|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

|| Chal Hansa Dhaam Apne, Karo Sangat Sada Paramhansa ||
|| Kar Hansa So Bhagati, Chod Chalo Kaal Ki Jugati ||
|| Iha Jag Thaur Thikana Na Kiska||
|| Chal Baith Piyare Satguru Sangat Naav Kinara ||
|| Daas Ishwar Hansan Ki Gati, Sada Hi Gaayi ||
|| Mere Hare Madhav Purukh, Jo Sojhi Deeno ||
|| Nyaara Raam Aroop Naama, Ih Jugati Poore Santan Te Paayi ||

Beloved Gurumukh Devotees, Hare Madhav to all. In the pious feet of the True Master, the treasurer of Bhajan-Simran, shall our salutation and bowing in reverence be accepted. Come let us try to imbibe the highly enlightening and sacred spiritual Vaani, vocalized by His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji. True Masters have been bestowing souls, the path to unite with Almighty Lord for ages. They remind us that in the shelter of Paramhans Satguru ( the Perfect Master),  the souls attain the swan-like virtues and adopt  Gurmukhta whereas the self-willed beings (Manmukh) remain devoid of the nectar-like a Stork. His Holiness Vocalises in Vaani —

|| Chal Hansa Dhaam Apne, Karo Sangat Sada Paramhansa ||
|| Kar Hansa So Bhagati, Chod Chalo Kaal Ki Jugati ||

Whenever the True Masters manifested in this world, They alerted everyone that O Swan like Soul, come, connect with true Holy Congregation. By meditating True Master’s Holy Word, unite with the indescribable Lord. The soul has come to this earth from the Nation (Sachkhand) of that indescribable Lord Almighty where lies its eternal happiness.

Now the question arises,”how a soul goes back to its abode? “ Sadhsangat Ji! It  is possible only when the soul finds Present True Master because He is one with Akah Hare Madhav Lord, and has manifested to unite all of us in Sovereign Lord. Through His grace, benevolence, spiritual guidance and pious sermons, He connects the beings with that spiritual path. Just like a proficient swimmer can teach swimming to someone, similarly Paramhansa Perfect True Master can liberate the soul from the trap of Kaal, rise it above the mind and take it to Akah Hare Madhav Lord, Eternal Abode (Sachkhand). Gurbani Says—

|| Kayi Janam Bhaye Keet Patangaa, Kayi Janam Gaj Meen Kuranga ||
|| Kayi Janam Pankhi Sarap Hoyo, Kayi Janam Haivar Brikha Joyo ||
|| Mil Jagdees Milan Ki Bariya, Chirankaal Ehai Deh Sanjariya ||
|| Kayi Janam Sail Giri Kariya, Kayi Janam Garabh Hiri Khariya ||
|| Kayi Janam Sakh Kar Upaya, Lakh Chauraasi Joni Bharmaya ||
|| Sadh Sangat Bhayo Janam Parapat, Kar Sewa Bhaj Har Har Gurumat ||
|| Tyaag Man Jhoot Abhimaan, Jeevat Marah Dargaha Parwaan ||
|| Jo Kich Hua Si Tujh Te Hog, Awar Na Dooja Karne Jog ||
|| Ta Miliye Ja Lehi Milayi, Kahu Nanak Har Har Gun Gaaye||

Now the question is what is the meaning of Kaal’s trap? His Holiness True Master vocalizes that O beloved devotee! Our soul has taken births from one Tatva(element) to five Tatvas,  and suffered severely in the cycle of eighty-four lakh births. We don’t even know how many ages it has passed taking birth as a helpless stone. When our soul assumed birth of a plant and was just sapling, either sheep & goats devoured them, or the cows & buffalos crushed them with hooves. When born as Insects or flies, then the life was short. If you observe in the rainy season, wings emerged, but the birds swallowed. Even when the soul rose above the level of insects to the level of birds, what happened? Nothing accomplished, instead due to the rain & hail storms, every single straw of nest flew away.

When the soul came in the form of a fish, then numerous large fishes consumed it. When it took birth in form of a Deer, it certainly got brisk body and power to leap big but then the tiger, cheetah, bear ripped it apart and preyed on it. Later, the soul took birth in form of elephant, horse, buffalo and received a thick flesh body but all they did was bear the burden of others, nothing for their own benefit. Now when the soul has received the rare human form, made up of five elements, then all it did was chasing wealth & luxury and didn’t realize when its life came to an end. The sword of death always pondered upon it. A soul kept wandering from one birth to another. A soul assuming different forms and then leaving it, this birth and death have been called as the Trap of Kaal or the cycle of Chauraasi.

Dear devotees! Remember that every form of birth has its own cons, difficulties and agonies. None of the forms sustain stable joy, peace and true happiness. Hence the True Master explains that human birth is the only precious opportunity benefitting from which it can be freed from the cycle of births and deaths, and can attain eternal joy and happiness. Dear Sadh Sangat Ji! We have to liberate from the prison of Kaal while we are alive. Being in the will of Perfect True Master, we have to rise above the bondage of Karmas through Master’s devotion, because we all have to face the results of our karmas either joyfully or weeping; so we must always be grateful, accept His will and be devoted to the True Master. The hurdle isn’t the karmas but lack of wisdom.

Huzur Maharaj ji states that those who perform good karmas attain Heaven for some time which is like gold handcuffs and those with bad karmas attain Hell which is like iron handcuffs, at the end they both are prisoners.

If you want to attain the ultimate state, then you must set yourself free from both these prisons of Karmas. O beings! Those disciples are liberated from their karmas who are engrossed in True Master’s devotion, seek His holy glimpse, serve the Sadh Sangat and take a keen interest in Naam.

Entangled in the dilemma of mind, O soul! The gamble of karma is very complicated, we have to reap for all the karmas we sow. The being has to pay today for his past karmas, the deeds he performs today, he shall pay for it some day in the future. The world of Kaal and Chauraasi is formed since the soul separated from the Supreme Lord. This pile of karmas will only end when the soul reunites with its ultimate source, the Supreme Lord. Only with the mercy and blessings of the True Master a soul can reunite with its supreme Hare Madhav Lord.

Satguru Babaji explains in the holy Vaani –

|| Eh Jag Thaur Thikana Na Kiska ||
|| Chal Baith Piyare Satguru Sangat Naav Kinara ||

It explains that you all must take the boat of holy company, strengthen your love-faith for the Master and practice the meditation of Naam and then you shall settle in the Hare Madhav Lord’s abode.

|| Chal Baith Piyare Satguru Sangat Naav Kinara ||

Huzoor Maharaj ji advises, O dear! Try to understand my supreme ethics, you have forgotten the true internal devotion and accepted the false path of external devotion, pilgrimage, recitations, penance, intellectual talks, Yajna rituals, etc. but remember, these ways might get you worldly pleasures but with the help of these false ways or false Gurus, you cannot cross the worldly ocean.

This falseness is found only in this world but in the supreme Hare Madhav Realm, only the devotion of True Master and the earnings of the meditation of Satguru Naam is acceptable. Without the Perfect Master, neither has a soul crossed this devout sea nor will it ever.

“Let no one wander in doubt in the world”
“Without the True Guru, no one can cross over.” 

Dear disciples! Listening to such wondrous incidents of Master’s endless mercy, string together the pearls of love and devotion within.

It comes into the narration, on August 2014, Sunday, His Holiness Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, enthroned on His divine seat in the Satsang Hall, disciples from far away cities too, came bowing at His Holiness Maharaj Ji. Someone seeking spiritual answers, someone asking for worldly desires, His Holiness blessed them all with the sermons of wisdom. A disciple from Gondia (MH) along with his whole family, with a heart full of faith & love, eyes soaked in affection for His Holiness, began to plead with humbleness and love, “Bless me O Master! Satguru Ji, please purify our new home, till Thy Holiness sets the divine feet at our home, we won’t move in it”

His Holiness replied with a smile “When the construction of the house gets completed, I shall come.”

The disciple would come from his faraway town again and again and would plead, “Dear Majesty, Your home is ready, we are Thy obedient servants.” To which His Holiness would say, “Will you wait for 2 to 3 years?”, the disciple would say “True Lord, we are mere servants, You are the Master, You have done everything, Your command is my wish.”

Dear disciples, the devotee would hear taunts from his relatives and his friends but he always remained in His Master’s will. Two years passed and because the house he was living in was poorly built, water would come in during rains, summers would bring distressful heat, winters would cause chills but the family’s hearts always had the weather of love for True Master, the disciple would always plead and the Master would say “Not now.” The disciple would say “True Lord, we have built a throne for You at our new home, Thy Holiness shall seat there, please make my little hut pious. O Lord, bless us.” His Holiness’s blessings were finally bestowed upon that devotee.

His Holiness said, “Make preparations, I shall come this time.” His Holiness arrived at his home along with other disciples. By His Holiness's divine arrival,  the disciple’s home was pious, His Holiness seated on His holy throne and with blessings and grace, His Holiness vocalized that by earning the True Master’s holy Naam, a soul earns the joy of its self-abode, by practicing meditation, through the effect of Satguru’s holy word (Naam), we become eligible for pure joy. No worldly material accompanies us in the end, only the Master’s devotion and Naam is the soul’s true companion.

While His Holiness vocalized the divine sermons, the disciple’s mother was gazing constantly at the Master’s radiant face with deep love and listening to His preaching.

The mother’s consciousness was immersed in the remembrance of the True Master with utmost love. When the sacred soul bonded its consciousness with the True Master’s word (Naam), then the mother’s soul saw the divine glimpses of eternal true abode within. Her soul was filled with praises and thankfulness which was clearly visible on her face. When her soul returned back to this world, back to the physical body, she became very emotional and kept gazing at the Master’s radiant face, as tears rolled down her eyes, she came close to His Holiness and recalling the internal glimpses that her soul experienced, she paved the way to the emotions of her heart, “I am a sacrifice to Baba Ishwar Shah, I am a sacrifice to Baba Ishwar Shah.” Mother further said, “We are very fortunate, I just saw while meditating the holy word that Thy Holiness is sitting on the graceful supreme throne. The deities of prosperity (Riddhi) and spiritual powers (Siddhi) were waving fans over You. O Lord of the universe! all the gods and goddesses were sitting around You to offer their services in Thy divine feet.”

As Mataji kept narrating, the devotees around were unable to understand anything. His Holiness said hinting with His hands, “That’s enough. Don’t say anything further Mataji.” Mother bowed her head in the pious feet, Babaji placed His hand of mercy and bespoke, “Bhala Hoga, Bhala Hoga. Practice going in higher realms within. The whole family requested, “Oh True Emperor! When your will for blessing the holy word (Naam) had begun, since then our humble request for this gift of Naam is impending, we haven’t been gifted the holy word until today. Babaji! Bless us Your gracious Holy Naam.” The next day, His Holiness graced all the family members with Ambrosial Naam and said, “Meditate the holy word in the meditation room of your house and make it a routine.”

Obeying the Emperor True Master’s commands, the whole family kept practicing the meditation routinely. After a few days, that disciple’s mother passed away. All the family members were sad and started having doubts and negative thoughts that just a few days ago Guru Babaji ji had arrived here and graced us all with the holy word and now suddenly our mother passed away! Few days passed, a member of that doubt-filled family, while sleeping, saw a sight during the Amritvela that the True Emperor Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji is sitting on a heavenly radiant throne, even the radiance of sun felt inferior to it. He saw his mother Amma sitting down in the Master’s presence. The aura was at utmost bliss all around. Suddenly he woke up from his sleep and he stood up. In the morning he told his family members, friends and all close ones about the supernatural sight he saw.

Listening to this, everyone was full of thankfulness; all their negative thoughts faded away, waves of love rose up and faith flourished for the Master.

Everyone kept thanking His Holiness that Lord True Master has seated our MataJi in His Lotus Feet, the wandering of her soul has now ended and it was we beings who were having ill thoughts. Then the entire family immediately sat in the meditation room for Ardaas (Prayer) and meditation. Beloved Sadhsangat Ji! Souls that involve in True Master’s devotion and meditation with the Master’s grace;

arrive in the Lord’s court with a radiant face, their entire clan is liberated.

The ones whose families are connected to the Perfect Master’s Company, Bhajan Simran and devotion, they’re all extremely fortunate. O beloveds! True Master (The treasurer of Bhajan Simran) Himself takes care of His loving disciples. Those who are filled with devotion, He carries those souls Himself to the nation of liberation but we ignorant beings fail to recognize His Perfect Lord form. O devotees! To recognize it, Perfect True Master’s devotion is the divine step to be taken. The souls that have awakened with True Master’s holy word, for them it is said in the Hare Madhav Vaani vocalized by H.H. Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji-

|| So Jan Hove Vadbhagi, Jo Satguru Naam Dridhave Anuragi ||
|| Gurumukh Naam Sada Sukh Data ||
|| Ek Chitt Hoye Jo Dhyave So Sach Samata ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Satguru Charan Sangat Ka Baura ||
|| Ik Man Ik Chitt Ik Thaura ||
|| Dhan Dhan So So Jan Vadbhagi ||
|| Jinki Aatam Naam Gurumat Sang Jaagi ||

His Holiness Vocalises, it is the nature of beings that all the time they meditate or ponder about some or other thing, their mind is not free even for a minute. The True Master explains that O being! You certainly have to do meditation and contemplation but of such eternal thing which shall adorn your life in this world and the world after. That eternal thing is True Master’s Holy Word (Satguru Naam).

|| So Jan Hove Vadbhagi, Jo Satguru Naam Dridhave Anuragi ||

That is why we have to meditate the Holy Word every moment, in each breath, because the moments of life are passing continuously, and if we lose this opportunity, we shall repent for numerous births. So while alive, O devotees! connect your soul with Satguru Naam, wake up, it’s a new morning, connect with Satguru Bhakti (Devotion). Don’t waste this blessed & rare human birth in laziness and wandering, instead of practice meditation of Satguru Naam.

|| Dhan Dhan So So Jan Vadbhagi ||
|| Jinki Aatam Naam Gurumat Sang Jaagi ||

Dear devotees, the soul is in the state of sleep for ages. Until your soul awakens, the trap of births & rebirths shall never end. The external devotion and Gyani-Dhyani cannot give you the path of awakening the soul.

No one can awaken you except the Present True Master. His Holiness Present True Master is blessing the wisdom to awaken the soul in this pious Hare Madhav Vaani -

|| Samrath He Aatma, Jaago Tu Jaago Tu ||
|| Guru Naam Se Jaago Tu, Guru Dhyaan Se Jaago Tu ||
|| Jag Na Tujhko Hai Jagaye, Gyaani Dhyaani Naahi Maarag Deve||
|| Janam Janam Ka Toote Na Sansa, Je Tu Jaage Naahi Re ||
|| Yah Dehi To Unchi Dehi, Tarse Kete Dev Re ||
|| Chhut Na Jaaye Phir Yah Chola, Bela Suhava Bhaane Tu Mera ||
|| Chhod Ke Tu Man Jhoota, Saanchi Sev Kama Le ||
|| Mail Dhove Naam Rang Te, Aatam Teerath Nhaavo Guru Shabad Se||
|| Kaun Hai Tujhe Maarag Deve, Guru Poore Bin Andhaa Jag Yah ||
|| Ajab Kahaani Alakh Jubaani, Kahat Hai Yah ‘Daas Ishwar’ To ||

When the devotees in the shelter of Lord Satguru become firm in the meditation of Satguru Naam and perform true Sewa(Service), the dirt of vices in their mind fades away and their mind & soul becomes pure.

|| Chhod Ke Tu Man Jhoota, Saanchi Sev Kama Le ||
|| Mail Dhove Naam Rang Te, Aatam Teerath Nhaavo Guru Shabad Se||

All this is the unmatched glory of Beloved True Master. It is the supreme quality of True Master that through ample meditation of Satguru Naam, they enlighten the Hare Madhav Lord within, thereby experiencing the ultimate reality within; and the souls who admired  the company of such True Master, they also experienced the same that how True Master always accompanies us invisibly, then the soul rose above the duality and attained the precious truest path. Before the preciousness of this experience, even precious jewels like diamonds, pearls are nothing. The soul then united with Hare Madhav Lord and rose above mortal pleasures. It fills with the eternal joy of Naam(Holy Word) & becomes humble.

|| Kaun Hai Tujhe Maarag Deve, Guru Poore Bin Andhaa Jag Yah ||
|| Ajab Kahaani Alakh Jubaani, Kahat Hai Yah ‘Daas Ishwar’ To ||

Meditating upon the Holy Word of Master, when the disciple actually connects from within, they attain the wisdom to see the Hare Madhav Lord within, this happens with those fortunate souls who are immensely blessed & whose union is pre-ordained.

Only they realize the worth of this divine company, whereas others are simply counterfeit coins i.e. self-willed manmukhs. So, regularly attend the holy congregation, try to transform from Manmukh to Gurumukh and seek Master’s support.

Dear devotees! Present True master is the manifestation of Supreme power; He resides in the divine form within the disciples by bestowing them Ambrosial Naam (Word).

Every second, every moment He looks after us in the subtle form of Ambrosial Naam. He provides us the inner strength and when a disciple practices meditation of holy word and loves his beloved Satguru truly, then Perfect Master take care of him in this world (Lok) and the world after (Parlok).

Perfect True Master is the treasurer of flawless joy, the owner of eternal treasure. He is unborn and bestows unborn power to us. We see in this world that a person can only share what he himself has. One can explain only that which he himself has experienced. Lord Satguru, the treasurer of Bhajan Simran, Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, bestower of supreme salvation, grants the Naam, gift of salvation and inner elixir in abundance to the beings.

Perfect True Master is the treasurer of flawless joy. It is quite obvious that one shares whatever one possesses, one can describe whatever one beholds in one’s eyes. The treasurer of Bhajan Simran and supreme liberation, His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji mercifully bestows the beings with the holy ambrosial prasad of salvation

Dear beloved devotees! Perfect Master has manifested in this world for the welfare of souls but when we come to the Master, we often ask cures for the sufferings of the body, materialistic pleasures i.e. ignoring the eternal pleasures of soul, we choose temporary pleasures of this world. Beloved True Master alerts us from time to time that sorrows & joys are a part of life that everyone has to endure according to karmas. Be thankful in the joys and in the sorrows, accept it as Master’s will. Involve in service and meditation.

O Gurumukh devotees! Perfect Master is the Supreme Emperor; He is the giver of all powers. When we devote our love to True Master and practice meditation of Naam, sorrows of the body, all the troubles of the world seem insignificant.

As your devotion for the Master enhances, the sufferings of body and this world shall seem sweet. Every moment you shall feel that everything is Master’s grace & His will.

So beloved devotees! This body is mortal but the soul is immortal, then why to ask for something that is perishable, The soul is immortal, pray for the welfare of this soul. Ask for True Master’s devotion, Satsang, growth in the meditation and remembrance.  O, merciful Master! Bestow the inner strength to those in Your shelter,

Grant us the selfless service, growth in the meditation, always keep us in Your shelter.

Those who come in the shelter of the Lord Satguru are enraptured by His grace.

Even if you earn everything in this life but have not earned True Master's grace and mercy, then remember, you have not yet earned anything yet. Saint Tulsidas Ji has vocalized in Ramayana-

“Sant Samagam Hari Katha, Tulsi Durlabh Doye”
“Sutt Dara Aru Lakshmi, Paapi Ke Bhi Hoye” 

A sinner or a Nobel both can have son, wife and wealth but rare are two things, first True Master’s shelter and second True Master’s company, both are rare, where a being involves in True Master’s service, devotion and it’s fruit is imperishable.

Everything, the son, the wife & the wealth will be left behind, the only thing that accompanies us is the devotion of True Master, so earn it.

Dear Sadhsangat ji! Beloved Master showers immense grace and mercy upon us like heavy rain. The clouds in the sky shower rain seasonally but Lord Satguru showers His gracious, merciful downpour constantly upon all of us.

The ideology of Hare Madhav Sect dictates that the soul should reach the highest realms of spirituality where there is the truest oneness.

By enlightening the Hare Madhav Sect, His Holiness has inclined the souls towards internal true self by bestowing them the Holy Word . With Thy grace, countless souls are embarking on the path of the highest internal realm.

Lord Satguru is not merely a human body, He is Supreme Almighty who dwells in the human form, connects the devotees to the enlightened internal path and bestows them the strength to reach the Ultimate Abode, Hare Madhav Lok.

Let us pray with faith to such divine Lord Satguru, O True Emperor! We plea that take us to Thou real abode, Hare Madhav Anami Lok, for your abode is the purest but we are the filthiest beings with full of flaws. With folded hands, we plea to stay immersed only in Thou true meditation and devotion. O Master!  Whether we are virtuous or merit less, we are Yours. Our inner self is in – enlightened. Even if we are malicious, we are Yours. Babaji!  Please liberate us from this cycle of births and deaths. O Guru Maharaj Ji! Neither our reverence is worthy, nor do we have a pure mind. How should we plea? What should we plea?  You are the All-knower. You totally know the state of our mind.  We are wandering since endless births. Each of our cell pleas You, “ Mere Madhav Deen Murare, Mohe Tu Ubaaro, Ab ki Baar Ubaaro”. Have mercy my Satguru Ji, Have grace my Madhav Ji.

|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Hansan Ki Gati Sadaa Hee Gaayi||
|| Mere Hare Madhav Purukh, Jo Sojhi Deeno ||
|| Nyara Ram Aroop Naama, Iha Jugati Poore Santan Te Paayi ||

Hare Madhav     Hare Madhav      Hare Madhav