|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

|| Mere Preetma Satguru Pyare ||
|| Jagg Se Ab Ki Baar Ubaaro ||
|| Charan Tumhare Rass Main Peevoon ||
||Maan Ki Dhundo Mitawoo Meri||
||Aatam Bhav Bhagat Piyala||

Beloved disciples of His Holiness! Heartfelt greetings of Guru Purnima to you all,

with love, Hare Madhav Hare Madhav Hare Madhav.

On this auspicious occasion, may we procure His Holiness’s divine shade and pious glimpse of His supreme form within us, such is our plea at True Lord’s lotus feet that may our flowers of faith, respect and humbleness be accepted.

The plea-full Rabbi Vaani of today’s divine sermons is vocalized by the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji (Hare Madhav Baba Ji). His Holiness bestows all the souls the way of praying to the Beloved Satguru-

|| Mere Preetma Satguru Pyare ||
|| Jagg Se Ab Ki Baar Ubaaro ||
||| Charan Tumhare Rass Main Peevoon ||

O Hare Madhav Baba Ji! All the devotees pray to You,

Dear Master! You are the only hope of pupils, the only life-support. May Your gracious eyes be always upon us. Procuring Your fruitful glimpse, we souls may stay immersed in the spiritual colors of meditation, may we consume the elixir of Your love.

Devotees! Blessed souls of Lord! We are all immensely fortunate, immensely lucky because having the Perfect Lord Satguru in life is not an ordinary occurrence, moreover, such a True Master who is unified with the Lord Almighty, manifests as Videhi-Mukta and comes amidst the beings of the world and bestows them the manner of perfect devotion and the way to settle in the abode of Self, the Master’s abode.

The festival of Guru Purnima is the festival of attaining perfect devotion and settling in the abode of Self, the Master’s abode, put simply, it’s the festival of oneness of soul with the Lord True Master. In the company of True Master, endless souls come to fill their bags with supreme joy and attain soulful blessings through His glimpse. His Holiness, through His glimpse of grace, showers blessings on His pupils. Satguru knows all about His loving devotees and is a loveful figure who eradicates all their sorrows. Therefore, loving devotees also call His Holiness as Antaryaami (omniscient).

The Perfect Master is loving by nature, His mind is Almighty’s mind. His soul, mind and every cell is pure and remains engrossed in unfathomable Lord. In such pious company, souls effortlessly experience the supreme calmness. Spiritually-rich True Master’s heart is a tender heart, He is the source of true mercy who showers love and compassion on disciples every moment. Perfect Masters are beyond attachments & hatred, praise & condemnation, joys & sorrows, friendship & enmity. True Masters through wondrous plays, eradicate the ignorance and apathy in the disciples and perform compassionate speactacles fearlessly to awaken them.

Liberated from the bondages of karma of mind & illusions, Lord Satguru discloses the sermons of unborn joy upon us. His divine smile awakens our dormant innerselves. Modesty is His ultimate jewel.

It is said in the Yog Vashisht to accept Present True Master as the formless Almighty. He incarnates to bestow path to all mankind, for the welfare of all souls in the world. Numerous other tasks too accomplish themselves just by His presence.

Satguru even converts unholy thoughts of His disciples into holy joyous thoughts. Even if someone holds grudges against Him, the Master finds reasons to grace them. Such benevolent Satguru is the holder of elixir, His voice is sweet as jaggery, His heart as soft as a flower, He blesses loveful gracious glimpse and is a wonderful magician, His heart, like butter, is tremendously soft. Beloved Satguru does favors upon favors and miracles begin to happen themselves. Coming to His shelter and listening to His glory, spectacles, stories of mercy and grace bestow wonderful joy, purity, wisdom & devotion. Perfect Masters have conquered mind, illusion and duality; They can be seen miraculously pulling out countless disciples from such quicksand. It’d be quite appropriate to say that spiritually-rich True Masters are against the thoughts of illusory mind and uplift the beings through fearless Bhajan. Therefore, it is the Perfect Guru Satguru we should have, a false Guru won’t resolve us.

Dear Sadhsangat! You shall see different kinds of disciples. Some are love full, some seated in the pious shelter are calling out wholeheartedly; some have the modest emotions of prayers; some are yearning for one single glimpse, one holy sermon, yearning for one single moment. Many such devotees have tears rolling down by constantly seeking holy glimpse and their soul rises above I-ness. The essence is that the true guide has come from the ultimate abode and through meditation of holy Word, is continuously blessing the souls with eternal miracle.

There are some beloved disciples who feel, what will we gain by finding the Lord, when the True Master Himself is the form of Lord Almighty and has made us into His own form too then there is no need of finding the Supreme Lord. This also concludes that when they received the radiance within from the Satguru, the disciples at all times rejoice in the ecstasy of Hare Madhav Lord.

||Teri Sharan Sada Sukhkari Teri Sharan Sada Sukhkari||
||Mere Satguru Payare Madhav Date Teri Sharan Saada Sukhkari||
||Das Ishwar Mange Pyare ,Mohe Sharan Sada Tum Rekho||
||Oo Hare Madhav Mera Pyare Aatam Ke Tum Mere Pyare||

Saint Namdev from Maharshtra said, “True Master is the ocean of happiness.” Namdev Ji Himself became the same by finding such True Master. O dear! You must take the shelter of such True Master, the true form of happiness. He recited in Marathi –

 “O my True Master, You are the giver of happiness.”
“You are the form of True Happiness and united me with Lord.”
“I have found the Lord and now I’m one with Him.”
“My eyes are full of His remembrance, I’ve found myself in His remembrance.”
“Like the water droplet merges in the ocean, it becomes the ocean itself.”
“Similarly I’m one with the Lord, my I-ness is no more.”
“Now I only see bliss all around.”
“Namdev says, by knowing one Lord, I now know all, nothing more remains unknown.”

Namdev ji says, The True Master is Himself the true form of happiness and bestows it upon all the souls. The Master merged my soul in Supreme. O Satguru, My eyes are absorbed in Your remeberance. My agile mind is now overjoyed. O Satguru!

“I have found the Lord and now I’m one with Him.”
“My eyes are full of His remembrance, I’ve found myself in His remembrance.”

The drop like soul merged with the ocean only to be one with it. The I-ness kept diminishing, such is the blessing of my Master upon me.

“Now I only see bliss all around.”
“Namdev says, by knowing one Lord, I now know all, nothing more remains unknown.” 

Enchanting the name of Vithhal Madhav, I am always lost in the ultimate state of happiness, O Satguru! You are –

“You are the giver of happiness.”

Goswami Tulsidas Ji too praised the Lord’s form True Master and said –

“I bow at the pious feet of True Master”
“The ocean of grace, the Lord in human form.”
“His words are like sunrays that eradicate the darkness of attachment.”

All the souls, in accordance to their love and wealth of devotion are purifying themselves. They are rejoicing in this love & devotion and moving upwards in the inner realms. Holding the spiritual victory flag, they’re heading towards the highest peak within.

There are some souls whose burden of Karmas is heavy, they come in the Master’s shelter to reduce the burden of their karmas and countless souls are receiving countless spiritual benefits in the pious feet of the Master. Dear, we too must come in the shelter of the True Master with Vidur like righteousness and try to benefit from it.

|| Teri Sharan Sada Sukhkari ||
|| Mere Satguru Pyaare Madhav Daate ||
|| Teri Sharan Sada Sukhkari ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Maange Pyaare ||
|| Mohey Sharan Sada Tum Rakho ||
|| O Hare Madhav Mere Pyaare ||
|| Aatam Ke Tum Mere Pyaare ||

With complete meditation of Lord Satguru, with complete worship of Lord Satguru, with complete remembrance of Lord Satguru, you shall witness the Master’s grace within yourself. You will be astonished to see how the Master manifested the form of Lord within you.

The being experiences the blissful state within and becomes jovial. Then the disciple says my intellect was so petty that the one, who I thought of as an ordinary man, was actually the incarnation of Supreme Lord.

Dear devotees! When disciples come to the Master’s shelter, some disciples see Him as an all-knower Tatva yogi, some see him as a Yogi, some as scholar, some in the form of True Master. Some see Him as a political mathematician, some as litterateur, some as an artist, some see Him as a skilled administrator for the upliftment of the souls. Children see Him in the form of a playful friend. The beings from all four sections assume Him in varied forms & come to seek His discipleship.

Dear devotees! We see the enormous treasure of divine merits in our True Emperor who bestow His grace in all forms, out of which you can witness His magnificent form only when you develop such inner vision.

When a disciple gains spiritual wealth and reaches higher inner realms, he realizes that the one to whom I surrendered assuming Him an ordinary human was actually Glorious Supreme Lord who exists in countless forms but is still One. The Emperor Lord True Master dwells in the unseen unchanging Supreme state who is gracing us all with His sovereign will. So beloved disciples! Hold firmly onto the divine shelter of True Master, because the True Master is not conservative. He always graces the beings with afresh enlightened form and divine ecstasy; in short, he wounds the being so deep within for whose cure too lies only with Him.

His Holiness showers vast treasures of grace & compassion in the form of ultimate truth.

Although the True Master looks, talks, walks, eat, playful like you but still He is unlike you. He is way ahead than you; from His external appearance, he might seem familiar, but his one foot is immersed deep inside the earth’s core and the other lies far beyond the seven skies. The aura of True Master aura is incredible, He will appear like you from the outside but in reality, He is the conscious Supreme Lord.

Lord True Master manifests to unknot the entanglements of our conscience. O soul ! True Master, who Himself is Supremely conscious, He graces the soul with such sacred art of meditation through awakened Holy Word (Naam), so that souls work hard & practice the meditation with immense love to awaken the consciousness and rise above the talks of mortal wisdom.

Beloved disciples! In this era of Kaliyuga the display of false knowledge by fake gurus is widely spread. Beings keep wandering without knowing the way to the complete truth. When they come in the divine congregation of True Master and acquire the divine wisdom of eternal truth & His blessing/blissful sight, their soul awakens. Countless such souls arrive in the refuge of the True Master, with thirst for the Supreme truth and get connected with the awakened path by Him.

In the guidance of the beloved True Master, even the heavy ailments like egotism & vices are cured. So singing the glory of such Merciful Master, the reliever of agonies, Guru Sahibaan ji further preached in His Vaani,

|| Dukh Bhanjan Satguru Hai Pyaara, Bhagat Janan Ke Dukh Tu Harta ||
|| Parbrahma Satguru Pyaare, Tumhari Pooja Bhar Bhar Dhyaun ||
||Anand Roop Param Sukh Leela, Namo Namo Mere Satguru Preetama||
|| Das Ishwar Maange Satguru, Ghat Teerath Roop Jagao||
||Hare Madhav Har Dayale, Satguru Deendayal Preetama Milao||

Disciples! The world is full of history, Monk Dattatraye found 24 Gurus, but without a Perfect Master, he couldn’t find the inner light, so correctly said -

|| Dukh Bhanjan Satguru Hai Pyaara, Bhagat Janaa Ke Dukh Tu Harta ||

Until you find the Lord in the form earned True Master, agony of the soul will never end; He bestows the true love & devotion and is a skilled artisan who blesses the art to calm the agonies. This inner path relies completely upon the True Master, the creator has made no other rule for it.

The Perfect Master is treasurer of the elixir, He always showers mercy and grace upon the disciples, true disciples stay in the refuge of the Guru, enhance their lives with meditation of the Holy Naam(word) and service. There is no difference between the True Master and the Supreme Lord. Worship of the True Master is worship of the Lord:

|| Parbrahma Satguru Pyaare, Tumhari Pooja Bhar Bhar Dhyau || 

H.H. Guru Sahibaan Ji graces the knowledge to upsurge the interest of the disciples towards this divine path. With His plays of wisdom, love, scoldings like a guardian, He saves them from the agonies of the world, takes complete care of the disciples and shows the path to become a true disciple (Gurmukh).

|| Kyon Prani Maan Billaye||
Satguru Sam Ko Duji Sewa Naahin||

His Holiness through His holy sermons or wondrous plays, bestows the souls the path of spiritual devotion.

A loving disciple of Madhav Nagar, Katni came in the presence of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, who was well off. His eyes filled with tears and immense love in heart , longing  for loving devotion for True Master always plead , “O True Emperor! Bless my heart and soul with Thy love, fill every corner of my heart with immense devotion, I am full of guilt and vices, bless me O Master, have mercy upon me.”

Whenever he prayed, His Holiness in His divine will vocalized these words, “You are a thief, you are a thief, and you steal.” That beloved used to say, “O Merciful Master, bestow me with True love & devotion” and then leave bowing his head. Whenever he came in the pious shelter, every time he aspired for loving devotion. Once, twice, thrice, multiple times he had the same plea and His Holiness always use to say you are stealing, you are embezzling the divine treasure.

When this beloved used to pray, then a Sewak who was indulged in Sewa from quite a long time, deep down in his mind he used to think, he is an affluent man person, he lacks nothing, how can he be a thief, he is pleading many times and still Babaji is calling him a thief in front of all. If Babaji will call him thief then what will others say? And he used to be entrapped by filthy thoughts for the True Master. He kept saying, this is not the correct way. Without knowing anything  he was multiplying the ill thoughts.

Sadhsangat Ji,

True Master wondrously acts but devotee should never lose his faith. 

True Master is Omniscient, in the graceful sermons of benevolent merciful Master, the hidden treasure of liberation is contained. In those sermons, lies mercy for disciples, even the tiniest particle of Paras(precious metal) is called Paras.

His Holiness was in divine state, that beloved devotee came and pleads again, O Merciful Master! Bless me with loveful devotion, Thy pious remembrance shall dwell in my heart. His Holiness said, you have a habit of stealing, you are a thief. Right! He started crying and with folded hands, his tears rolling down. That Sewak who had ill thoughts, was listening to all this, His Holiness called him and said, Son! you have filthy thoughts in mind, isn’t it? O Beloved, If the devotee’s faith & love keeps increasing relentlessly, only then it is fruitful. If love wavers in your mind, it indicates you are still a novice sewak. Only those kites get cut whose threads are tender. That sewak who had ill thoughts, pleaded for forgiveness with tears in his eyes, O True Emperor! Have mercy, both pleaded, O Sovereign Lord! Forgive us, have mercy on us.

His Holiness asked that beloved devotee, who has bestowed you the breaths you take? He said Babaji, by Hare Madhav Lord True Master.

His Holiness asked, the kids and family you have, is blessed by whom? That devotee again said, Babaji by Hare Madhav Lord.

His Holiness asked again, “Who has given you these lands, wealth and repute” the devotee replied, “O True Lord! By Hare Madhav Almighty”

His Holiness conveyed both of them, “Baba! When everything belongs to the beloved Hare Madhav Lord, then by assuming those things as our own, we are just committing embezzlement in the divine treasure, only stealing. There should be complete dedication in True Master’s reverence” then, His Holiness vocalized this holy Vaani,

|| Ji Sab Kuch Tera, Mere Madhav Ji||
|| Mere Madhav Ji, Mere Sahib Ji ||
|| Sab Kuch Tera, Kuch Na Mera, Mere Daata Satguran||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Vinti Karat Hai Ji Sab Kuch Tera Karaya||
|| Mere Hariraye Mere Piyare, Sab Teri Akulayi ||

His Holiness said, “On this path, accept that everything belongs to Hare Madhav Prabhu. Not merely words, but your heart and your speech should accept it. Souls that want to attain internal progress on the spiritual path; this sermon is 100% tonic for them. Along with it, it is important for a disciple to tame the mind with Master’s commands & rules; and it is equally important for a disciple to be cautious.  When everything is given by Hare Madhav Lord, then why to fall in the lust and desire of attachments”

The loving disciple heard the sermons from His Holiness and his eyes drenched, had a lump in the throat, wave of love ran through his body, he pleaded with folded hands, “Bestow me love and reverence, O Master, bestow me Your shelter”

His Holiness vocalized, “Dear son, In the shelter of H.H. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, you procured worldly wealth and wrapped yourself in pride and arrogance, but true reverence asks for the sacrifice of ego and I wanted to see if there was still a nest of ego within you”.

The devotee cried and pleaded,
“Save me from Your Maya”
“Hold my hand and carry me across.”
“I do not desire anything else.”
“I only have Your support”
“Please carry me across as You wish.”

His Holiness kept His hand on the devotee and vocalized H.H. Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji’s sermon on how a devotee’s love should really be:

“Love shouldn’t be like a bird, that flies away when the water dries up.”
“Love should be like a fish, that dies without water.”

O Devotees! These were the sermons H.H. Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji used to preach that today Present True Master preached them to those disciples. Today, we hear it from a thousand people that Previous Master’s every single sermon is coming to life, souls are earning the wisdom of ultimate truth; all of this is being illuminated by the Present True Master Himself. There is a saying in Sindhi that,

“Likayan Waro Hikk, Golhan Wara Savv”

Often wondrous spectacles, glorious incidents of ecstasy happen with beloved disciples just like it rains everywhere in monsoon. With these wondrous plays, the mind & soul of the disciple transforms from tedious state to the devotional & blissful state.   Listening to the divine spectacles, witnessing the merciful loving form of the True Master, tears roll down our eyes realizing that how the True Master takes care of each and every disciple through His mercy. Listening to the experiences of Master’s grace from disciples, the sacred flower of our heart blooms. Watching the ecstatic spectacles of True Master, even the deities, hermits etc. come in His shelter disguised in subtle forms to seek the supreme ecstasy. They procure this elixir in their own limits. The True Master is the all-knower, what else can be said –

|| Anand Roop Param Sukh Leela ||
|| Namo Namo Mere Satguru Preetma ||

In the True Master’s shelter, there’s no discrimantion of rags-riches, holy-evil person or any caste because True Master is endless ocean of supreme oneness and mercy. Treasurer of Bhajan Simran, the True master shelter the devotees from all castes & creed and graces them. Nobody should live under the illusion that the True Master belongs to any sect/caste, because He is omnipresent omniscient Lord. There is no caste of Mother Earth and so of True Master. There is no caste of vast sky and so of True Master. Look at the flower or perfume, it’s fragrance is unbound of caste or section and so is True Master. The True Master is beyond the discrimination of castes, He is unborn enlightened form, He has manifested for uplifting the beings of all sections. Hence, you should rise above the boundaries of caste, creed & religion; and come with eligibility & pure heart in the divine shelter of True Master, and start researching yourself through Satguru Darshan and Satguru Naam.

A Localite of Housing Board colony, Katni (M.P.) India, Sardar Gurjeet Singh Ji, whose soul has reached Sachkhand, the Hare Madhav Abode. He had heard about the eternal glory of H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji that H.H. is the treasurer of Bhajan Simran and equally uplifts the souls of all four sections. He was eager to come to His sanctuary. When Sardar Gurjeet Singh ji came in the congregation of His Holiness for the first time, all his spiritual desires begun to fulfill in the congregation and meditation of Naam(Holy Word).

Once when he punctually came in weekly Hare Madhav Satsang on Sunday with his family, His Holiness said to Sardar Gurjeet Singh Ji to bring Prasadam of Saag-Dhodha on Tuesday. Honoring the command of True Master, he brought the Prasadam on Tuesday morning. He had to go Jhukei area (In Katni) for work purpose as his coal trucks were to arrive. So when he came to Darbar Sahib, handed over the Prasadam to Sewadars, and bowed in reverence. As soon as he moved ahead to leave, His Holiness Babaji arrived & seated on the divine throne. The devotees were furthering in the queue for Satguru Darshan. Sardar Ji was curious to come close to Babaji. When he came nearer, Babaji blessed him with divine sermons for almost 1.5 hours. After seeking the enlightenment of divine sermons and having Bhanadara Prasad, when Sardar ji came outside and saw the time, he returned to home instead of workplace. He had immense love for the Master. Next day, when he sat for meditation of Holy Word early morning, the merciful Dukh Bhanjan Satguru took his soul to the higher realms and showed him the scene in which the trucks of coal that came yesterday, while unloading them, he was supposed to fall in the well of coal water but the Master saved him while enlightening him with divine sermons & not letting him go. Witnessing such wondrous spectacle of mercy, he was dumbstruck and tears rolled down his eyes.

Sardarji shared narrated that after showing him this spectacle of mercy, Dukh Bhanjan Satguru disappeared. On the very same day Sardar Gurjeet Singh along with his family came in the pious shelter of True Master and prayed for only one thing that May he always remain in the refuge and service of the True Master till his last breath.

So, Dear Devotees ! Till his last breath Sardar Gurjeet Singh regularly performed service, remained under Master’s shelter & devotion and attained ultimate happiness and eternal Prasadam.

O devotees! Merciful Satguru is full of compassion and always takes care of His beloved disciples each and every second. One should remain firmly in His shelter with true faith, true dedication and true love.

All the devotees present in the True Master’s company, on this holy occasion of Guru Purnima, the sermons

direct us to connect with the inner light. O Dear! Meditate the Holy Word (Satguru Naam) every day,

regularly come to the Holy Congregation and selflessly perform the glorious service. There is a treasure of intellect hidden inside the sermons of Beloved Satguru, mold yourself in the loveful path with mind, speech and deeds.

We pray to You O True Emperor Satguru, please make us your humble disciple, bless us that we meditate Your Naam and firmly abide by all Your commands.

Only then shall we celebrate the Eternal Guru Purnima.

Have grace on us, have mercy on us, O Babaji, O Satguruji.

|| Das Ishwar Maange Satguru, Ghat Teerath Roop Jagao ||
|| Hare Madhav Har Dayale, Satguru Deendayal Preetama Milao ||

Hare Madhav     Hare Madhav       Hare Madhav