|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya |

‘Vaani His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahibji’

 ||Mann Bada Vishayo Ka Jogi ||
|| Khinn Khinn Kiya Haume Rang Ka Bhogi ||
|| Mann Hi Bada Lobhi, Mann Hi Jhut Rang Ka Rogi ||
|| Ekah Naam Mann Tu Kyon Na Sadh Sangat Vichare ||

Beloved devotees/disciples seated in the pious shelter of Lord True Master, ‘Hare Madhav’ to all. This spiritual Vaani that reveals the ever-changing forms of mind is vocalized by Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji and is full of invaluable guidance, in which His Holiness explains:

||Mann Bada Vishayo Ka Jogi ||
|| Khinn Khinn Kiya Haume Rang Ka Bhogi ||
|| Mann Hi Bada Lobhi, Mann Hi Jhut Rang Ka Rogi || 

The creation or nature has given us two hands, two legs, two ears, two eyes, and countless pores in this body. Though the mouth is one, it has thirty-two teeth, but what about the mind? Nature gave us only one mind, not with a pair. Unlike the teeth, it did not give us five, fifteen, or twenty-five minds. Nature has been ungenerous in giving us multiple minds. Just one mind, it has given us. People say it’d have been better if they got several more minds, then they could distribute each mind in various tasks, in various relations. With several minds, the senses (Indriyas) would not defy each other for various worldly temptations as each sense would benefit from a different mind. O, wise people! Even if we get multiple minds, shall we be able to benefit from these minds? No! Not at all.

If a person got multiple minds, he’d assume this benefit that one mind would listen to True Master’s words and another mind would be able to ignore them. The fickleness of another mind would be dependent upon different pleasures.

Multiple minds may also benefit that mind could willingly relish pleasures from various activities like a bumblebee. O, dear! People always tend to forget this truth and ultimately realize during the end of life that they wasted their entire life following their minds. O, beloved! True Saints sermonize that engage your mind in the devotion and love of Perfect True Master. Listen and follow such teaching. Engage your mind in the Perfect Master’s devotion and attain the ultimate state of the soul.

Sadh Sangat Ji! When the dilemmas and troubles of life grow fierce, our mind, heart, and the brain is occupied by stress forcing us to focus upon many things at a time and then we feel that when nature has given eyes, ears, hands everything in pair, why so much miserliness in giving mind? Did nature lack something? What made it think that one mind was enough and we weren’t capable of managing two minds?

It is true that it is quite difficult for a being to handle even one mind. Due to restlessness, instability, stress, and external influence, the mind is always unpleasant like the salty ocean water.

Everyone has the same state of mind, be it King or an Emperor. Everyone has his own desires, thoughts, and uncertainties but when our mind is influenced by the love of Lord Satguru, just as the Gopis, the mind peacefully enjoys it in the service of the Master. Through Master’s meditation and devotion, the mind attains true peace. The devotee’s mind gets dyed in the True Master’s love just like Gopis.

When Lord Krishna sent Uddhav from Dwarka to Brij, to console the Gopis immersed in the pain of separation and love, Uddhav explained the sermons of supreme knowledge to the love-filled Gopis for rising above this love. He said, “Now engage yourself in the devotion of the formless Lord and this shall liberate you from the ocean of world (Bhavsagara) because separation with Omnipresent Supreme Lord is impossible.” Listening to this the Gopis replied out of love-

“Uddhav, We do not have multiple minds.”
“Only one mind and that too has gone away with Krishna, then why worship the Lord.”
“Uddhav, we do not have multiple minds.”
“Our senses are dormant without Madhav, like a body without a head.”
“Even in this body without a head, we can live & wait for Him for a million years.”
“Uddhav, you are His friend and an eminent Yogi.”
“Soordas says, without the Krishna Madhav, we have no other God.”

O Uddhav! We have only one mind, we do not have ten or twenty minds so that we give one mind to somebody and second mind to others. We had only one mind that too went along with Madhav Shyam. Now with which mind shall, we love the formless Lord?

“Only one mind and that too has gone away with Krishna, then why worship the Lord.”

Uddhav! The lesson that you preach, where should we place it within us? That place (our mind) is with our beloved Shyam, hence we will not be able to hold on to your preaching. Just like a body is futile without the head, similarly, our senses are dormant now. Who knows when our Madhav Shyam comes and blesses us His darshan? Our life is stuck for that very one auspicious moment. Uddhav! You are our Shyam’s friend as well as one of the most eminent and recognized yogis. You seek the formless God with Yoga but which formless Lord should we have to think about? Thoughts are generated in the mind but now our mind is no more ours. Now the conduct of our minds remains with beloved Madhav Shyam. Uddhav! Which ocean are you talking about crossing? You are talking about rising above which birth & death? Nothing can happen about our life-death unless Madhav wishes to. Everything is now as per His wish and will. Lifelong of love & separation is more painful than death but this love is also filled with complete nectar of happiness because this separation is also a special yoga. When the mind is with the Beloved Madhav, then how can it be in plight? There is only joy in every moment. Understand this bit that now we belong to Him and He belongs to us. There are no second thoughts about our state or condition, it’s just His support, who else shall we call our God. Without our Madhav Shyam, there is no other God.

The statements of love-filled Gopis are true.

Their love for the manifested form of Lord was fathomless and deep. They truly united with the manifested Lord and their mind had consumed the joyous elixir, so why will they now worship or seek the unseen, unknown, and a formless form?

Uddhav presumed that the mind of the Gopis has united with the Manifested Lord, their mind is dyed with the color of love. He appreciated them and returned back to Dwarka and inspired by the Gopis, he too dyed his mind with the color of Shyam’s love. He was now freed from the mind’s misery and botheration forever. It was the first time ever that Uddhav was grateful to nature for giving him only one mind. Dear Sadhsangat! May such opportunities come in our lives too that we thank the nature for giving us only one mind. Devote yourself to the True Master with such mind that the soul is immersed in the love of the Master just as the Gopis were in love with Shri Krishna.

Hence the True Master explains, O mind! Renounce the false love of the world and become a love-filled devotee of the True Master’s holy company. Fill your heart with the holy Word (Naam) of Satguru. Our mind and soul attain true elixir with the devotion and meditation of Satguru Naam, then the mind detaches from the temporary worldly pleasures. His Holiness further explains in this Satsang Vaani -

|| Mann Tu Janam Janam Ka Rogi ||
|| Mann Re Khaak Ka Roop Tujhe Bhaya Hai ||
|| Prem Dharo Re Manua Naam Syon, Paao Pad Nirvana ||
|| Satguru Sang Naam Ke Rang ||

Present True Master explains about the diseased mind, that is filthy and ignorant since births; O mind! You are so attached to the immortal creation and perishable faces that you have forgotten your ultimate form. O mind! Come in the shelter of the incomparable Lord True Master and learn the secret of purifying your mind, keep practicing to engross your mind in the Satguru Naam.

|| Prem Dharo Re Manua Naam Syon, Paao Pad Nirvana ||
|| Satguru Sang Naam Ke Rang ||

Save yourself from bad company and live a moral life with moral thoughts and moral food. While abiding by the rules serve the True Master as it tames the mind.

H.H Satguru Sahiban ji explains in the Vaani-

|| Mann Mere Tajo Jhoot Ka Sang ||
|| Mann Mere Karo Shabad Syon Sang ||
|| Mann Mere Tajo Dambh Ka Khambh ||
|| Mann Mere Tajo Neech Ka Sang ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Par Kirpa Karo Dayala ||
|| Devo Poorn Shabad Syon Preet ||
|| Tis Maahi Laage Hamara Cheeta ||

His Holiness vocalizes that, divert your mind from outer distractions. Serve and meditate in the holy company of True Master (The treasurer of Bhajan Simran), gradually your consciousness will become one with the Lord.

Those who found the holy company of True Master, their mind attained merged into supreme by meditating Satguru Naam. Their impure mind purified. The desires for the worldly pleasures and the feeling of ‘wanting more and more’ had made the mind ignorant but with the sermons of True Master, the mind transformed to a divine intellectual one. The dose of True Master’s words, the elixir of His sermons purified the mind.

Dear Devotees! True Master, the giver of joy, always speaks of the elixir but the state of our mind is such since births that it always desires the venom. Our mind desires only the worldly pleasures from the True Master. The merciful Satguru explains that, O beings! You wish for the worldly pleasures, it means you seek for sorrows only. You aren’t aware that when you sit under a tree, you obviously get the shade whether you want it or not.

O devotees! Always pray and ask for the devotion of Holy Word from Lord Satguru, you will get otherworldly pleasures effortlessly with the Master’s grace.

It is true Dear devotees! One can control his mind only by meditating the Holy word of Satguru- not by the otherworldly pleasures.

|| Mann Tu Janam Janam Ka Rogi ||

The mind is too unstable, it does not stay still for a moment, whether you trap it in the cave of your body or trap it in the seven cellars, even then the mind does not stop to wonder, it keeps flying in its own external thoughts. Are we beings actually free in this world? The pleasures of senses have enslaved us, made us insane. We always wish to grab these pleasures and do not want to give them up.

The unhappy mind keeps wandering in the worldly rituals, but O devotees! Sorrow - Happiness is the result of our own karmas, Regularly come to the holy congregation, accept the sorrow-happiness as Lord’s will, and serve the Master with gratitude. Then your mind will stay stable in every situation, it won’t be shaken. Devote yourself to the only support of True Master with firm faith.

H.H. Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji is showing us the reflection of our frail mind and is also guiding our distracted mind to the true path. The situation of mind is such that it is unable to identify it’s own source that who am I, where have I come from, Where do I have to go?

|| Yah Mann Dole Khinn Khinn ||
|| Mool Gawaye Khinn Khinn ||
|| Satguru Sangati Bhagati Na Dhaari ||
|| Badd Badd Yah Mann Bhulana ||
|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunaho Santo ||
|| Mann Andar Sab Mahanto ||
|| Bin Satguru Sharnayi, Ih Mann Bada Aukhayi ||

His Holiness explains being’s mind keeps changing like smoke, like the shape of thick clouds in the sky, similar is the state of mind of beings, which we cannot explain completely. The mind of beings is like a stream of the river, there is no stability.

|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunaho Santo ||
|| Mann Andar Sab Mahanto ||
|| Bin Satguru Sharnayi, Ih Mann Bada Aukhayi ||

It is explained that you go in the refuge of the Perfect Master to know for yourself who I am, What is the form self. When you start practicing the meditation of Satguru Naam, you start to know yourself too. When you engage your mind in the service (Sewa) of Satguru, you start gaining immense happiness. But while serving, if we aren’t humble and did not connect internally, then this mind only looks at the demerits of others even in His holy company. Even the disciples walking on the spiritual path, hinder their spiritual growth due to distrustful mind. Avoid distrustful thoughts to not let your spiritual growth be hindered.

Beloveds! Present Perfect Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji vocalizes, whichever service you do in the Master’s holy company, whether it is of washing utensils or serving water, or of sweeping, cooking meals (Bhandara), serving meals to Sadhsangat, seating the Sadh Sangat, Paduka Sewa (collecting pair of footwear), distribution of prasad, Kaar Sewa or that of management, by the grace of perfect Master even you can earn supreme joy because services (Sewa) purifies our mind. Performing services within the rules and regulations of the spiritual path and with meditation and prayers our soul transcends beyond the mind. To tame our mind, Guru Sahibaan Ji has extended the boundaries of services (Sewa), wherever we all are, in whichever city we reside, we should join Sewa and try to connect our mind with the Perfect Master.

Satguru Sahibaan Ji sermonized the glory of Perfect Master's love and meditation in Vaani as follows-

|| Kahe Narayan Shah Sunaho Pyaaron ||
|| Mann Tu Sada Aradh Naam Ko ||
|| Roop Tu Ho Jaa Satnaam Ko ||
|| Hare Madhav Purukh Tu Raata ||

Enlightened Emperor Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji is explaining with love, Come beloveds! Procure the elixir of devotion in Perfect Master's shelter. In the whole world, there's a circus of mind within everybody. Five vices have created a wrestling ring within the beings. Falling into the trap of pleasures of senses, the mind diverts towards the malicious karmas. Our karmas are related to our mind and mind to our karmas. The mind takes the soul along with it in the cycle of births and deaths. Since ages, this mind has kept covered the eternal lamp of soul. The mind has shadowed the immortal soul, the Mind is restless all times.

Since ages, the various malicious attributes within beings have led to the sorrows of present times. In the times of sorrow in life, ups and downs in business, sourness in relationships, etc, we follow our mind & wander in search of worldly rituals.

we get into the dogmas, because the Kaal uses its weapon on our mind, misleads our mind by giving us worldly sorrows and sufferings and wants to keep us away from the Perfect Master's holy company because the Treasurer of Bhajan-Simran Lord Satguru knows and recognizes each and every trick of the Kaal. That's why along with gracious & compassionate words, sometimes He portrays strictness too so that our mind is not misled. Beloveds! Follow the Master’s words and free your mind from illusions & suspicion.

Guru Maharaj Ji vocalizes that, the supreme Lord Hare Madhav is ultimately wise, all-knower, omnipresent and is the source of eternal peace and bliss. We all want endless peace and happiness but our mind has trapped us with the external world.

The source of the ultimate bliss is within only but our mind is searching it outside. O mind! The trivial feeling of happiness and peace that we get from worldly substances, it is all a reflection of our soul. As long as we stay connected, we experience happiness and when the connection breaks, the sorrow begins. Fortunately, if we meet the All-capable Perfect Master, then by engaging our mind in His company, Naam & service (Sewa), we can attain the true joy. The ultimately wise & source of ultimate bliss, Lord Hare Madhav is omnipresent and when we get the refuge of such omnipresent Satguru, our mind can attain endless peace. That's why Saint Kabir Ji is saying-

“Harijan Mile To Hari Mile, Man Paya Vishwas”
“Harijan Hari Ka Roop Hai, Jyon Phholan Mein Baas”
“Lav Laagi Kal Na Pade, Aap Bisarjan Dehi”
“Amrit Peeve Atma, Guru Se Jude Saneh”

What is the meaning of ‘Harijan’? It means the true beloved son of the Lord, True Master is like the Lord Himself, He is the son of Lord, the radiance of the Lord.

O Mind! You too take His shelter, because the Perfect Master is eternal, unborn, who has manifested on this earth assuming such apparel in the form of True Master. But always remember that He is not dependent on the human embodiment, it is the sweet nectarine will of His Holiness. He belongs to the nation of Lord, He is the flower of Lord’s garden and so He has the fragrance of Lord.

“Jyon Phoolan Mein Baas

Oh, disciple! If (by chance) you find the Perfect Master, if your mind accepts this union and love for Him kindles, then merge your entire desires with the desires of the True Master, then you will learn to live by accepting every joy-sorrow, profit-loss as the True Master’s will. Abandoning your ego, you will be eligible for that rare and supreme Prasadam of True Master. Just dedicate and surrender yourself. Always pray this as you sacrifice I-ness to the True Master-

|| Tu Meri Oat Bal Buddh Bhagwan, Tu Mere Praan Aadhare ||
|| Tu Meri Oat Bal Buddh Bhagwan, Tu Mere Praan Aadhare ||

O devotees! On the spiritual path, one faces many obstacles while practicing meditation but don’t be worried, whatever obstacle comes, you will certainly find it’s the solution by listening to the sermons of Satsanga. Listen and abide by the sermons carefully.

A beloved seeker once requested the present True Master H.H. Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji relating to the mind, o True Emperor! Mind’s restlessness doesn’t let us concentrate on meditation, again, and again, this mind takes us to worldly thoughts. We are unable to focus on meditation. Bless me with your divine sermons.

Huzoor Babaji smiled and explained with an example, the meditation of the holy Word (Naam) graced by the Present True Master is that equipment/tool through which you have to dig the well of the elixir of self within, where the indescribable Hare Madhav Lord is ever-present merrily. The mind of a being is wrapped with his karmas and with the layers in the form of filth owing to his nature (and behavior), that layers in the form of filth need to be dug, removed, by digging with the axe of the True Master’s meditation because the karmas of many births have formed thick layers in the form of filth and are suppressing the source of that sweet water, we need to get rid of these layers.

You see, sometimes when we are digging, we come across heavy rocks where even the mightiest of men give up and change their course, is it not so beloved! But a being should walk with patience and calmness. On this inner path, the rocks mean your I-ness. When that heavy rock is moved aside, the diggers then place the submersible pump, then you see at the beginning filthy water needs to be pumped out for many hours. Then after some time, we start getting pure sweet water. Son! In the same way, when we are meditating the True Master’s Holy Word, this mind runs in the outside world but you should keep practicing, with the grace and blessing of the True Master, the inner elixir of Lord will be procured. H.H. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji always bespoke these sermons in Sindhi—

|| De Tubi Lahu Toll, Asli Aina Ander Ja Khol  ||

O, beloved! When you sit for meditation of the Word (Naam), for some time certain useless and worrisome thoughts knock your mind but do not stop practicing there, keep reciting the holy word, slowly the thoughts will recede and end. If these thoughts are taking you to the outside world again, then you can get up and read books of Satsanga or listen to the Hare Madhav Vaanis which will fill your mind with prayer and loveful emotions, then recite the word with a calm mind, practice with firmness, make the meditation of Word stronger within, which will grace you the supreme elixir.

Dear devotees! When you sit in the Satsanga, whilst listening to the nectarous sermons of the True Master and seeking His glimpse, make the recitation of the True Master’s Word stronger within because, with a holy glimpse, Satsanga and meditation of the word, the mind’s hold on the soul starts weakening. The mind and the thoughts calm down and by taking benefit out of it make your mind firm, that from now on I will meditate the Word. Keep practicing regularly. Dear devotees! We all should inculcate such explanations in our lives and with firm resolution move forward on this path.

|| Mann Tu Sada Aradh Naam Ko ||

Sahibaan Ji explains- in the divine company of beloved enlightened True Master, come with firm faith, deep love, and complete devotion. O, souls! Engross your heart in the love for beloved Satguru, recover from the illness of ego, unite with Present Perfect Master i.e. in spirituality, the complete surrender of your existence to the  Master is the sure-shot to conquer the mind.

O devotees! The supreme sermons vocalized by Perfect Master are of prime consciousness for us, there is a glimpse of consciousness hidden in His divine sight, so abiding by the divine sermons in your life right from this moment, leave the company of your mind, proceed towards internal prosperity. Beloveds! Today the world is receiving the key to eternal life, the key of Perfect Master's devotion, the key of service (Sewa) & His refuge (Sharan) and his Love. Use this key to procure the eternal treasure within.

Like a ball in the playground moves around in all the directions, drawing everyone’s attention & focus upon it. Similarly, our mind entangles our attention & focus in the worldly cirque. In the divine company of Perfect True Master, procure the eternal joy of perpetual concentration.

O, Beloved! To listen to the Hare Madhav Lord within, you’ll have to silence the chaos of your mind. O, Soul! It's the nature of mind demand for what pleases it. So please your mind with the supreme elixir of Satguru Naam, Your mind will estrange from the worldly desires, it will always urge for the elixir and remain grossed in it Entangled in it. So, we plea before the treasure of Bhajan-Simran. O, Master!

"Meditation of your Naam is the sandal of my heart "
"I wish to scent my mind with the only"
I wish to kindle the eternal lamp of your devotion in my mind"
"I wish to settle your gracious glimpse within me".
I wish to spend my day and night in your remembrance waiting for your glimpse"
Each moment I wish to meditate You".
Meditation of your Naam is the sandal of my Heart"
I wish to scent my mind with this only".
Grace us O Madhav Ji, bless us, O Satguru Ji.

|| Kahe Narayan Shah Sunaho Pyaro||
|| Mann Tu Sada Aaradh Naam Ko ||
|| Roop Tu Ho Jaa Satnaam Ko ||
|| Hare Madhav Purukh Tu Raata ||

Hare Madhav           Hare Madhav          Hare Madhav