|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||


Vaani Sant Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji

।। Mai Baat Kahun Sada, Bhagti Kamao Gurumukh Pyare।।
।। Bhagat Dhan He Saar Dhana Hai, Gurumukh Hari Bhagti Kamao।।
।। Kahe Narayan Shah Suno Bhai Bhakton Satguru Sharan Pado ।।
।। Bhagti Sada Tum Maang, Hare Madhav Dham Tum Jaao।।


This ambrosial rabbi Vaani is vocalized by His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji. His Holiness preaches to the whole world that the wealth of Bhakti is the truest one. Since the primal beginning, everyone who reached the Supreme Lord's abode, the very first thing they realized is that seeking the shelter of 'Present Perfect Master' is foremost and they consumed the elixir of Bhav Bhakti only by keeping utmost faith and love. Today, every human has a deep desire for happiness. Usually, everyone wants to be happy and keeps worrying all day about finding the key to happiness. Sadly enough, their mind keeps deluding them day and night and in search of that happiness, they make endless efforts. In the whole world, there are different sources available and various efforts being put in, all with just one single motive i.e. attaining happiness, peace and bliss. But it is so astonishing that even after endless efforts not a single moment of joy is attained. Everyone is drowning in stress and worries.

Kings-emperors, kids, youth, old people, rich-poor, even the hermits, japi-tapi, gyani, etc every being is burning like fuel in the fire of sorrow and pain. If, by good fate, someone even attains some happiness, then also he is not free from sorrows. This is to explain that, if we notice in the entire world there is no place left where the clouds of pain and agonies are not hovering.

Usually, people have the thoughts in mind that, if they get a huge heap of money they shall be happy. They start putting efforts for the same and assume that they will be happy. As soon as some riches are earned, the worrying begins that someone might steal it; gatekeepers are installed because everyone seems enemy. Amidst hundreds of worries in mind there was a hope of being happy. But on the contrary, it brought more trouble because the desires kept on ascending. The thirst of 'more' rose up within and expectations ascended in such a way that all day was spent in the remembrance of worldly things. The thoughts of earning it became firm.

We all perform external Bhakti but does the happiness stay? True happiness will only be gained when you sit with empty mind in the holy company of All-Capable Satguru. Sit as the server of pure devotion and introspect this thought within, you shall then realize that this is not hundred but a hundred-one percent fact.

A spiritual poet wrote:

Poor says rich is happy, Rich says my King is happy
King says the emperor is happy, Emperor says Indra is happy
Indra says Brahma is happy, Brahma says Vishnu is happy
Vishnu says only Bhakti is the key to happiness, Rest whole world is in sorrows

In this world, only a true Bhagat is happy because he found the key to the realm of happiness. No one else is as happy as the True Bhagat. No matter how happy a person might seem to the outside world but internally, the situation is not so pleasant which turns flowers into thorns, nectar into poison and spring seems like fall. On the path of Bhakti, the devotees bear the immense pain and troubles of the world. But this does not bother the true devotees. The devotees immersed in the colours of Bhakti faced tremendous trouble by worldly people. But those whose hearts are enlightened with the Satguru Bhakti, only they can see the divine light within and outside too. And thus, they find happiness even in sorrows.

The Bhagats (Devotees) immersed in the colour of Satguru Bhakti do not wish for anything. They do not wish for the four attributes: duty, wealth, desire or liberation. They do not wish for salvation (Mukti), for Mukti is a slave of the pious feet of Lord Satguru. True bhagats do not wish for prosperity or spiritual powers, they do not even wish for heavens. They do not wish to get rid of the cycle of birth and death. All they do is be carefree and drown in the love and devotion of the Lord. This divine inebriation is the ultimate state of happiness which they receive easily with the mercy of the Lord Satguru.

A true bhagat says that I am ready to give up mukti (liberation). But O my Beloved Master! I cannot afford to give you up. Keep the boon of liberation safely with you and give it to someone else. There are numerous seekers at your doorstep to attain liberation (Mukti), but for me, you are enough. You may tie us with millions of bondages and build numerous carousels of love but please take us on that path of your Bhakti. Because apart from the Bhakti Path, all other paths desire liberation (Mukti), which means people walking on those paths try to use Lord Satguru selfishly as a means of attaining liberation. But the Bhagat says, may such a blessed time arrive where I do not exist, just You and only You be there my Lord. Now the ones who love only selfdom and not Bhakti they say that such time may arrive where only I must exist and rule. But a bhagat of Satguru says, I am the all-filthy being, I shall sacrifice my 'I-ness' to you, only 'You' be there, only 'You' be there. Even the liberation of such bhagat becomes immensely fruitful, unique is the Bhakti, unique is the Mukti of the true bhagat of Satguru. He finds the liberation in Perfect Satguru and Lord Himself comes to unite with the bhagat.

Hence, His Holiness Satguru Sai Narayan Shah Sahib Ji tried to teach us the tradition of such Bhakti, tried to bestow it with His mercy. In Sindhi there is a proverb:

"Madhav Satguru is in my body and mind, I see my Madhav everywhere,
Thus I sing His praises"

Uniting with the Lord, the bhagat pleads, 'O Lord Satguru, tell me how shall I lose my ego and learn to sacrifice? The bhagat bows down and surrender himself. He develops tenderness. On the other hand, the scholars, yogis, abbots and untrue devotees are all in ego, wandering in the search of spiritual powers. But the true bhagat comes only to lose his I-ness. In the shelter of Huzoor Satguru, he attains the pride of ultimate Hare Madhav abode.

Once a beloved disciple asked Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, 'O Guardian of the poor! How should a devotee live in the shelter of Lord Satguru?

His Holiness explained with an example of sugarcane. Once a farmer named Cheddilal produces sugarcane, that sugarcane gets itself cut into many small pieces. It is then put into the machine to completely extract out its juice. Then it gets itself heated to turn into sweet jaggery. This sweet jaggery is further processed under high temperatures and converted into sugar crystals. Again after refinement, it turns into sugar. This sugar then burns itself in heat and is called mishri then sweet and then dessert. Similarly, within every being and soul, there is sweet divine nectar of Lord Madhav's present. The disciple, who stays in the command and service of Lord Satguru, renounces selfless and surrenders himself to the Lord Satguru, the divine nectar emerges within that disciple, his life becomes blissful and prosperous

His Holiness is humbly explaining through His merciful words that sugarcane sacrifices itself and is liked by everyone. Similarly, the disciple who believes that his Lord Satguru is omnipresent and always near to him, whenever that disciple prays to the Satguru with pure heart, beloved Satguru, visibly or invisibly blesses him with divine glimpse and resolves all his sorrows. Those disciples who pray with full devotion and emotions in the pious feet of True Master, the Master blesses them with the utmost precious gift of His pious glimpse. A true bhagat always asks for the guardianship and company of Lord Satguru, he never asks for the materialistic things. A disciple can only reach the ultimate state of Bhakti when his heart firmly holds onto immense love, immense faith, immense trust for the Lord Satguru.

A true disciple serves the Sadh Sangat with humbleness and eradicates his ego and I-ness. He holds firmly onto the love for lord Satguru. He remains the same in the honor-dishonor, respect-insult. He completely abides by the command of Lord Satguru, accepts the worldly sorrows as a fruit of his own karmic accounts and being in Master's will, remains attached to Master's Sewa. That disciple crosses the worldly ocean with the grace of Lord Satguru.

The bhagat of the True Master, always remains dyed in bhakti and pleads, 'Listen to me O Satguru! I never left a single stone unturned while committing sins, I committed all the possible mistakes. So now too, bless me without leaving any stone unturned. Don't be a miser now in gracing me with your love and compassion because when I showed no miserliness in committing sins, then why would You hold Yourself back from blessing us. I had committed sins to the infinity.'

The Bhagat, immersed in the bhakti talks wondrously. Believing his Satguru as his everything he opens up completely, 'What should I hide from You! I have filled my Karmic books with sins and that too each done to the fullest. I never gave a thought while committing them, I committed them to the maximum extent possible and surpassed all the limits, now You have to take care of me, my Master! Don't act miser while blessing me the completeness of Your grace. Your mercy shall not fall short. I did not fall short while filling myself with ego, so, don't act miser in your compassion. I am not worthy of You, I'm a sinner, the greatest sinner.'

A learned person says, "Why this delay in Your mercy when I am an eligible seeker".

A Yogi says, "I'm the purest and the most eligible one. Now whatever the delay is, it's because of You O Lord."

But the Satguru bhagat immersed in Bhakti says, "I am not at all ready. Hence, O Lord! have no worry for me because I cannot demand anything. My only plea is this that I have committed all sorts of sins possible and to the fullest. You won't find a person sinner than me because I just committed sins, what else could I do? But O my beloved Master! please don't hold back while showering Your blessings because You are the Treasurer of mercy. You and only You can bless me. You can only shower blessings. O, my merciful Lord! what else can you do?"

The bhagat declares himself ineligible and malicious and that is indeed his eligibility. He declares himself unsuccessful and failed and that indeed his success. He considers himself as defeated one and that indeed is his victory.

Pure pious bhakti is always resultant. A bhagat doesn't prepare accounts and journals of Satguru Bhakti. He instead says, " Whatever I do goes in vain." The world of true Bhagat's complete dedication is so unique. He says, " Whatever you make me do, I do, other than that, I am a nobody, I hold no importance." He is immersed in love, reverence and bhakti in such a way that he got the nectar of divine Bhakti in his empty barren life.

During Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji's time a bhagat named Chatur always kept utmost love for Bhakti and used to pray this to the Lord Satguru in Sindhi with immense love:

"Bless me the devotion of Your pious feet.
O Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Ji. O Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Ji
I do not have a wealth of pure karmas.
Bless me the Bhakti of Your pious feet
I beg at Your doorstep. Release me from the delusions.
I do not have the wealth of pure karmas
Bless me the devotion of Your pious feet.
Please eradicate completely my endless sorrow.
I do not have a wealth of pure karmas.
Bless me the devotion of Your pious feet.
Be my guide and show me the path.
Teach me the art of living a spiritual life.
All we wish is Your Darshana within us.
Bless me the devotion of Your pious feet.
O Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Ji
I do not have the wealth of pure karmas
Bless me the devotion of Your pious feet"

Just like during extreme summer all lakes and ponds dry up and during the rainy season, all of them brim up. Similarly, we should give up the ego and I-ness, renounce the attachment for this mortal world, cleanse our heart and become eligible. Bathing in the blissful rains of merciful True Master we shall become true disciples, true bhagat. In the pious feet of the True Master, all of us disciples always pray that " O True Emperor Satguru! bless me the boon of Your bhakti. We do not have a wealth of pure karmas. We solely rely on your mercy. Bless us, O Hare Madhav Satguru, bless us!"

।। Kahe Narayan Shah Suno Bhai Bhakton Satguru Sharan Pado ।।
।। Bhagti Sada Tum Maang, Hare Madhav Dham Tum Jaao।।

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav