Chahu Varna Ko Sanjha Updesh – 4

Dear Sadh Sangat, many of us come across thoughts like what next? Now what after this? We keep wondering even after relishing all the delights of this world, why am i still feeling hollow inside? This is the time when your soul seeks answers to most pertinent questions which are rarely pursued by us simply because we barely have time to head inwards. Dear readers, feel yourself blessed if you are seeking these answers as this is the paramount stage in the life of a soul which needs a turnaround within.

This fourth part of divine series “Chanhu Varna ko Sanjha Updesh” contains the invaluable gist of insight for the separated and stranded souls from the Supreme Lord by answering all the above queries. It encourages us for being introvert and bestows with truly precious instructions of the True Master and urges to follow the path shown by Him dedicatedly. People from all walks of life will surely get a spark to untangle the above mysteries by reading this book. It is a treasure of pious Hymns and their discourses by “Hazira Hazoor Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji” which enlightens the spiritual path of the devotees.