Varsi Parv 2022

Event details

  • Sunday | October 9, 2022 to Monday | October 10, 2022
  • All Day

Varsi Parv is the festival that celebrates the reunion of the soul and Supreme with the love and devotion of True Master His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji. To celebrate this reunion, people from different parts of the world arrive at Hare Madhav’s humble abode in the city of Madhav Nagar Katni, Madhya Pradesh, India. Every soul present in this two-day soul-fest only wants to seek the elixir of Satguru Bhakti, which is the key to attaining the divine truth of inner reality. Attendees volunteer for the Sewa (services) they can perform to provide their utmost support during this auspicious occasion. All hearts fill with joy being a part of this spiritual carnival.