|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Vaani Sant Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji

|| Birah Bin Na Upjat Hai, Bhav Bhagat Ka Khela ||
|| Birah Na Jis Aatam Upjai, So Aatam Mukt Na Hov Bhai ||
|| Kahe Narayan Shah Sunho Pyaron, Preet Saar Se Khud Ko Sawaaro ||
|| Birah Na Upjai Jis Tan, So Gurumukh Kese Hove ||

We bow down with devotion at the pious feet of the True Master.

Today’s Satsang Vaani is vocalized by H.H. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji. This supreme Vaani is filled with love and pain of separation. Thy Highness says that all the perfect saints never distinguish between God and the True Master. The True Master (Satguru) is the evident form of the Lord.

The true saints have not considered chanting, charity, pilgrimages, fasts, dogmas and renunciation etc rather, they consider true love and true devotion as true means to acquire God. This is the reason that Perfect Saints’ discourses emphasize a lot on love and devotion. There is no difference between Love and Devotion.

According to all the Perfect Saints in the court of the merciful Lord only love-filled devotion is honored. True devotion, true love and the pain of separation from your beloved (Satguru) is known as VIRAH.

True Master Sai Narayan Shah Sahib Ji who Himself had true love and devotion for His True Master, bestows us with the secret of this Love of separation through His priceless Vaani-


These words by the All-Capable Emperor Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji are the words with priceless wisdom. In Santmat or Gurumat(wisdom belief), Service(sewa) and love for the True Master  is prime. Sewa requires utmost dedication and love brings happiness.

Present Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji says that-

||Preet Bahut Sansaar May Nana Vidhi Ki Soy ||
||Uttam Preet So Jaaniye Satguru Se Jo Hoy || 

Love persists everywhere in this world and Love is the only support system, but the world is in duality and God is in Oneness. The world is existent as well as non-existent but immortal Supreme Lord always exists and Prefect Satguru is the evident form of the Supreme Lord. True Emperor Master, with His self experience says that love is persistent everywhere but the supreme love is the Love for the Perfect Satguru of the present time. That love unites a being with the Lord’s form i.e. Perfect Satguru then there remain no worries of Chaurasi (84lakhs life forms), no worries of the entrapment of delusions. A love-filled disciple remains in divine madness in the love of his Satguru. Every second he desires to be in the shade of his Satguru.  He cannot tolerate even a moment of separation. Within and outside, he is overjoyed in True Master’s Love. The soul overjoyed in such love of separation progresses in the spiritual journey. A soul without such divine love of separation can never rise above to the higher states.


Virah means the ‘Pain of Separation’. When the lover cannot see the beloved and becomes restless because of separation, that restlessness is called Virah. A true disciple in love cannot tolerate even a moment of separation. This is why, all the saints and mahatmas have compared the pain of separation of a true love-filled disciple’s from his beloved Lord Satguru as that of fish from water, as that of a hawk-cuckoo with pure water drop, as the pain of separation of chakor bird with moon and explained through these examples. The life of a True Disciple lies in the shelter of his beloved Satguru. Satguru is his life, Satguru is his soul. This is why he is agonized by the separation from His Satguru.

A true lover cannot live without his Satguru and even if he does, he lives like a lunatic. The world taunts him with words like crazy and failure but he is sad with his sadness, he is unhappy due to separation from his Satguru but he finds happiness in the sorrow, he is care-free. He doesn’t care about the taunts from the world. He just stays immersed in the Loveful Separation of his beloved, and increases his internal happiness.

His Holiness vocalises that pain of separation is the sign of true love. ‘Separation’ is the test as well as a gift of love and longing. Without parting, there is no pain of separation and without love, one cannot imagine the pain of separation. Deeper the love, more dominant will be the pain of separation and more the dominance of pain of separation, deeper the love will be. The one whom you love the most, you are more in agony for them. Hence, pain of separation is the symbol of true love as well as the mint and treasure of the true love. It reveals and strengthens the love. The pain of separation strengthens the desire of disciple to meet the True Master and compels the True Master as well to run towards the True Disciple. Baba Fareed ji says:
“Many talk of the pain and suffering of separation;
O pain! You are the ruler of all,
Fareed, that body, within which love of the Lord does not well up, consider that body as a cremation ground.” 

To unite with your beloved Satguru, pain of separation (Virah) is the supreme resource out of all the resources. It is only in the fate of ones those who bear the pain of parting. Just like walking miles in the scorching sun, the pleasure of the shade of a tree is the most soothing experience. It is only felt by the ones who have suffered the scorching sun. Air coolers, air conditioners or any other resource cannot compete with that soothing. Those who are separate from the Master, only they yearn for uniting. Those who do not yearn for uniting with their Master, they are simply like a corpse. They are ill-fated. O fragments of Lord! Develop the pain of separation and longing to unite with the Master. Behold the love for the supreme and divine glimpse of Lord Satguru and develop the pain to unite with him, develop true love.

True Saints have always loved truly. They have known the pain of separation and have taught us to value it. True emperor Satguru Sai Narayan Shah Sahibji has vocalized,


Virah (Pain of Separation) is a cupel in which gold of love is heated in the fire of separation. When melting the gold in a cupel, it’s impurities burn, similarly, the fire of separation burns the selfness and transforms the gold like soul into Kundan. Hence, Saint Kabir said,

 “Hold on to the pain of separation firmly and it shall unite you with the True Master.” 

It means that yearning because of separation maybe painful but one day, this pain of separation bestows the disciple with joy of uniting with the subtle form of Lord Satguru and obtain the indefinable treasure of His mercy and loving sight. This should be kept safely. True pain of separation establishes true detachment and true sacrifice. An absolute example of this was set by Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji by uniting with Lord Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahibji. His Holiness sacrificed everything for His Lord Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji.

His Holiness remembered Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji in His each breath and surrendered His mind completely to the Master. His Holiness became one with the Almighty sacrificing the Self. This is true simran (Meditation) as well as the true devotion towards Satguru. All the fruits that one attains through yoga, Bhakti and gyan etc can be very easily attained through selfless-service and true love for True Master and the foundation of attaining true Love is true Virah (Pain of Separation).

One who has deep longing for union with True Master and Supreme Lord, his meditation also possesses the utmost yearning. His soul knows how to rise above the nine doors of body. He forgets about his body and mind and can reach the tenth door whenever he wants, and meet his Satguru within himself. He can seek the glimpse of radiant form of Satguru. The fruits which were not gained by monotonous meditation of many years are procured in a moment of meditation to the soul that yearns pain of separation and the disciple attains the state of Jeevan Mukti.

Lord Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized that through this pain of separation, I have attained the love of my Master and true joy. It enabled me to perform true service and meditation. That indeed is the essence of pain of Separation.


His Holiness vocalize that the true devotees find this pain of separation and the pain given by His Holiness very loving. Thus, Goswami Tulsidas ji has vocalized in Ramayana that I greet Saints and Non-Saints knowing both of them to be similar because they both are similar in giving the pain. Non-Saints means the evil people, stay with us and cause pain and Saint True Master stay away from us and cause pain. I have no control on anyone, both act on their own will. Dear devotees present in the shelter of beloved merciful True Master I am a poor man, what can I do other than bearing the pain.

I have no way other than crying due to pain of separation. I have no wealth other than the tears. Without Satguru, this heart has no interest in anything. Now I feel that there is no affinity left in the heart of the merciless. Those who suffered with the pain of separation they call out and complain in love to their beloved True Master.

O My Beloved True Master! Everyone calls you the ocean of mercy but don’t you know that without Your holy glimpse (Darshan) living is so difficult. You Yourself told us that fish cannot live without water, just as a cuckoo yearns for drop from Swati Star, a child cries without milk of his mother, O Lord Satguru! Even a single day without a single glimpse of Yours, our condition is no less than them. Know this and accept it and why shall we be alive without seeing you, O Lord. Except for your Holy Glimpse and Union, we do not need anything. Please come and bless us with Your smiling and radiant glimpse. O Satguru, please do not trouble us anymore. Sai Bulleshah faced such deep pain of separation from His True Master that he said such words,

My heart longs for my Beloved,
one talks with laughter, one dies Weepingly

Bulleshah Ji vocalizes that those souls are fortunate, O Master who live with you playfully and joyfully and then there are beings like us who waste their entire time in crying about everything. O Dear Lord! Either you should have taken us with you or you shouldn’t have gone away from us. I can’t keep calm without seeing you.


His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji says,  seek advantage of the state of separation to the fullest during the pain of separation, meditate the Holy Word of True Master, experience the inner bliss in that meditation. Through this pain of separation, you will easily seek the Incomparable Glimpse within. You shall also procure the joy of union with the physical form of the True Master hence, drown in the devotion of pain of separation and meditate on Satguru Naam, reside the Satguru in your heart, have faith in the Satguru and do not worry about anything. A separated disciple cries out in love without the Master’s glimpse. It’s difficult for him to live. No matter how much empathy and assurance you give him he won’t agree. He doesn’t understand and just like stubborn kids, he repeatedly calls out for Darshan only. He says that my mind is totally stubborn. It only wants Satguru Darshan. Love is completely independent. Whatever the disciple does, whatever he says it’s the true love for the Master that makes him utter sweet invaluable words like a child.

Like a child who, even after being beaten by the teacher, doesn’t show any interest in studies, similarly, other than love and union with my True Master I don’t like anything else. My parents, friends and relatives also curse me but after endless efforts, I have attached my strings with my Master. So now, I cannot study any chapter other than the love for True Master. I am in a strange dilemma, because I can’t leave my Master and on the other hand my Master doesn’t pay any attention to me. O True Master! You are loveless, right? If you suffer from the disease of love like us, only then will You be able to do justice with us otherwise not. Now show some pity on our state and come back, O Master, come back.

O Master! I write letters to you, You don’t even respond to those. I feel like I’m so lonely in this entire world I asked greatest astrologers that when will I meet my Master? Whatever forecasts they did, all of them have passed away. Is this our misfortune or did their math go wrong? O True Master! We wish for your glimpse in our dreams but now even the sleep has also become our enemy.

“Someone robbed the garden of my heart
Neither do I get sleep, nor does the night pass away.”

Now even my tears have dried out. But I still don’t know which of my enemy has performed dark magic on me that You don’t pay attention to my pitiful state. O Dear Lord! Please tell me, other than tears and bunch of thorns, what have we attained by loving You? Now, we only have one prayer in Your divine feet, either call us to You or bless us with Your divine glimpse by coming to us. In this yearning for the glimpse Baba Fareed uttered

“The crows have searched my skeleton and eaten all my flesh but please do not touch these eyes, I hope to see my Lord.”

O crow! If you want to feast on my flesh, just go ahead, but do not touch my eyes for I have hopes of my Beloved’s glimpse, I am sure my eyes will catch sight of My Lord Of course, now my body holds no purpose without Satguru but my eyes are still of importance. My Satguru will bless my eyes with His divine sight. I have utter faith and trust in my Satguru, He gave me His word, He will bestow me with his glimpse soon.

Saint Meera Bai, while suffering in the fire of separation, decrees, O Lord! If only I knew that affection causes such pain, that ocean of mercy and treasurer of compassion True Master turns loveless, I would have beaten drums all over the town and prompted everyone against affection for Satguru even though You are instigating the pain of separation. O Master! Your glimpse and union have a peace that no other material in this entire world holds. Gazing continuously at your divine face, tears that I keep shedding they cleanse my mind and soul. My soul attains peace of the formless which I can’t even describe. Satguru is too loveless.

He is so loveless that we loved Him but He gave us the wound of parting and just walked away, leaving us to cry.
|| Jismo Jind Nu Ley Gaye Kadke ||

He doesn’t even know that when He left us, our life also left our body such a huge dilemma has befallen upon us and He doesn’t even have a speck of fear or care about what will become of us.

|| Aavan Keh Gaye Fir Na Aaye ||

He left us with a promise of returning soon, there is no surety as to how He will fulfill His word even after coming back. We lazy and mistake-causing beings have fallen in love with Him, but it seems like He deals in the business of scams, He conned us, said something and did something else. All said and done, there is only one path left that is to bear everything quietly and to keep drinking the poison of separation. He will do whatever he wants; talking our heart out to Him won’t do any good. We have been bearing this pain and sorrow for so long, now if He is happy with it then we shall cry more and make Him happier. O True Lord! our happiness lies in Your happiness If our tears are what You require then we shall drench ourselves in tears. We only have this one appeal don’t send us away from You, let us reside in your divine shadow we can bear the pain of separation but won’t be able to remain parted from You O Lord, never ever.

So Dear Devotees! We must have unbreakable constant love in the pious feet of Satguru that even one moment of separation becomes unbearable. Such shall be the wound of separation that divine fragrance of Satguru may fill within us. Then only shall the soul attain the spiritual ecstasy. Let us all seek benefit from today’s heavenly discourses procure the True Virah, True Word (Shabad) and try to unite with True Master within.

|| Kahe Narayan Shah Sunho Pyaron, Preet Saar Se Khud Ko Sawaaro ||
|| Birah Na Upjai Jis Tan, So Gurumukh Kese Hove ||

Hare Madhav    Hare Madhav    Hare Madhav