|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Vaani Sant Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji

|| Santan Bhagati Naam Bhed Janaye||
|| Santan Sada Aatam Ram Ras Janaye ||
|| Kahe Madhav Shah Mere Purakhdata ||
|| Anhal Roop Rang Achraj Nij Roop Hamaro ||
|| Sab Gaaven Taaki Sada Tatva Rab Mahima || 

Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji discloses the mysteries of Tatva Gyan in His Vaani out of personal experience.

In every era, Perfect Saints have disclosed the ultimate truths & lies and have blessed the beings with Tatva Naam for their upliftment. H.H further states that the Creator of the universe is true; the entire universe is His manifestation. The supreme light is present equally within everyone in the form of soul. Even in all the deities, that supreme light is present equally.
The Supreme guide and carefree Lord Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib ji states that ‘The treasurer of Bhajan Simran , the Perfect True Master gives the spiritual wisdom to the world just like an open book but our minds that are filled with ego and self-will do not understand that wisdom. His Holiness wants to divert our externally focused mind and connect us with the TatvaNaam & devotion to fill our innerselves with true joy because He Himself remains joyous in the love of Lord. His Holiness bestows this knowledge of supreme truth to the world because every other knowledge is below the supreme truth and supreme truth is above all and it is extremely difficult to understand this. Today in this world, there are endless talks and arguments about Gyana or Dhyana (wisdom & meditation), but O Beloved, this subject is all about devotion. The Holy Word (Naam) is boundless and only a Perfect True Master can bestow us with it. Perfect True Masters described this wonderful state in such a way that, O Almighty Hare Madhav Lord, you have millions of eyes but when we, the self-willed Manmukhs, see through our external eyes, we cannot witness Your single glimpse. O Almighty Lord, you have a million forms but Manmukhs cannot even witness one. Those souls who imbibed the holy message of True Master wholeheartedly, they achieved the divine treasure of devotion and meditation because those who come in the shelter of Perfect True Master actually came in the shelter of Almighty Lord. Having complete faith in True Master is the art of having faith on Lord Allah. It is Lord Himself who incarnates in their form.

O beloved! Do not doubt His will. Take the joy or sorrow, fame or disgrace, profit or loss or any other Prarabdha (pleasurable) Karma as His command and accept it gracefully and stay happy in His will.

The Perfect True Masters incarnate in this illusionary world to bless the devotion of Holy Word and for the welfare of souls. They selflessly, beyond the differences of religion-caste, unite us with the divine Lord of Supreme truth. In this era of Kaal, no one is our true companion and absolute well wisher other than True Master, the rest of humans will only inspire us to walk on the path of mind.

Those who want to experience the oneness with their complete true spiritual form, then the foremost thing is to abide by the command of True Master wholeheartedly and accepting His will, having faith in the Master's company, only then we can experience complete oneness with the Lord. Like the waves of sea merge in the sea itself, similarly, through deep love, faith and devotion towards Satguru Naam and SadhSangat, a soul can merge with Supreme Lord. Like there is no difference between the water, sea and waves, similarly, soul and Supreme Lord are one, but the fire of ego and anger does not let us from enjoying the glory of that divine state. Like the condition of a self-willed Manmukh he bears ego and anger within himself. When he comes in the Master's congregation and if someone talks about him or overhears him, he fills with extreme anger and ego. A Gurumukh person doesn’t carry such thoughts. The anger and ego awaken the Manmukh trait in beings, looking at such people we should think that these people can adopt ego and anger on small immaterial things and they decide to keep these intact within. O beloved! Until you learn to abide by the True Master, your mind will not allow to rectify the inner attributes. Our mind explains to us that we have attained the ultimate state, but until and unless we don’t take shelter of a Realized True Master, our soul cannot attain the state of complete bliss because the pleasure we derive other than from True Master is temporary like a filler for some time.
Then the ego & anger make our body & soul a mortuary. Even today, such events occur but our True Master uplifts us through His blessings. Adhere yourself with the congregation of True Master, mould your mind and then you will experience the ultimate state, with the only condition of carrying the true love for the True Master in your heart. His Holiness vocalized that the divine path of True Master is not filled with misconceptions and dilemmas, rather, it is filled with pure divine love, but people remain in the company of their mind and entrap themselves in false attractions, desires, hopes and wander aimlessly.

It’s the truth of ages that a Perfect Master cleanses the soul with pious water of True Naam and love, purifies it like a swan, and makes it rejoice in the supreme ecstasy. At times, through very harsh and difficult words, the Master awakens us out of false sleep of ignorance and unravels the facts of self-reality. Those are pious souls who upon procuring the Satguru Naam, meditate it and wash off their inner filth through Master’s glimpse and congregation. Such souls become one with their real inner-self forever.
Until you've found the Realized True Master of the Present time, how shall the knots of consciousness untie, because only the awakened one can guide us on the path of Awakening. People forget as they are used to this habit of forgetting. Ones who owe us, we remember them while the ones we owe, we forget them.

Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta says -
"Tad viddhi pranipatena, pariprasnena sevaya
Upadesyanti te gyanam, gyaninastattva-darsinah" 

It Implies that the elixir of TatvaNaamGyan can only be procured through the shelter of Tatvadarshi Satguru. True Master blesses us with the elixir of Tatva Naam and guides us to the divine experiences through His kind blessings.

The one whose knots are open have explained their spiritual experiences through divine Vaani that, only love and attachment towards Pooran Satguru can awaken one’s consciousness. 'Lord' is present in the True Satguru, that is why you shall experience a soulful calmness in Him which attracts the souls towards Him and they attain endless joy

A bird chirps only for the real flowers, it is never bothered by the paper flowers or the pictures of it. The immense spiritual beauty of the Lord is present in the Perfect Master. The more you connect internally with the Satguru Naam, the more worldly fascinations will fade and the inner attraction will deepen.

Through the blissful devotion of Satguru Naam, you will experience the spiritual heights, but remember, O dear! You won’t attain it through the devotion of an Incomplete False Master ever.
Santji revealed the state of the world and said,

“Brahma, Angelic beings, silent sages and the Gods are all exhausted, seeking the true Lord.”
“O saints, serve the Satguru for its attainment.” 

The GOD whose glory is being sung by the Angelic beings, silent sages etc, the glimpse of that Lord can be attained in the Holy Company of the present True Master.
Santji vocalized that --- Lord Satguru with His benevolence, gives us the devotion of Naam as an offering. O Dear Devotees! Develop a love for the Holy Company of Lord Satguru , develop the virtue of honesty, purity and clarity of thoughts, speak politely with the near and dear ones then only can you attain the Glimpse of True Master in everyone.

Babaji clarifies that when a patient visits a doctor and he gets medicines, whether the medicines are sour or sweet, it’s his duty to consume them, then only shall he recover. His Holiness signifies that if Dear Satguru wishes then He can bestow the beings with the secrets of Meditation and Devotion for their welfare.

True Master wishes to unite us with the Oneness of Lord & take us on the journey of that realm where the supreme light is kindling in every bit, every particle. He wishes to enlighten us in the same manner. The perfect saints who accepted those blessings without any doubt, excuse or second thought, as per the wish of the Almighty, found that light. True Master awakens us repeatedly, if we pay attention, we find that all the Perfect Saints work to awaken us but its our habit to wander with the worldly illusions of mind. His Holiness vocalizes O devotees! If you look through my eyes then only you shall see i.e. through Satguru Bhakti (devotion) and meditation of Satguru Naam with pure heart, you shall attain those eyes, but we do not want to open our eyes, we don’t even want to wash them, now how to get that trash out from the eye? Until the impurities like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego are present inside, how shall one witness the True Lord? Achieve the spiritual form? Immerse in the spiritual ecstasy? His Holiness preaches this divine secret through His pious experienced Vaani that this is a straight forward fact but our mind has the habit of ill-thinking, ill-saying and ill-consideration since ages. The truth known by the Masters is the truth beyond the apocalypse. It won’t vanish today, tomorrow or day after. His Holiness teaches us divine, unborn, glorious sermons but when we realize such righteous spiritual truth, then only our dormant mind shall awaken.
O beloved! If the True Master’s holy word (Naam) settles within a disciple and his heart purifies i.e. the inner dirt descends, then such a pure and clean disciple can merge with Hare Madhav Supreme Lord. True Master’s beloved disciple is always drenched in love for TatvaNaam. This path is transparent, like air. It is one for Hindus and same for Muslims, for Sikhs, Sindhis, Marathas, Gujuratis also, this is the ultimate truth. And this is the only supreme divine path. So Sadh-Sangatji! We must try to unite with the Supreme Master when we are still alive.

Carefree Lord, the Supreme Master, by His will, disclosed the divine abode,
|| Kahe Madhav Shah Mere Purakhdata ||
|| Anhal Roop Rang Acharaj Nij Roop Hamaro||
|| Sab Gaaven Taaki Sada Tatv Rab Mahima ||
The appearance of Hare Madhav abode is surprisingly glorious & wondrous, which is impossible to describe in words. Only the disciples who practices meditation of Naam can experience that supreme bliss.

Millions of external beings say that they know the Supreme Lord & give theories about it. They say we can explain the Lord in writing. But what can be said to such knowledgeable beings who have framed the Lord in one album. Unless one does not attain the state of Oneness by himself, there won’t be any feeling of sameness in his conscience.
Attaining the sameness makes us identify that characteristic of True Master that the Master has attained the treasure of immense Bhajan-Simran Himself and remains ‘Sthit Pragyavaan’ in the sameness of Hare Madhav Lord. The “Geeta” defines it as the complete selfness of human birth. To the outside world, the Master appears disguised and carefree. Those who procure the wisdom of supreme Naam (meditation), supreme devotion, supreme elixir, they bond with the company of supreme liberation and attain supreme devotion. He clearly says, O beloved! Burn your anger, ego and harshness so that you become a butterfly full of supreme wisdom. Procuring the true supreme word and connecting timely with the service, meditation, and remembrance of the True Master, you can make your heart fragrant like flowers. Like lighting up a flame in a lamp, procure the knowledge of the divine light and associate with divine reverence, then your life and every breath shall become fragrant.

Thus, we need to give up ego, self-willedness and adapt Gurumat and humbly step on the True Master’s doorstep and accept His commands, we must not have any doubts in our mind. Being humble always and ready in service (Sewa) of Sadh-Sangat, we must make our life prosperous by meditating Holy word (Naam) with each priceless breath.

|| Kahe Madhav Shah Mere Purakhdata ||
|| Anhal Roop Rang Achraj Nij Roop Hamaro||
|| Sab Gaaven Taaki Sada Tatv Rab Mahima ||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav