|| Kahe Narayan Shah Suno Bhai Saado, Santan Bin Rab Noor Na Samaayo||
|| Naam Ke Daata Sant Saache, Amrit Naam Sab Ko Chaakhe ||
|| Hare Madhav Noor Wo Jaane, Naam Rasaayan Drid Jo Dhyaave ||

Emperor His Holiness Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji is alerting the beings that O Beloved! Listen to me carefully, you cannot become a disciple or devotee merely by the bookish knowledge or by chanting the past tales. If a being becomes a library in entirety, even then he cannot attain even the slightest wisdom of a True Master. Think yourself, when you drink water, your thirst is quenched for some time, but which elixir can quench the thirst of the soul forever?  Who is capable of blessing such elixir to us souls? O, Beloved! That elixir is attained through profound love & devotion for the True Master and firmly staying in their congregation.

Maulana Room Ji is singing in his Kalaam –

“Yak Jamaana Sohbate Ba Auliya”
“Behtar Aj Sad Saala Taa At – Ai – Beriya”

Meaning that even a few moments spent in the company of Lord True Master are far worthy than the shallow worshipping of a hundred years. A minuscule of True Master’s congregation with purity and deep love is far better than the shallow worship of numerous years. The beings who connect with the congregation of True Master are always contended & blissful.

Dear Sadh Sangat Ji! You can witness that many families, may it be elders or youngsters, who are completely devoted to the True Master’s company & service, have a completely different vision towards life, even their minds are unique.

An old devotee used to come into His Holiness’s divine congregation and notice that everyone in the divine congregation is engaged in selfless-service and on the path of reverence. One day, the devotee pleaded to His Holiness “My true Master Lord! Sometimes, a thought frequently wanders my mind that all of my family and kin should adapt to this life of inner spirituality & Satguru Bhakti (True Master's reverence) because I have seen that since Your blessings of spirituality have begun showering on the mass since You have blessed everyone with the treasure of services & reverence; devotees from country and abroad have come to be a part of Your pious glimpse, service and congregation. Baba Ji! The lives of the families that are engaged in services selflessly are filled with joy and peace; they lead a content life full of gratitude. Dear True Lord, there is always discontent and unhappiness among my family filled with sorrows, even my children are in bad company. Baba Ji! Have mercy so that my family and my kin shall walk on this path of spirituality too.”

Dear devotees! Most of the disciples carry similar curiosity within. Listening to the curiosity of that devotee, His Holiness vocalized these merciful words “It gives us joy that you care about the fact that your family, children and all of the kin shall procure the joy of spirituality because the mental pollution that has spread into this world is polluting the minds of children which cause negative thoughts in them and suffer from depression. Sorrow is affecting their health and their lifestyle as well which leads them to fall into bad company. To stay away from all of this, the treasure of True Master's service and reverence is open for all souls. Meet with the head-Sewadars, the respective sewadar in-charge and understand the key rules of service. It is the duty of the elders to connect their wards with this true path of spirituality. Even if you have to be stern, send your ward on this path, instigate curiosity among them because only Sewa can awaken the inner-conscience. Attend the divine sermons with all your family, even at home, make everyone sit and listen to the holy sermons, practice meditation of the Holy Word so that everyone can connect to the divine light of this true path which shall increase self-confidence and positivity. Begin your each day with Satguru Ardaas (morning prayer) and then head towards your daily routine”

“Send your children to Hare Madhav Bal Sanskar routinely so that those little saplings can gain the nurturing environment of spirituality which shall make them grow into beautiful flowers with deep strong roots. Only through Satguru’s blessing shall they procure the fortune of growing into the spiritual aura and strengthen their inner-ability.” Dear devotees! Shaping the raw mud into a proper pot requires a skilled pot maker. Today, present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, as a spiritual pot-maker, is shaping the minds, lives and souls of the beings while uplifting them from the sorrows of the world by guiding them towards the right path and liberating them from the vicious circle of life and death. Until there is no fine craftsman, how will the mud get its shape? In regards to this, the following comes in the Vaani-

||Bin Satguru Dukhi Jagat Hai, Sada Doobey Andha Khuwara||
||Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Sunho Pyarron, Sada Sadhu Poore Sangat Nit vicharo||

Supreme Lord Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes that without a True Master, the being is spending his life in sorrows. He falls into such a deep well, getting out of which is impossible. You can still come into the shelter of a True Master and engage in service, in meditation & devotion and benefit yourself through His divine Darshana. Devotees from a thousand miles away are pulled towards the congregation but are we able to make the maximum benefit of this congregation? No! Because we don't focus all of our attention on True Master’s Darshana. Beloveds! The true benefit of the True Master's congregation shall only be achieved when you procure His glimpse with stability and profoundly. Turn your mind towards Satsang & Darshana. When you come to attend sermons, bring your mind with you. Don’t just make your body sit in the congregation, make your mind procure the glimpse of the True Master, meditate upon the holy word with every breath and make it sit with all the worldly thoughts eradicated.

Just like the droplets of water that fall repeatedly on a particular surface leave a mark one day, similarly, by being in the company of True Master regularly, the mark of devotion and love for Satguru emerges on the surface of the mind.

Beloveds! The biggest shield against the pollution of mind is to not stare into the eyes of others but only gaze onto the glimpse of the True Master, this centralizes the stability of the soul. If you are immersed in Simran, Bhajan internally then you will feel it. Fixate your mind. When you learn to fixate your mind upon the congregation of the True Master, then “the secrets of true happiness are silent, opening them is impossible and listening-understanding them is discourse”. Experience if for yourself. Dear devotees! What is the reason that Vedas and Holy Scriptures sing the glory of Sadh-Sangat (congregation); love & devotion for True Master so melodiously! That our love, devotion shall be dedicated where that spiritual light is ever-present and it is present within the True Master of contemporary times, therefore there is a spiritual calmness and heavenly charm in Him that binds all souls unto a thread.

Company of the True Master blossoms the flowers of true conscience within every being. Today, illusions of the mind have surrounded all beings but those beings are immensely fortunate who have been and are being nurtured in the company of the True Master.

You shall see today how the shortcomings of beings have made them fall. He does not thank the one he procured from because the being is the servant of his own mind.

Saints in their own way conveyed clearly –

“Jo Bajana Bagarna Az To Bistanad Ajal”
“Khud Hee Munsif Baash-e-dil Ee Niko Ya Aan Niko”

O being trapped in illusions! Surrender your life to the Supreme True Master otherwise, this kaal will snatch it away from you forcefully. O mind! Become resilient or else sleeping with the wrongs and in the cemeteries will become your ultimate fate, you will have to suffer from sorrows for eternity. Through the blessings of treasurer of Bhajan-Simran, o being! Save yourself from the deals of losses and learn to earn profits. Remember! Those who do not understand the blessings of the True Master, then are meant to suffer at the hands of kaal. Such minds & hearts suffered what suffered till now, but awaken now! This is the time to wake up and understand. True Master Satguru wants to pull you out of the quicksand of sins and bestow you with the true elixir but you, intoxicated and immersed in malice, fail to understand His blessings and blissful sermons. This kaal, through its cunningness, starts dancing in the head of the beings such that they begin to think that they are a true devotee, that I have performed sewa for so long, I am a Gurmukh. Beloved! Think for yourself, if a crow flies and sits onto the Himalayas, will it be called the Garuda bird? It doesn't matter even if the crow accepts itself to be a vulture. So, the beings who are manmukhas, filled with deceit and arrogance, how will they be called gurumukhas? True sewak?

True Master enlightens, baba! All of this is maya's creation. It entraps the being and pushes him into deceit which blinds the being and then he wanders in this creation and loses himself. This is when the True Master of the time wants to guide the being to the place where there is peace, where the illusion breaks and where the arrogance lessens instead of strengthening. True Master even blesses and graces all manmukhas. Manmukha beings have to hold eligibility to identify His blessings.


Saint Devdas Ji says,

“Manukha Dehi Paay Tiyo Nahin Chet Re”
“Ram Bhajan Koon Bhool, Maya Soon Het Re”
“Chaurasi Mein Jaay Pade Mukh Ret Re”
“Deva Duni Maane Nahin Dukh Koon Let Re”

The Accomplished True Masters make us realize the importance of human birth and remind us that O ignorant being! Why have you ignored the Bhajan-Simran and attached yourself with Maya? You keep following your mind and make efforts only to sustain your wealth and body. O beloved! The sermons of Lord True Master of present time are always true that without the meditation of Satguru Naam and true service, the being is dishonored in both the worlds and suffers endless pains and agonies of Chaurasi. Today, the being wanders behind the fascinating illusory world but look, the Accomplished True Master enlightens our inner self and never stops showering His immense grace and mercy upon the beings. He awakens us from the deep sleep of ignorance and warn us that O soul! This life is too short, after that lies the darkness of Kaal. I keep explaining and reminding you but it’s sad to know that you are so attached with people that you only wish to please and be pleased by others. You do not understand the signs by the True Master. It’s high time to realize it; grab the true deal before it’s too late.

O wise beings! Think for yourself that even the animals and birds make efforts for food, water, sleep and fulfillment of sense pleasures but the human beings, even while having acquired the superior intellect, are wasting their lives in the worthless matters. Ignoring the Supreme preaching of True Masters and following the commands of mind, they’ve fallen in the pit of sorrows and agonies. The True Masters are immensely gracious that they only think of welfare of whole humanity. Overlooking our demerits, They keep showering endless mercy and grace. Isn’t it true? Observe and analyze yourself that earlier, you used to come with which type of thoughts, what did the True Master want to give and what did you procure. Today, the Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji bestows us all with the gift of Bhajan-Simran, love-devotion and spiritual wisdom. Countless eager souls renounce their selfish desires and fulfill their spiritual thirst by coming for the congregations, Darshan, Service and meditation. They’re attaining the eternal pleasures. A devotee who was recently with Satguru Naam and Sewa, he pleaded, “O my Master! My family has been in Your shelter for sixty to seventy years but earlier we used to come just to follow the tradition immersing in Your love & devotion, all of us are procuring the eternal bliss,

I wish I had procured this gift earlier, then I wouldn’t have wandered anywhere else and would’ve consume the joyous elixir every moment.” His Holiness said, “O dear! The sun always shines bright but if you sit in a room with all the windows, doors and ventilators closed, how the light would enter. When the windows are opened, only then can the light enter, only then we develop divine love and only then can the duality vanish. If a person is ill, even the tastiest food seems unpleasant because the digestion process isn’t well enough. When the health is fine, even the simplest food seems delicious. One can relate this with the situations of previous and today’s times. Those who understood these divine mysteries, their mind is healthy and pure but the mind of ignorant ones is considered unhealthy and as good as dead.

O dear! When the sun rises, countless people are asleep but still the sun shines bright. It’s best for those who awakened and those still sleeping, can make efforts to awaken in the holy company, service and meditation of True Master. The True Master is merciful, extremely merciful.”

His Holiness explains beautifully that the evil Kaal has entangled the world in illusions such that the beings do not realize the great compassionate art of Lord True Master, this is why there are sermons in the Satsangs that those beings are immensely fortunate who have attained the Holy Company of the True Master. Why have the Accomplished Saints have glorified the human birth and the True Master’s Holy Company? Because the beings attain the Supreme-wisdom and divine vision through SatguruNaam in the Master’s company. Those who used to consider themselves merely a body of flesh have now started realizing themselves as a fragment of the Almighty Creator Lord and a pious soul. O beloveds! There’s a huge difference, if you do not take advantage of spirituality in the True Master’s Company, you shall not be able to procure the treasure of Hare Madhav Lord hidden inside the human body.

His Holiness explained one attains the human birth with an immense fortune, even the deities desire for this human form, the deities do possess powers and prosperity (Riddhi-Siddhi) but cannot procure the ambrosial company of True Master through which they could uplift themselves and procure the true treasure of both the worlds.

So O devotees! We need to renounce our I-ness and ego of power and come to the refuge of True Master with humbleness. The mind shall always behold such thoughts that O my divine father, True Master, bless me that I shall always be immersed in Your love, my mind shall not develop the feeling of I-ness, I shall always be in Your company with love. Bless me such, my Satguru Ji, my Baabal Ji.

||Bin Satguru Dukhi Jagat Hai, Sada Doobey Andha Khuwara||
||Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Sunho Pyarron, Sada Sadhu Poore Sangat Nit vicharo||

Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav