Chahu Varna Ko Sanjha Updesh- 8

O pious souls, ever wondered about the very purpose of thy existence, thy arrival and mortality of this human birth ? True Masters appear from time to time to remind the answer to above super essential question. They instill in long lost souls of Supreme Lord, the spiritual soulful devotion and true art of meditation of the Holy word (Guru Shabad Naam) blessed by them, to unite with the creator, the almighty,. Their message is for all irrespective of cast,creed, religion and narrow frontiers. They solely hold the key to the real treasure,for Supreme Lors himself established this eternal law. Through this equisite compilation of “Chahu Varna Ko Samjha Updesh- Part 8”, His highness guides the devotees to attain impeccable treasure of trith and we hope readers will surely immerse in this divine elixir.