|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

This Holi Vaani is vocalized by All-Capable H.H. Satguru Sai Narayan Shah Sahib Ji to bestow spiritual wisdom upon entire humanity. His holiness preached the divine message that, || Satguru Purukh Apar Hai ||
|| Naam Amrit Dhan Apaar Hai ||
|| Satguru Sang Bada Ameetha, Aatam Paaye Anadin Ameetha ||
|| Aajaayib Ajab Nirala, Prabhu Satguru Dayal ||
|| Kahe Narayan Shah Suno Bhai
Bhaktoo, Hari Hariraya Sada Dayal ||

O soul! you have lost your real conscious nature by accompanying your worldly mind & falling in the wrong company. Lord Satguru, who is the giver of eternal devotion of Naam, liberates us from this materialistic world and proclaims of uniting us with the eternal Hare Madhav Lord.
As our company is, same is our behaviour. If we are sitting in the shop of cloves, we will experience clove’s smell. Similarly, in the company of truly liberated, Videhi Mukta Satguru, the soul becomes eligible to perceive the blissful holy elixir through practice. Due to ignorance, some people are trapped in the web of senses & mind. But Lord Satguru is the supreme ocean of mercy. He always showers mercy. Even after witnessing everything, our mind is trapped in the highs & lows. The world of mind is extremely thorny. If a soul does not find the company of True Master, the liberation is impossible. A selfish, self-willed being is like a dry dead tree which cannot provide shade & pinches you when you touch it.
O dear, the sacred fig tree reflects spirituality. It gives shade & is also considered as the foundation of happy life. Beloved Satguru blesses us with the strength to become like that tree. Hence Babaji said in his discourses,
|| Jo Taj Mad Moha Mann Matt ||
|| Aaye Sharan Khinn Khinn Dhoye ||
Dear, the actual properties of water can only be know by the green tree because it flourishes due to the water. A dried lumber does not know the importance of timber & water. No matter how much you water it, it will never come to life because the intoxicated mind has taken over. In the pious shelter of Satguru, a soul attains the state of supremacy that fills it with humility, kindness, meditation, service spirit, respect & wellbeing towards everyone, and such thoughts prevail in mind-
"Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, Ma Kashchid Dukh Bhag Bhavet”

This means his nature eases evenly. Saint Kabir said in His discourses-
“ Sukh Dukh Sir Upar Khate, Kahabu Na Chaare Sang
Rang Na Laage Aur Ka, Vyape Satguru Rang
Kabir Guru Ke Awate, Doorehi Te Disant
Tan Deena Man Anmana, Jag Se Rooth Firant”

Devotee of the Perfect Master must bear joy-sorrow & praise-dispraise equally & stay humble. Never abandon the company of the True Master and always fulfil the responsibility of love. One must never heed towards self-will, public opinion & bad company. With their fateful deeds, whatever one receives; be it sweet or sourness, knowing it as Lord's will, one must remain immersed in the love of True Master.
Lord Almighty manifested in the incomparable, boundless form of Perfect Master. When love-filled souls meditate upon Satguru with utter concentration, they unveil the mysteries within and eventually get the glimpse of the formed & formless.
O being! Meditation of the Perfect Master’s word is the true blissful devotion and it is incomparable. The one who ignores these words & wanders around with his worthless knowledge, is like an ignorant farmer who considers husk as grains. It is an illusion O beloved! This is the strange trap of Kaal. The incomparable art of divine knowledge of the True Master and traits of His divine radiance can be reflected from far. He remains detached in the world.
The one who longs for supreme joy, supreme elixir, then whether he is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or Sindhi, attains the blessing of Holy Word (Naam) from the True Master. The True Master is our true guide & well-wisher. When the soul joined the company of the True Master, He shared the secrets of meditation of the Holy World (Naam) and knowledge of self to the soul. In the abode of self, there exist no Sato, Rajo & Tamo Gunas. Unless the soul has infinite love for Satguru, it cannot soak itself in His greatness and cannot reach the heights of spirituality.
His Holiness preaches, Satguru is the ocean of mercy, He is benevolent, who brightens the souls through meditation of Holy Word (Shabad Naam). The verses of Sant Ravidas ji reveal-
||“Sant Tujhi Tan Sangati Praan, Satguru Gyan Jaane Deva Dev
Sant Chi Sangati Katha Ras, Sant Prem Majhe Deeja Deva Dev
Sant Achran Sant Cho Maarag, Sant Ch Olhan Olhani
Aur Ik Mangu Bhagati Chintamani, Jani Lakhawahu Asant Papi Sani
Ravidas Bhane Jo Jaane So Jaan
Sant Anantah Antaru Naahi” || 

He explains that only the company of a True Master can unite us with Lord. When we imbibe love for True Master within us, then meditation automatically makes way into our conscious. We start getting attracted to this path. We see that a lot of people come to the Satsang, True Saint Masters are crowded with them. But true devotees only ask for Chintamani of pious holy word. As it has been said in the above verse,
“Aur Ik Mangu Bhagati Chintamani”

The sandal wood is soothing & the moon is more soothing than sandalwood, but their soothing properties are external, which cannot soothe our blazing mind. Perfect True Master’s meditation-devotion-selfless service brings rays of eternal joy and then you experience showers of endless blessings that soothes our blazing mind.
Lord Satguru, in His carefree way, mysteriously showers His love & compassion. But we, being engrossed in selfishness, attachment & I-ness, try to interpret according to our mind, contrary to what True Master vocalized. When the Master wants to bring his beloved devotees closer, they disguise themselves & we feel them as pain-giving, but that is His way of showering love, compassion & mercy. They never make anyone feel inferior, He Himself is the source of mercy & humbleness. It’s we, the witless beings who attach themselves to the worldly illusions and fail to understand the pious shelter of spirituality.

H.H. Satguru Sai Narayan Shah Sahib ji explains, that True Master is boundless, He blesses us with infinite treasure of elixir. Lord True Master is wondrous. His glory in uncommon and He always bestows soulful joy & enrichment to the beings. His Holiness advices that, adorn your present & future with the love of such True Master.

If a person goes to a tailor with piece of cloth to get it stitched, then tailor takes measurements based on the physique of that person & then cuts clothes into small portion to stitch it into a beautiful dress. O knowledgable beings! give it a thought, if that person becomes adamant and keeps on questioning the tailor that why are you cutting my cloth and keeps doubting his talent, then no matter how beautifully he makes the dress but because of his skeptical behaviour, he finds the art of tailor unworthy. Until a tailor cuts the cloth and stitches it with thread and needle, till then he can’t transform it into a nice apparel. Similarly, True Master eliminates our demerits by His divine scolding and empowers us with the meditation of the True Word. But the self-willed Manmukhs take it as the physical scolding & remain devoid of such precious divinity. True Master always want our betterment.
 “Master is potter & disciple the pot, who chisels every corner
who hits from outside yet supports from within" 

Our mind is attached with the negative energy, detached from the Master’s company & His holy word and is wasting his life just like this.

H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar shah Sahibji often advices us that if you attain the position of scholars by reading the scriptures, sacred books, words of wisdom, then you will develop the unhealthy habit of debating on worthless logics through which you start assuming others witless and yourself as intellectual and then gradually a stubborn snake ‘ego’ starts residing in your heart. O Beloved! In this path, your behaviour should be calm & easy like kids, only then shall your heart will be pure and you will attain happiness & peace in the will of True Master. But we do not abide teaching of Master. O dear, continuously try hard to mould your mind because one who knows to live in the boundaries of commands, will never draw the lines of dodging. We get soulful joy only through humbleness & kindness and True Master’s service (Sewa) blesses us with soulful strength.
So we should always accept the will of True Master without any doubts. We should not chant the ailments of ifs & buts & always keep our mind towards the True Master.

|| Kahe Narayan Shah Suno Bhai Bhakton, Hari Hariyaala Sada Dayal ||
|| Jo Sangat Sataguru Prem Preet Dhaaree, Jo Sangat Sataguru Prem Preet Dhaaree ||

Hare Madhav    Hare Madhav     Hare Madhav