|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

|| Manva Jap Tu Guru Ka Shabad,
Guru Ka Shabad Simro Surati Hari Naam Piyara||
|| Naam Japat Man Nirmal Hott,
Antar Chain Amrit Chhayaa ||
|| Naam Lagat Anhad Baajat,
Atam Nirbhav Roop Hoye||
|| Satguru Khoj Saancha,
Naam Arka Shishya Ko Devai || 

O Beloved devotees present in the pious shade of Guru Maharaj Ji! In the lotus feet of the True Master, we shall bow in reverence and may our loving greetings be accepted. ‘Hare Madhav’ to the beloved devotees of the True Master.

All the devotee souls in the holy congregation of the Lord True Master are procuring the wisdom of Lord’s real abode along with devotion, remembrance, meditation and the glimpses of captivating form of the True Master’s incomparable spectacles.

The Perfect Master in His divine state vocalizes the ‘Vaanis’ of Lord’s true abode from time to time. His Holiness vocalized divine Vaani of today’s Satsang on Sunday, 11th March 2018, at midnight between 1:00-2:00 am.

Words from beautiful Vaani –
||Manva Jap Tu Guru Ka Shabad,
Guru Ka Shabad Simro Surati Hari Naam Piyara|| 

His Holiness, through this divine Vaani, preaches the precious eternal message meant for the beings. O Mind! This world is just a dormitory, then why are you getting sad by befooling yourself and wandering around. O Soul! Recite the True Master’s Holy Word, hold profound love towards the ambrosial Holy Word of the True Master. O Soul! Behold True Master’s reverence in your heart.

O Mind! Look at the trap of this world; you have filled yourself with vices of mind and senses like garbage. O Soul! Meditate the True Master’s Holy Word. The Holy Word bestowed by the True Master is an endless treasure of eternal happiness. O soul! The more you meditate the Holy Word with love & consistency, your inner self becomes calm and serene. When you take a seat in the garden of meditation of the Holy Word bestowed by the True Master with love, the flowers of divine values blossom within you. O disciple! Your thoughts purify, the curtains of ignorance unveil, and the emotion of complete dedication rises within you and the divine radiant happiness of Lord Hare Madhav emerges. O Soul! That Lord whose fragment you are is within you; He beholds immense mercy and benevolence but this can’t be solved by mere scholastic words, O Soul! Worship & meditate the True Master’s Holy Word, then you shall procure immense mercy, the bliss of perpetuity & eternal happiness of Lord Hare Madhav.

“Hare Madhav Lord always graces his benevolence upon those who behold good thoughts and serve for the welfare of others” 

A disciple asked Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji, O Emperor! In this world, there are number of Saints & Masters, but neither do we have that eye nor do we have earned wisdom that we can identify if they are accomplished. How do we recognize the Master who is the form of Creator Lord and has come from the supreme abode? Then His Holiness vocalized, the ones who always vocalize eternal Vaani, only they have come from Lord’s abode, those who speak of Holy Vaani, sermons of that formless Lord, only they are the form of Creator Lord, the Perfect Master. Just surrender yourself to them, there cannot be any better glory than this. They only vocalize the Vaani of Lord’s abode.

|| Sadh Ki Rasna Prabhu Vasai ||
|| Sadh Ki Rasna Prabhu Vasai ||

Almighty Lord has manifested in the form of True Master and blesses His awakening messages through His divine Vaani. The uplifter of Hare Madhav Sect, present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, by the command of Hare Madhav Lord, vocalizes sacred Vaanis and through incomparable spectacles, bestows the supreme command of eternity to the whole mankind.  By laying the foundation of unshakable Hare Madhav Sect, He bestows the beings with the true path of eternity.

His Holiness explains in today’s Satsang Vaani: -
|| Naam Japat Man Nirmal Hott,  Antar Chain Amrit Chhayaa ||
|| Naam Lagat Anhad Baajat,  Attam Nirbhav Roop Hoye||

O, Disciple! True Master’s Holy Word is a soap that washes this ages-old dirty mind. The filthy thoughts of mind which arise every moment turn the beings sad & restless. Then His Holiness vocalizes,  O Dear! Listen carefully, behold love for the Holy Word, aspire for that ambrosial Holy Word every moment, recite constantly and meditate that Holy Word, if you practice to bond with it, then sooner or later, this mind shall definitely procure happiness in True Master’s Holy Word. Then O disciple! Just as the lotus blooms and floats in muddy water but remains untouched by the mud, similarly if you are immersed in the True Master’s Holy Word, then you too shall bloom and remain untouched by the filth of the external world. The mind will not be trapped by the illusions of the external world, hence always remember those who always meditate the Holy Word of Lord Satguru and persistently practice, and listen to divine tune within, their soul is attained fearless form. They always lead a detached & blissful life.

|| Naam Lagat Anhad Baajat,  Attam Nirbhav Roop Hoye||
|| Manva Jap Tu Guru ka Shabad, Manva Jap Tu Guru ka Shabad ||

The blissful sermons of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji, the nature of our mind is fickle. It is naturally connected with the love for the materialistic world. Every moment it keeps making plans to experience the worldly pleasures. O Disciple! Always remember this, whenever you come in the refuge of True Master, then try to engage your mind in True Master's holy word and in his reverence, behold the divine glimpse with a focused mind, engage your mind with Master's adorable glimpse. There should be constant meditation of the Holy Word within, your mind will try to deviate you in the holy congregation. O beloved! Your mind will distract you, it will give you reasons like you need to finish household chores, you have a lot of work at the shop which is undone, the holy congregation is too long, you came for the sewa quite early, or let us go back home early, or carry ill thoughts like this fellow devotee said bad things to me, so now I will revert the same to him and will be hostile towards the rest. True Master has vocalized: “Come empty-minded.”
“Fill your mind with love for the Master.”

|| Baba Khali Thi Acho, Baba Khaali Thi Acho||
|| Man Ko Bhaav Prem Me Tikaao||

Dear devotees! When this mind distracts you in the congregation, gaze at the Master’s radiant form and pray and stabilize your mind in the congregation. When this mind listens to the divine sermons, procuring the holy sermons, this mind will be under control through His blessings & will enrich in meditation. When this mind will be engrossed regularly in the practice of the Holy Word, then O devotee, your mind will develop detachment, sacrifice & unique eternal happiness. The sweet bliss of Satguru Darshan and Satsang will please your soul.

O being! How our tongue has been wonderfully placed in our mouth by the Lord, although it consumes all the greasy food items still never retains its effect. The True Master never says that leave your worldly responsibilities, rather He explains that use all the required objects as per your need and convenience, but engage your mind in the meditation of the True Word. Engage your soul in the meditation of the True Word and blossom like a lotus flower, don’t sink and stand detached from the world, only then you will attain eternal happiness.

O Hare Madhav Emperor! Be the charioteer to my life’s chariot and guide my fickle mind in the right direction.

O fraction of the Lord! The being that bonds his mind with the True Word of the Master, whose conscience is immersed in the meditation of the Satguru Naam through consistent practice, those beings even after fulfilling all the responsibilities of the world remain detached like cream.

Saint Kabir Ji vocalizes such loving words—

|| Saadh Sangat Gurudev Uhaan Chali Jaaiye ||
||Bhav Bhakti Updesh Tahaan Te Paiye ||
||As Sangat Jari Jaav Na Charcha Naam Ki ||
||Dulah Bina Baraat, Kaho Kis Kaam Ki || 

The saint explains through these beautiful lines that be in the company of an Absolute True Master, procure the pious glimpses of the merciful True Master, where your soul will attain the pious devotion, love & affection and longing for the True Master’s refuge. Go to such an Absolute Master where He purifies your mind and graces you the righteous path. Where He rightly transforms your mind into a flawless mirror, for this we need to intensify our love and devotion. Now contrary to this, Kabir Ji vocalizes –

||As Sangat Jari Jaav Na Charcha Naam Ki ||

Withdraw from such a company where there are no conversations of the meditation of the Holy Word and the divine devotion, instead all they talk about in the body and its senses. Undoubtedly, fulfilling worldly duties is important, but the ultimate wealth is the Holy Word of the Lord Satguru and love and devotion for the Master, rest all is secondary.
The saint explains by giving logic that

 || Dulah Bina Baraat, Kaho Kis Kaam Ki || 

Meaning that food, beverages, decoration mean nothing if the groom is missing from the wedding, in a similar way, Saintji explains, without Lord’s Holy Word & devotion this human birth is useless. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Ji explains-

|| Gurua Bina Gat Na, Shah Bina Pat Na ||

O, Beloved! If we wish to learn swimming in a lake, then we have to become a student of an expert, who is skilled in swimming, but if we wish to swim in the ocean, then the expert who has swum the huge oceans can only teach us as to how to avoid the hurdles of the sea waves and reach the other side by moving ahead. Likewise, without the Accomplished True Master of the present time, no soul has ever crossed this worldly ocean & became one with the Lord till date. The Present True Master vocalizes in His Vaani—

||Satguru Khoj Saacha, Naam Ark Shishya Ko Devae||

His Holiness vocalizes in Vaani the strength and ability to show the path of the Lord’s devotion and union with Him. He’s assigned to Lord Satguru of the Present Time by the Lord himself. The Satguru bestows the elixir of Lord’s Holy Words to the disciples that eradicates the illusions gradually and the account of Karmas & showers blissful colors of the Supreme Hare Madhav Lord.

When a disciple beholds boundless love & faith in the True Master, the soul of the disciple keeps praying consistently, that, O Merciful True Master! Bless me with the supreme element, the Holy word. The merciful True Master gives the gift of the Supreme Word and plants the seed of devotion and worship within a disciple, which is a divine inner ladder for a dedicated disciple, it’s the way to unite with the Lord Madhav.

|| Jo Bhaje Satguru Naam Ko Sadaa,
So Hi Param Pad ko Hai Paaye || 

Further, the Vaani says-

|| Paanchay Chor Daude Bhaage,
Madhav Rab Purukh Milaave||
|| Kahey 'Daas Ishwar' Aawan Jaawan Dukh Chhute ||
|| Satguru Shabad Tatva Kou Virla Paave ||
|| Hare Madhav Jyot Milavai,
Satguru Shabad Nyara Santo || 

His Holiness vocalizes, “O Mind, O fragment soul of the Hare Madhav Lord! Take the support & meditate upon the pious Holy Word of the accomplished Present True Master who shall take you back to your real abode, no matter how much the five thieves distract you, or hopeless thoughts and fickle desires occupy you. Engage your mind in love and devotion for Satguru, then your heart shall fill with devotion, reverence for Lord Madhav, meditation of Satguru Naam, detachment, ultimate wisdom your mind will experience the positive thoughts of His Will and your soul shall attain the spiritual joy of Hare Madhav Lord.

|| Paanchay Chor Daude Bhaagai,
Madhav Rab Purukh Milavai || 

Always remember these ultimate sermons of Beloved Satguru Present True Master Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji was once asked by a devotee, Huzoor Ji! At the time of meditation, the mind distracts a lot. Dear Lord! During meditation and reverence, the mind crumbles with worldly thoughts so much, arousing a thousand distractions, the situation of this mind gets out of control. We fail to sit, and even if we try to, we just can’t put a leash on this mind. Bless us, O Master, bless us! His Holiness, with a bright cheerful smile on His face, uttered, “Dear devotee! You have seen, when we mix milk with water, it immerses in it and becomes one with it, doesn’t it?”

The devotee replied, "Yes, True Master". His Holiness uttered, “Then the same milk can be converted into curd, and in a washed utensil, the same curd can be churned into butter, this is all very possible.” With folded hands, the devotee replied, "Yes, Dear Lord!" His Holiness verbalized “Now, if you mix that butter in the water, the butter won’t mix, it’ll just keep floating on the surface”, “Yes, True Master” “Then, son, since ages, this soul has been like milk, when it procures the company of the illusionary world, it mixes up with the same and becomes one with it. When the holy company of the True Master churns the milk-like soul, then with the ladle of meditation of Holy Word, love for the True Master and reverence i.e. by practising the meditation and devotion, the soul becomes butter-like then this butter-like soul floats above the worldly illusions & becomes a true devotional Swan". Dear devotees, this is only possible when there is true love for the True Master, the devotion is deep, there is regular reverence, then this mind shall never distract you. Meditate upon the Holy Word with firmness and focus, let the mind be erratic but you must never get up, you should meditate with stability, you must pray to His Holiness, you must pray with all your heart, your eyes should get teary, then engage the mind in meditation again and this mind shall engage, the meditation shall flourish, you shall attain the elixir of meditation within by the grace of True Master.

Sadh Sangat Ji! Just like when you contact someone on the mobile phone for any discussion or work, but due to network issues, a connection doesn't establish once or twice, so you keep trying and when the network establishes, the call connects you with the fellow person and the work gets done.

Similarly, keep practicing meditation regularly, even if the mind doesn't connect with it, keep practicing. Ultimately your consciousness will connect with the Lord Satguru.

 || Manva Jap Tu Guru Ka Shabad || 

The Present True Master preaches the supreme & profound message in His precious Satsang Vaani that engage your mind in the remembrance of the Satguru Naam again and again. This ghostly mind keeps wandering outside every moment. Engage it with the Satguru Naam always and detach it from the external world. Try developing your interest in the Satguru Naam. Meditate it with peace and love. The Perfect Master blesses only the Perfect Naam (Word) to the disciples during initiation. Until your consciousness engages completely in the Satguru Naam, you cannot overcome the ignorance and worldly agonies. Thus, O being! True love lies in the meditation of Satguru Naam. Devotion and love towards Satguru Naam are beyond karma. The one and the only way to merge into the Akah Supreme Lord is the meditation of Satguru Naam.

It is commanded in the Satsang Vaani-

|| Kahey 'Daas Ishwar' Aawan Jaawan Dukh Chhute ||
|| Satguru Shabad Tatva Kou Virla Paave ||
|| Hare Madhav Jyot Milavai, Satguru Shabad Nyara Santon ||

Sadh Sangat Ji! The only way to liberate from birth and death is the meditation of the Holy Word of the Perfect Master. O mind! Recognize your true self. Karmas are related to the mind. Of course, the soul is filled with various karmic impressions, but the mind fascinates it in the pleasure of senses and misleads it through different karmas and entraps it in Chauraasi (84lakh births). Thus, His Holiness vocalizes

|| Manva Jap Tu Guru Ka Shabad ||
|| Kahey 'Daas Ishwar' Aawan Jaawan Dukh Chhute ||

When the mind holds the string of Amrit Naam and keeps meditating, it engages with the radiant form of the Accomplished True Master and settles in the Supreme abode, the eternal abode of self, the abode of Hare Madhav Lord. The stiff knot of mind and soul (called as Gandh in Sindhi) opens up. The traps of hopes and desires break. The mind purifies by meditating Satguru Naam. The inner discontentment since endless births eradicate. His Holiness explains, Sangat Ji! The mind then becomes stable; you better meditate upon the Holy Word and experience more of it yourself. Children can learn swimming only by stepping into the pool. They can’t learn if they keep weaving the thoughts of drowning or dying. These thoughts weaken the spirit.

The Perfect Master is a divine skilled swimmer & savior. Come and connect yourself with devotion and the holy company of Satguru.
|| Hare Madhav Jyot Milavai, Satguru Shabad Nyara Santon || 

On 4th March 2014, Tuesday, Hare Madhav Satsang was held in the city of Jabalpur, in the presence of the Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji. A devotee named Sukharam, aged 57 narrated a deep and amusing incident of his great internal spiritual journey. He said, “For about 17-18 years without the True Master, I practiced meditation Naam Mantra with utmost interest for seven to eight hours daily. All true saints have mentioned various realms and the supreme realm of Amrit (elixir) within the body, I was an ardent researcher of the same. I took various externally inclined paths like going on pilgrimage and fasting, researched the scriptures and rituals too but failed in my research. I could receive it only with the blessings and mercy of the Treasurer True Master Hare Madhav Babaji.

When His Holiness Huzoor Babaji arrived in our city about 5-6 years ago, I was blessed with the beloved Satguru’s Darshana. When I went near to bow in reverence in His pious feet, His Holiness said, “You are too eager for the ultimate Truth.” H.H. blessed me with His radiant vision, I pleaded in His pious feet, “O Master! Grace me with Your nectarine Naam and the realm of elixir within.” The Master graced me, next morning, His Holiness initiated me the Holy Word (Satguru Naam). While receiving the Holy Word from the Accomplished True Master and practicing it, my soul attained the eternal fruits. I witnessed countless worlds within; I was speechless. I was heartily amazed and filled with thankfulness. I bowed down in reverence and returned back home. I cried a lot out of happiness because practicing the Holy Naam, I witnessed all that I had read and heard about the spiritual path in the sermons of perfect saints. The glory of elixir (Amrit) which I had heard earlier, I attained it and found the immense radiance hidden in the Master’s Holy Word (Naam).

All these years, I had been practicing the Naam told by people and scriptures, with intense efforts. Evidently, everybody used to say that the present Accomplished True Master, with His divine words, blesses the essence of Perfect Naam within the disciples and with a glimpse of grace, shows us the inner supreme realms. He feeds us the elixir with His radiance, but for this, one needs pure emotions and thirst.

Such souls, after practicing the Naam, rise above and witness the Sahastra Kamal in the True Master’s divine form. Then the True Master carries the souls ahead just like a father. No words can describe this journey further. His Holiness sings it’s glory in His Rabbi Vaani-

|| Main Dhoondh Thaka Tis Ram Nyaare Ji Ko ||
|| Jaako Antar Maahi Basa ||
|| Guru Se Jab Main Naam Liya ||
|| Naam Sunat Mann Maahi Prakasha ||
|| Jogg Mein Wo Naahi Miliya ||
|| Bhogg Mein Wo Jaako Nahi Miliya ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Antar Miliya, Jab Guru Shabad Dhyaan Lagayo || 

Dear Sadh Sangat! The Accomplished True Master’s glory is incomparable. Those who have innocence and firm faith in the Satguru, their souls rise easily while the clever and shrewd ones, whose thoughts are mind-oriented take time; but with perpetual practice, sooner or later such souls shall rise too, with the grace of the True Master. Keep meditating the Holy Word by being faithful with mind, words and deeds towards the True Master.

|| Manva Jap Tu Guru Ka shabad|| 

Sadh Sangat Ji! Just like you peel the Mausambi fruit (sweet lime) to consume it’s vitamins, similarly, by practicing the Perfect Master’s Holy Word, you unveil the coverings of your soul and unite with the Hare Madhav Lord within.

|| Hare Madhav Jyot Milavai,
Satguru Shabad Nyara Santon ||

Thus, we plead, O destroyer of sorrows, Satguru Dev! Kindly bless us, the miserable beings with the prosperity of Your Amrit Naam Mantra (Holy Word); with the true happiness of Naam and firm devotion for Your reverence. Babaji! Bless us with Your Naam.

|| Kahey 'Daas Ishwar' Aawan Jaawan Dukh Chhute ||
|| Satguru Shabad Tatva Kou Virla Paave ||
|| Hare Madhav Jyot Milavai,
Satguru Shabad Nyara Santon || 

Hare Madhav    Hare Madhav     Hare Madhav