|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Vaani His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji,

|| Mera Satguru Purakh Apara, Mera Satguru Purakh Apara ||
|| Oh Satguru Satpurakh Sadho, Aaye Jag Mein Amrit Sant Khel Rache ||

Beloved devotees present in the pious shelter of Pooran Satguru, Hare Madhav to all.

The serene Vaani today is vocalized by the possessor of eternal ecstasy, our beloved Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji through which, His Holiness explains “My True Master is Supreme and Eternal”. A True Master incarnates in an immortal form and draped in a mortal body, He enlightens all the souls about the secrets of the immortal nation, the sermons and messages of a spiritual world that exist above this mortal plane. To make a soul reach there and immerse in it, He bestows the true reverence and eternal path. The Accomplished Master manifests from a formless nation. Immortal but draped in a mortal form, performing various spiritual spectacle in this mortal nation, He awakens the sleeping souls through the liberated state.

The liberated merciful True Master enlighten us through His holy sermons and divine plays, but all His spectacles only have one true purpose at their core that each soul may attain the joy of immortality. Because My True Master is Supreme and Eternal.
The Complete True Master of present time is full of numerous spiritual qualities and attributes, which are truly unfathomable. Who has ever know the extent of boundless! “ No one knows Your end for You are the Supreme”
True Master is the immortal form of true divine worlds. He is full of numerous values and seats in the state of complete serenity. Even through divine plays, Gods, Gandharvas and Sages cannot understand the profound divine glory of such True Master. Even when He simply wanders in His divine ecstasy, He unravels the spiritual mysteries.

He speaks of pure divine words of devotion for the Supreme Hare Madhav Lord because He manifest fro the Sachkhand (Land of Supreme's Abode) and from this land of deceit, the souls that follow His will and command are taken on the ship of Sachkhand to the ultimate abode.

O beloved devotees, just like the spectacles and rays of a sun are filled with light irrespective of shape and size of those rays they only have one true objective: to provide light to the this world. Similarly, all the
beautiful sermons vocalized by True Master are about bathing the souls of this world in the light of divinity, which indeed is his true purpose, but we shall only grasp as per our intentions. He simplifies and eases the real path Gurumat that we abandon our evil mind and adapt the profound conscience. The Lord form True Master incarnates on this land solely for this purpose. A Complete True Master’s work-area differs from that of Godmen. Goldman only operates in this materialist’s world so that the activities of this world can run and function smoothly. Complete True Master is Almighty Lord who is merciful, compassionate and benevolent. He is the ocean of mercy, and in His eternal kingdom, the accounts of heaviest deeds can’t be analyzed but through surrenderance, spiritual bliss can be attained. True Master is the form of Supreme Hare Madhav Lord Himself, and He bestows the blessings of Holy Word that flow within the Hare Madhav Lord and awakens them. It is impossible for anyone to fully understand the True Master and no one shall ever claim the same. Love shall always be possessed with repentance toward sermons and Lotus Feets.
Beloved Satguru uses His exceptional spiritual inheritance. To sum up, we can say that He reduces the pain of punishment of hanging to that of a pinch of a thorn which Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji has explained in Sindhi as-

“Sooriya Maa Kando, Baba! Sooriya Maa Kando”

Every so often, He puts His own body in pain, which may be for a common man is a very frightening thing because this is the law of nature for beholder of the human body but Dear Satguru takes it upon Himself easily.

The Supreme Almighty is one great power. A human mind cannot get a grip of it or its universe. Only mortality liberated True Master can preach about it with confidence.

Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji through His discourses said –

|| Aadi Anaadi Ke Paar Ki Kahun, Taham Janam Maran Ke Phoal Na Khilein ||
|| Taham Koi Chaurasi Ke Fer Na Fire, Naahi Dharat Nabh Sookshma Mandal Ke Pasaare ||
|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunaho Pyaaron, Ya Baat Poori Niraali Poori Niraali ||
|| Tatva Khand Ke Dhaam Ki Mai Mast Maula Bhed Kahu ||

Beloved True Master bestows the preaching of the liberated nation through His sermons “Mai Mast Maula Bhed Kahu” His Holiness all His life, through complete mercy, love and compassion has successfully performed interesting, scary spectacles and has recited wonderful stories of the Divine Light but always hiding Himself, He performed the spectacles. True Master has made the being realize their deeds through His spiritual discourses and uplifted the souls of disciples with the swop of a stick. The ones who improved, improved and the ones who went wrong were ruined at the hands of the Kaal.
The present time's True Master in his godly sermons of highest spiritual commands often verbalizes:-

|| Aiso Anubhav Noor Param Aadi Anaadi Ke Pasta ||
|| Noor Baith Satguru Sang Main Kiya Aadi Na Anant An ||
|| Aiso Param Noor Nijanand Mein Sada Mast Kiya ||
|| Daas Ishwar Uss Anokhe, ‘HARE MADHAV' Purakh Ki Baat Kahi ||
|| Janam Maran Paida Na Hot Hai, Diwas Rain Sab Dhang Ekas Hot Hai ||

All those who have earned the complete truth reached the peak of the spirituality have spoken of the things, and experiences of the abode of the TRUE MASTERS, where the HARE MADHAV supreme lord resides is filled with complete peace and eternal tranquility. By the mercy and grace of the TRUE MASTER, a being can leash his mind, destroy it and unite with the Joyous Master. An accomplished master is always with us but we tend to forget that he is always beside us. The mind makes us fall but the accomplished master bestows us with strong, immortal Holy Word (Naam) manifesting the divine tune of the Naam within. Listening to it, travelling through this divine tune, a soul reaches the great universe within, it can fly and come back as it pleases.

TRUE MASTER BABA NARAYANSHAH SAHIB JI bespoke these very unique and golden words: “Jiyare Seja Maut Ki”
The beloved True Master nourishes the mind and soul, with the truthful Naam that is fruitless if a human hears it somewhere else. Unless a being procures this divine Naam from an Accomplished Master, it does not come to fruition. Naam is much like those saplings in the nursery which are always there but can never grow into banyan tree, the TRUE MASTER is the giver of the immortal life, His sermons shouldn’t be grasped with deceit, shortcomings or tricks. Instead, they should be earned with pure conscience, complete affection and dedication because every sermon of True Master is utterly beneficial for a being.
Undoubtedly, the intricate trap of Karmas(deeds) can only be overcome by following True Master's words.

True Master always bestows His divine glimpse upon us and He does it in silence. Many disciples immerse in His colorful eyes, and state that only through the True Master’s blessings and divine sight, I saw within and laughingly realized that the destination which I was chasing for so long, is itself coming to greet me, Because in the life of a true disciple, on the path of devotion(love), he certainly faces such phase once.

The Present True Master is the doctor, the surgeon. He imparts the ability to open the inner-eye of soulful wisdom. His guidance gives you the cure to tear off the layer accumulated on your eyes, which are Sewa (Service), Satsang (congregation), Simran Dhyan (meditation) and the most important one is contentment, love and complete dedication.

True Master explains that only the souls with the greatest fate and noble deeds procure the shelter of a True Master.
When the mother earth pleads, O Lord! The burden and pressure upon me are surging rapidly, Mother Earth said to the Lord, I am unable to bear this burden, to which the Lord asked, O dear Earth! Are you burdened by the mountains or the forests, are you burdened with oceans and animals? Are you burdened with the huge mountains? If you say, I shall dry up the oceans and make those mountains and forests disappear, which will lighten you.

To which, mother earth prayed humbly, I am not burdened by any of these things, I am burdened with the ungrateful witty beings who utilize everything in your creation like body, breaths, air, water, light and food and still worship Kaal (the negative power) instead of revering You.

Upon listening to the grief of mother earth, Lord replied, O dear earth! Time and again, in the nations and lands, I felt there was a need for, I sent True Masters and will continue to do so, They, on manifestation, will banish beings' evils and call them into Their shelter and after purifying the souls, True Masters bring them back to their eternal abode. They come to this creation and spread the true proven experience of the real form of the soul within among villages, towns etc. along with the masses of disciples, They awaken the seekers by blessing them with the key to the kingdom of my real & purest form. Such merciful, compassionate and complete Masters abundantly spread the bliss of blessings and compassion, and divert the ungrateful beings to the path of Truth through Sewa (Service) and devotion. When True Masters manifest, they generously shower riches, wealth and God’s grace where ever they go but at the same time, the group of people who try to disturb the divine pageants of Masters, they create harsh rules for them.

The only purpose behind all the plays of a Present True Master is the soulful welfare of beings. You see, the True Master of the time, sits with the wise beings and reveals the deepest meanings of wisdom; He sits with the elders and talks of elderly thoughts and high opinions, while he sits with the sages and the saints, He graces them with the glory of elixir and at times also shares the ways of management of such wide area thoroughly. And playing games children, He blends with them. He sometimes does melodious discussions of entertainment, sometimes He frames and recites poems like a poet. Sometimes He talks like an astrologer, sometimes while doing the service of utensils, He blends with the devotees and sometimes by His enlightened self, He shows us the clear reflections of True Divine abode. When people with evil conscience tendency become egoistic, He defeats their tricks and scolds them and uses strict words like a stern father and sometimes, like a successful surgeon, He performs mental, spiritual and physical operations and bestows beings with the divine path.

Beloved Satguru executes all this secret spectacles considering them as His divine service (Sewa). He sometimes like water: light and easy, and sometimes like ice: hard and sturdy, develops the power of the spiritual religion (Dharm).

This universe, animals-birds, mobile-immobile, variables-invariables, sun-moon run by the constitution of Lord Hare Madhav. True Master, by His will, openly conveys that He is free from successive births, sometimes He cautions us by being an innocent servant because presence of the Complete True Master is like an all-round presence of the arbitrary Lord, because True Master is threaded by the colors of Supreme Lord and Supreme Lord is threaded by the colors of True Master, apparent love in True Master, devotion towards Him, boundless affection for the pious feet, evidently or inevidently all this is like having affection for Lord.
Lord Almighty works in the form of All-capable True Master, He is the doer, He is the ultimate Lord Hare Madhav, we should be grateful to the merciful Lord that we have met an All-capable ultimate benevolent True Master, today we are under His divine shelter and are being blessed by the divine guidance.

The All-capable Lord works in the form of Human, He loves everyone, His eyes are open, like the daylight, He watches everything clearly, He watches with open eyes. It is boundless mercy of Lord that we have met the Master who has already United with the Lord, the one who guides us in every step of life, regularly blesses us with daily sermons and services (Sewa) and is taking us to the Lord's abode. After bearing the worldly transactions and paying the heavy accounts of our deeds, our True Master, being our guide and keeping us under His shelter, takes us to the eternal Hare Madhav abode. He asks us to look after our family responsibilities and explains, while handling work and deals, to keep your conscience in Sadh-Sangat.

Thus, it's a request in the pious feet of True Master, O my Hare Madhav ultimate merciful Lord, my Emperor, bless us with the elixir of meditation of the Holy Word (Naam), bless us with the unbreakable, fathomless love and devotion of Your holy feet. In this rare human birth, True Emperor of true abode like You is All-capable of blessing us with the secrets and intellect of emperorship of internal consciousness. Have mercy my beloved Lord, my Madhav Lord.

|| Kahe Madhav Shah Suno Sadho , Jaago Maan Vachan Prateet Dharo ||
|| Bin Satguru Sab Jag Dhundh Kara, Dhundh Kara Bharme Fire Bharme Fire ||

Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav