Chahu Varna Ko Sanjha Updesh- 2

There comes a point in the lives of keen and ardent disciples, when they have so many natural queries related to the divine “Spiritual Journey”, as our souls are in deep sleep since ages and ages. Hazira Hazoor Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji clarifies the root cause of all the sorrows, miseries pains, endless births and deaths is the separation of the soul from it’s original source, the Supreme Lord.Through  this second edition of “Chanhu Varna ko Sanjha Updesh” readers will get a rich source of satisfying all the Spiritual queries which unveils the path to fundamental Goal of one’s life by explaining the unified outlook of various aspects of life, how to overcome them and liberate the aspirants from this illusionary world. All the Hymns in this holy book and their obscure discourses have been unravelled by Hare Madhav Baba Ji.