|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Vaani, as vocalized by Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji Ji :

|| Pyare Satguru Daras, Janam Maran Ka Fanda Kaate ||
|| Satguru Sangat Hari Raya, Amrit Peeje Aatam Sad Jaage ||
|| Prem Saacha Ik Tik Bithaao, So Jaane Satguru Daras Sahaj Bhaga ||

Beloved disciples of Lord True Master, ‘Hare Madhav’ to all! The pious enlightening Vaani of today’s holy Satsang is vocalized by the possessor of Bhajan-Simran Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji on 11 January 2012, Wednesday at 08:10 pm.

This divine Vaani is a pious glorification of True Master’s grace, shelter, glimpse (Darshan) and eternal sacrament (Guru Prasad). His Holiness vocalizes that through love, service, devotion and meditation of Lord True Master, He procured the eternal sacrament and the Parmatva state of Jeevan Muktata.

His Holiness reveals through this ambrosial Vaani that, a glorious glimpse of Lord True Master eradicates the trap of birth and death. what I attained by procuring the Darshana of Lord from True Master can never be put into words, it is the subject of supreme silence.

His Holiness vocalized, O fragment of Lord! After wandering for ages, you’ve been blessed with this human birth. The way to make your human birth worth and to enlighten your inner self is to procure the Darshan of Present Lord Satguru which bears eternal fruits; it transforms our venomous life into an ambrosial, blissful one. Beloved Lord Satguru is accomplished and enlightened, seeking His pious glimpse, our consciousness climbs up into the higher realms easily. The pious glimpse (Darshan) of Lord Satguru cuts the noose of tri-agonies and karmic accounts of us beings and is immensely blissful. Thus, vocalized:

|| Pyare Satguru Daras, Janam Maran Ka Fanda Kaate ||
|| Satguru Sangat Hari Raya, Amrit Peeje Aatam Sad Jaage ||

Lord True Master is the one in whose shelter, a disciple’s mind transforms ||Amrit Peeje Aatam Sad Jaage|| that is spiritual awakening begins. In the shelter of such Perfect True Master, seeking His pious glimpse, the restless mind settles like a serene lake, the disciple’s life blooms with ambrosial flowers and a flow of eternal ecstasy rushes through his entire being.

Hare Madhav Lord True Master compassionately explains that the soul is a small drop of Supreme Lord that always needs kind blessings of the True Master. Just like a small plant needs nurturing but once it grows fully, it hardly needs any attention. If it rains heavily over the small sapling, its death is certain; hence it is important to save that sapling from the heavy rains. Similarly, excessive sunlight is also harmful to the sapling. Sun is indeed a life-giving source but the little sapling is not yet ready for it, it is not yet ready even for assimilation. Beloved True Master plays wondrous spectacles just so that the disciple becomes eligible for the Akah Hare Madhav Lord. So dear disciple! You must become deserving of Him, Lord True Master shall then make you capable enough to understand His whimsical plays and mysteries because He is the essential medium. The Manifested Lord True Master blesses the souls with mercy and kindness and builds a divine connection of the soul with the Supreme Lord.

Those who attain the refuge of the Accomplished True Master and have love and devotion for the Lord Satguru in their heart, then such beings never fall into an immoral state. Just like the flour is made from wheat grains and once the bread/roti is cooked using that flour, it does not become wheat grains again. Similarly, with the True Master’s grace, the being whose inner self radiates with Satguru Naam; by being in the refuge of Lord Satguru, one attains the highest and imperishable pleasures, which cannot be seized by anyone in this world. The body-mind of such devotees is coloured with Satguru Naam and becomes ecstatic by drenching in the love for Satguru. Such holy souls unite with the Hare Madhav Lord and attain permanent happiness because that unseen formless Lord is found through the pious company of Lord True Master. Seeking the pious glimpse and company of Lord True Master and meditating upon His Naam, the souls reach the abode of SachKhand and never return to the cycle of births and deaths.

O Dear! You must earn the blessings and mercy of the all capable Lord True Master because it is not for free. Nothing comes for free and those who expect it for free always remain empty. Is there anything in this world for free? And when it is about attaining the ambrosial Lord, one has to stake his complete being; his complete I-ness.

Saint Kabir speaks truly –

Yah Tan Vish Ki Belri, Guru Amrut Ki Khaan
Sees Diye Jo Guru Mile, Toh Bhi Sasta Jaan

He said, ‘Sees Diye Jo Guru Mile’ because ‘Guru Amrut Ki Khaan’. The physical body is ephemeral. There is a branch of poison in this tree-like body that only bears the fruit of death. A tree can be recognized through its fruits. This tree-like body only ripens the fruits of Life and Death ripen, but then the Saint said –

Guru Amrut Ki Khaan

One can feel the incense of elixir in the Absolute True Master. Being in His company, one can hear the divine tune of Anhad Naad. This piece of Chaitanya tune that you hear is filled with supreme elixir and beyond the cycle of birth and death. Always remember! If you find such True Guru by sacrificing your head (egotism), do not take it as an expensive affair, because –

Sees Diye Jo Guru Mile, Toh Bhi Sasta Jaan

Dear Sadhsangat! You don’t let go of even a small deal to make more profits but a big businessman is always hungry for bigger profits. Everyone is running behind profits and there is nothing wrong with it. It is important to chase the profits but due to ignorance, the deal that seems profitable to us is in actuality full of losses and we end up running behind these losses. Saint Ji explains, if you find an Absolute True Master at the cost of your ego and selfishness, do not consider it as an expensive deal. Beheading is inevitable. If not today, maybe tomorrow or the day after, it shall rest on the bed of death. O Human! Why do you hold so much pride in your temporary existence, you shall march towards the cemetery empty-handed at the end.

O, beloved devotees! Utilize this body before it is laid to death, come to the holy company of True Master and attain the elixir of True Master’s divine glimpse within; meditate upon His Naam and make wise use of this human body.

It is the glimpse and the holy company of Accomplished True Master that relieves us from worries, sins and miseries. His glory is also sung in the Vedas, Puranas (holy scriptures) and by the deities as well, which has been explained in the Vaani as -


|| Satguru Ustat Kare Ved Deva, Wo Aulai Anhad Dhama ||
|| Karo Satsangat Sharan Pado, Taj Haumai Mad Khyala ||
|| Pyare Sharan Satsangat Jago, Satguru Daate Ki ||

The Present True Master explains that whoever awakened and attained it, attained it through the refuge of the merciful Accomplished True Master. The merciful Master always showers the elixir upon all and is still showering.

|| Pyare Sharan Satsangat Jago, Satguru Daate Ki ||

Sadhsangat ji! When all the rays of the sun are full of light, the clouds pouring water from the sky are filled with coolness, then why wouldn’t every Will, every congregation and every Vaani or sermon vocalized by Lord True Master be filled with elixir? Every single spectacle, vaani, sermon of Lord Satguru is filled with elixir but the intellect of many beings function as per their little knowledge because of which they’re unable to enlighten themselves with the True Master’s sermons. Such beings possess different thoughts and their eligibility is not enough. When their mind and intellect unites, then in the pious shelter of True Master, their inner self gradually begins to illuminate and they realize the supreme science. With the divine glimpse of Lord Satguru, their inner self enlightens.

Further, to guide the disciples, His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains in Hare Madhav Santmat Vachan 27 that Even after being in the divine company of True Master, a disciple whose mind is filled with doubts & malicious thoughts can never attain any spiritual accomplishment. Thus, O Dear! A disciple must always refrain from such vices.

According to the Baal Kaand of Shri Ramcharitmanas, the kindness of Accomplished True Master is a boon that awakens the soul. It says-

Bandaun Guru Pad Kanj, Krupa Sindhu Nar Roop Hari
Maha Moh Tam Punj, Jasu Bachan Rabi Kar Nikar

Shri Satguru Maharaj is the ocean of mercy and manifestation of the Supreme Lord in the human form. Goswami Ji praises such True Master and says, I revere to the pious feet of the Lord True Master, His divine sermons are radiant like the sun that eradicate the darkness of attachment and duality. His ambrosial sermons transform a being’s life. It is true that from the land of Supreme Lord, Jeevan Mukta Satguru, the possessor of Bhajan-Simran arrives with the supreme Vaanis and through these Vaanis, makes the beings realize about the temporal and the eternal. His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji always narrates about the glory of Supreme ‘Anaami’ realm in His divine Vaanis.

O, disciples! Just like snow reminds us of chilling cold; hot summers remind us of cold water, don’t we experience this in our life? Similarly, Darshana of the Accomplished True Master reminds us that we are a fragment of  Hare Madhav Akah Lord. His Darshana makes us realize that this world is a temporary stay and the Almighty from whom we’ve been separated, is embodiment of Accomplished True Master. Our soul rejoices by procuring the Darshana of possessor of Bhajan Simran True Master. Such pious Darshana liberates us from sorrows, miseries and agitations. The soul attains the ultimate state of meditation and crosses over the worldly ocean by such pious Darshana.

The glorious Darshana of Accomplished True Master enhances our virtues and we receive the invisible fruits of devotion & selfless love. Through such Darshana, the soul procures concentration, the holy company of True Master purifies our thoughts ultimately enlightening our inner selves.

O dear souls! The Perfect True Master is the Awakened Supreme Entity, the accomplished power whose blessing is the same for all the souls whether one belongs to any caste or creed because the Perfect Master is unbiased like the Sun. In the shloka 181 of Guru Geeta, Skand Puaran, Lord Shiva narrates the glory of Supreme Guru to Goddess Parvati.

‘Yasya Darshan Matren Mansah Syat Prasannta’
‘Swayam Bhuyat Dhritshshantih Sa Bhawet! Parmo! Guruh!’

The Supreme Entity whose Darshana gratifies the soul and naturally grants composure and peace,  He is the Supreme Accomplished True Master, that is, ‘Parmo! Guruh!’. Such Tatvadarshi True Master is enlightened with the Supreme radiance. Each of His cells is Supremely enlightened. It is impossible to describe the eternal fruits procured through the pious Darshana of such pious Supreme Entity. The Satsang Vaani states-

|| Pyare Satguru Daras, Janam Maran Ka Fanda Kaate ||
|| Satguru Ustat Kare Ved Deva, Wo Aulai Anhad Dhama ||

The glory of pious Darshana of such Accomplished Tatvadarshi Satguru is sung in the scripture of Mahabharatha. When the Pandavas were performing Ashwamedha Yajna, Lord Shri Krishna indicated them that the Yajna shall be considered accomplished only when the divine bell is heard from the sky. All the Yajna rituals were completed, Thousands of people including sages, hermits, Brahmins were served the feast but the divine bell was not heard. The disappointed Pandavas narrated the whole scenario to Lord Krishna, to which He saw through His divine vision and said, “Go to an Accomplished Tatvadarshi Master, seek His Darshana and bring Him here with utmost honor, serve and please Him, only then shall the sound be heard and the Yajna be accomplished.”

He further said, “Even the vastness of seven oceans can be estimated but the eternal majesty of such Tatvadarshi True Master is beyond comprehension. For He is the embodiment of the divine. Even the deities of three Lokas, Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva sing the glory of such True Master.”

O devotees! These sermons tell us about inner spiritual mysteries, dive inwards to experience it. The Lord True Master who has revealed the Krishna Tatva within Himself, His Darshana makes us listen to the divine sound within us.

Lord Krishna said, “Saint Supach is the present Tatvadarshi True Master, He is carefree and sometimes blesses the beings through divine scoldings. Until He glorifies the Yajna with His presence and accepts the feast, the Yajna shall be incomplete. The Pandavas along with Draupadi, obeying Lord Krishna’s will, arrived at Tatvadarshi Saint Supach with profound respect. On seeing the ordinary appearance of Saint Supach, Draupadi wondered that we belong to a higher caste but His caste seems lower; we live in a huge palace but he lives in a small hut; His body, as well as clothes, are so untidy; why did Lord Krishna sent us to Him?

The Tatvadarshi Saint Supach knew about her thoughts and said in a strict tone, “What happened? What are you here for?”

The Pandavas requested Him to glorify the Yajna with His auspicious presence and accept their feast. The Saint said, “First, serve me with the merits of your one hundred Ashwamedha Yajnas, only then I shall come.”

The dejected Pandavas returned to Lord Krishna and told Shri Krishna about it. He smiled as He understood that the Saint is Accomplished Tatvadarshi Nitya Avtara (eternal incarnation) and His words carry the absolute truth that can be experienced in all of His leelas.

The holy scriptures state-

‘Sant Milan Ko Jaiye, Taj Maya Abhimaan’
‘Jyon Jyon Pagg Aage Dhare, Sau Sau Yagya Samaan’

Lord Krishna Chandra Ji asked Draupadi, “Go barefoot to Saint Supach and carry devotion, simplicity and pure emotions. Do not carry I-ness along; even if the Sant Ji speaks of words that seem unpleasant to you and affect your ego, even then, bow your head with humbleness & love. Behold His Darshana with heart & eyes full of love and pure emotions.”

This time, Draupadi went to Saint Supach barefoot and pleaded with devotion. Saint Supach asked again to bring the merits of a hundred Ashwanedha Yajnas, to which Draupadi said, “O Tatvadarshi Master! It is mentioned in the holy scriptures that every single step is taken to seek the pious Darshana of a Tatvadarshi True Master like you grants the merits of a hundred Ashwamedha Yajnas and I have walked several thousand steps to You, I offer all those merits to You.”

Saint Supach understood that Lord has resolved the mystery and sent her to Him. Saint was pleased and came along. Everyone in the Yajna wholeheartedly procured His Darshana. While He was served with exquisite delicacies, Draupadi thought that the food made by her shall seem the tastiest to the Saint but to her dismay, the Saint mixed all the food prepared by Pandavas and their queens in one single platter. Seeing this, she bore ill thoughts in her mind.

After Saint Supach finished His meal but the divine bell did not ring. The disheartened Pandavas pleaded Lord Krishna, “O Lord! Where are we lacking now?” The Lord said, “This mystery can only be resolved by Saint Supach Himself.” Listening to this, Saint Supach said, “Let Draupadi answer this.” Draupadi ultimately realized her mistake and sought forgiveness with humbleness. Saint Supach accepted her humble apologies out of compassion and then, eventually, the divine bell rang in the sky and Yajna was accomplished. Sadhsangat JI! Through Their immense Bhajan, the Accomplished Tatvadarshi True Masters become one with the Supreme Lord. The glory of seeking pious Darshana of such Accomplished Tatvadarshi Bhagwatmaya Satguru with pure emotions and faith is sung in Vedas and Upnishadas. Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta narrates-

‘Shraddhawaan Labhante Gyanam Tatparah Sanyatendriyah’
‘Gyanam Labdhwa Paraam Shantim Achirenadhi Gachhati’

Shraddhawaan means ‘a faithful devotee’, Labhante means ‘to procure’, Tatparah means ‘immense love, faith, devotion, Gyanam means ‘transcendental wisdom’, Paraam means ‘supreme’, Achirena means ‘without delay’.

The devotee who has love and faith within attains supreme wisdom. He, who controls his mind and senses attain supreme peace. Keeping firm faith and devotion in the Lord True Master, a disciple becomes eligible to attain such a state of divinity. Such faithful, love-filled devotee meditates upon Mantra Naam and procures divine bliss. All his inner malice is washed away. On this path, the souls can witness the true form of Tatvadarshi Master (whom we call Pooran Satguru) as such-

‘Shraddhawaan Labhante Gyanam Tatparah Sanyatendriyah’

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwarshah Sahib ji narrates the glory of Satguru Darshan in Hare Madhav Santmat Vachan 181, O Soul! By seeking the pious glimpse of Lord True Master with utmost love, we attain the fruits of accomplished wisdom, accomplished detachment, accomplished meditation, accomplished devotion and eternal liberation. Through the Lord True Master’s earned treasure of Dhyana, we attain the eternal accomplishment as well.

The next verses of Satsang Vaani is sung further as-

||Mera Pyara Satguru Anaama, Wo Sada Kripala Anhad Ka Wo Daata||
||Baat Na Bhulo Ik Sachi, Pratyaksh Satguru Sab Kaate Dwand||
||Kahe ‘Daas Ishwar’ Mere Hare Madhav, Satt Murat It Ut Rahe Bharpoora||

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains in Satsang Vaani that Satt path to the elixir that I procured from My Present Lord True Master, is being bestowed to all of you with the Almighty’s grace. Remember! Only today’s Sun can enlighten you today. O dear! Neither the previous True Masters can help us today nor the Almighty Lord Himself. The Present Lord True Master possesses the enlightenment of Previous Lord True Masters as well. This truth cannot be denied, it is eternal as the sun. The Hare Madhav Vaani says-

|| Pratyaksh Satguru Sab Kaate Dwand ||

Only the earned Present Lord True Master can reveal the path to ultimate abode and untie our knots of Jadd-Chetan by bestowing us with Naam and Bhakti. Such Lord True Master uplifts our soul from the battles of mind and unites it with Supreme. Thus it was said-

|| Pratyaksh Satguru Sab Kaate Dwand ||

It is the celestial law that pervades in this creation since the primal beginning and shall continue forever, thus, always remember-

|| Pratyaksh Satguru Sab Kaate Dwand ||

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwarshah Sahib ji vocalizes in Hare Madhav Santmat Vachan 936 that Yakshaas own far greater prosperity than even the emperor of this world, while Gandharvas own even greater prosperity than Yakshas; Devtaas surpass Gandharavaas and Ajaanu Devtaas own it a million times more than Devtaas. Above all prevails the prosperity of Devraaj Indra, but the truth is that even Devraaj Indra finds himself destitute before the Vaibhav (supreme prosperity) owned by the Awakened Tatvadarshi Satguru. Possessor of such glorious grandeur, Complete Tatvadarshi True Master plays divine spectacles and blesses the divine sacrament to all the souls universally. Baba! Even Kaal cannot take such Tatvadarshi True Master’s robe-like body without His divine will. If the True Master does not wish to shed His body, He commands the Kaal to return. So give it a thought, can anyone ever measure the glory of the accomplishment of such Lord True Master? The glory of such an awakened Lord True Master can never be put into words, it can never be sung about.

O, souls! Enhance your vision of witnessing supreme in the Present Lord True Master and purify your malicious mind with the True Master’s Naam and Bhakti. Remember! The mirror is always available, it is we who need to stand before the mirror to adorn ourselves. The Jeevan Mukta Satguru is completely pure and destroyer of sorrows, in whose shelter the disciples procure the pious Darshana and liberate from the tri-agonies; rise above all the sorrows. Countless disciples have been experiencing it and enhancing their devotion.

The Vedas & Upnishadas consider seeking the Darshana of True Master very essential. His Holiness explains, concentrate upon the form of Lord True Master, focalize your consciousness at the Saatik so that your heart blooms with the profound love for the Present True Master and your inner self kindles with the divine Hare Madhav light. The Darshana of Accomplished True Master soothes us and eradicates our miseries and sorrows.

Saint Kabir explained the magnificence of True Master’s glimpse (Darshan) in such a way—

Kabir Darsan Satguru Ka, Bade Bhaag Darsaye|
Jo Hove Sooli Saja, Kaante Hi Tar Jaaye
Darsan Kije Satguru Ka, Din Mein Kai Lakh Baar
Aasoja Ka Megh Jyon, Bahut Kare Upkaar
Kai Baar Na Hoye Sake, Doye Bakhat Kar Leye
Satguru Darsan Ke Kiye, Kaal Daga Nahin Deye
Doye Bakhat Na Hoye Sake, Din Mein Kare Ik Baar
Satguru Darsan Ke Kiye, Utre Bhavjal Paar
Satguru Daras Nahin Kar Sake, Taako Laage Dosh
Kahe Kabir Wa Jeev So, Kabahu Na Paave Moksh

O soul! When your soul starts yearning for a glimpse of beloved Lord Satguru and you become restless, know that you are in true love seeking true Darshana. This is the highest state of true love in which the devotes does not want his beloved Lord Satguru to disappear from his eyes even for a second. He rejoices in gazing upon his beloved Satguru like partridge bird (Chakor). He never keeps a track of time while Darshana and neither is he concerned about what he gains or loses. He is so engrossed in the Lord True Master’s Darshana that he has no time to give anything else a thought. His eyes are always wet and a heart full of love; he joyously gazes upon the True Master.

O devotees! You never want to separate from the one you love, you constantly want to gaze upon them and when that love is for the beloved Lord Satguru, no amount of Darshana can ever be enough. When the partridge like devotee continuously gazes upon the beloved Satguru, all worldly thoughts of mind shift towards the Lord True Master. Then, all the sentiments of the devotee’s heart reach the True Master through tears. It strengthens, deepens his love for the True Master. These are the signs of elixir one procures through the True Master’s true Darshana.

Sit in the refuge, in the holy company of beloved Lord True Master with such devotedness that your eyes brim up with tears, and that shall be enough. No restlessness to touch His feet, just sit peacefully in the True Master’s presence and procure His Darshana with folded hands. Remember! There should be no desire, just remain calm inside out because the silent prayers easily reach the True Master; for they are free from the burden of words. O dear! Being in the presence of Lord True Master is itself a great blessing. Then you won’t need to ask for anything, His presence shall grant you everything. All you need is utter faith and belief. You don’t go to a flower and ask for its fragrance or ask the Sun for its light, similarly, you don’t need to ask for anything from the Lord True Master, His presence itself shall grant you with endless blessings and all the pleasures of Loka-Parloka.

The divine spectacle of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib ji is stated in Hare Madhav Bhaanga-3,  His Holiness Guru Sahiban Ji was seated in Darbar Sahib in His divine ecstasy. While Shabad Kirtan was being sung, a Jajmaan Pandit (scholar) came who was full of ego & ill-thoughts and sat down among the rest of the disciples. In the middle of the Kirtan, he started uttering unpleasant words. He tried to flaunt by reciting Sanskrit shlokas of Vedas; he was accompanied by a few of his disciples and all behaved inaptly which disrupted the ecstasy of His Holiness Satguru Sahiban Ji. His Holiness stood up and walked to the Pandit with a shawl in His hands. His Holiness draped him with the shawl and gave offerings but the Pandit stood up out of rage and uttered in arrogance, “Baba Ji! I am well versed in 24 Vedas, there is no scripture left which is unlearned to me. I have a number of disciples too.” His Holiness Guru Sahiban Ji mercifully vocalized, “O Dear! One should not try to flaunt before the Lord True Master and should not keep filthy thoughts. This crammed & futile knowledge won’t help you. Until you procure the shelter of Lord True Master and His sacrament of True meditation, nothing shall work out. Baba! Even the holy Puranas mention it clearly that Muni Shukdev, who possessed fourteen Kalaas lost twelve of them because of beholding ego and ill thoughts for the True Master King Janaka. Dear! You haven’t even earned one or two yet, so, curb yourself.” A disciple must not possess such ill thoughts otherwise he does not gain anything and becomes a disciple of evil kaal. But the Pandit was so stubborn that he kept murmuring foolishly. On seeing this, His Holiness gave him a divine scolding, then held his hand firmly and said, “Dear! If you consider yourself a great priest, why don’t you recite a couple of shlokas from the Bhagavat rather than creating disruption.” Sangat ji! On receiving the divine scolding, he forgot all that he had ever learned from the scriptures. He lost all that he earned from the Tapasya. He was dumbstruck & scared and began to tremble; he lost his wits and started uttering insanely.

His Holiness Guru Sahibaan Ji vocalized these divine words, “Have you gone blind?” Listening to this the Pandit ran outside. After a few days, the Pandit’s family members brought him to Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji because he had lost his eyesight. He kept weeping endlessly and pleaded for forgiveness with pain and love. Looking at his pitiful state, His Holiness said, “Why have did you bring him here? What happened? Oh, Pandit Ji! When I was trying to explain to you, you blew your own trumpet. All that you gained through forty years of Tapasya and scriptures learning, were lost in the blink of an eye. You came here with this thought that I belong to the Sindhi caste and you are a Brahmin.”

With folded hands, that Pandit kept weeping and said, “Yes! O True Master! Such were the malicious thoughts of my mind”. Seeing his helpless state, His Holiness compassionately said, “I see you repenting for your ill deeds. Baba! Remember that the Lord True Master is beyond caste & creed, just like supreme Lord, He is omnipresent, incomparable and unbound by caste. When the winds, the water, the grains and the Lord have no caste, how would Lord Satguru be bound by it? The SantVaani states-

‘Tahan Jaat Dharam Ki Baati Naahi”
“Satguru Naam Jin Araadha Taaki Koi Jaati Naahi”
“Tahan Karam Karni Ki Hogi Baaten”
“Jaago Satguru Sangat Aaye”
“Kahe Kabeer Sun Saadhwa, Tahan Desh Mein Bhajan Ki Baata”

O dear! Remember that the soul of Lord True Master has become one with the Supreme. The intellect or wisdom of learned scriptures holds no place in the divine shrine of Hare Madhav Lord; only the practice is accounted for there. There is no role of any caste whether you’re Brahmin, Kshatriya, Shudra or Vaishya. When the Lord True Master transforms the beings into Gurumukh and bestows them with Naam, its meditation can set them free from the Chaurasi.”

Listening to such precious sermons, the Pandit weepingly pleaded, “Forgive me O Lord True Master! I’m Your sinner, I was egoistic about my scriptural intellect but all of it vanished. Now, please bless me with the support of Your pious refuge.”

His Holiness gave him a divine scolding, made him sit for Prasad and vocalized to him, “It is not the right time, the divine sight you seek shall be blessed to you in the times to come. For now, you must renounce all the practices of Hatha Dharma. The village you live in, you shall be blessed with all the spiritual highness over there itself.” The Pandit pleaded, “O Maharaj Ji! When will that time come?”

His Holiness replied, “Don’t worry, in the times to come, when My incarnation shall manifest with far more strength possessing the wealth of immense Bhajan-Simran to bestow the ‘Parmatva Updesha’ (Supreme message) to all the souls equally; then you will be blessed. This is My divine commandment that wherever you be, you shall be blessed with spiritual prosperity and your sins shall be forgiven. You will have a long life but your body will be weakened due to ailments; that shall be your time.

Almost 25 years passed, Possessor of Bhajan-Simran His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, along with His disciples, scheduled a Satsang tour. His Holiness bestowed blessings upon all in the Satsang (congregation). After the Satsang, a devotee pleaded, “O Master! We have prepared Bhojan Prasad (meal), bestow your grace upon it.” His Holiness replied, “We are heading towards the jungle, bring the Prasad there”. His Holiness had the meal in the jungle along with the disciples. After a while, His Holiness vocalized, “I’m going for a walk, and no one shall follow”. Right after which His Holiness, in His divinity, went far from the sight. There was a hut in the jungle village, where the same Pandit, now old and weary, unable to walk or move, bedridden, was pleading and begging “O my Master! Do You not remember Your holy commandment? I know I’m ineligible and malicious. My beloved! My sins are unforgivable, what should I do my Madhav! You have thousands and lakhs like me, but I only have You, I am solely alive for the moment when my Master will come to bless me His Darshana, forgive me and bestow me with the internal elixir of Naam.”

Whenever that devotee would try to get up, he’d fall from the cot (Khaat), he suffered such immense pain of separation that he could not even drink a single drop of water. Many people would come taunt him with “True Master won’t ever come here now, He has no time for you”, they would also say “you are a Brahmin and yet you follow a sindhi Guru”. The devotee would cry his eyes out listening to all of this and start throwing pebbles & stones on everyone and would say “Lord Satguru belongs to no caste or creed, all of you just go away”. Saying this, he would cry again, remembering the True Master, supporting himself with a stick, he would await and passionately plead “O my Master! I do not like this life anymore, I’m only alive for Your one glimpse, will my life end without it? I’m utterly unfortunate and meek. O Lord Satguru, bless me with Your glimpse.”

“O, my Master! When all my friends and family sing to me Your divine glory & Your holy benevolence, I flutter like a fish out of the water. O, Maharaj! Is separation from Your holy feet my fate? My legs and all of my body have become so weak in Your love and separation that taking even a step is painful now. O, Merciful Lord! Such damnation for my sins? Does anyone ever hate their loved one so much? Have you forgotten me? But my Lord! How can I forget You? Bless me, a meek, with Your glimpse, I’m malicious, look at the condition of my malice. I am weak and my wounds have so rotten that lying in one place has caused worms to fall out of them. I’m going through a lot of pain but I don’t pluck these worms out because when they bite me, my love, remembrance & pain of separation from You deepen and I feel like these worms should procure Your divine glimpse as well.”

He would plead with folded hands, “O beloved Satguru! When will You bless me? I do not seek the external vision or hollow wisdom for I could not realize Your Supreme form (Parmatva) owing to these. But You commanded that You shall manifest to bestow the Parmatva Updesha to all mankind; that in the divine times to come You would incarnate as the possessor of Bhajan-Simran; when will I procure His glimpse? O, my Lord! I’m helpless and meek. O patron of the poor! Bless me, the sinner. If You intended to make me suffer this badly, why did You transform me from a Manmukh to Gurumukh? You could have let me suffer in the hell of sins, why did You save me? Please recall Your compassion at least a bit, my Guru Baba Ji.”

The divine majesty of Lord True Masters is unimaginable; no one can ever unveil such mystery. It was a scorching day when His Holiness Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji arrived there, feeling thirsty, His Holiness rested under a tree. He overheard the devotee’s plea and headed towards the devotee’s hut. His Holiness stood at its door and called, “Can anyone give me water?”

As soon as the devotee Pandit heard the call, he tried to rush outside but fell down because of weakness and his head started bleeding. He cried and pleaded, “O my Madhav Satguru! You took so long, You forgot me!” The all-knower His Holiness smiled and said, “Who are you and why are you crying?” He cried even more and pleaded, “O master of the meek! Don’t test me anymore. Being separated from You for years, I have known that You have finally arrived to honor Your commandment. O my Master! My inner malice has been washed away through Your love & separation, today I am experiencing what Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji had commanded that time. I am beholding the glimpse of the same divine form, same enchanting image. Do You still want me to wander in the Chaurasi? Please liberate me now.” O Guru Maharaj Ji “ Mohe Ab To Ubaaro.” Sobbing he fell at the pious feet of His Holiness True Master and began to pray-

|| Avar Na Sujhai Duji Thahar, Hari Pario Tau Duari ||
|| Lekha Chodi Alekhei Chutah, Hum Nirgun Lehu Ubari ||

His Holiness True Master compassionately held his hand, picked him up and took him to the hut, drank water and said, “Dear! How could I stop myself after listening to your call of love steeped in pain of separation!” His Holiness hugged him and said, “You’re a hundred years old now, you will be here for few more years and then you shall head towards the Hare Madhav Loka (the ultimate abode).” His Holiness bestowed him with the Guru Prasad Naam which rejoiced his complete self with love & devotion. His Holiness blessed him with the strength to unite with the Supreme and vocalized, “Bhala Hoga, Bhala Hoga (you shall be graced).”

O devotees! The Accomplished Lord True Master showers eternal peace and prosperity on all the souls equally. Lord Satguru incarnates on the land of Kaal from the abode of supreme oneness, from the vast eternal ocean of ultimate truth. The Accomplished True Master does not incarnate for the upliftment or progress of any particular community or caste, He incarnates in the radiant form for the salvation of the entire humanity and in His pious refuge, the beings become fearless, carefree, selfless forever; those who procure the devotion and the gift of ambrosial Naam from His refuge are immensely blessed. Their complete self becomes blissful. When He mercifully takes the beings under His divine refuge, He resolves their sufferings of numerous births with his divine sight of grace. O dear! Remember, a devotee needs to strengthen his efforts for being eligible for True Master’s love & devotion and to incline inwards, only then shall his soul set free, as stated in the Vaani-

||Baat Na Bhulo Ik Sachi, Pratyaksh Satguru Sab Kaate Dwand||

O, souls! One must procure the glimpse of Present Lord True Master with pure emotions, immense love & immense faith.

“Wadde Bhaag Deve Parmeshwar, Kott Fallan Darsan Gur Deethe”

It is by great good fortune that one receives the Darshana of Possessor of Bhajan-Simran True Master. The day you receive His Darshana, know that the Almighty Lord is extremely happy with you, He is pleased with you. The Hare Madhav Lord is pleased with you. The day you do not receive the Darshana, know that the Almighty is not happy. It is the unfaltering divine law.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains in the Hare Madhav Yatharth Santmat Vachan Prakash 51 that, O dear! After walking for endless miles in the sunny desert, when someone offers us a handful of water, it is then that we realize the importance of water and the compassion of the giver. Similarly, in this land of Kaal, the souls are suffering from the tri-agonies in the desert that is the world, when a soul finds the possessor of complete Bhajan Lord True Master, only then it procures the Amrut, it procures the true shelter, and the True Master’s form seems the most nectarine to us. The Saints say-

“Rab Tutthe Di Eh Nishani, Santaan Sang Vihaave”

It is the sign of Almighty Lord’s happiness with us that he makes us sit in the refuge of Lord True Master. He blesses us with Lord Satguru’s Darshana and our soul starts rejoicing, immersing in His Bhajan, we can concentrate firmly upon the remembrance of Lord True Master. When the disciples stay with the firm and unwavering devotion in the refuge of Lord True Master the soul attains everything. The magnificence & glory of the eternal True Master cannot be described enough, ever!

Therefore, we plead in the pious feet of our Lord True Master to bless the hearts of us disciples with the sentiments of procuring true Darshana, to bless our eyes with the vision of love and tears of devotion, grace us, O Madhav Ji, have mercy my Satguru Ji.

||Baat Na Bhulo Ik Sachi, Pratyaksh Satguru Sab Kaate Dwand||
||Kahe ‘Daas Ishwar’ Mere Hare Madhav, Satt Murat It Ut Rahe Bharpoora||
||Pyare Satguru Daras||

Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav