|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Beloved Sadh Sangat seeking the method of celebrating the eternal Guru Purnima in the pious company of Lord True Master, recite with folded hands, ‘Hare Madhav’.

Vaani, as vocalised by Parmatva Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji

|| Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara, Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara ||
|| Satguru Saancha Prabhu Jyon Nyara, Satguru Saancha Prabhu Jyon Nyara ||
|| Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara, Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara ||
|| Satguru Naav Chadhe Jo Koi, Amra Ghat Nij Thaanv Paave ||
|| Bhram Bhav Metat Sagle Bhai, Kot Janam Dukh Chhutan Chhute ||
|| Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara, Satguru Unchaa Prabh Syon Nyara ||

Beloved disciples seated in the pious shelter of beloved Hare Madhav Satguru and seeking His beautiful glimpse, heartfelt greetings to all of you on this pious occasion of Guru Purnima!

We offer our love, surrenderance and salutations in the lotus feet of Lord True Master. Oh, True Master! Please accept our humble bows and bless all us disciples with Your gracious shelter. The divine Vaani of today’s holy discourses of Guru Purnima was vocalized by Parmatva Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji on 29th June 2021 at 3:45 am at Hare Madhav Vatika. This Satsang Vaani distinctively glorifies the Almighty Satguru, the reaper of sorrows. It is an eternal fact that;

 Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara, Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara
Satguru Saancha Prabhu Jyon Nyara, Satguru Saancha Prabhu Syon Nyara

O, beloved! We are filled with fear and ignorance until we find an Accomplished True Master. The pious Vaani states-

Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara, Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara

O soul! In the company of an Accomplished Lord True Master, one rises from this materialistic world. The Accomplished True Master’s glory is that of above the Supreme Lord (Parmatma). Without a True Master, no soul can attain liberation even through endless efforts like ‘Jap-Tap’ and other multiple external rituals. True liberation can only be attained through True Master’s Sewa, Bhakti & love, and then the soul reaches the internal state the True Master dwells in. The Vaani further dictates-

Satguru Naave Chadhe Jo Koi

Baba! Everything that a soul procures when it boards the boat of Accomplished True Master’s refuge and love, is vocalized in Vaani as-

Amra Ghat Nij Thaanv Paave
 Satguru Naave Chadhe Jo Koi, Amra Ghat Nij Thaanv Paave
 Bhram Bhav Metat Sagle Bhai, Kot Janam Dukh Chhutan Chhute

The Accomplished True Master has revealed the Supreme Lord within and O disciple! The same form is hidden within you as well; and can only be revealed through immense love, service and utter devotion.

There is an ‘inverted well’ of elixir present in the highest realm within all the souls since the beginning of this creation, since the inception of Chaurasi. Since then, our soul has been wandering in countless births & deaths, and even after being born, we have not been able to procure elixir out said ‘inverted well’ within us because of our love for worldly comforts and riches. His Holiness explains, Baba! The ‘inverted well’ of elixir that the Supreme Lord has placed within all souls is still unexplored, it is abundantly rich in divine elixir like a dam reservoir in which the gates are still closed.

Since ages, beings under the influence of mind have adopted innumerable means and methods to obtain the elixir. Countless years and births have passed but through no way has any soul been able to obtain that elixir. Souls took multiple forms and mind wandered in the web of illusions; but when the soul found an Accomplished True Master and procured ambrosial Naam from Him, it immersed in the divine colors of His love & devotion and the spiritual revolution took place within, and finally, the ‘inverted well’ of elixir opened up. The Accomplished Satguru extracts the hidden elixir from the ‘inverted well’ within the disciple; this is why the Japi-Tapi, saintly hermits (ascetics) and others souls come in the pious shelter of the Almighty Satguru. Even the Nimitta incarnations like Lord Ramchandra, Lord Krishnachandra followed the path of Accomplished True Master and procured that elixir. The Gurbani says-

“The angelic beings & the silent sages search for the elixir”
“This elixir is obtained from the True Guru”

The elixir that the deities, beings and saints seek upon so eagerly, the lord True Master; possessor of boundless grace reveals the elixir within. On procuring the elixir, the seeking devotees rejoice in the ecstasy of love for True Master; and then they realize that the Lord Almighty sent the souls in this illusory creation, bestowed them with life provided everything paved numerous ways for the souls to reunite with Him (Supreme), and the beings tried everything, practised rituals & various external methods, but they could not find the Almighty within. Saint Paltu Ji says-

“Paltu Japp Tapp Ke Kiye, Sarey Na Eko Kaaj”
“Bhavsagar Ke Taran Ko, Satguru Naam Jahaj”

When beings did find Lord Almighty, they found Him through Accomplished True Master, and not through any external practices. The True Master resolves all our karmic affairs and leads us to the state of Parmatva. Sadh Sangat Ji! The Accomplished True Master, possessing the treasure of Bhajan-Simran, always remains in the blissful state of Parmatva. He incarnates in this mortal world for the welfare of all souls. He leads His human life in an ordinary way but still remains in an unprecedented divine state. We fail to realize His true form because of our inclination towards external world. We need to introspect within through the meditation of Naam, love, devotion & dedication for Him to realize His true form.

 Pura Guru Bhav Bhajan Hara, Satguru Uncha Prabh Syon Nyara

The Accomplished True Master unbiasedly showers His grace upon all His disciples. He does not keep an account of His grace; though sometimes He mentions about it for our benefit but remains unaffected by it.

His Holiness Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized these truthful sermons; The Accomplished True Master helps you attain the elixir within; all you need is be immersed in the devotional spirit to attain the elixir.  Surrender yourself and accept His will as your command and, your fortune shall rise. Serve the True Master and you shall procure eternal fruits within. The Accomplished True Master’s might can never be measured because He is the only one who possesses the might of the Almighty Lord. It is extremely difficult to procure the company of the Lord True Master and at the same time, easy too. It’s easy only when you come to the True Master with humbleness and love refraining your ego. As Goswami Tulsidas Ji has said-

“Nirmal Mann Jan So Mohey Pava,
Mohey Kapat Chhal Chhidra Na Bhava”

Santvani also states-

“Guru Ke Charno Mein Dharo, Chitt Buddh Ahankar”
“Jab Kuch Aapa Na Rahey, Utrey Tab Hi Bhaar”

Only those with pure emotions are accepted in the True Master’s court because only then one can experience the truest divine form of True Master.

‘Guru Purnima’ means to develop firm faith and love in the True Master. The True Master’s worship, prayer, glory, devotion and meditation grace our inner self with pure emotions and embellishes this world and the world beyond. By worshipping our True Master, we can satiate our soul; by meditating upon His Naam, we can untie the knots of Jadd-Chetan; by fixating our consciousness in His divine form, our soul attains the guidance of rising above in the higher realms. Serving the True Master with utmost love & dedication, we procure the four cardinal blessings (viz Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha); these blessings consist of all the joys & pleasures of Loka-Parloka. Thus, seek only for His service & devotion. Gurbani says-

“One who prays for the four cardinal blessings should commit himself to the service of True Master.”
“If you serve the True Master, you shall find peace, else your life is being wasted.”

Serving the Accomplished True Master, we obtain the absolute elixir. Without the True Guru and His service (Sewa), one’s life passes in vain; so awake whilst alive and commit to the service of True Master, else consider your life worthless. Just like churning the water is a waste of time, similarly the life of those without the True Guru is worthless. O devotees! Remember, you must serve the True Master selflessly and lovingly to attain His absolute grace. Service of the meals for the Accomplished True Master is like service of meals to the Supreme Lord. Since ancient times it is said that the Accomplished True Master is the manifested form of Supreme and hence, the Bhojan (meal) of the True Master is called Bramha Bhoj. It is stated as-

“Jo Guru Ko Bhojan Karwave, Mano Trilokahi Nyot Jimhave”

One who serves meals to the True Master obtains the blessings of all three ‘lokas’. When one dedicates meals to the True Master, it heals the karmas of the entire family and Those hours of service are spent in the remembrance of True Master and His Naam. The selfless service of True Master paves the way to salvation.

“Tann Pavitra Sewa Kiye, Dhann Pavitra Kar Daan”
“Mann Pavitra Hari Bhajan Kar, Hott Tribidh Kalyan”

Meditation of Satguru Naam, selfless service and offerings made in the pious feet of True Master is the means of the welfare of the soul, thus the grandeur of Accomplished True Master can never be put into words. Shri Guru Mahima states that-

“Guru Ki Adbhut Hai Prabhutaayi, Miley Sahastra Guna Hoye Aayi”

It is the magnificence of Accomplished True Master that whoever offers in His reverence is blessed a thousand times more. The Accomplished True Master is the giver of absolute salvation. Saint Kabir has sung the glory of True Master fearlessly-

“Kabira Hari Ke Ruthate, Guru Ki Sharni Jaaye”
“Kahey Kabir Guru Ruthate, Hari Nahin Hott Sahay”
“Guru Goonge Guru Baanwre, Guru Ke Rahiye Daas”
“Jo Guru Bheje Narak Mein, Na Rakhiye Swarg Ki Aas”

O disciple! If the Almighty Lord who blessed you with this life, relations and everything, is  not pleased with you, then you must seek refuge in the True Master’s court for this is the only highest form of wisdom.

“Kabira Hari Ke Ruthate, Guru Ki Sharni Jaaye”
“Hari Ruth Jaaye, To Satguru Ki Sharni Jaan”

If the Almighty is angry, seek the True Master’s refuge, He shall calm the Almighty’s anger and bless your soul but be cautious!

“Kahey Kabir Guru Ruthate, Hari Nahin Hott Sahay”

If the True Master is not pleased, then your loka-parloka shall be miserable and even the Almighty won’t be able to help you. Such glory of the Accomplished True Master has been sung by Kabir Ji.

“Kahey Kabir Guru Ruthate, Hari Nahin Hott Sahay”

He further says, serve the Accomplished True Master,

Guru Ke Rahiye Daas, Guru Ke Rahiye Daas”

If the True Master commands you to walk on the difficult road, do not wish for an easy one, simply follow His command. Do not mistake it as a false belief, for His path needs to be travelled upon with immense love, devotion and pure emotion.

Hare Madhav Yatharth Guru Mahima, Vachan Updesh 109 states that; Supreme Lord is the one who created the trap of birth & death and Jeevan Mukta Lord is the one who liberates us from this trap, and He is the Accomplished True Master but He hides His true form through Yog Maya and various leelas. He remains in His divine ecstasy; even if He scolds us or uses strict words, it is His endearing nature. Dwelling in His blissful world, He is the Supreme Lord Himself who is unfathomable and guides the seekers to the eternal enlightenment. He showers infinite blessings upon them; now it is His own will how He showers the elixir upon the disciples. He, sometimes silently just through His glance of grace, sometimes through His sermons & Vaanis and sometimes through endearing scolding & beatings erases our troubles, miseries and sorrows. The glory of Accomplished True Master is infinite. This infinite glory of the Lord True Master has been sung by Goswami Tulsidas Ji as-

“Ko Barnay Mukh Ek, Tulsi Mahima Sant”
“Jinke Vimal Vivek, Ses Mahes Na Kah Sakat”
“Hari Har Adik Jagat Mein, Pujja Dev Jo Koye”
“Satguru Ki Puja Kiye, Sab Ki Puja Hoye”

Lord Shiva says to Mata Parvati in Guru Geeta-

“Saptsagar Paryantam Teerthsnanam Falam Tu Yat”
“Gurupaad Payobindoh Sahastraanshen Tatfalam”

This means, the merits one attains through bathing in all the pilgrimages that are even beyond seven seas, are merely one-thousandth part of the divine merits one attains through the worship & meditation of the Lord True Master.

The Accomplished True Master is the ocean of infinite grace, His grace is unbiased irrespective of the disciple being Sindhi, Marathi, Sikh, Gujarati or any other caste & community. The water only knows one thing and that is to satiate the thirsty; Even the unbiased water may be biased sometimes but the Accomplished True Master is beyond the limits of prejudice and bias; He is benevolent to all and enlightens all souls equally. This is why ‘Guru Purnima’ signifies the unbiased enlightenment Satguru. The disciple and his soul have been dwelling in extreme darkness for long, but when the disciple treads on the mystic path of True Master in His holy refuge, lovingly obeys all commands, then the disciple enters the realm of enlightenment within. His mind, intellect, conscience, endless thoughts transcend to enlightenment. The disciple’s soul rejoices in love for the True Master and an invisible string connects the disciple to the True Master. Then o dear! The separation from the True Master deepens the disciple’ love for Him and the union with the True Master satiates the disciple’s core; the pain of separation and joy of union both bring supreme contentment. Remember! This divine contentment can never be procured through any other means or methods but only through the love for the True Master.

|| Sadho Satguru Bal Bal Jaun, Satguru Jiyara Hitt Chitt Pyare ||
|| Sadho Satguru Bal Bal Jaun, Satguru Uncha Prabhu Syon Nyara ||

Therefore, the Yogis, hermits & sages too have emphasized upon seeking the Accomplished True Master because it is through His guidance that we shall be able to settle in the eternal divine abode whilst alive. The holy company of Accomplished True Master has been glorified in Gurbani as-

“Bisar Gayi Sabh Taath Paraee, Jab Thae Sadhsangat Mohi Paayi”
“Jo Prabhu Keeno So Bhal Maaniyo, Eh Sumati Sadhu Te Paayi”

All the worldly concerns were burnt into ashes. There are endless worldly thoughts in the mind day & night, but o devotees! When we come to the refuge of Satguru and associate ourselves with His love, in His holy company then we become like the bumblebee who sits only upon flowers and forage for nectar. Such becomes the state of the disciple-

“Preet Lagi Tum Naam Ki, Pal Bisrey Naahi”

The glory of Almighty may be fathomed but the glory of a True Master can never be.

Sadho Satguru Bal Bal Jaun, Satguru Uncha Prabhu Syon Nyara

‘Guru Purnima’ reminds us to sing the True Master’s infinite glory; of be grateful to Him; to praise Him; to sacrifice for Him; and to be humble within. This liberates our soul and bestows divine eternal fruits. O devotees! If we are sitting under the shade of Kalpavruksha (wish fulfilling tree) and enjoying its shade and fruit then we must appreciate the benevolence of the tree, we must acknowledge the nutrition and calmness we have been experiencing. The pollution of self-willedness and false attributes cleanses in the kalpavruksha like refuge of lord True Master and brings fresh air of pure attributes and True discipleship. Sai Ji explains, Baba! All beings have been under the influence of Maya since ages that have led them to miseries, troubles, pains and ignorance. The pious shelter of Awakened True Master is enticing & full of ambrosial bliss and eradicates all the sorrows and miseries. O devotees! Countless beloved disciples share their experience when they remember the True Master, no matter where they are or join His holy company & procure His Darshan, their negative thoughts turn positive and their troubles come to end. The devotees following the path of Lord True Master, experience many such gracious spectacles, it becomes impossible to pen down all of them.

Sai Ji further explains, while Sitting at the seashore if you wish to count the number of waves, will it be possible? No, it is far beyond our intellect. The sea waves rise and flow with their own will and wish. There are storms and tsunamis in it too.

Similarly, the Lord True Master is like a supreme & vast ocean, His benevolent glory is infinite. He constantly showers endless grace and plays divine leelas; sometimes He presents His supreme form and sometimes hides it through an ordinary human form. Even though He possesses all the spiritual powers & prosperity, yet, at times He farms in the fields in form of a farmer; while sometimes in a mystic form, discloses the wisdom of supreme realms through His sermons; sometimes He shares unheard remedies of physical & mental wellness like Dhanvantri (God of medicine); sometimes He wanders carefree in the deep dark jungles amidst wild & fierce animals; sometimes He plays sports with the children & youth; sometimes He plays divine leelas like Natrajan and eradicates the agonies of disciples in an invisible form. Sometimes, He bestow His beloved disciples with His divine glimpse within. All these are His waves of Parmatva, therefore His glory can be stated as-

 Shaarad Naarad Ved Katha Kah Na Sake Tatva Poore Satguru Ki Katha
 Na Ko Kah Saka Brahma Vishnu Mahesha, Sab Thak Haarat Hain
Na Kah Sakat Satguru Poore Ki Satt Katha
 Sadho Kaal Bhi Kaalah Dhuney Dhuney Sar Dhuney Satguru Dwaar Padey
 Sadho Satguru Ki Mahima Ho Na Sakat
 Kahey ‘Daas Ishwar’ Tajj Satguru Sharna Aham Chaturaai
Moorat Satguru Dhar Satguru Dhyan Dhar Preet Peevat Raho

The glory of Lord True Master’s supreme carefree state is sung further in Vaani as-

|| Satguru Shahe Beparwahe, Achla Eko Raas Rasaye ||
|| Satguru Simrano Dhyano Laavo, Aatam Eko Maahi Samavo ||
|| Satguru Sacha Bhav Bhanjan Haara, Satguru Uncha Prabh Syon Nyara ||
|| Poora Satguru Rame Vilaaso, Paarbrahm Tinn Vaaso ||
|| Poore Satguru Charna Dhyana, Vimal Padd Paoo Vaasa ||
|| Poore Satguru Bin Sabahe Karam, Gyaan Japp Tapp Dhyaani Feeka ||
|| Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara, Satguru Uncha Prabhu Syon Nyara ||

The Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji explains the glory as-

 Satguru Shahe Beparwahe, Achla Eko Raas Rasaye

The Accomplished True Master’s might is supreme and beyond the Almighty Lord. He perpetually dwells carefreely in the state of supreme oneness. O soul! In the refuge of such True Master, meditate upon His Naam and immerse yourself in the colours of His love, like the partridge bird (Chakor) has for the moon.

 Satguru Simrano Dhyano Laavo, Aatam Eko Maahi Samavo

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes that a disciple shall develop immense love & faith for the Lord True Master. When you surrender and dedicate your mind & soul to Him, only then you will be able to understand His wondrous leelas. His Satsang, sermons & Vaanis deepen our love & devotion for Him. Until there is uteerlove & faith, one cannot understand His leela or deepen the devotion.

When Nimitt Avtar Lord Ramchandra and Lord Krishnachandra devoted & surrendered themselves to the Nitya Avtar Lord Satguru, only then the Guru accepted them. The Nimitt Avatars worship the Nitya Avatars. ‘Guru Purnima’ means glorifying, worshipping, meditating & serving the Nitya Avtar Lord True Master with love and unifying the soul with His supreme form. The Nimitt Avatars followed the same path. All the Nimitt Avatars like Lord Ramchandra and Lord Krishnachandra have sung such glory that only Nitya Avtar Tatvadarshi Satguru can bestow salvation to the beings.

 Satguru Uncha Prabh Syon Nyara

Gurbani states that-

“Kahu Nanak Prabhu Ehey Janai, Bin Guru Mukati Na Paaiye Bhai”

‘Guru Purnima’ means the supreme light of Accomplished True Master which is ever-illuminating. The Accomplished True Master resides within all the beings, He is with us every moment. Wherever we may be, whether in His shelter, in His city or another town, city or country, the True Master is always present with us, His disciples, in a subtle form and showers His blessings upon us. He ignores all our flaws and shortcomings and keeps us closer to Himself. Lord True Master takes away our worries but never shows or expresses His own. Certainly, sometimes in His state of divine ecstasy, He mentions it but that is only to awaken the soul and to sow the seed of faith in the disciple. O devotees! The sun shines for a few hours and then the moon rises, but the Accomplished True Master is such divine power, such a massive ocean of compassion that knows no limit, there is no specific time or date for His showers of mercy and kindness. True Master showers His mercy in visible and invisible ways. Even if the True Master seems to be taking rest He is ever-awake. Shri Dakshinamurthy Stotram has glorified such True Master as-

“Gurostu Maunam Vyakhyanam, Shishyastu Chhinnasanshayaah”

That is, the Accomplished True Master is vast; when we devote ourselves to His refuge, He, through His glance of grace, answers all our questions, resolves all our confusions within our conscience without ever uttering a word. Such is the vast glory of Parmatva Satguru; neither disciple needs to ask nor needs True Master to answer. The Accomplished True Master is the supreme ocean whose waves of compassion are pulled towards the moon-like disciple. The disciple attains self-realization, bliss & purity from Him and becomes capable of obtaining supreme elixir within. O dear! Seek the refuge of such Parmatva Satguru and hold onto His pious feet tightly; surrender yourself completely with the sentiment that O Guru Maharaj!

“Teri Sharan Sada Sukhkaari, Teri Sharan Sada Sukhkaari”

It is mentioned in the Hare Madhav Bhaanga Sakhi Vachan Updesh 735; in the early morning hours of 18th October 2009, it was raining heavily while Shabad-Keertan, which is a potion to the soul, was being held. Present True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji was seated on His divine throne in the state of absolute bliss. His Holiness asked Sewadaris to keep singing the melodious Bhajan-Vaani. The Shabad-Keertan went on for an hour or so, and all of a sudden, in His own ecstatic state, His Holiness marched towards outside. His Holiness kept walking barefooted. His Holiness’ feet were drenched in dirt, hurting with pebbles & stones but He just kept walking. An ordinary being’s mind cannot fathom the magnificence of Lord True Master. After a while of walking, His Holiness reached outside a disciple’s house, sat on the porch and instructed the sewadaars to not knock on the door. The disciple inside the house was longing & calling for His Holiness’ pious Darshan, remembering Him wholeheartedly. He meditated upon His Holiness devotedly and attached himself deeply to the beloved Satguru such that His consciousness is fixated in the state of Guru Pad.

“ Bhola Bhav Bhagwant Milaya”

To answer the disciple’s yearning, His Holiness, without care for His physical self, arrived at the disciple’s house. Whilst seated on the porch, His Holiness vocalized these mystic words (Brahmvakya) in a very low voice, “Stop yearning and get up.” His Holiness repeated these words a couple of times.

On hearing these mystic words, sewadars present there couldn’t understand His Holiness’ leela. Dear disciples! It is indeed impossible to completely understand the True Master’s might. After a while, His Holiness took away His remembrance from the disciple.

The disciple’s consciousness received an indication from within. The disciple’s consciousness that was fixated on the meditation of His Holiness feet felt that the beloved True Master might be at the door. He got restless like a snake which has lost its gemstone. The disciple rushed towards the door and as soon as he opened it, he saw His Holiness Sai Ji in the porch. He wept incessantly and fell down at Baba Ji’s pious feet. On seeing His Holiness’ wet & stained clothes and mud filled feet hurt with pebbles and thorns, the disciple realized the whole leela of His Holiness and couldn’t stop crying. His Holiness said, “You had been yearning for me so wholeheartedly that I could not wait anymore and just had to come walking”. The beloved disciple wept while plucking thorns out of His pious feet. O devotees! There can be no bigger example of endless and boundless mercy of the True Master. The disciples who keep their strings tethered to the True Master,are blessed endlessly by the  True Master visibly or invisibly; because the True Master only seeks pure love and devotion.

Prem Ke Tum Ho Bhukhe Sai, Tum Ho Bhaav Ke Daata Gosai
Prem Ka Sada Jo Amrit Chakhe, Tin Bhagtan Ka Tu Eko Pyara
 ‘Daas Ishwar’ Viniti Kare Eh, Satguru Data Premi Jan Melo
Dhul Taaki Jarr Jarr Jeevan, Charan Kamal Tere Dhoye Dhoye Peevan

Hare Madhav Yatharth Prema Bhav Santmat Vachan Updesh 314 narrates that, a devotee must fixate his love, devotion, attachment, thoughts and consciousness in the Lord True Master. When the devotee dives deeper into the ocean of love for True Master, then he cares about nothing, neither his body nor this world; he, like a bumblebee, remains engrossed in love for his True Master. This is the only state he dwells in.

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji explains that by worshipping the Sarguna form (physical form) of Lord True Master, we procure the glimpse of His divine Nirguna (formless) form within. The Sarguna Satguru compassionately bestows us worldly beings with the radiance of formless. He makes us meditate and mercifully unifies our soul with the Parmatva. The Sarguna Satguru through His wondrous spectacles and immense mercy, liberates the souls from the illusory world of Kaal.

A reference in the Hare Madhav Bhaanga Saakhi Vachan Updesh 175 states that, once, the Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji was seated in His divine ecstasy, a family from Indore, full of humbleness, love & devotion, came to His Holiness with their child. They kept crying and pleaed humbly, “O Sache Paatshah! This child has been suffering from fever for many days, none of the medicines are working and his condition is not improving, please bless and have mercy on us.”

His Holiness said, “you shall be blessed. Take this child to the doctor.”

The family came to plead His Holiness several times and every time He would ask them to take the child to the doctor. Once, on a Thursday, His Holiness was seated in His divine ecstasy in the Guru Darbar Sahib when the same family came in the queue of devotees to His Holiness, and pleaded again. His Holiness, the Sthit Pragya Lord, dwelling in the Samatva state, on hearing the family’s plea, said, “Go to the doctors, they shall cure him.” They said, “Sache Paatshah Ji! We have tried every possible remedy but nothing worked. Now only You can bless us.” O devotees! The Accomplished True Master is compassionate, destroyer of sorrows and dwells in Samatva state to which Lord Shri Krishnachandra Ji has said in Geeta as – ‘Sthit Pragyavaan’. The Dukhbhanjan Satguru showered His Godly love and merciful glance on the child. He took the child in His lap and put a small napkin on the child with which Babaji used to wipe His face. He said, “Alright, the child will be well.” Babaji asked the child’s father, “Where are his medicines?” The father showed the medicines and said, “Here they are Babaji.” Babaji took the medicines and commanded the Sewak named Kailash to put them in a vessel from which local dogs drank water. Let it drink that water.” And then Baba Ji said to the family to wipe the child’s body every day with this napkin.

O devotees! The child recovered from the fever within a few days. The Accomplished True Master compassionately takes the sufferings of His disciples upon His own body. His Holiness took the ailment of that child upon His own body. His Holiness had to go through a lot of pain for several days. It was the time of Varsi Mahotsav. Even then, in the holy congregation of Varsi Mahotsav, His Holiness would sit for long hours to bless the devotees. The body was heating with fever but still, dwelling in His Samatva state, He blessed all the devotees. On the day of Moklaani (last day of Varsi), He blessed everyone with His Darshan, and later guided all the sewadars regarding their respective Sewas. After bestowing the enlisted sangat with Naam Mantra during the noon, His Holiness left for solitude (ekant). After few days, His Holiness recovered. So devotees! The compassion of Accomplished True Master dwelling in the Samatva state is fathomless. On the other hand, the dog that used to drink water from that vessel was sick, it could not walk. The Sewadar who had put the medicines in the dog’s vessel noticed that the dog after consuming that water, had started to recover too and could run now. Whenever in the evening His Holiness would arrive and seat on the Takhat in the Guru Darbar Sahib, He would ask the sewadaars to feed the dog with Kanaah Prasad & chapatis. His Holiness cured the child and also erased the dog’s ailment. Let us observe deeply how the merciful True Master plays the divine Leela of eradicating the sorrows of beings.

“Satguru  Hoyi  Dayal  Taan  Dukh  Na  Janiye”
“Satguru  Hoyi  Dayal  Taan  Harr  Rang  Maniye”
“Satguru  Hoyi  Dayal  Taan  Jamm  Ka  Dar  Keha”
“Satguru  Hoyi  Dayal  Taan  Sadd  Hi  Sukh  Deha”

Later, the family along with their child came with the humble emotions to the True Master and called out of love, O destroyer of sorrows! O Satguraan! O Bhagat Vatsal! Bless us with the boon of Your devotion, love and meditation. We shall never be apart from You, bless our family with the unshaking love for Satguru’s reverence because all the holy scriptures emphasize upon procuring these boons and making the human birth worthwhile. Bless us. Sai Ji, have mercy! We shall sacrifice all to our Lord True Master. The Hare Madhav Vaani further states the glory of Merciful True Master as-

|| Satguru Chausath Chauras Kaate, Ghat Daya Karuna Barse ||
|| Satguru Naamah Samrath Pyaare, Kaal Sadaa Dar Dar Khaaye ||
|| Saadho Satguru Bal Bal Jaau, Satguru Jeeyare Hit Chit Pyaare ||
|| Saadho Satguru Bal Bal Jaau, Satguru Uncha Prabh Syon Nyara ||
|| Dhar Pakdo Gur Charnaa Pyaare, Maanukh Dehi So Taare ||
|| Kahe ‘Daas Ishwar’ Charna Chitta Laavan, Ej Jinda Prabhuraya ||
|| Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara, Satguru Uncha Prabh Syon Nyaara ||

His Holiness vocalizes, with the divine sacrament of Satguru, His devotion, service and love, one reaches the highest state of spirituality within. Though the supreme state is present within, the beings are ignorant towards it. His Holiness vocalized these absolute sermons in Siddha Gyaan Goshti, ‘O Dear! Even if a sadhak practices Dhyana for fourty three lakh twenty thousand years, for all the four Yugaas without an Accomplished True Master, he cannot attain the state of Parmatva. When the possessor of Bhajan Simran True Master blesses the beings, the sacrament of Parmatva is attained easily which the sadhak could not procure from the dhyana for forty-three lakh twenty thousand long years. When the Accomplished True Master blesses us with a drop from His supreme elixir of Bhajan-Simran, the soul experiences the supreme state constantly; the True Master bestows His radiant glimpse within and unites our soul in His divine form.

Satguru Chausath Chauras Kaate, Ghat Daya Karuna Barse

Dear Sadhsangat! Our Accomplished True Master has unbiasedly blessed all the souls with the supreme sacrament of ambrosial Naam, no other material can match this sacrament of Satguru Naam, and it is obvious that a devotee develops the Sentiment of sacrificing everything to the True Master in ecstasy, which is stated in Vaani as-

 Saadho Satguru Bal Bal Jaau, Satguru Jeeyare Hit Chit Pyaare
 Saadho Satguru Bal Bal Jaau, Satguru Uncha Prabh Syon Nyara

His Holiness vocalized-

The illusionary trap of Kaal & fear of this ferocious trap starts fading away with the devotion towards the Accomplished True Master & His remembrance, then the soul fixates itself in the higher state of devotion, and the supreme elixir outflows within-

Satguru Naamah Samrath Pyaare, Kaal Sadaa Dar Dar Khaaye

 Saadho Satguru Bal – Bal Jaau, Satguru Jeeyare Hit Chit Pyaare

O devotees! Hare Madhav Yatharth Santmat Vachan Pooran Darshan Updesh 856 decrees that Lord True Master’s pious Darshan, His radiant face and smile rejoice the disciples and settles the restless mind; it transcends their apathy to love & devotion. In the holy shelter of Lord Satguru, whilst seeking His Darshan & grace, our meditation happens on its own with each passing breath. It is the True Master’s immense grace that He has accepted us in His holy shade.

Goswami Tulsidas Ji has narrated the glory of pious dust of True Master’s feet in Baalkaand as-

“Bandau Charan Saroj Guru, Mud Mangal Aagar”
“Jehi Sewat Nar Hott Hai, Bhavsagar Se Paar”
“Guru Padd Rajj Mridu Manjul Anjan”
“Nayan Amiya Dhrig Dosh Bibhanjan”

The holy dust of the Accomplished True Master’s is soothing and salve, that cures the defect of our eyes that sees only malice and vices. Gazing at the Shri Swaroop of the Accomplished True Master, our inner self endearingly cries & complains in the pain of separation but even in such pain, our soul attains the Guru Prasad of pure bliss. Such Guru Prasad is infinitely glorious. The more we gaze at the blissful image of the Accomplished True Master, our each cell rejoices in ecstasy, our Surati & Nirati fixate in His remembrance, this blissful experience is the Guru Prasad. In the divine shelter of Lord Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, the devotees procure His Darshan and tread on the path of self-upliftment therefore praising their fortune.

Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji vocalized these pearl like sermons that first & foremost, obey each & every command of the True Master; burn your ego in the flame of your beloved Satguru’s command. Imbibe His sermons completely, do not just listen to His sermons but also be thoughtful towards them, then your mind shall begin to purify. Most importantly, seek His glance of grace which shall unveil the mysteries within and bring joy to your life.

O sangat Ji! Many people do not associate with the Sadh sangat & refuge of Satguru and procure His Darshan because they lack virtues of the previous births. But the Accomplished True Master through His supreme potent, graces such souls with His divine radiant glimpse within and then redirects them to His Sadh Sangat. Just like one needs to hold the thread firmly to let the kite fly high & float in the sky, the True Master holds the string of lost souls, settles their previous karmas and accepts them in His pious refuge. Because of the previous karmas, beings are born in various castes & communities like Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Jain but the soul is not bound by these external barriers. The Accomplished True Master is one with the Supreme who uplifts all the souls unbiasedly.

The Hare Madhav Bhaanga Sakhi Vachan Updesh 431 Sarvamangalya Bhav states that an elderly Marathi disciple aged 70 years, from Amravati (M.H.) who was blessed with Naam Mantra by His Holiness Satguru Ji; He narrated his experience that in the presence of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, the holy congregation was held at the Sahkar Nagar ground. One of my friends brought me to Hare Madhav Satsang, it was the first time I was attending His Holiness’ Satsang and I sat among the thousands of devotees. As soon as I saw His Holiness seated on His pious throne, what I experienced is beyond words and only my eyes & mind felt it. I realized that His Holiness was the divine idol I had been seeing with God Vitthalla in my dreams. I was completely lost in His devotion. I only knew Marathi language & not Hindi or Sindhi. When the Sewadars were orating the Satsang Vachan in Hindi, I could miraculously hear each word in Marathi with His grace. I procured the glimpse of Vitthalla in the form of Hare Madhav Satguru Ji. Dear Sadh-Sangat,

“Jaaki Rahi Bhawna Jaisi, Prabhu Moorat Dekhi Tin Taisi”

The devotee further stated, I am a disciple of God Vithalla since childhood. Before coming to His Holiness, whenever I would worship Lord Vithalla, I used to see a divine idol from past few years. I would always wonder who this divine idol was who bestowed His glimpse along with Vithalla. I often saw His Holiness’ glimpse along with Vithalla in my dreams. After the pious Darshan, I became a devotee of His Holiness.

Since then, whenever His Holiness would grace the city of Amravati, I would come to seek His divine glimpse in His holy congregation. Once, my family members said, “Whenever Hare Madhav Maharaj Ji arrives, you go to listen to Him but why do you go when you don’t understand Hindi?” I replied, “There are numerous Satsangs & Kathas being held all over the world but none of them uplifts my soul unlike Hare Madhav Satsang. I go to seek His pious Darshan; in His holy congregation, the absolute Vaani & sermons are sung and Huzoor Guru Maharaj Ji is seated on His throne in the Parmatva state. The disciples incline inwards on seeking pious Darshan and listening to His divine sermons. Certainly, devotees like me may not understand Hindi or Sindhi language but we procure Unparalleled ambrosial bliss through His Darshan. The bliss that I procure through the meditation of Vithalla, I now procure it in the gracious shelter & Darshan of His Holiness Guru Maharaj Ji.”

The elderly disciple started to sing the True Master’s glory in Marathi as-

“Sukhacha Sadguru Sukhroop Khechru”
“Swaroop Sakshatkaru Daakhvila”
“Vitthal Pahaataan Maaorale Man”
“Dhyaani Bharle Nayan Tanmay Jaale”
“Mi Maanjhe Hote He Majmaaji Nimaale”
“Jaren Jar Girile Jayapari”
“Tethe Aanandi Aanandu Vorla Parmanandu”
“Naamya Jaala Bodhu Vitthal Naame“

Oh, my Satguru Vitthal! O Satguru Khechar! You are the giver of peace and also the source of peace. You eradicated my ego & self-willedness and united me with the supreme just like rivers meet the sea. Your glimpse is fixated in my consciousness, now all I experience is bliss all around. All this is the magnificence of Lord True Master. Sadh sangat Ji! With the pious Darshan of Lord True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, the souls attain unmatched bliss. His Holiness showers His mystic gains of Bhajan Simran, endless grace and divine art upon all the disciples regardless of their caste or creed.

A beloved disciple requested humbly, “Oh my Lord! What is the importance of worship, sewa, meditation, devotion & immense love for the Lord Satguru?” His Holiness smilingly replied, “Even if you light all the lamps & candles of this world together, would that light still be able to challenge the light of the sun?” The disciple said, “No Baba Ji, it is impossible.” Then His Holiness asked, “When the sun is shining bright, will the light of candles & lamp be visible? Will that light be of any importance?” The disciple said, “No Baba Ji, it won’t be.”

Huzoor Ji vocalized in the mystic & fearless words, “The Accomplished True Master’s worship, service, meditation, devotion & love are like the shining sun and rest every other means & method are like the worthless light of candles. The Accomplished True Master is the source of eternal light.

Maanukh Dehi So Taare, Satguru Uncha Prabh Syon Nyara

The possessor of Bhajan Simran True Master is unfathomable like the vast ocean. To describe the unfathomable True Master is like lighting a lamp before the sun. Just devote yourself to the pious feet of such fathomless True Master.

 Dhar Pakdo Gur Charnaa Pyaare, Maanukh Dehi So Taare

The disciple pleaded with folded hands, “O merciful Master! What glory should we ignorant beings sing, Your pious Darshan liberates countless sinners. How should I light a lamp for Your Aarti when countless suns procure light from You. How should I rinse Your pious feet where all the oceans meet. What flowers should I adron You with when both the worlds are Your garden. What should I offer You when all four cardinal blessings rest at Your pious feet. The Kuber (God of wealth) obtains His treasure from You & the Maya is ever ready to serve You. What instruments should I play for singing Your glory when You reside in the state beyond Turiya where there is divine unstruck tune being played.

Sai Ji! I sacrifice everything unto You and just plead with you with open hands to fixate my mind on Your pious feet. Bless me with the true love, devotion & Your radiance O Lord Hare Madhav, O Lord True Master.

|| Kahe ‘Daas Ishwar’ Charna Chitta Laavan, Eh Jinda Prabhuraya ||
|| Poora Guru Bhav Bhanjan Haara, Satguru Uncha Prabh Syon Nyaara ||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav