Chahu Varna Ko Sanjha Updesh- 6

We live in an era which has advanced beyond imagination reaching farthest planets of universe in the quest for true happiness.But unfortunately we all still suffer from emptiness within because the truth is all these advancements are external hence futile,with our minds full of arrogance,maladies,greed and what not.O beloved fragments of Almighty,the wordly pleasures are bound to perish which obviates the search of unceasing eternal happiness.This sacred sixth edition of “Chahu Varna ko sanjha Updesh” explains the reason of such miserable state of our soul, being ignorance and carelessness; alongside enlightening the path of eternal happiness through precious hymns and discourses of Satguru Babaji and True Masters of all times. They say seeking the shelter of True Master of present time is must for human mind have demarcated limitations to understand the spiritual discourses on their own. The human life is meaningless if whilst aliveit’s lost soul doesn’t with True Saviour, the Almighty Lord.We hope that this book helps you all to satisfy your real inquisitive thirst and ascend onto path of salvation,the True advancement needed in all the times of human existence.