|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Vaani- Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji,

|| Main Kahun Ik Baat Saachi, Suno Pyaron Satguru Sang Raachi ||
|| Naam Niyara Sharan Paao, Bhav Jal Se Utro Tum Paara ||
|| Simran Dhyan Satguru Batave, Naam Se Surati Sachkhand Jaave ||

Beloved devotees seated in the pious refuge of the True Master, the treasurer of Bhajan- Simran ‘Hare Madhav’ to all of you. Dear disciples present in the holy shelter of True Master and seeking pious glimpse, today’s ambrosial Vaani is vocalized by His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji. His Holiness vocalizes that your consciousness has been detached from the Almighty Lord and stuck in the web of Illusions. The soul is a fragment of the Lord and is ever-present within, but the soul has been affected by impurity, turmoil, and veil (Mal, Vikshep, Aavran), this is why it has become difficult to unite with the Lord. The soul, instead of liberating from the web keeps getting trapped in it.

Just like a tsunami rises in the ocean and the ships that get stuck in it, can’t be rescued even after endless efforts. Their rescue is possible only when they get strong outside help. Similarly, Beloved devotees! To rescue the consciousness from the storms of illusion, we need an immensely strong rescuer. Unless the all-capable saviour rescues our soul, the liberation is difficult.

The Lord True Master of the present time is our only all-capable saviour. He is the Master of spiritual arts and powers and has the eternal wealth of Bhajan-Simran. He rescues the soul from the slavery of five vices, numerous flaws & unites it with the Lord. He possesses the strength of immense meditation (Bhajan), and the ability to liberate the souls by bestowing them with the way of true meditation.

The Satsang Vaani says:

|| Main Kahun Ik Baat Saachi, Suno Pyaron Satguru Sang Raachi ||
|| Naam Niyara Sharan Paao, Bhav Jal Se Utro Tum Paara ||
|| Simran Dhyan Satguru Batave, Naam Se Surati Sachkhand Jaave ||

Lord True Master takes the souls along and unites them with separated Lord. He extends the hand of mercy to the soul drowning in the marsh of illusion. All the sources other than Lord True Master entrap us in the illusory world, they all involve self-willedness. So, what should we do when we procure refuge of a Lord True Master? First & foremost, renounce the self-wiledness and firmly remain in His refuge, then earn His Naam (holy word) & devotion to consume the elixir within. Then you shall be free from all kinds of fears. Saint Kabir vocalizes:

“He, whose priority is his Guru and follows Guru’s commands”
“Kabir says, he remains fearless in all the Three Worlds”

By accepting and abiding by every command and will of Lord True Master, the soul remains fearless in all the Three Worlds. Those who have Lord Satguru as their guardian can never be harmed by evil Kaal. The true devotees who stay immersed in the meditation of Satguru, who meditate the Satguru Naam (holy word) and serving Guru’s commands adhere to Sewa, the ‘Riddhi-Siddhi’ are ever ready to serve them and salvation always stays with them.

His Holiness explains that the true Gurumukhas are not scared of being trapped in the illusory pleasure of senses and false desires because they are engrossed in the True Master’s devotion & pleasure of Naam, they serve selflessly with love and gradually unify with the Lord. This is the only simple & absolute solution to liberate from the illusion (Maya). That human is a True Yogi who abandons all Hatha Dharmas (external practices) and focuses on the tune of True Master’s Holy Word, He then procures the incomparable elixir within. Certainly, many people sing the glory of Naam but the true essence, hidden mysteries of the absolute Naam is known only to the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran, the Absolute Saints, who are rare. Attaining the absolute Naam from such Absolute True Master and by practicing it, a devotee can attain the Lord within himself.  who is the all-powerful, the creator, the doer, and the non-doer too? Always remember that with power, intelligence, or cunningness, one cannot attain it but yes, by surrendering the self to the Satguru with humbleness, it can be attained easily.

O, devotee! A divine stream of elixir flows within you continuously but you are so entangled in the captivating views of the external illusion that you cannot focus within. Therefore, take the support of Lord True Master, procure the ambrosial Naam, meditate upon it and make efforts to attain the Lord within.

His Holiness vocalized in Rabbi Vaani:

|| Antar Anoop Amrit Dhara, Surati Simran Naam Laago ||
|| Saachi Bhagati Naam Ki Karo Tum, Satguru Poore Naam Baksh Diyo ||
|| Meethi Sharan Sangat Taaki, Janam Janam Ka Khoya Thakur Paayo ||
|| Mann Bada Bahu Uljhave, Surati Pakad Bhav Dhara Bahave ||

His Holiness explains that the divine Naam is Lord’s biggest and greatest blessing, it is the Satguru’s great sacrament. Receiving such a sacrament, the soul unifies with the Naami (the origin of Naam). Hence it is said that the Naami written in the destiny of those by the Lord Himself, they are the only ones to receive this ambrosial sacrament by His grace.

|| Meethi Sharan Sangat Taaki, Janam Janam Ka Khoya Thakur Paayo ||

The souls that Supreme Lord wishes to unite with Himself, He brings them to the refuge of Lord True Master, teaches them the skill to connect with the Holy Naam, instills selfless love for the True Master in them and then their knots of attachment and illusions loosen up. They attain the long-lost Lord and become eligible for eternal salvation. On the contrary, those without the refuge of True Master remain entrapped in the Chauraasi. So, O Beloved! Mould your mind follow the will of the True Master, only then you shall be able to walk on the spiritual path.

With the mercy & glance of the grace of Lord True Master, the dumb get his voice, the blind gets his vision and the deaf is able to hear, meaning, attaining the ambrosial Naam from the True Master, the soul procures the strength of seeing and hearing the Lord within and then reach the ultimate Lord with His Mercy.

No matter how well a person performs external worship and practices, but the inner devotion of the Lord is attained only through the grace of the True Master, He bestows with strength and ways. In the end, everyone has to die but the true disciples learn the art of death whilst alive. O soul! The one who wants to reach the abode of his Supreme Lord must understand these mysteries. Those who experienced it themselves tasted the elixir and then narrated it.

O devotees! Our beloved Hare Madhav Babaji told me this, to tame this fickle mind, connect your soul with ambrosial Naam, He bespoke, to tame this mind, bond string with ambrosial Naam, only then can I open the Tenth Door (Dasham Dwaar) and enter the internal true abode by the grace of the True Master. My mind stabilized by engrossing in the ambrosial Naam bestowed by the Satguru and I witnessed the eternal light within. When the inner ears and eyes awakened, the heavy inner gate opened as well. I could easily hear the divine hymn of the Holy Word within, pure divine light became visible. Initially, without the True Master's Holy Word my conscience was unawakened, it lacked wisdom, it wasn't aware of the Lord’s elixir. When I received the holy refuge & the sacrament of True Naam from the Accomplished True Master, that's when my consciousness got true support; meditating the Naam, my consciousness became eligible to witness the truth within.

The power of Akah Lord is hidden within this ambrosial Naam; Lord Satguru is the form of Supreme Lord and is all-capable of manifesting it in every being. But O beloved! As long as we keep flowing along the waves of the mind, our thoughts remain less contained and more scattered.

O, beloved! Settle your consciousness in the refuge of Lord True Master, meditate upon the Naam, then you shall be able to listen to the divine tune of Naam within and unite with Almighty Lord, no big deal. Today with the grace of Hare Madhav Master, we are all procuring blessings regardless of caste and religion. Anyone can procure this gift of grace from the True Master in the Hare Madhav congregation, regardless of the caste or creed.

Maulana Room Ji vocalizes, that O devotee! Wake up before your death, and with the support of the Murshid (Master), procure the glimpse of that ‘Rabbal’ Lord’s Holy Court within. O, beloved! Listening to the people, you have assumed that you shall attain salvation after death, but if you did not attain the salvation whilst alive, how can you be sure of salvation post-death?

Goswami Tulsidas Ji vocalizes in Ramcharitra Manas:

“Dhyan Pratham Jug Mukh Bidhi Doojai”
“Dwapar Praitoshat Prabhu Poojai”
“Kali Kewal Mal Mool Maleena”
“Paap Payo Nidhi Jan Man Meena”
“Naam Kaam Taru Kaal Karala”
“Sumirat Sabhan Sakal Jag Jaala”

O, beloved disciples! Listen to me, in Satt Yuga, people were engrossed in Dhyana, when Treta Yuga arrived, people sought benefits by performing Homa-Hawan-Yajnas (fire rituals) later when Dwapar Yuga arrived, people were involved in idol-worship; as said:

“Dhyan Pratham Jug Mukh Bidhi Doojai”
“Dwapar Praitoshat Prabhu Poojai”

But the situation today, in Kali Yuga is, just like a fish lives in the ocean, similarly, malice minded beings stay engrossed in sins; as said:

“Paap Payo Nidhi Jan Man Meena”

In this era of Kaal, the chaos of malice has occupied every heart, every house, every city, village and nation too.

The human being is constantly falling in darkness and has impaired his pure mind, unrighteous thoughts and values keep growing stronger every minute which is why righteousness has no impact on him because if a utensil is filthy, the water poured into it would also turn dirty, Yes! If the utensil is thoroughly cleansed and the water is poured into it, the water remains pure. So, how to cleanse the mind which is filled with filth since many births? With the meditation of the Lord True Master’s ambrosial Naam. In this dark era of Kali Yuga, the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran, the True Master incarnates and openly promotes the ambrosial Naam because this is the only source that is acceptable in the court of the Akah Lord. The unseen ambrosial Naam is like the wish-fulfilling tree (Kalpavruksha) when you meditate it, it unchains you from the sin and its complications; as said:

“Naam Kaam Taru Kaal Karala”
“Sumirat Sabhan Sakal Jag Jaala”

The Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji bespoke in His Vaani of
Main Kahu Ek Baat Sachi:

|| Naam Naami Mohe Tu Devo, Janam-Janam Ki Bhukh Mite ||
|| Naam Bina Roop Na Jaanu, Satguru Daate Hari O Dayale ||
|| Mahar Karo Daya Karo, Bahi Jaat Bhav Dhaara Maahi ||
|| Apni Sharan Raakh Dayala, Naam Seva Ghot-Ghot Piwaun ||
|| Utare Rang Kaacha Pyaare, Mohe Baksho Naam Pyaare ||

Beloved True Master showered blessings and mercy, graced the true wealth of the ambrosial Naam. He also graced the strength & tactics to meditate it, and, then through Bhajan-Simran, purified our inner selves.

|| Naam Seva Ghot-Ghot Piwaun, Utare Rang Kaacha Pyaare ||

The eternal divine tune was being played within, I attained such ambrosial joy that I renounced the desires of even going to the Lord’s realm and salvation.

Emperor Satguru Baba Madhav Shah sahib Ji performed wondrous Swaang Leelas and awakened the beings during Amrit Vela (the early morning hours) to meditate the Naam. He vocalized the same in His Raabi Vaani—

|| Kalyug Mann Malin Kar Dina, Naam Bin Sab Virthe Kaama ||
|| Japao Naam Dhyavao Naam, Paao Saache Guru Se ||
|| Avar Saare Jatan Sab Kaal Ke Matna, Avar Saare Jatan Sab Kaal Ke Matna ||
|| Bharam Chhodo Naam Japo, Bharam Chhodo Naam Japo ||
|| Kahe MadhavShah Suno Bhai Santon, Main Toh Baat Sada Saar Ki Kahu ||

His Holiness vocalizes that the malicious atmosphere of Kali Yuga is creating a major impact on human minds and due to this filthy mind the beings are falling prey to the illusion (Maya). In these dark times of Kali Yuga, only the Naam bestowed by the Lord True Master kindles the true eternal light within. Thus, it was said:

|| Bharam Chodo Naam Japo, Bharam Chodo Naam Japo ||

The True Emperor is telling us to sow the seed of the ambrosial Naam within us and also explains that now in this Kali Yuga, the ambrosial Naam is the endless treasure of eternal happiness and this ambrosial Naam can only be bestowed by the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran, the Lord True Master. If we observe the abstracts of all the holy scriptures, they all come to one same conclusion that search for an Accomplished True Master, then meditate the Naam in the way he guides you to; for the true elixir is not somewhere out, it is found in the higher realms within you. Introspecting within, through the mercy and grace of the True Master one can consume the ambrosial elixir and the soul can attain eternal salvation. O, Beloved! If you earned everything in life but didn’t earn the True Master’s devotion than you never really earned anything at all.

The glory of Lord True Master is stated in Marathi as, “Jase ushnatechya veli madhur thandgaar paani mirale tar shariraat shitalta yete, asech jevha atmela bhajan smarnache khajanchi sadhgurunche darshan sobat sangati prapt hote tar atma, ji janmojanmi bhatkat-bhatkat jeevan chakrachya agnimadhye horpadat aahe, tila param kotichi sheetalta prapt hote.

Meaning, when we find cold & pure water in extreme heat, it soothes our body. Similarly, when a soul procures the holy glimpse and refuge of the True Master (the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran), the soul that was wandering since many births and burning in the cycle of birth & death attains Supreme calm.

The sincere motive of the human birth is to achieve the elixir hidden within us and this great goal can only be accomplished through the Accomplished True Master, such as the primal tradition of Santmat. The glory of the True Master has been sung as such further in the Vaani –

|| Main Bahi Jaat Hu Satguru O Dayale ||
|| Dhakpaal O Mere Madhve ||
|| Patt Rakho Mori Agam Gatt Main Mangu ||
|| Prem Sacha Ghat Mein Aave ||
|| Kahey ‘Daas Ishwar’ Mohey Poore Sadhu Sang Devo ||
|| Tan Man Dhan Vaar Sab Deeno ||
|| Mere Sahib Hare Madhav, Nirgun Nyaare Ram Pyaare ||

The soul narrates its helpless state, it pleads to the True Master, O Guardian Satguru! Don’t gaze at my faults, have mercy on a meek like me, show me the path of True Abode. Accompanied by my own mind, I never valued Your mercy, blessings, and grace, I fell into a rut very away from Your divine refuge. Keep my honor, Satguru. O Merciful Guardian, O Dear Madhav! I am just drowning in the ocean of my mind’s tricks and illusion.

|| Main Bahi Jaat Hu Satguru O Dayale ||
|| Dhakpaal O Mere Madhve ||

Stuck in the torment of separation and its pain, the soul cries out sweetly, O My Lord! I have no power over my own mind, I seek mercy for my crimes in Your company and refuge,

|| Main Bahi Jaat Hu Satguru O Dayale ||
|| Dhakpaal O Mere Madhve ||
|| Patt Rakho Mori Agam Gatt Main Mangu ||
|| Prem Sacha Ghat Mein Aave ||

His Holiness preaches that a being, disremembering his true motive, is drowning in malicious vices and illusions. Lord True Master overlooks our shortcomings, accepts us into His refuge, and bestows us the ambrosial Naam, meditating upon which ends our age-old wandering state.

In His Holiness Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji’s spiritual tour of 2018, on 23rd June, His Holiness blessed the city of Pune. On the evening prior to departing for Kolhapur, His Holiness blessed the locals with His Darshana at Darda House. A man, deeply sorrowed with his troubles, broke the queue and stepped forward. He looked very anguished. Sewadars tried to stop him humbly, but he did not stop. He came up to His Holiness and uttered, “O Dear Lord! I lack no worldly material.” He kept repeating the same, His Holiness unheeded him. Then he said, “Babaji! I am always filled with negative thoughts, I am always bursting with tension, worries, and depression. I haven’t even slept properly for the last few years. I take sleeping pills and I still can’t sleep. Bless me, have mercy. I have come to Your refuge after hearing Your immense glory. Accept me in Your refuge, have mercy on me, O Master.”

His Holiness lovingly said, “Bhagtaan Ji! If your life is full of miseries, stress, or depression, remember one thing, first & foremost make this a part of your routine to attend the True Master’s congregation, make your mind accept that everything belongs to Hare Madhav Lord, and try living under His will. Accept this fact that the past is gone and it’s time to head towards a new beginning. They had to trade that, they should have made a certain decision but one mistake changed everything or they missed the opportunity; or it’d had been beneficial to take the other step or decision. They wanted something but couldn't get it; dwelling in these thoughts fills them with anger and agitation. The mind worries and weakens the soul. Some have work stress, some are stressed about relationships, parents, children or family, etc. Everyone is engulfed with some of the other stress, resulting in restlessness. Isn't it true, Bhagtaan Ji?”

With folded hands and modesty, he said, “Yes Babaji.”

With an adorable smile, His Holiness said, “Dear! There’s no use in crying over the past, try to focus upon the future and nurture it. It's not necessary that all our expectations should fulfill. Many a time we peep into other's life and think that their wishes were fulfilled, why not ours? Dear Devotee! Everyone has distinct baggage of previous Karmas (Prarabdha). Do not waste your time on pointless ideas, arguments, and irritability. Worrying will not help, fill your mind with positivity, try to boost your spirit and cheer up; live under Lord's will, your life will be easier and you'll remain contented in all circumstances.”

He pleaded, “Babaji! We have no strength to conquer the stressful thoughts of the mind, How do we gain the strength?”

His Holiness replied, “First of all, know that nothing belongs to you, you are all empty and affix these thoughts:

"Jiyan Halayin tiyan Waah Waah Sai"
"Jiyan Halayin tiyan Waah Waah Sai"

Means, O Lord Satguru! However You keep me, it is the most appropriate way and is acceptable to me. To strengthen your inner self, keep praying the Lord Satguru every moment. Listen to the "Hare Madhav Vaani Ardaas ‘Mere Satguran! Hum Sharan Teri Aaye’ regularly in the morning and at night along with your family. This strengthens the soul; it eradicates the negativity and ingresses the optimism.

Also, remember to behold love for all in the heart. Mould your mind such a way that it beholds love and compassion even for your enemies and no hatred or envy. There are numerous people who keep recalling the harsh words someone said to them earlier, it hurts them and they think of avenging it.

O, Beloved! What will one achieve out of this? One shall become more restless & intake the poison of anger, hence love everyone; this love shall grow when you meditate the Satguru Naam and cleanse your inner self through devotion towards the Sadh Sangat. Then, you shall witness oneness in all.

O, beloved! Always be conscious of your ongoing thoughts. If you need a healthy body, then you should be conscious about your diet, similarly, be alert about your thoughts. Like even a single stone thrown in the water causes ripples, similarly, even a single negative thought gives way to numerous negative thoughts in your mind. Look at the human life around yourself, among every fourth– fifth person, you will find someone who keeps recalling sad incidents from the past, and worry about it. They waste their precious human birth among tensions & negativity and choose the wrong path and decisions under depression.

Dear! You will find millions of such folks, who keep burning in the cauldron of worries about the future. They keep thinking about what God might have written in their future; what will happen next in their lives? They remain in anguish about chasing & accumulating materialistic things for their future, and their mind is always captivated by the thoughts of “I want more, I want more”. The majority of the people want pleasures of senses and run behind showing off, they’re full of narrow-mindedness. These thoughts lead to illness of mind & depression of the being. Isn’t it true?” With folded hands, that he replied, “Yes! O, True Emperor.”

“Listen, Bhagtaan Ji! Refrain from worrying about past or future and work on strengthening and protecting your present, abide by the sermons of True Master & make your precious life blissful. Remember O beloved! Do not suppress yourself with the thoughts of the past or future & ruin your present. Every new day brings a new hope & opportunity, take advantage of that, do not waste your present and breaths like water. You never know about the death, so alert before that, awake & trade the true deal. Now go, and abide by the commands, you shall be blessed.”

The words of Huzoor Babaji were striking his core like weapons, the sermons of True Master are cent percent true and full of true experiences. He said with folded hands, “O Lord! These pious sermons are soothing my mind, body, and soul. If you allow, may I sit here in your shade and calm my soul, I can’t express the greatness of the treasure you have blessed me with, you have blessed me the true happiness which I could not achieve by wandering at numerous places, and spending lakhs of rupees, I have got that through your blessings. My every cell is full of joy, I thankyou Babaji from each breath I take.

To this Huzoor Babaji replied- “Keep it within yourself & earn the true happiness.” The disciple happily sat in the pious shelter of Huzoor Babaji for almost an hour. He kept gazing at His Holiness’ divine face and kept rejoicing within. Sadh Sangat Ji! Since then that disciple listened to the Hare Madhav Vaanis & Ardaas, which deepened his love for the True Master. The desire of Satguru Naam arose in his soul. So he called the devotees in Katni and requested to enroll for the blessing of Satguru Naam, and always prayed the Master within, “O, Master! Keep me in Your shelter and bless me your pious Holy Word.”

Dear Sadhsangat, On 27th July 2018, On Friday he came on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima along with his family, and on the 28th of July, His Holiness blessed the ambrosial Naam to the desirous devotees. The fellow devotee was also present amongst those. The next day on Sunday, in the weekly Hare Madhav Satsang, the devotee presented some monetary offering & pleaded to the True Master, “O Lord! To overcome depression, I had been wandering for many years, I took heavy medications, tonics & spent lakhs on doctors, but nothing worked out. But with Your mercy, I easily overcame this ugly disease, now I can live and sleep in peace. O Master, now if you allow me, then offer this worldly wealth blessed by You every year on Gurupurnima for the service of Sadh Sangat, & I shall come to Your pious shelter with the whole family for few days to perform Sewa. O, True Emperor! This shall reduce the burden from my mind & soul.” The monetary offering he had brought along, He presented it to Babaji and pleaded to accept it.

His Holiness vocalized, “Now earn the true wealth of the ambrosial Naam that you have been bestowed with. It shall bless you with eternal peace & joy. Meditate the Holy Word always & be regular in the Sewa.”  Yes, True Emperor! I earned all the money and materials in life, committed to the relations but never achieved true joy. If I ever found the true joy somewhere, it was at Your divine feet, in Your holy refuge, in performing the Sewa of the Sadh Sangat. Dear Lord! Never separate us from You and Your refuge.

“For so many births, I’ve been separated from You, Madhav” “I dedicate this life to You.”

His Holiness kept His merciful hands upon him with a glance of compassion and said, “Bhala Hoga, Bhala Hoga”(blessings be with you) Dear disciples! Guruvani sings the glory of true joy as such –

“The peace which is obtained by serving the Lord Master cannot be found in kingdoms and power.”

Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes that this mind is full of ignorance, every time it distracts the soul with new flavours, desires & thoughts. This mind desires a new taste each time & wants all the external happiness. The entire story of mind can be summarized as that of a monkey who frisks each moment to grab the external happiness through eating, earning and deceiving. The cleverness of your mind is the cause of your sorrow. Also, this is the reason behind your depression, worries, sadness, loneliness & negativity. Today 8 out of 10 people are facing this. Isn’t it true? The mind is the reason for everyone’s worries. O beloved seekers of Satguru! His Holiness preaches the commandments of being worry-free and sets up His life example. Nothing shall solve out of worries, so always be worry-free. His Holiness vocalized in his sermons-

|| Mat Kar Chintaa, Mat Kar Chint ||
|| Sadaa Kar Tu Chintan, Achint Kaa Bhai ||
|| Daas Ishwar Achint Bhawraa, Satguru Charan Kiya Prem Bharpoora||
|| Mere Satguru Ne Ik Baat Bataai, Chinta Ki Kya Baat Hai Bhai ||

The river pours out the dirt into the ocean & becomes pure. Similarly, do not store worries in your mind, remain under Lord’s will, leave your worries on the merciful Perfect Master to be stress-free.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes, O beloveds! Remain content in sorrows-joy, profits-losses, praise-dispraise. Don’t get anxious in unexpected situations. Don’t lose your patience in the highs and lows of businesses or downfalls of relations. No matter if the time is delightful or the unfortunate, always put effort, always perform your duties with love. Stay immersed in your worldly life neutrally.

If a risen sun is covered with a convoy of clouds, it never means that the sunlight has culminated, disappeared. When the caravan of the cloud floats away, the sun shines again. So, beloveds! In the circumstances that hail today, don’t be scared of the clouds of diseases, distress and sorrows. This is for a limited time. Remember the True Master in these ruthless times, meditate upon Him and strengthen your self-confidence. The caravan of these awful clouds shall pass away and your life shall smile again, it shall smell pleasant again, the flowers shall blossom again and you shall fly in even greater heights. Comprehend your mind that these distressing hours shall pass, Satguru will bless you, Satguru will grace you, beautiful times shall come back. Just remember and meditate upon Satguru in these bad times. His Holiness’s mercy and blessings are always with us.

Dear disciples! When no one in this world is able to give you the remedy to your sufferings and worries when you fail to find a solution, big books don’t help you, successful scholars don’t succeed at helping you, profound Gyaanis fail to help you, then remains just one door open, the door of the treasurer of Bhajan Simran – Tatvadarshi Satguru. Dear disciples! Calling it a door is just a formality, there exists no door there, the lock on it just hangs, unlocked. Only the disciple has to unlock the lock within, the junk of arrogance and worthless malice needs to be eradicated.

One needs to go empty-minded to His door, His refuge with a motive of cleansing your inner self, only then he shall be benefitted else he shall go empty-handed. He shall neither attain the Lord nor His Holy Abode.

Dear disciples! One who eradicates beings’ sorrows through divine discourses is the Lord True Master. The holy sermons that we comprehended in the Satsanga today, we should bring them to effect in life. Hold onto hopeful thoughts and give up on cynical ones because a sunken sun is still illuminated for the optimists but for pessimists, even a risen sun encompasses darkness.

Listening and grasping to the Treasurer of Bhajan-Simran - Satguru’s divine Vaanis, His divine Darshana, and His heavenly spectacles calms a being’s mind and converts pessimistic thoughts into optimistic ones.

Listening to His Vaanis routinely has positive effects on our immune system, it strengthens our self-confidence and the aura of the house fills up with very positive energy. Therefore, always listen to Satguru Vaanis, meditate upon His ambrosial Naam and fill your life with positive energy. O Hare Madhav Baba Ji! We all plead today; keep showering your blessings upon us, bless us with Your divine Darshan and love and longing for Your divine refuge. My Madhav Ji, My Satguru Ji!

|| Kahey ‘Daas Ishwar’  Mohey  Poore Sadhu Sang Devo ||
|| Tan Man Dhan Vaar Sab Deeno ||
|| Mere Sahib Hare Madhav, Nirgun Nyaare Ram Pyaare ||

Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav   Hare Madhav