Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya

Beloved devotees present in the divine shelter of the True Master,  fold your hands and chant “HARE MADHAV”  “HARE MADHAV” “ HARE MADHAV”

“Vaani Hariraya Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji”

|| Mere Ramrai Moko Satguru Melo, Tann Mann Vaar Karu Arpan ||
 || Satguru Sache Takhat Sujana, Mann Prem Rakh Har Pal Dho Loon || 

All the devotees present in the divine shelter & seeking the pious glimpse of Lord Satguru, “Hare Madhav” “ Hare Madhav”  “Hare Madhav”.

In the lotus feet of the True Emperor, with utmost love and affection, we bow down in reverence. Today’s divine Vaani is vocalized by the treasurer of Bhajan Simran, Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji, which is full of an endless plea, immense humbleness. Being the form of Lord Himself, yet His Holiness explains it with abundant humbleness and modesty.

|| Mere Ramrai Moko Satguru Melo, Tann Mann Vaar Karu Arpan ||
|| Satguru Sache Takhat Sujana, Mann Prem Rakh Har Pal Dho Loon ||

Sahibanji explains that a soul is weak and helpless, just like a child. Like an infant has hands, legs and mouth but still it is incapable of speaking or walking. Even if it is hungry, it has neither the strength in its hands to pick up a dessert or a snack to eat, nor does it have the teeth. It is helpless, weak; it aspires to run, it is enthusiastic but helpless, it can’t even turn its leg to the other side. Yes, if the mother supports it, there arises a little hope. When the infant grew up a little and its limbs, teeth grew, it then realized that “I was helpless before, I had no strength, I was weak, only and only weak.”

Without the True Master, our soul is as helpless as a child. The helpless weak soul pleads to its Lord ‚”Oh Lord! Grace me with your true form i.e. beloved Satguru, I will meditate upon You; I will devote myself to you every moment. Grace me. O Sovereign Lord, unite me with Satguru. O Sovereign Lord, unite me with Satguru. Without my Beloved Satguru, I am in pain day and night. The soul utters “I remember the day, I even remember the time & moment, my Lord, when I made a resolute promise that You shall release me from this pit of hell (womb) and I will fulfill my word of meditating in the company of Your form True Master. But, after setting foot in this world, I (soul) forgot my promise, I forgot You O Lord and entangled my mind in this vicious world. I didn’t obey Your commands, attached my mind to this world due to which I kept wandering in the cycle of 84 lakhs births. O Lord! After forgetting You, I realized that I didn’t have even a single true well-wisher in this creation. Someone who was with me yesterday, left me today, no one ever accompanies me. When, in this creation, I don’t have a single true supporter then who will accompany me to your Abode? The soul is narrating the anguish of separation & praying to the Lord ‚”Unite me with beloved True Master; I will seek His divine glimpse and devote myself completely immersed in You.

Hearing the pitiful cries of the soul, Lord incarnates in the form of a True Master on this earth and unites the soul with Sadhsangat. When the soul procured the true shelter of beloved True Master, the desire for uniting with the Hare Madhav Lord awakened. The soul then uttered to the Lord True Master “I sacrifice all my mind and body to You”  “I sacrifice all my mind and body to You.”

Treasurer of Bhajan Simran, True Master possesses abundant compassion. Those who come to His shelter, He rescues them from the world of mind & illusions and takes care of them. His Holiness relentlessly showers such endless mercy upon disciples which can’t be put in words. Only the inexplicable can describe it. Beings can never repay His Holiness Satguru for endless mercy & grace even in a million births.

The glory of True Master is inexplicable. By procuring True Master’s glimpse, a soul attains tranquility and mind is tamed. In the shelter of His Holiness Satguru, countless souls receive supreme glorious fruit from the sacred Satguru darshan. Upon obtaining the glimpse of the Lord Satguru, souls of the eligible disciples progress and they are filled with joy within. Many disciples have shared their personal experience that how by the holy glimpse of beloved Satguru, their matters were accomplished, the burden of their deeds were laid off, the triagonies vanished. Thus dear, always be consistent in devotion, perform pure deeds by joining the True Master’s congregation.

Dear Sadhsangat! His Holiness further states that this universe is a field of karmas, “You reap what you sow”. In this world, if a farmer sows seeds of jowar, he will reap jowar, if he plants green chilies, he will yield green chilies, if he plants olives, he shall reap olives and if he raises a garden of roses then he will be the one deserving its fragrance. Similarly, the beings that adapt good deeds shall enter this world like Kings. Moreover when someone performs noble deeds, he acquires some wealth too and rules towns and villages. But dear Sangat! To bear the fruits of good karmas too, one has to enter the cycle of 84 lakhs births. The broom in your hand might be replaced with the key of governance. You may own a manor to sleep instead of a hut but your soul will never be able to gain freedom from the worldly bondages.

The present life of a human is built on the account of his past deeds & the future is determined by the present deeds. So dear! Perform good deeds in the refuge of Satguru.

Dear Devotees! Even to yield the fruits of good deeds, a soul has to enter the jail of “Chauraasi” again and again, even in the heaven we get to enjoy various pleasures and after those comforts of heavenly paradise also, one has to come in the “chauraasi” time and again. Hence, Perfect Satguru preaches that unite with such a Sat-sangat (True Company) that frees you from heavens and paradises, traps of life and death and freedom from such traps can only be gained in the refuge of True Master. In the company of mind, a beings remain entrapped in the Karmas. In the company of Perfect Satguru, beings are liberated from such traps. This entire creation is a prison of chauraasi and to liberate from it, there is only one way which is True Master’s shelter. Coming in the shelter of the True Master with love for Him, procuring the gift of Naam and by practicing meditation, one can attain freedom from this worldly prison. This is the natural & irreversible law made by one Supreme Lord that freedom shall be achieved only through Perfect Naam and that Perfect Naam can only be attained from Present True Master who is the treasurer of Bhajan Simran. This law is for everyone, Gods-Goddesses, deities’ descendants etc. Even Shri Ramji & Shri Krishnaji when in the human form, attained the shelter of True Master.

Saint Kabir says,

“Even the supreme like Shri Ram & Shri Krishna attained True Master’s shelter.”
“The rulers of three realms (Lokas) too bow down in reverence to the Guru.”

Without the Naam (Holy word) bestowed by Present True Master and His devotion, a soul keeps coming back in the bondage of chauraasi. It fails to liberate from the trap of heaven, hell and karma.

Emperor Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji said in Sindhi verses,

“There is no salvation without Guru,
There is no other savior than the Guru.”

Through worldly fanatic rituals or external knowledge, it is impossible to cross the worldly ocean because there is no escape from karmic cycle. There is only one solution to escape this cycle and that is devotion towards Satguru.

Hearing to the plea of souls, Present True Master preaches to beings from all castes and creed to take the internally inclined path, the spiritual path. Today, the divine light of Hare Madhav sect is gracing spiritual progress to disciples globally. Souls are being enlightened by the inner spiritual treasure, devotees are immersed in bliss and why not? Countless souls have found the treasure of internal joy in the pious feet of Satguru.

In a narrative, on December 11th, 2016 His Holiness were on the spiritual tour to Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India, where the disciples were blessed with Babaji’s Darshan. Inspired by Satguru Babaji, on 11th December Hare Madhav Parmarth  Satsang Samiti and Sindhu Doctors forum jointly organized free health check-up camp in which renowned doctors from Bangalore, Mumbai and Raipur extended their services to everyone. Later in the day, in His Holiness’s presence, all the doctors came to the Satsang and grasped the divine discourses & hymns. Post that, the disciples queued for the Satguru Darshan (glimpses) and began coming closer to the True Master one by one in sequence, expressing their spiuritual curiosity & related questions. One of the renowned doctors of Raipur, Dr. P.S. Godheja came to His Holiness. Doctor’s face was radiant and eyes full of tears.

He said, "Babaji! When Your Holiness visited Raipur in 2013 and me with deep spiritual guidance and inner Holy Word (Naam) Babaji ,I read so many books o almost all the religions, and share my experience with You after three years. Huzoor Maharaj Ji! With your divine blessings, I meditated the Holy Word and what I procured from it, I do not understand how should I express my experience. Dear Master, prior to the attainment of the Holy Word, I met with numerous priests, saints, sages and questioned them about the deep mysteries of soul. When I sought their preachings, it led me towards reading and studying of various Vedas and Upanishads (Holy scriptures). Babaji, I read so many books of almost all the religions, but I could not find the destination of my soul. When I came to Your Satsang, you just explained  me one thing that my soul was in deep sleep, the Lord inside me was not awakened. When a being comes in the shelter of a true living Master, the Master Satguru blesses him with the True Word- Naam Mantra. When the being keeps on meditating the True Word-Naam, at the same time focusing on the holy glimpse of the True Master, only then can the soul be awakened and unite with the Supreme Lord, Hare Madhav Lord. Babaji, as per Your supreme guidance, I meditated sincerely the Naam you blessed, then my soul and consciousness started to fly higher and higher in my inner world. Then I realized the ultimate truth of my soul and inside me I saw so many universes, stars, moons, suns, the whole cosmos and beyond inside me. I could hear the "Anhad Naad", the music within me that never stops.

Babaji, each and every cell in me now enchants that melody and my soul, my consciousness has united with the indescribable, I sacrifice myself to you, True Master

"Bal Bal Jaun, Bal Bal Jaun Madhav Mere"

His Holiness with His gracious hand on that devotee, vocalized, "Doctor Ji, this blissful experience is your personal wealth, proliferate it". The doctor said, "Babaji, It's all your grace. My family and friends have come along with me, bless them so that they shall attain these spiritual pinnacles too". His Holiness answered, "The medicine held by spiritual healer Satguru is for everyone and the beings should come in Sadhsangat to procure medicine of Naam, put efforts and practice it. If you don’t practice & earn meditation if you just stock the medicine, then how shall the burden of your karmas be lightened? How will your soul be cured of its ailments & become healthy? How will you attain the elixir of Lord's devotion?”

The doctor then asked the True Spiritual Healer- Satguru, "Babaji, which divine eye does  True Master possess through which He knows the karmas of all beings clearly?” His Holiness, smiling with serenity, vocalized, "Do you have an X-ray machine at your hospital?” The doctor replied " Yes Babaji". His Holiness furthered, "If one has an internal injury or his bones are broken then x-ray machine shows only the broken bones and not the skin, blood or flesh", to which the doctor said, "Yes, Your Holiness, X-ray shows the affected part precisely and treatment is prescribed accordingly". His Holiness then vocalized, "Similarly, the True Master has that divine Eye through which He knows the divine elixir hidden within you, but how deeply He knows is beyond begin’s imagination, it is impassible subject

True Master is one with the Almighty. The Perfect Satguru, to awaken the invisible Lord within the souls, prescribes the spiritual medicine of Bhajan Simran & strengthens them. He develops interest towards service & Satsang in the disciples so that a soul awakens and attains oneness of Self. The Doctor prayed with folded hands, “O spiritual Healer! It’s Your immense grace that You have blessed us with the medicine of Holy Word to healthify our souls. Bless us such that we consume it well.”

Seekers of the truth come in Thy congregation with many curiosities, His Holiness acknowledges their curiosities, answers them and enlightens the beings about who the True Lord is and how can we unite with Him.

His Holiness through His ambrosial Vaani, while blessing the whole mankind with the divine art of praying at the pious feet of Satguru, preaches the glory of Hare Madhav Lord as follows-

|| Mere Ramrai Moko Satguru Melo, Mere Ramrai Moko Satguru Melo ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Vinay Karat Hai Hari Jeeo ||
|| Bhaav Bhakti Satguru Sharan Chhanv Baksh ||
|| Hare Madhav Meherbana Apaara ||
|| Satguru Sharan Chhanv Baksh ||

The Supreme Lord blessed the soul with the human body and sent it to this world with a purpose, but the soul, contrarily, got attached in Kaal’s mortal matters, wealth, ownerships, and kept performing deeds as per its mind. It was as if children went to school to study but did not get an experienced professor, and ended up procuring the wrong company & education and pushed their life on the path of their own mind. When they found an experienced professor then their lives improved.

H.H. is teaching the true lesson to the soul to always pray that-

|| Mere Ramrai Moko Satguru Melo, Mere Ramrai Moko Satguru Melo || 

When the souls acquired the refuge of the Accomplished True Master, procured divine glimpse too, but neither developed true devotion nor made a connection and didn't even have true love for Him, just kept maintaining the ledgers of mind.

Then the Supreme True Master, for the upliftment of the souls of the world, preached the divine sermons in-depth and showered mercy on all the children like souls (which is persistent even today) such that the souls travelled to the higher spiritual realms.

O devotees! A being should always take the support of Perfect Master, meaning he should stay in the sanctuary of Sadhsangat (True Master). With mind, body and wealth, perform selfless-service knowing that the Lord and the True Master are one, but our minds are trapped in the worldly fame, dignity and illusory pleasures, trapped in the pleasures and disorders of our senses, we have aligned with the Kaal and separated ourselves from the Sadhsangat  and his ambrosial Naam (Word) and now are wasting away our life unproductively. O being! We spend the whole day in worldly uncertainties and in earning wealth, is it the true purpose for which Supreme Lord bestow you this excellent life? Learn the way of living this life the right way in the divine company of True Master and identify the true objective. Every day, our mind makes new excuses and makes us lazy reasoning that it doesn’t have time for devotion and meditation, no time at all for the service of the True Master, accepting the will of our mind, we waste our time and breaths in the worldly pleasures. Always remember, for such followers of the mind, the jail of 84 lakh births and deaths is always open, owing to which saint Narayan Swami ji warned us –

“O dear when the God of Death catches you in the end, Try telling him as well, I am not free today”

Dear devotees! Ignoring the lessons of True Master and studying in the school of our mind, we lose our invaluable lives and breaths, and are still losing it, in earning fame and dignity, in consuming Tamsic diet (Meat, alcohol etc.), in fake worldly pleasures, in attachments of relationships; we tend to forget our true form and reality but o beloved! Remember, the Kaal will certainly knock your door, he will certainly come to take you.

Then, even if you beg Kaal a numerous time, mourn in front of it, apply tricks, become stubborn, nothing will work out and this four-five-foot-long palace of body will certainly turn to ash one day. Just like we consume food every day, this human body is meal for Kaal, from single elemental species to the five elementals, all become the meals for Kaal, this Kaal will take every one of us turn by turn.

O dear Fragment of Lord! This Kaal will certainly consume us; why not rouse before it happens. We should consistently attend the congregation of the True Master, earn His services, punctually attend the Satsang because this mind continuously distracts us and always finds new reasons to not attend the congregation. It even shows laziness in Sewa (Service) & suggests go to Sewa(Service) from tomorrow and likewise for Satsang(Congregation), it utters that “I have this important task today”,  “I won’t be able to meditate today,will do it from tomorrow.” and through such tricks, our own mind deceits us & we keep getting deceived. But O wise fellows! Although we keep postponing Sewa(Service) and Satsang(congregation) of True Master, will we ever be able to ask Kaal (Evil power) for extra time and say that leave me today and come tomorrow? When the God of Death arrives, try telling him that “I don’t have free time today.”

“O dear when the God of Death catches you in the end, Try telling him as well, I am not free today” 

No Beloved! This is impossible, Kaal won’t stop. Whether you like it or not, it will certainly take you with it. H.H. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji vocalizes in Sindhi:

“When the God of Death approaches in full swing, then no one saves us.”
“He neither cares about day & night, nor does he care about your pain of separation.”
“He neither cares about the young & the old, nor does he care about the groom sitting upon the horse.”
“Those who acquired the shelter of True Master, their end becomes adorable.”
“The Lord himself comes in the form of True Master to take them, the Gods of death run away from them.”

O Dear! If you take the support of this mortal illusory world, you will always be entangled in its bondages, but if you take help from The True Master, then you shall break free from all bondages.

The True Masters always speak of the supreme eternal life. The convoy of this mortal life moves on, one has to leave the world one day, never assume this dormitory to be your true home, you stayed for a night, that is fine, you have to pack up your bags in the morning because this accommodation is not permanent. You may keep decorating the walls of this Dormitory for a lifetime, keep adorning this body, and yet, nobody will be able to save you from the demise. Your own people will drop you at the crematorium. Thus, utilize this dormitory whilst alive. Don’t be just entangled in this mortal body, wake-up a bit, untangle yourself, rise above this physical body. You have to merely live for 50, 80 or 100 years in this body but in comparison with eternity, the value of these 100-50 years is even less than a night’s charge, how long does it take for a day to pass, who has been able to capture the time, no one can grab time in hand, entire life passes away like this, even now it is. Not from today, this world has been a dormitory since its inception but our mind isn’t ready to accept it as a dormitory that is why such a dilemma arises. The Present True Master vocalizes, first assume this world as a dormitory, then I shall stabilize your mind.

The Present True Master vocalizes on the subject of mortality of this life that listens to them attentively, O Beloved! See for yourself, the teeth with which we can bite the biggest food items, there comes a time when we fail at even eating porridge. The eyes through which we could once see the farthest objects in our childhood and youth later comes the old age when we even fail to identify our dear ones sitting beside us.

The feet that enabled us to walk and run so fast and play, soon the period comes when we need a stick to walk and take help from near ones to sit & stand. Think for yourself, life is flowing and yet you are incautious. Awake, awake at least now.

O fragment of Lord! This body is just like a broken hut, even you can’t stop it from shattering. This body is only valuable if you blossom the flower of your soul in the congregation of True Master before it fades away. O, Beloved! Value this body and the life you have gotten. Union of our soul with the Supreme Lord before our death is the only purpose of this human birth. O being! Don’t you care about this purpose even at the slightest?

O Being! You waste your entire life chasing the mortal objects, attaching yourselves to them and assuming them to be real. Then, at the time of your demise, as your thoughts will be, so shall be your afterlife. “As the remembrance in the end, so shall be your state afterward”. Treasurer of Bhajan Simran, Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji unravels the destiny of a being in his ending times as under-

|| Ante Jo Bhaje So Gatt Hoye Sadho||
|| Ante Jo Naam Bhaje, Nirmal Mat Hoye Sadho ||
|| Ante Jo Bhaje Dhana, Sarp Joni Roley ||
|| Ante Jo Jam Jameene Mandir Bhaje, Bhoote Kookar Bichhu Hoye Firey ||
|| Ante Kaal Jo Bhaje Madhav, Jaaye Basey Aatam Aviral Mukama ||
|| Ante Jo Bhaje Main Main, Raavan Kans Jyon Gatt Hovey ||
|| Kahe Das Ishwar Bhajo Har Pal Bhajo Swaans Swaans ||
|| Naam Guru Shabad Aradho, Hare Madhav Ram Nirvana ||

O beloved devotees of Hare Madhav Lord! Among all states of existence, living or non-living, the human being is the foremost state. Even the deities yearn for human life. Now. if you are given this human life and you procure Bhajan Simran, True Master’s shelter & love, meditation of Holy Naam, only then is this human life a supremely noble jewel. But today, humans have made their lives miserable. We are very fortunate that we met our All-capable Perfect True Master, who granted us a path to our inner conscious & true jewel of Holy Naam and made us experience loveful devotion.

All of you, earn it.  Forget about the breaths, time, days that have elapsed, O mindful being! Awake now. Invest the remaining time and breaths in Satguru Naam and devotion, earn what shall accompany you in the end. Even if the mind distracts, sit every day for True Master’s meditation. With the Master’s grace, your mind will engross in it, meditation shall bear fruits and you shall obtain the divine bliss. Thus,

Keep praying the Master with open hands that O My Hare Madhav Baba!

Bestow me Your devotion, please do not look at my deeds, O Lord, please bless me. My inner self is malicious, bless me with Your heavenly shade. Have mercy on us True Emperor, have mercy Hare Madhav Lord.

|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Vinay Karat Hai Hari Jeeo||
|| Bhaav Bhakti Satguru Sharan Chhanv Baksh ||
|| Hare Madhav Meherbana Apaara ||
|| Satguru Sharan Chhanv Baksh ||

Hare Madhav             Hare Madhav              Hare Madhav